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    Belle was a very ordinary child , her life had always been average. She was a farm girl who helped her parents out a lot but never got any gratification. She never really felt anything but mundane in her existence. Her brother was a knight working for the imperials and so her family had always praised him and belittled her. One day her brother went out to battle an orc and he was beheaded by this orc outside of Belvitz. Her parents began grieving their sons loss but never truly let him go. She began working on the farm alone but eventually had to sell the property due to the increasing cost of maintaining it She was a massive disappointment to her parent for selling the farm but from the pressure put on her she was broken. a relative of hers went to fight in the Coalition War against the Anti-Empire coalition, this relative perished during the Siege of Nordengrad, she would mourn her dear cousins death for many years until the migration to Arcas, now she wanders the Arcasian roads and travels to all the notable landmarks that this land has to offer.
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