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    Wild is a kind hearted shy snow elf, originating from arcas, Princedom of Fen. Wild however does have a deeper side to her. Her weakness lies within her past, anyone that asks her about it or knows of her from then crushes her and fills her with the memories. Her parents never cared much for her and always put her down, her grandmother was the only one she felt truly cared about her, but once her grandmother unexpectedly fell ill and died she couldn't take it any more. She ran off as fast as she would never looking back, she learned to survive on her own, one day she was getting water from a crisp stream she heard the soft sound of rocks moving from behind her, quickly she turned to see a tall white mare standing over her. She froze unsure of what to do. She did not want to spook this beautiful creature, slowly and gently she put her hand up towards the horse’s muzzle. The horse looked for a second unsure of weather to trust this strange girl, slowly the she placed her muzzle into her hand, in that moment a bond connected them. Wild named the horse Falina, after her grandmother. Who had always told stories of the horses. Falina never left her side even to this day.
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