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    Have now updated with requested info 🙂
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    Yistaf grew up in a camp near the outskirts of Krugmar. His Father was a strong Military Commander and veteran who would come and visit him after coming back with glorious details of combat, until one day he didn’t return... His mother was a caring and loving mother who was always protective of him, especially after his fathers passing and did not want him to join the military however she was found dead with a cut throat on the side of a road, this only fueled Yistaf’s dedication to fight for righteousness he was young uncomfortable and determined to defeat all evil. He is now a passionate recruit with in the Military and travels to wherever he is needed to for the next campaign. He has had training all his life and is truly a good duelist but his honorable fighting style sometimes let’s him down. He has recently heard about the great Renatus and Haense and is at a crossroads on which to venture to.
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