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Gameplay Rules

  1. Do not abuse glitches/exploits. Report any glitch/exploit you find immediately to a member of the Tech Team, do not share these glitches/exploits with anyone.
  2. Do not use modified clients that grant you an advantage or cheat in any way, including but not limited to auto-clickers or mouse/keyboard features to that effect, radar, etc.
  3. You may only have a maximum of three minecraft accounts registered on the server.
  4. All of your Minecraft accounts must be linked to your forum account.
    • This can be done with /freja forum <forum username>. If for some reason this command does not work, contact a member of the Tech Team.
  5. You may not use multiple personas to gain an advantage by circumventing Vortex limitations and concentrating the benefits with one nation/settlement/group/etc. Example, no "Vortex Alts" or RPly unaffiliated personas contributing to something that doesn't make sense for them.
  6. You may not access areas you cannot get to in roleplay. This includes using boats, horses, or 'horse parkour' to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks in height, or gaps wider than 4 blocks in length

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