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General Raid Rules


A raid constitutes an attack by five or more players of an outside group on a nation, settlement, or lair.

  • Raid equipment like Ladder Crates and TNT Crates may only be used leading up to or during a raid.
  • Prior to PvP starting, equipment must be emoted 3 times in shout in order to place. Raid equipment may be disarmed after 3 uninterrupted emotes. Emotes are not required after PvP starts.


All raids require a /modreq filed by the raiding party prior to the raid declaring the number of raiders involved, if raid equipment will be used, and the who will be the raid leader. It is not required for the ticket to get claimed for the raid to commence. 

  • Example: “/modreq Total Players: X | Group Leader: X”


If PvP begins during a raid, it may last up to one hour from the countdown's end. After that, the defenders can demand them to leave through in game messages if a moderator is not present. 




Raid cooldowns on the sub-region are dependent on the raid size:

  • 12 players or less: 3 days
  • More than 12 players: 6 hours per additional player, limited to a month.


Cooldowns may only apply to subregions, not the entirety of the tile (capitals, settlements, vassals). Banditry on the roads will not result in a cooldown, as it is not within a sub-region. 

  • Raid baiting is defined by sending in smaller groups of raiders into a region that is on cooldown to bait people out of the region. 


DURING WARTIME, raiders may perform one act of major vandalism (destruction of property, burning a building, etc) immediately after the conclusion of combat. A moderator must supervise.


A Moderator reserves the right to impose a cooldown on tiles and subregions if a banditing group has been banditing or raiding without fractionary periods.


Retribution Raids


Retribution raids have no max to the amount of players that can be brought (whether in peace or war). They are not barred by raid cooldowns and they do not provide one if successful. 


If a nation/settlement/lair’s citizen has been captured, they may launch a retrbiution raid in retaliation to recover them or pressure the captor’s for their release. Rescue raids are immediately called off upon the release of the captive, or the death of the captive should their body be returned to their faction. 

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