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Found 1 result

  1. “Our people, no matter what, have to be defended from those who despise us.” He knew it was over, his body had begun to fail him. Years of working with dangerous chemicals and in the presence of smog had taken their toll upon his body. His years in alchemy, in furthering his pursuit of knowledge have finally come to take him. He knew he couldn’t continue. Time runs out for all. And his time has arrived. But he couldn’t help but reminisce on all that's happened in his thirty five year reign. From Almaris to Aevos, he led his people through the Mori crisis, through the uncertainty of the Canonist League war against Adria. Though he knew that it wasn’t over, despite what was agreed and whatever peace was made. But for the sake of his people he agreed, a peace, more a truce he would soon learn. But he had faith in his friend the Prince of Aaun, Henry Alstion. Faith in that peace can be achieved. He only wanted to believe that humanity can be at peace. But knew of the cruelties of the world and of the forked tongue that the Midlanders of Veletz held. Upon hearing of the kidnapping of his daughter, there were no other options. They had to fight or risk the destruction of their Kingdom and heritage. Always holding pride in his Novellen heritage, but seeing the reaction it elicited from his enemies. He knew he was right. He had to continue to hold true, to the heritage and legacy of Anne Augusta, his most venerable ancestor. A ruler he had in high praise, for like he, she only sought to do what was best for their people. His final years were spent in the war he had spent his reign preparing for, the war against the enemy that sought the destruction of his Kingdom. What terrible enemies he thought. But saw how his people had rallied, enough was enough. Breakwater and Brasca were great victories, the Balianese people triumphant against the enemies that plagued them. But as these victories pushed them forward, he found himself no longer as fast as he was, he cursed his illness, brought by the projects so very much loved. His love of Alchemy, through it he was able to assist as many as he could. Now time was up. As it came to a close, he would be seen less among the people and be spotted standing at the beaches of Balian looking out into the sea, reminiscing about all that’s led up to this moment. But he couldn’t help but smile to see how far the Kingdoms had come. The will of the people was that they would fight until the end for Balians survival and with that he could be at peace with. Even if he would not see to the end with them all. On 20th of Horens Calling, 1956. There’s nothing more morbid than writing your final words, but I write to all of you, those who came from to settle our Kingdom, those who have been here since the start and never lost faith. My appreciation for you all had never faltered, through my many flaws, I am glad you were all here. Through the good and bad. We all stood by each other at the Tuvmas tree, we settled the shores of the Ruby Coast and made a Kingdom for ourselves. Away from the troubles of the Midlands or so we hoped. Many say it’s a people's duty to serve the King, but I’ve only ever tried to serve you, the people. For what is a Kingdom without its people. Although now I know for certain we won’t be putting the star upon the tree together. I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family. Born Hadrian Casimir, King Adrian of Balian would pass away the night of this letters publication. Surrounded by family and friends, he was reported clutching the hand of the Oracle of Balian hand as he finally rested. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. Reigned: 1921-1956
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