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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: Nahuatl_ )) Name: Caelius Sullas Vote 1: Luthrien Maey'ronn Vote 2: Luthrien Maey'ronn
  2. farewell charoolder
  3. I was actually elected Rex of the Orcs back in 2013-14 by the confederation of orcish clans. it was going pretty well, but a lot of orcs wanted to go back to the klomp system after I was elected.
  4. Favorite character?
  5. "Well Guillermo, it's all about how you can use the church at the right moment, most of these people don't really care about Canonism, until it's convenient." he'd respond to his comrade, as he joined him in gateduty.
  6. "So they're trying to kill Petra?" would ask the Captain of Balian, looking around as he witnessed the rallies...
  7. new year, new hope that grass vip gets some pex :)

    1. Crevel


      Congratulations, you can now spawn in as many grass blocks as you'd like. What are you using them for?

    2. ImCookiie


      /op for grass vip

  8. The Captain of Balian would furrow his brow, raising a notice to enlist further Balianese into the National Balian Army.
  9. "I love the Kingdom of Balian." would state the Prince of Balian with a smile.
  10. "To the prosperity and defense of the Kingdom of Balian!" would exclaim the Prince.
  11. "Nice" would state the Prince of Balian.
  12. "Well at least he's out of the kitchen." would state Peter d'Arkent.
  13. The Prince of Balian would widen his eyes at the missive, hopeful to see what is to come from his home the City of Atrus. He then went about his day, spending his hours idly as any another child.
  14. hey, king, I hope you're doing well.
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