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  1. I believe that your friends have proven why player bandits are demonized by the community.
  2. ErikAzog

    End of Arcas

    “Ah, Helena how I’ll miss you greatly. From your days of dirt roads, Carrington workers protests, Chelovek terrorists, to the booming era of just before the collapse.” ((Great post yando! Arcas was truly a great trip one that I’m glad I got to experience))
  3. I hope that everyone is having a great day !!!

  4. Calamity has struck and the Empire has entered into a State of Emergency as proclaimed by the Arch-Chancellor. Our glorious capital city has torn asunder, the cause of which is largely unknown at this time. The ruby of the Empire has been rendered a shattered mess and will likely continue to deteriorate. It is with a heavy heart that we must evacuate the Crownlands effective immediately or else face death to the disaster. Though even in this moment of darkness, there is a light- a beacon that guides us. The brilliant minds of the Imperial State Army- chiefly the honorable Generalissimo DeNurem- had long since prepared for the possibility of ruin. The mighty walls and hallowed halls of the Eye of Man have sat waiting for purpose to breath new life within it. Today, we have come to realise that purpose- to protect the Empire and house its citizens in this most uncertain of times. It was with divine fortune and strategic envisionment that the Eye was more than ready to receive this most pivotal role, supplies and accommodations a plenty for the refugees expected to continue to filter through its gates. For many, the journey to the North-East territories is long but it is one that we simply must make. To get to the Eye of Man from Helena, please follow the directions on the map below. if you do not feel safe traveling such a distance, The ISA will be providing hourly escorts. Look to your friendly comrade in red and they shall deliver you to safety. All are welcome in these times, the Empire is abundant even in the darkest moments, let us protect you. ISA patrol heading off to collect Civilians that may have been left behind. Upon arrival in the North-East territories you will be met with the majestic visage of the Eye of Man. All are welcome within its walls though accommodations in the surrounding forest are also available to those who wish it. The entrance into the mighty fortress was designed to make invasion near impossible. However, given the current circumstances, the bulk of the obstacles have been removed to facilitate the oncoming refugees. Be not intimidated by the bulwark that is the Eyes interior, simply proceed through the halls forward and up until you come upon the court yard above. After emerging once more into the frigid air of the North, you may parooze the grounds as you please. If you wish to claim a warm space inside the mighty keep, proceed up the steps leading atop the walls and make your way through one of the side entrances. Inside you will find a number of beds, supplies, and friendly folk to receive you. We shall weather this storm together, the steadfast fortifications of the Eye shall shield us all from whatever assails our world. Trust in each other, trust in the ISA, trust in the Empire- onward to providence! Signed and Approved HIS Excellency, Peter Baldwin d'Arkent, Minister of War
  5. "Helena popped one last time..." would mutter General d'Arkent, shedding a single tear for the city he loved, going to shake his head, moving on to the Eye Of Man.
  6. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day today! : D


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      He was always nice—we only need to find it in our hearts to see that 😉

  7. I hope that everyone is having a good day! : D

  8. It really is crazy what they put right in front of us.
  9. What Pokemon am I, king?
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