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  1. Furiously prepared a letter, sending it to his dear friend Svetlana, "HURRY!" he'd shout to the bird as it flew away with his admission.
  2. Achillius Aurelian d'Arkent plans to be there, answering his RSVP
  3. sitting down in his room, Belisarios narrowed his eyes, "The Middenlanders wished for the death of Balian, and now they seek to assault our greatest ally." he'd place back on his armor, something he wished he had set aside for this lifetime, "God I hope it's over after this."
  4. A Priest of Balian wrote to his armored colleague in the northlands, "Greetings from the South, our two Kingdoms have long been allies, as a representive of the faithful in the Kingdom of Balian, do let me know in any way I can be of assistance." -Father Belisarios of Balian.
  5. Why do we have admin reqs if admins won't even do them?

    1. Onnensr


      I've waited since November for a T-req when the War system ate all my netherite. I've decided it's an intentional attack on my person, and will never forgive those who've hurt me this way. 

  6. The man formerly known as Hadrian looked upon the missive, a smile coming across his face. As the smiles of the people of Balian returned, the enemy who sought to destroy them now gone. He placed back on his poncho with his duty done, setting off on his new life, a life where he could live in peace without fear for the people he loved.
  7. "Why did they think peace was an option?" wondered the Priest Belisarios, preparing his armor for the coming battle.
  8. "They would've never entertained peace with us if the shoe was on the other foot." stated the Priest Belisarios, "To save the world, we have to eliminate Adria, Veletz, whatever they call themselves to save their skin." he'd sigh, tired of war, tired of how many more battles that were left to come, but for the safety of those he cares for. he has to push on.
  9. The child of Peter Theodoric and Princess Eirene Novellen wondered why it even mattered. but he didn't understand the mind of adults and their grievances, he returned to play with his Armada toys, using the Admiral to fight off imaginary foes.
  10. "They came for Balian and we pushed them back. They told us to change our ways, we said no. They said to renounce the name Novellen. We stood strong." he'd shake his head, "I guess after all the losses they ran out of plays in their playbook, if they're returning to this old trick." laughed the Priest Belisarios.
  11. Thinking back to the past, all the meetings, all the concern and they disband their Nation overnight. "Lorenz you fool, I guess I was right in the end." stated Belisarios, folding his arms across his chest, "Long live the Kingdom of Balian."
  12. "Markus, who for so long turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of the Ferrymen, the Veletzians, now he thinks he can save them with this?!" he'd spit at the ground, "We'd be more foolish to take him for his word, for how many times did he say there are no ferrymen. How many lives were lost in his willful ignorance." said the Father Belisarios, grasping the cross upon his neck, gritting his teeth.
  13. A soldier of Balianese descent looked about, going to assist the attache in his mission, Lazaro, a recruit conscripted to fight against those who sought to destroy his home, "Looks like these lands are a piece of shit." he'd kick some dirt, "They claimed to be overlords of our Royal family?" he'd ask himself.
  14. Father Belisarios of Balian, having heard her concert in the Hungry hippo establishment, smiled at the news, writing a letter, "Dona Rowena I hope that you might be able to perform for a mass I have planned for the next month. It would be good to bring a talent such as yourself to liven up the crowd." -Father Belisarios of Balian.
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