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  1. "Henry Marshal. Sir Henry. A man, a myth and a legend, to have dedicated so many of your years. I am truly honored to have served alongside you in the Imperial State Army. You were an Inspiration to the men and women of the ISA, you fought when the odds were stacked against you. Truly comrade. You will be missed." The General would then return to the Bastion, going off to prepare the medals that the Good Sir had earned in his extensive career, also commissioning a painting of the man so that he may hang it on the wall of Heroes.
  2. The General would recall his time with the Good Stervon, closing his eyes, recalling how when they were younger they would ride alongside eachother when the General was a Captain. A vivid thing, Matthias Stafford, Willem Galbraith, Jacquelyn Cenobia, Aplex Wynn, Velhrun Darkwood, Aaron Dern, Stevron Shadowsteel, all sat beside him. He would then open his eyes, "I'm sorry your life ended so indignantly, my old friend. I shall ensure that no one in the ISA falls the same way."
  3. "Fine Soldiers each and everyone of them, Rylan and Jacquelyn gave their lives while in service to the Imperial State, commendable and honorable men and women." the aged General would smile thinly, thinking back when he first encountered Rylan and Jacquelyn respectively, "Rest in peace, comrades."
  4. "Anthony Basrid, what a wonderful youth, truly the future of Providence is bright with such enlightened and productive minds." Says the General Peter Baldwin d'Arkent.
  5. "Anthony Basrid, what a wonderful youth, truly the future of Providence is bright with such enlightened and productive minds." Says the General Peter Baldwin d'Arkent.
  6. In Honor of Anne Her Imperial Majesty, Anne passed away in the comforts of her home the Augustine Palace on the 20th of Horen’s Calling, 1800. In that time her rule touched the hearts of many. An Empress that placed her life on the line, one that made herself known to the People of the Holy Orenian Empire. From the City of Helena, to the desert dunes of Korvassa, she stood apart from many Empresses of the past, willing to put herself in danger for what she believed in. An Empress that shall not be forgotten by any that were touched by her presence. It is with great pride as General
  7. General d'Arkent would bury his face into his hands, going to sigh loudly, "Jack, you were one of my oldest friends, I've known you for almost all my life. I'll miss you dearly, old friend." the General would then lean back into his seat, upset that another one of his long time friends has passed from the old and onto the seven skies.
  8. A boisterous laugh would be heard from the Bastion, "I wish his Imperial Excellency, a happy and fruitful marriage. What a joyous event we have here." he'd state to his officer corps, making preparations to attend in a neatly pressed General's dress uniform.
  9. Peter Baldwin d'Arkent would sit from the depths of the Bastion, reading the first edition, going to nod slowly as he read the words, "This seems like the start of my new favorite series."
  10. Almost 10 years later for me on lotc :3

  11. The General would scratch his chin, going to read over the document, "Finally rather than working against one another, the parties are working together." he'd state, going to lean back in his seat
  12. Within the Sunholdt room of the palace, Peter Baldwin would awaken as any other day, his back would groan as he propped himself up on his bed, going to sigh loudly, knowing that age was gaining fast on him, moving his right hand to his back, he would then grit his teeth finding the determination to stand himself up, he would head over to the mirror that stood in the corner. Speaking to no one in particular, "Another day in the Empire." he'd state as he fashion his tricorn atop his head, going to nod determinately. Heading out of his room he would notice the scurrying noble men and women hurry
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