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  1. It was another Day within the City of Providence, or rather it wasn’t the city was being demolished to make way for something new, something different. Whatever came after, Providence will never be the same, but the excitement of what was to come had everyone tearing off the floorboards of Old Providence as the new one was built. That along with the Marching of Imperial State Army troopers out of the City of Providence to meet the Dwarven menace. The Empire was alive… Skirmishes against the enemy, the construction of a new Providence. It was all going well… But within the St. James Palace, as the bricks and mortar were being laid, an elderly Prince would be seen sitting on a chair in a most uncomfortable position, his crimson hair in a disheveled state, his hand clutching his chest, his black hat fallen beside him. A smile on his face was evident, for he had seen his boy, George Maximilian, as he breathed his final breaths. He would hope for the Future.
  2. "Excellent fighting from the Imperial State Army." would state Philip Aurelian, "Time for me to join in the combat." slipping into a set of armor of the Imperial State Army, "I shall join them upon the next field of battle."
  3. Philip Aurelian currently undergoing shock from the sudden return of his son, Philip Amadeus would look at hte missive of war from the Dwarves, only to pause for a moment... "**** the dwarves." would say Philip Aurelian to his wife Charlotte Augusta. @MunaZaldrizoti
  4. "There are two things in this word that is, first that God is Righteous, and that Peace is the desire of every Orenian. Sadly the Dwarves do not wish to leave us the latter..." Would mutter the Prince of the Empire.
  5. Good to see you still on, king. What sold lotc to you when you first started playing. A lot of players have come and gone in the last 10 years, what brings you back?
  6. Check your spotify wrap

  7. "Yub, my brudda Maur'Azog. Ash of the gahk Azog bruddas. He saved the clan when it needed it most. Giving us a chance to thrive while the Orcs banished us." the Ancient Orc would chuckle, "The Azog have fought in the armies of Exalted Godfrey... we bore the Black Cross of the Teutonic Order. and even came back to rule the very nation that exiled us. This Squire has my thanks for bringing Maur the Nether Champions name to the light."
  8. "So you'd like to enlist in the Glorious State Army? Alright let's get the paperwork done and you in the reds." a sheet of paper would be placed in front of the Interviewer. "So what's your name?" asked the brown haired man, gripping his pen tightly, he would be prepared to write down the details. Pausing for a moment, he would then tell him, "Velhrun? Darkwood? Quite a unique name..." he'd then chuckle, "You know you seem to have yourself together. I think you'll do wonderfully in my brigade. After we're done here. I'll tell you more about it." In the Seven skies a long deceased member of the Imperial State Army would sigh, but smiled! at the fact that Velhrun now has his rest.
  9. The Assembly of the City of Providence, 1843 In this year of our lord 1843, the Magistrate of Providence, Philip Aurelian, Duke of Adria, calls to the Assembly hall, the Aldermen who represent the legislative body of the Imperial Capital of Providence... the names called forth are as followed.. Aldermen August @frankdh Aldermen Claude Provins @amyselia Aldermen Edith Hope @CasualNuker Aldermen Maria de Rosius @EmiliainWonderland Currently on floor for discussion are the positions of City Architect and the City Treasurer of Providence. It is beholden to the legislative body of the City Assembly In accordance with the Imperial Charter for the City of Providence, 1841 to fill these positions are properly confirmed. ((Only those referenced in the post may comment. This is also an rp post, so any ooc comments should be kept to spoilers.))
  10. Having recovered from his sickness earlier on this day, the Duke of Adria would state.. "What wonderful gathering, it's a shame I was unable to attend. I'll be sure to be there on the next gathering."
  11. Will miss you on the craft belle! bye!
  12. UAC-FOA comrade.. you've been a name I've known longer than anyone else on the server, always good to see you, king. What would you say was the craziest experience you've had on the craft? crazy as in unexpected.
  13. The City of Providence 8th of Horen's Calling, 1842 The election for the City Assembly of Providence and the office of Lord Mayor has come to a close. It is with great pleasure that I announce our new Lord Mayor and those elected and appointed Aldermen for the years, 1842-1846. The Lord Mayor by majority vote is: @Azie Philippa Antoinette d'Azor The elected Aldermen are: @CasualNuker Edith Hope @EmiliainWonderland Maria de Rosius In accordance with the Imperial Charter for the City of Providence, 1841. Two positions are left to the Archbishop of Providence and the Governess of the Augustine for appointment The Archbishop of Providence, Casper Cardinal Providentia selects.. @frankdh Father August The Governess of the Augustine Palace, Mary Casimira Othaman selects.. @amyselia Claude Pruvia ISSUED IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1842, The Magistrate of Providence, Philip Aurelian, The Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld
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