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  1. "I love the ISA" would state the Imperial Prince, the Count of Renzfeld as he sipped his tea in his new abode.
  2. Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: James Fisher Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 38 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: Komenos Street 8
  3. Philip Aurelian mourns the loss of his Grandfather.
  4. The Duke of Sunholdt, 1750 Within the Hospital laid an elderly man in military dress, his final hour upon him, and he could not help but weep silently as his final hours passed, he recalls his memories of youth, his enlistment to the Imperial State Army, his first kill, the birth of his first child, his daughter, along with the faces that made his life what it was. He wept for his journey had come to an end. His mind would shift back to Arcas, as he sat by a fireplace surrounded by his comrades on a starry night, what a pleasant memory he thought. Looking to the ceilin
  5. I think I'll watch the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

    1. Nug


      theyre good!! the last one came out recently in japan

    2. Heero


      Trash. Gundam's better and has less weird **** like the hospital scene

  6. Would comment, "I believe the Sedenites live in their own heads, the ISA rallied the same as they did when they came to Providence.... but God Forbid.. we could've fought on equal numbers... I guess it only goes one way."
  7. "Victory and Providence!" uttered the elderly General after hearing of the news that the treasonous Sedanites were turned back from Southbridge, going to scratch his chin, he would then form the Lorraine, "May God grant me the time to serve until this conflict is over."
  8. arched his brow, going to turn to his fellow committee members, "Looks like not even their own family cares for them." he'd utter, the elderly Duke, going to look out to Providence
  9. "The will and law of his Imperial Majesty will be done." would state the Imperial General, going to scratch his chin, as he read the missive thoroughly, nodding to himself, "I am glad that I'm no tax evader."
  10. *would look at the proclamation, going to sigh, nodding to his comrades from within the Bastion, "Ah, the Sedanites...." he'd lament, thinking back to the meeting he had alongside the Archchancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the Chief of war with Louis de Joannes, "If only it could've worked out." would state the General d'Arkent, frowning lightly.
  11. A letter would be delivered to the Father known as Basil, bearing the Seal of the Ministry of War. "To Father Basil Moroul, Corruption is one of the worst maladies that can befall an institution, as such I take any accusations of the ISA acting in corruption very seriously. It is an institution that I've served for all of my life, and for it to be accused of such. I will take up this as a challenge to route out any corruption that may lay within the Army, I so dutifully lead. You are one of the finest priests the church has to offer I pledge to you in this letter that I
  12. The Duke of Sunholdt would prepare for the wedding of his Grandson, looking to his soldiers in Red, "Busy busy, comrades." he'd chuckle, going back to preparing his dress uniform for the grand occasion to come.
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