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  1. UAC-FOA comrade.. you've been a name I've known longer than anyone else on the server, always good to see you, king. What would you say was the craziest experience you've had on the craft? crazy as in unexpected.
  2. The City of Providence 8th of Horen's Calling, 1842 The election for the City Assembly of Providence and the office of Lord Mayor has come to a close. It is with great pleasure that I announce our new Lord Mayor and those elected and appointed Aldermen for the years, 1842-1846. The Lord Mayor by majority vote is: @Azie Philippa Antoinette d'Azor The elected Aldermen are: @CasualNuker Edith Hope @EmiliainWonderland Maria de Rosius In accordance with the Imperial Charter for the City of Providence, 1841. Two positions are left to the Archbishop of Providence and the Governess of the Augustine for appointment The Archbishop of Providence, Casper Cardinal Providentia selects.. @frankdh Father August The Governess of the Augustine Palace, Mary Casimira Othaman selects.. @amyselia Claude Pruvia ISSUED IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1842, The Magistrate of Providence, Philip Aurelian, The Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld
  3. They called me, Baron Goza.


  4. ELECTIONS FOR THE CITY ASSEMBLY & LORD MAYOR, PROVIDENCE 11TH OF HARREN’S FOLLY, 1841 LET ALL BE AWARE that on this day, the 11th of Harren's Folly in the year of Our Lord GOD 1841, local elections for the city assembly in Providence shall commence. All those eligible to vote in the City of Providence are entitled to cast their ballot to the Magistrate of Providence. All ineligible votes shall be invalidated. The voting session will come to a close in exactly one saints day (Wednesday at 12am EST). ISSUED AND PROCLAIMED BY The Magistrate of Providence, HIH Philip Aurelian, Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld OOC: PLEASE READ AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR BALLOT IN PROVIDENCE CITY ASSEMBLY ELECTION PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THREAD WITH THE FOLLOWING. THE INFORMATION SHOULD BE THE SAME AS YOU SUBMITTED ON THE BALLOT. YOU ARE NOT SUBMITTING WHO YOU VOTED FOR. JUST YOUR RP NAME, MC NAME, AND AN AFFIRMATION THAT YOU VOTED. RP Name: MC Name: Voted: Yes YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNLESS YOU DO THIS. (Ballot Link)
  5. Twenty-Third Ordinance of the Providence Magistrate 8th of Horen’s Calling, 1841 Three decades have passed since the Holy Orenian Empire settled on the eastern coast of Almaris and established it's capital city of Providence upon a hill overlooking the Kahaen Sea. In accordance with the Imperial Charter of Providence laid down by the monarchs, Empress Anne I and Emperor Joseph II, the Magistrate of Providence has been tasked to uphold the city's sacred democracy. In accordance with the Imperial Charter of Providence, the Magistrate is charged with the following duty to: IV. Administrate free and fair city elections. Therefore it has been seen fit by the Office of the Providence Magistrate to open candidacy submissions for the 1842 Lord Mayor and Alderman elections. Members of the City Assembly are tasked with representing the City of Providence and her residents. Each of the seven members of the City Assembly is a representative known as an Alderman. Each Alderman is charged with the duty to faithfully represent the will of his or her constituents by proposing and voting on City legislation. Aldermen are elected every four years by a simple majority of Providence’s citizens, with a term lasting four years. For the 13th iteration of the election cycle of Providence, All Alderman seats along with the Lord Mayor seat will be up for election and in the next cycle all seats will be up for election again in 1846. A prospective candidate for Alderman or Lord Mayor must meet these qualifications: 1.At least 18 years of age. 2.In good legal standing . 3.Live within Providence. Should a candidate meet such criterion, the following form must be filled by a prospective candidate: 1. Full Name of the Candidate: 2. Age of the Candidate: 3. Street Address of the Candidate: 4. Position the Candidate is Running For: Lord Mayor/Alderman Candidacies for City Assembly will close in three saint days from today. (This Saturday at 12PM EST) ISSUED IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1841, The Magistrate of Providence, HIH Philip Aurelian, Duke of Adria, Count of Renzfeld (This is a forum roleplay post. Replies should only be players reporting their candidacies for City Assembly)
  6. "To think the Coward would send assassins against the Citizens of the Empire. I guess that's why he hides so well." would state the Duke of Adria, as he joined the ISA on a patrol
  7. The Duke of Adria would take a sip of spiced rum, "What a delightful meeting.." he'd state, going to then raise it to his Nephew, "To many more, isn't that right, James?"
  8. "May the Cardinal Basil rest in peace. I had hoped to meet the man once again... but sadly fate had different plans. I hope he rests well in the Seven skies and looks down on us, seeing his great work." would state the Duke of Adria, signing the lorraine.
  9. "This man is obviously guilty." would state HIH, Philip Aurelian, The Duke of Adria. as he walked back to the Augustine Palace, "To think in his guilt that he would slam his head against the table in order to avoid judgement, but now god will judge him."
  10. HIH, the Duke of Adria, would take the case.
  11. "How excellent." would state the Prince, going to take a sip of tea, he would then return about on going business as Magistrate.
  12. What did you play 10 years ago? and did you have a different mc name?
  13. "How wonderful." would smile the aging Duke of Adria, as he read the thesis of one red haired priest.
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