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  1. The Matter of Pompourelia 1943 IA | 76 B.A With the renouncement of Kasimir Sarkozic oath, the contract that gave him his title, and the Lands of Pompourelia are rescinded and back in the hands of the Crown of Balian. Kasimir Sarkozic, for the abandonment of his oath and seditious behavior is proclaimed a traitor to the Kingdom of Balian. Never to be welcomed back in the Lands of Balian, no Balianese is to break bread with a man of such ill-repute. If found in the territory of Balian, he is to be brought before the King to face judgment for his crimes. Now we move on to the question on the status of the title, the crown will undergo an evaluation of eligibility of current family members requesting the title. if it shall be granted to a Sarkozic Claimant who appeared and appealed before the Royal Duana to restore the Lands of Pompourelia, rather than have it be returned to the Crown of Balian. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Pompourelia, Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Andromeda Ester of Ba’as, Queen-consort of Balian, Countess-consort of Monteres, Viscountess-consort of Pompourelia, Eflen and Anatis, Baroness-consort of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. Her Royal Highness, Elena Casimira Novellen-de Lyons, Countess of Rosemoor, Baroness of Enderoca, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana.
  2. "While you can renounce the title, you can't renounce the 300 mina in back taxes you owe." he'd state, going to look at the new property opening up and the new title he must give."
  3. Mandate of Faith 1943 IA | 76 B.A For Years our Kingdom has proclaimed our intimacy with God as a part of his flock, but lately it has been lacking. But under our reign it shall not be so, we have commissioned seven shrines, which will dot the landscape of our Kingdom. These temples are to be built in Ancient Bathalite fashion to emphasize our cultural roots to the Ancient land we claim to be the successors of. The Construction of the Balianese shrines. In the Coming years, resources will be devoted to developing these shrines and upon the twenty-fifth year of our reign, the final project, a grand design of this temple, one devoted to the Exalted and the Supernals will be constructed. A grand showing of our devotion to God and our faithfulness to Canonism. FE, STAT I PROSPERITAT HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Andromeda Ester of Ba’as, Queen-consort of Balian, Countess-consort of Monteres, Viscountess-consort of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness-consort of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera.
  4. The King of Balian would be thoroughly confused. Able to count the amount of times he's interacted with the Stassions on his right hand, but never recalled insulting them. then speaking to no on in particular, "I wonder when they'll get me out of their mind."
  5. "I will be fishing for sure." said the King of Balian, preparing his fishing master 5000 for the event.
  6. Appointment of an Amiratus Issued by the Crown of Balian 74 B.A ______________________________________________________________________________ With the recent resignation of Amiratus Gaius Goffrey var Ruthern, we hereby declare a new administration of the Kingdom of Balian. We are pleased to announce, her Highness, Elena Casimira de Lyons nee Novellen to serve as Balian’s fifth acting Amiratus. The Crown of Balian thanks Don Gaius for his unwavering commitment to the prosperity of Balian as a whole and now look to the future to see how our new Amiratus, the Princess Elena, will follow in his footsteps. She has served the Crown diligently for many decades, diligently earning her place within our Duana. We are hopeful that the new Amiratus will lead us to continued success and that our Kingdom will continue to thrive under their service. May the now Count of Marsana enjoy his retirement with his family. The Kingdom of Balian will move on, we look at this appointment with proud eyes, expecting many more great things to come from his successor. May we continue to prosper. Blessed be our Kingdom of Balian and all of its territory. ______________________________________________________________________________ HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, By the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza, and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus, and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, et cetera. @Madyyy
  7. "It was through our work that Balian has gone through the changes that were necessary. Your work will not be forgotten, Gaius." stated the King of Balian returning back to his work, as he began the search for a new Amiratus.
  8. "Well we might as well have some fun." said the King of Balian, going to look over his blade, a slight grin on his face.
  9. ROYAL ORDERS OF BALIANESE CHIVALRY “Prince Lothar walked the world as though a site of pilgrimage could be found in every mortal’s soul. Even at the most depraved nadir of his grisly war, it was liberation and liberation only that stirred his strength, as though he would free the Exalted Tabernacle waiting within his lost enemies.” An ancient Almaris account on the character of St. Lothar the Bannerlord, often considered as the first knight of Canondom. THE CODE OF BALIANESE CHIVALRY In Hoc Signe Vinces Cor In this sign, conquer the heart Collect no debt and despise all rewards. Challenge no malice except that you challenge it also in yourself. Take neither bread nor water, nor any succor, unless in company of those with greater need. Persevere in every enterprise until a righteous end. Raise a hand not in sin or judgment of sin, but to safeguard the needy. In speaking, set no words apart as oaths, but let your every word be true. Study the world and love its peoples. Introduction Chivalry stands uncontested as one of the many pillars of the Heartlander spirit. Countless knightly orders across the ages have been the proving grounds of some of humanity’s greatest champions and villains, from the valiant heroes Silverblade and Steelstong whose insights and command drove the foundation of the first empire, to the lost scourges of old Angren whose rebellions collapsed another. Over time, while knighthood endured as an institution of merit in the Petrine empire and subsequent successor states, the art of chivalry itself had waned in authority, with some even associating it with backwardness, cruelty, and insurrection. Yet the fall of the Petrine empire, if nothing else, gave mankind many insights as to its path forward. The many bureaucracies of Helena eroded and collapsed without a cultural foundation to serve as its spine. Few came to understand that better than the Novellens of Atrus, who found themselves exiled toward a distant land that they soon came to know as the country of the Prince St. Lothar of Balian. As the Kingdom of Balian began to unearth more and more of St. Lothar’s legend, they elected to formally codify their orders and chivalry, and raise a knightly standard once more. To build upon the triumphs and failures of their ancestors, King Adrian I has taken the honors of the Petrine Empire with the code of St. Lothar to institute three orders of knights in the realm of Balian. The first two, the Royal Order of the Silver Comet and the Royal Order of St. Michael reflect honors of merit and valor respectively, akin to the old Imperial Orders of Chivalry. The third order is distinct, however, as it reflects the highest class of chivalry in the realm. Members of this order are raised from the two royal orders if proven to be otherworldly in talent, virtue, restraint, and wisdom. These knights are given unique vows and training in order to safeguard the spirit of Balian, and are known as the Most Illustrious Torreveliars of St. Lothar, charged to oversee the status of chivalry and virtue in the realm. CANZION DE GESTE THE SONG OF BALIAN The Canzion de Geste, translated literally as “the Story of Great Deeds”, but more often translated as “The Song of Balian”, is the chivalric mission that drives every Balianese aspirant of knighthood. The concept emerged after the myth of The Pigeon’s Riddle, an anecdote where under the reign of King Alexander, the knight Sarson al Granpaloma posed a riddle to an aspiring squire. The riddle asked “If the marines keep the peace, the solicitors the law , and the bureaucrat order in our world, what is a knight’s left with to protect?” The spirit of the question emerged as part of post-Petrine thought, where the role of knighthood had waned from a martial institution into one purely ceremonial. The alleged answer to the Pigeon’s Riddle is the soul of a nation - while soldiers, lawyers, and bureaucrats all maintain peace, law, and order, a knight’s chief most duty is to cultivate the soul - the national spirit and culture of a nation. This tradition emerges with the knowledge that one of the markers that ended the empire was its lack of such an institution - no bureaucracy was capable of yielding and promoting heroes that promoted civic and chivalric virtue. Such a body is essential to inspire the people to press forward and keep the legend of their people strong.. In that way, the Song of Balian is the living story of the Balianese. While its torreveliars maintain its legend, it is made up of all peoples in Balian, big and small, who all contribute to the wider narrative of this growing country. In this way, while martial prowess is welcomed, above all else, a true knight of Balian must exhibit a zest for their culture and the desire to protect the world around them. One of the markers of a true torreveliar as a result is their arcane feats - bardmancy and alchemy are encouraged, to maintain and embolden the legend. The Most Illustrious Torreveliers of St. Lothar The Torreveliers of St. Lothar heralds from the ancient times of the Bathalite Empire. This ancient chivalric order championed the Bathalite identity and culture whilst raising arms to defend its homeland and their fellow descendants. As Balian unearthed the Lothar Tablets. The chivalric code of the Order of St. Lothar came to light. Inspired by its traditions, culture and strides to uphold its national identity, the Kingdom of Balian would reform the order under the title of “The Most Illustrious Torreveliers of St. Lothar”. The Torreveliers of St. Lothar is the highest chivalric order in the Kingdom of Balian. The order governs all matters regarding the induction, maintenance and culture of knights in Balian through ascent of the Crown. The highest ranking member of the Torreveliers is the Cavalier Gran Creu. Under the Cavalier Gran Creu are the Torreveliers. The council of seven knights, including the Gran Creu govern the three chivalric orders of Balian. The Torreveliers are unique from other chivalric orders in the fact that in order to be considered as a Torrevelier, one is committed fully to the path of chivalry, and are only permitted to hold a landed title or stand to inherit a title with royal dispensation and the consent of the majority of the existing Torreveliers. Torreveliers are also expected to be a former or existing member of the Royal Balianese Armada. Under royal assent and consent from the landed title holder however, a promising squire is next in line for a landed title may forgo their inheritance to become a torrevelier. Torreveliers are picked from the royal orders by the monarch and Gran Creu and effectively sit as a council above all other knights. While they do not get an extra postnominal, they instead are given an epithet from the crown that characterizes their service and legend. For example, the first Torreveliar, Sarson al Granpaloma, was given his title of ‘Granpaloma’, or ‘Great Pigeon’, for his courier work in recovering the Lothar Stones as well as establishing diplomatic connection between Ba’as and Balian. Torrevaliers oversee chivalry and can motion to strip knighthoods, organize votes on nobelissimos, and are responsible for the royal legend of errantry, a questing list for all Balianese to endeavor to. Chivalric Hierarchy The Royal Orders of Balianese Chivalry are ranked in a hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy seats the Monarch, the ultimate authority and inductor of cavaliers. Below the monarch is the Gran Creu, a Torrevelier who is considered the highest ranking cavalier of Balianese Chivalry. The Gran Creu may conduct operations and decrees for cavaliers through the will of the Monarch. Under the Gran Creu are the Torrevelier Creus, the six Torreveliers who make up the council of the Order of St. Lothar. Below the Torreveliers are the Otimoliers who are considered the most exemplary of knights in the two royal orders. The royal guards are chosen from the pool of Otimoliers for they are considered the pinnacle of Balianese chivalry and bravery. Below the Otimoliers are the Cavaliers, the knights that were inducted into the two royal orders of St. Michael and the Silver Comet. Only the Monarch can induct new cavaliers. However, the Gran Creu may induct cavaliers through the ascent of the monarch. Monarch The ultimate authority of Balianese chivalry. Gran Creu Highest ranking Torrevelier and highest ranking Cavalier of Balian. Torrevelier A council of Cavaliers who are considered the most deserving of the highest ranking order of Balianese chivalry: Torreveliers of St. Lothar. Otimoliers Exemplar knights of the two royal orders. In order to be considered for promotion to an Otimolier, the Cavalier must demonstrate mastery and understanding of Balianese chivalry through training Escudiers. Cavaliers Knights of the Two Royal Orders of St. Michael and the Silver Comet. Escudiers Aspiring knights that have reached the age of canonical age of majority of fourteen or older. Paginiers Younger aspiring knights below the age of fourteen. [!] A party of Balianese knights valiantly patrolling the beaches of the La Costa Rubinissima ROYAL ORDERS OF CHIVALRY The Royal Order of St. Michael RIBBON: Red and Gold ESTABLISHED: 1936 FOUNDER: King Adrian I Sir Apolloyn Marshall Serving the Kingdom of Balian for years, during the time the Kingdom was a Grand Duchy. Apolloyn Marshall was sent by the command of King John of Balian to join the Harvest Revolution, joining in the assault of King Fredericks Palace, avenging the Brothers war. Sir Ephrem Kervallen During the Cloudbreaker Incident, Ephrem Kervallen was a part of the squad chosen to confront the mastermind of the Incident. A Lich of ill-repute, together he and the squad managed to slay the Lich and bring an end to any threats that he could bring to Realm. Knighted by King Alexander of Balian. Sir Aerdir of Joma Awarded their Knighthood for joining the defense of the City of Atrus during the Cloudbreaker Incident. Showing valor and willingness to put themselves in harm's way to defend the Balianese people. They were bestowed their Knighthood by King Alexander of Balian Dame Alatariel Awarded their Knighthood for their valiant defense of the City of Atrus during the Cloudbreaker incident. Showing valor and the willingness to put themselves in harm's way to defend the Balianese people. They were bestowed their Knighthood by King Alexander of Balian. Sir Peter d’Arkent of Salia Awarded his knighthood for his decades of service to the Crown of Balian, he was bestowed his Knighthood by King John of Balian. He joined the Acreans in their assault on King Fredericks Palace, successfully partaking in the assault and avenging the Brothers war. Dame Isabel Awarded her knighthood at the insistence of Dame Alatariel for her fearlessness in the Cloudbreaker Incident, reputed to have saved many lives in the battle for Atrus. She was awarded her Knighthood by King Alexander of Balian Sir Demetrius var Ruthern of Marsana Awarded his Knighthood after years of marital service to the Kingdom of Balian, he has served the King and his Armada diligently since the early days of the Company of Balian. Demetrius is now an Admiral serving in the Armada as one of its finest officers. For this the King also awarded him the moniker al Valent, or the Valiant in Common. For he has always been ready to go and defend the Kingdom from whoever dares intrude on the Kings peace. Sir Damien de Salia Serving in the Armada since he was but Eight years old, Damien would be awarded by King Adrian his knighthood for all the years that he had spent in service to both the Crown and the Armed forces of Balian. Diligently serving under both Sir Peter d'Arkent and now Admiral Dante DeNurem, protecting the Royal family should they ever come to harm as was his duty by the King. The Royal Order of the Silver Comet RIBBON: Silver ESTABLISHED: 1606 FOUNDER: Princess Esther of Ba’as Sir Franz Sarkozic Sir Franz Sarkozic’s accomplishments are credited to his diligent work in rebuilding and renovating the Palatio Monterosa in Atrus. His further commitment to the architecture of Balian cemented his position in the Royal Order of the Silver Comet. Sir Guillermo Rutledge Awarded their Knighthood for architectural work on Atrus and the Porto. Sir Guillermo served as a head architect of the Royal Balianese academy for the first three kings. They were bestowed their knighthood by King Alexander of Balian. He also served as a quartermaster in the Armada. Dame Augustina Novellen As King John I's second-born daughter, she earned her Dame title by organizing palace events for nearly a decade during her father's reign. She fought a giant worm that attacked Atrus with incredible bravery, undoubtedly saving many lives and earning her people's admiration and respect.In addition, Princess Augustina demonstrated her ability as a leader when she successfully organized a defense against orc pillagers who threatened Atrus. Her strategic abilities and bravery aided in the protection of the city and the protection of many innocent lives. On his deathbed, her father, King John, knighted Augustina. One of his final acts as King of Balian. Dame Persephone Novellen Vilac Persephone Maxima Novellen was knighted as a young woman by her father, King John I whilst he was on his deathbed, along with her sister Augustina Therosia Novellen. Both had recently been gravely injured in a battle to protect the city of Atrus from an earthquake causing creature. Persephone had taken the lead in cutting into the creatures abdomen whilst her sister Augustina worked to slice the creatures legs, causing both to end up trapped beneath the being as it perished. For their efforts, and perhaps due to slight Nepotism, both were given the honor of Dame. Despite the title, Persephone has declined to use the title past the first few years holding it as she was crippled from the battle and subsequent Cloudbreaker attack. This has caused her to be unable to fullfill any knightly duties, and she has formally retired from all positions. Sir Robert Joseph de Lyons Knighted by King Adrian of Balian, he was knighted for his decades of service to the Kingdom of Balian, serving from a young age as the ward to Ledicort Vuiller, then finally earning his way on his Majesty's Duana, where he revamped the Law of the Kingdom. His work has earned him the right to call himself a knight of the Royal Order of the Silver Comet. The Most Illustrious Torreveliars of St. Lothar RIBBON: White and Purple ESTABLISHED: 536 FOUNDER: St. Lothar of Balian Sir Sarson al Granpaloma Born in the ancient city of Helena, the dark elf al Granpaloma has lived a storied life, from his day’s as a boy in the imperial palace and Barraman forge, to his service as a tracker and bodyguard in the land of Ba’as. Sent from that country to foster diplomatic relations, Sarson returned to his Petrine people by making a home in Balian and advising King Alexander I and Amiratus Ledicort Vuiller through the Renovatio. His work in recovering the Lothar Stones for the Kingdom, fostering diplomatic relationships with Ba’as, and safely escorting the Queen Andromeda from across the Amber Sea to the Balianese crown all earned him a knighthood of merit. Later, upon the recovery of his hand by Testugawan engineers, King Adrian saw fit to raise him as a Torreveliar and serve as one of the great keepers of the Song of Balian. His styling of al Granpaloma, or Great Pigeon, was granted by King Alexander, for the elf’s role as a daring courier, traveling across the world to recover Balianese treasures and histories, as well as negotiate the marriage pact of his son, the future King Adrian. Fittingly, the dark elf is practitioner of bardmancy, utilizing its powers to create word glyphs across the kingdom capturing the story of Balian and its ancestors. Sir Dante DeNurem al Rook Arriving to do as his ancestors had during the Imperial Age, Dante DeNurem brought with him the innovation and the motivation to completely change what was at the time, the failing company for a new organization, one that will thrive under his leadership. The Royal Balianese Armada. Serving as its first Admiral, after years of serving in the Armada as the Lord Admiral of the Balianse Armada, King Adrian saw in him to raise the man further, and was knighted as a Torrevalier. One that will uphold the Chivalry the Kingdom forges, and the Song of Balian that will be sung for years. Sir Gabriel Arkent al Defensor Born in Atrus, the first city of the Balianese, the heartlander man known as the Defender in Balianese has lived a life of dedication to the Kingdom of the Balianese, serving diligently in the Army of the Kingdom since the days when it was known as the Company of Balian. Now having served for decades of his life, King Adrian saw fit to raise him as a Torreveliar, with the moniker the Al Defensor, for his diligent defense of the Kingdom he has sworn himself
  10. "I have sworn to Aleksandr to bring this man home, the Balianese will rally with the faithful to defend against these foes who seek to attack our clergy." he'd state, then giving orders to his Lord Admiral @Maur to prepare the Marines for the upcoming conflict, the King then fashioned his hat upon his head, sailing off.
  11. An Ancient Uruk eye wandered to the name of Darius DeNurem, giving out a boisterous laugh, "An Old friend returned from da grave." he'd remark, making plans to seek him out, looking to the black cross banner that hanged in his abode and the uniform of a Grand Sariant of yore settled beside it.
  12. Anthem of the Balian Issued by the Crown of Balian 17th of Sun's Smile 69 BA | 1936 I.A To the Esteemed People of Balian, On this 69th commemoration of our Kingdom's establishment, we, the Crown, herald a jubilant celebration. We are privileged to honour one of our own, Private Artemis Silver of the Royal Balianese Armada. This illustrious marine has gifted us an Anthem today - an eloquent ballad that encapsulates the very soul of our Kingdom. It will forever be etched in the annals of our history as a triumphant manifestation of our National Spirit. The Anthem, representing our unity, forged through trials and tribulations, showcases our journey to where we stand today. This musical tapestry is more than the mere notes it carries - it is the rhythm of our collective heartbeat, a solemn reminder that united, no obstacle is insurmountable for the Balianese people. May its melody continually inspire our strides towards progress, prosperity, and the betterment of our society. Raise your cups high, in toast to our Anthem. Always remember, wherever its resounding strains echo, the spirit of the Balianese people is never far. Let this Anthem be a beacon of our identity and the enduring legacy we are constructing. May its resonances perpetually reverberate and find a home within our hearts. AD GLORIAM DEI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, By the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Goza, and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus, and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, et cetera.
  13. "Oh!" remarked the King of Balian at the news.
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