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  1. THE CROWNING OF KING JOHN OF BALIAN OATH OF MONTEROSA 100 years ago Upon the Mountain of Monterosa, where the star of providence granted to us by Saint Lothar guided us. Under spotted by John the founder, he saw the divine providence that was granted to our wayward people. Those who fled from the tyranny of Frederick arrived here. John Novellen, a second son. But loyal to the people who followed him. And when the time came those who followed him didn’t know what was to come. Exiles, all they had lost and their families torn apart by civil war. Many could have laid claim upon the leadership of the peoples of the former Empire. But John stood apart, he took the mantle of leadership of these downtrodden and fallen people and led them across the southern wastes to the Monterosa, there he was affirmed, GRAND DUKE by the people for they did not feel worthy to call themselves a Kingdom yet. It was then and there, they strove to be better, to be different from their homeland, Orenia, their heritage. Despite being despised by the world, they held pride in where they came from. And it was under their faith that they stayed and they were rewarded. Twenty years later after their arrival on Monterosa, John was crowned, John I, King of Balian. The peoples of Balian lived in peace. Despite the hatred they faced for being known as ‘Imperials.’ but regardless of what they were called, they stood firm in their belief, Houses of Arkent, Ruthern, Othaman, Darkwood, Rosius, Vuiller, Huntshill-Novellen mostly unbreaking in their vows. True to their faith in John they found a new home. We as Balianese must always remember these words our Founder said to our wayward people. “We are now exiles, those of you who joined me are all that's left. We must look upon another and remember that only together will our people survive, long gone are the amenities of Oren. Taken by a Kinslayer, supported by bandits and Blackguards. I look to you all, as much as you look to me. Because only together will we make our own way in this world. Remember the faults of the past that led us here, the tragedy that drove us from the Heartlands. God in his divine Providence has protected us from all foes, let us thrive where others have failed." and so it came to pass. EXILED FROM OUR HOMELAND, WE HAVE COME UPON THIS MOUNTAIN, WE AFFIRM OUR FEALTY AND LOYALTY TO YOU, DESCENDENT OF JOHN, HE WHO LED US TO MONTEROSA. FAR FROM OUR HOME WE MAY BE, BUT AS LONG AS WE ARE TOGETHER, WE WILL PERSEVERE. HE WHO KEPT THE SPIRIT OF WHAT WAS ALIVE, THAT TIME HAS NOW PASSED, BUT OUR LOYALTY REMAINS. THE KINGDOM OF BALIAN IS OUR HOME, AND IT IS WHAT WE HAVE MADE IT TO BE, LONG GONE FROM THE CORRUPTION THAT RUINED OUR HOME. FREE FROM TYRANTS. OUR PATH HAS BEEN AFFIRMED BY GOD, LET US THRIVE IN OUR KINGDOM BALIAN. Transcribed by Bishop Belisarios, Principal Secretary of the Royal Balianese Academy, all information compiled from documents and accounts from witnesses. Balian Annum, 118 Imperial Year 1985
  2. the Bishop Belisarios slicked his hair back, and put on his finest frock, "May we order all within our flock rightly."
  3. "If they throw a show, I'm going." said Achillius of Salia as he looked at his poster of Oro Oro that was next to his autograph of the skilled musician which was framed on his wall.
  4. Achillius of Salia, sent a nicely written letter with his request to join, taking up his spear and preparing his backpack for whatever the sea had hidden, "Nothing like an adventure, especially one at sea." he'd state.
  5. As Belisarios was told of the news, he fell to the ground within the church of Portoregne, such loss was never easy.
  6. "Let them do as they please, if blades are drawn on Balianese. I won't stand idly by. I'm sure none of us will. If they so desire to go down the path of Veletz and attempt to enforce their will on other nations. Then we will preserve as we always have." stated Achillius as the tavern was cleaned from the evenings events.
  7. "Hmm." muttered the Count of Salia, Achillius, thinking on the matter, "I have full faith in her Majesty, no one could be worse than the Stassions after all." thinking at the list of nations that accepted the failed Novellen branch. he'd then wander off into the jungles.
  8. "The defense of Humanity is what this is. No longer will we fall to the schemes of the powers outside of Canonism." Stated Bishop Belisarios, excited to see that humanity is brought closer together.
  9. "False Vladovs." said a Sigmar Vladov var Goza, descendent of the Baron of Goza, making his way to attend the Duma to stop the imposters of his House before they dishonor the name of Adria further.
  10. "I hope these people realize that the Coat of Arms of the Royal Family is apart of the Orenian, the centerpiece in fact..." muttered the young Count of Salia.
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