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  1. "Darius Sabari was the one finest Generals to grace the army, any well learned historian worth their salt would know that the Empress Lorena was saved by General Sabari in Operation Lady in the Hightower, which was published by the Imperial Government not long after her rescue. And perhaps someone should aid this 'historian' in their timeline as General DeNurem joined the Army long after the rescue of the Empress." would remark the Captain of Balian.
  2. "Oren is dead. Long live Balian." would remark Captain Arkent.
  3. So Lionb is racist? Tell something new.

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  4. "It's insane how quickly it all fell apart." would remark a man of Balian.
  5. An Ancient Uruk wearing a purple sash would smile at the calling of his Ancestor, Azog. Hopefully soon he would be able to meet his brothers and his ancestor once more, he would mutter to himself "For the blood of Azog."
  6. HOUSE OF ARKENT History Founded in the 1726, the House of Arkent descends from Joseph I of Marna, through his legitimized bastard son John d’Arkent. During the reign of the Imperial Novellen dynasty, the House of Arkent served diligently, having many members of the family serve in many prominent positions, Archchancellor and General of the Army being two examples. Eventually earning the title of Duke within the Imperial peerage, one of two Imperial noble families to hold such a rank. Following the founders death, the titles of his father’s death would pass onto his youngest son Peter Baldwin d’Arkent, becoming the 2nd Duke of Sunholdt, he would serve the Empire diligently for many years first as a foot soldier, a captain and finally General of the Army. Where he would serve for over fifty years of his life, being recognized as one of the finest Generals of the Imperial State Army. But after more successive dukes serving in office such as Peter Alexander d’Arkent in the foreign ministry, the house went silent with Peter Augustus soon after inheriting the title, he remained an indolent Duke, preferring to spend his days in his estates rather than participate within the Central government. By the year 1849, the house would join the Imperial faction during the War of Two Brothers. Holding firmly to their fealty to the Imperial Crown, the House of Arkent would pledge their support to Peter IV, but not long after the battle for Providence would begin, ending in an Imperial loss. Rather than staying in the newly formed Kingdom of Oren, house of Arkent would instead choose to exile themselves from their homeland, following the Imperial Prince John Casimir to the southern continent. Now settling themselves in Balian, the house finds itself led by Peter Benedict d’Arkent. Newly appointed as the Constable of Balian and the Captain of the Company of Balian. Culture of Arkent The family of Arkent originate from the heartlands of the Empire, many of them being the epitome of a Heartlander. Several notable men and women have come from the family to make a name for themselves whether they be a second son or a daughter. A prime example is Mary Philippa d’Arkent, one of the wealthiest and a cultural icon of Helena, she started off as a seamstress who eventually created one of the most profitable businesses in the Empire. But with the wealth and status they had came vices, many of them going on to become alcoholics or abusers of substances. General Peter d’Arkent being known for always having a flask on his person filled with wine from the now gone Selm wineries. On the land of Arcas, during the height of Arkent prestige, they held many parties in the estate of Selm. Patriarchs of Arkent John d’Arkent, Bastard of Joseph I of Marna 1st Duke of Sunholdt and Baron of Selm 1699-1779 Peter Baldwin d’Arkent 2nd Duke of Sunholdt and Baron of Selm 1734-1814 Peter Alexander d’Arkent 3rd Duke of Sunholdt and Baron of Selm 1791-1856 Peter Augustus d’Arkent 4th Duke of Sunholdt and Baron of Selm, formerly 1835- Peter Benedict d’Arkent Baron of Turin 1859- Artifacts Since its founding 100 years ago, the house of Arkent has acquired many artifacts, many of them obtained by Peter Baldwin d’Arkent, General of the Imperial State Army during the Inferi wars on Arcas. 1. The Black Blade of Arkent: A shortsword made of Boomsteel by the dark elven smith Gusiam, the sword is said to have been forged back in the 1700s at the height of the Inferi war. 2.Chain of Arkent: A chain forged for Peter Baldwin for future Dukes of Sunholdt by an Elven Smith known as Anethra ((The house is currently recruiting, so far there are 4 slots open all younger siblings to the current patriarch Peter Benedict, dm me @Erik Azog#0001 on discord if you're interested.))
  7. ✠ THE COMPANY OF BALIAN ✠ The Company of Balian, formed in this hostile and cruel world, which seeks to hound these exiles from the fallen Holy Orenian Empire. The company formed in short order after the arrival of the Orenian exiles onto the land of Balian as a means to protect themselves, for they were now a state without an Army. Although the Grand Duchy is new and untested, many of them exiles, some of which were Imperial State Army members came together in an attempt to create a military force for their newfound home, first it was Captain Darkwood, until he stepped down from the position. Now after several years of being under the command of the Grand Duke of Balian, he has given the command to Peter Benedict d’Arkent, who now serves as the Captain of Company and Constable of Balian. Under whose guidance it is hoped that the Company is well established as a proper military force for the Grand Duchy of Balian and it's citizens. “I shall serve dutifully to protect the people of Balian. This home of our exiled people.” -Captain d’Arkent RANKS AND COMMAND OF THE COMPANY Captain The Constable of the Grand Duchy and the leader of the Company of Balian, The Captain holds absolute power over the Company, granted the power to reform and run the Company by the grace of His Imperial Highness, The Grand Duke of Balian. The Captain must ensure that the Company is well prepared for any threat that may come the way of the Grand Duchy and it's population. The rank is granted to a designated successor from one of the Lieutenants and until the death or retirement of the Captain the individual only answers to the Grand Duke and his Seneschal. Lieutenant Second in authority within the Company of Balian, the Lieutenants are often delegated command whenever the Captain is occupied or incapacitated, and ensure that the chain of command within the Company is maintained. The number of Lieutenants is left to the desecration of the Captain, granting the position to as many officers as he requires. A Captain's successor is usually chosen from their ranks. Sergeant The final rank an enlisted can earn before they can be chosen as officers. These soldiers have proven their worth and have acquired many years of service within the Company, allowing them to earn the rank of Sergeant, seen as the veterans of the enlisted, stalwart and dedicated members of the Company. The roles models of the Company, they are tasked with taking the young and newly enlisted under their wing to ensure that they are developed to the same standards they were. Corporal The senior soldiers of the Company. The Corporals are soldiers, with a good amount of experience and with contributions to the Company on a noteworthy scale. These soldiers are prioritized over the Privates with duties and even small leadership assignments during missions. The average Corporal in their day to day duties assists the Lieutenants and Sergeants in whatever task they need. Years of Experience under their belts, whether by luck or skill, these men are counted amongst the finest in the Company. Private The backbone of the Company and the main defensive force. These soldiers are used for a multitude of tasks. Even the newest Private can one day learn and advance to reach heights beyond imagination, even to the rank of Captain with time and work. These soldiers are often used for simple duties, they represent the might of the Company of Balian, for the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. After several years of service many Privates proceed onto the Rank of Corporal Recruit Newly inducted members of the Company, these new soldiers are trained and are given trials by the Captain and the officer corps of the Company so they that may pass the crucible of Recruits and become a Private. A new recruit to the Company of Balian starts out as a candidate, they carry minimal military rights, have no right to make arrests and overall are considered soldiers in training. To fully become a part of the Company of Balian and gain the rank of Private they must walk the path of flame, give the oath of the Company and finish their training. Upon accomplishing said tasks they are welcomed as Private within the Company and given their first official duties. These soldiers are identified by their purple gambeson. Traditions The Path of Flame A tradition started in the very beginning of the Company of Balian. It is walked by any candidate as a test of willpower and annually by the whole Company as a memorial to those who have passed. For recruits this involves lighting a torch at the very end of the path after walking there and returning to put their flame down along with others of The Company for their flame to burn until their demise, signaling their willpower and loyalty to the cause. For the Company this means marching to the brazier, the highest ranking individual giving a speech and everyone lighting a torch, that they shall carry back to the city to place at a memorial for the fallen. The path itself is a long path set out by stones in the sand. At the end of the path, a large brazier sits. This is but one of the many traditions born from the long march which took the Imperial State Army from their heartlands down into the scorching sands. The Brazier of the Fallen In the path of flame there is a brazier at the end with signal fires to guide the way to it. The brazier and the flame inside it signifies the sacrifice of all soldiers and civilians, their willpower, hopes and dreams. The torches of fallen soldiers are thrown into the brazier so that the brazier and the fire would serve as a memorial for all. Address of the Company A formal address where soldiers of the Company of Balian are addressed by the Captain and informed of the happenings in the Company and The Grand Duchy of Balian, during this promotions are announced and if the monarch so desires awards given, after the address, pay is given out to soldiers. Oath of the Company I, _____, swear upon my body and soul to serve the Grand Duchy of Balian to the best of my ability. To follow all orders as a loyal soldier of the Company of Balian. To not betray the Grand Duchy of Balian, its royal family and values. I shall never falter in this duty, So Help Me God! If you’re interested in joining contact @Erik Azog#0001 @high_fire#1060 on discord
  8. "They can't keep getting away with this." laughing loudly, the constable of Balian would then go about his day.
  9. Shar ku and Thoren'Gorkil
  10. You're a king, Panashea. Glad to have known you for so many years. Here's my question, at what point did you say, im 100% an orc rper.
  11. To the People of Oren, Do you who follow the false king not realize what he intends to do, perhaps many of you do and are malicious enough to go through with this pact with this hellspawn. But to destroy the legacy of this Empire is completely unacceptable, for what reason but the failures of the recent wars do we have to blame on our problems... Instead of recovering and rebuilding after such enormous loss of life and land. Not soon after the peace deal signed by Philip III, and his mysterious death, the Prince came to the capital and wished to uproot and dismantle everything his ancestors built. The Empire may have its flaws, but our ability to stand together and fight against those who wish to destroy our way of life, we may have suffered defeat in the recent war. But what I ask, would dismantling the Empire change anything I suspect not, this is only a ploy to divide us even further, to the point where unity amongst Orenians will fade away, nothing will be the same after this Prince gets his way. Praise be to those who stood and resisted against these horrid affairs. And let it be known just as our Carrington cousins declared for Peter IV, so does Sunholdt. Long has the family d’Arkent fought against those who would destroy the stability brought by the Imperial Throne and throw us back in the anarchy. I pray for those Orenians that know not what they do. To survive in this world, the Empire is the only way. Long Live Emperor Peter IV Long Live the Empire Signed, HIS GRACE, DUKE of SUNHOLDT, BARON of SELM Peter Augustus d’Arkent HER GRACE, DUCHESS of SUNHOLDT, BARONESS of SELM Bianca Mariya d'Arkent nee Sarkozy HEIR TO SUNHOLDT, Lord Peter Benedict d’Arkent
  12. Peter Benedict would look at the missive, the young d'Arkent wondering what will be the future of Oren...
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