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Found 1 result

  1. Ve Jurasz Stalka THE STALLION DECREE KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the CROWN on this 10th day of Grona ag Droba of 513 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Throughout the esteemed reign of my ancestors, the House of Bihar has been blessed with many virtuous servants in their eternal quest to champion the Highland peoples. Foremostly among these servants in recent history are the Great Houses of Baruch of Valwyck, who have stood as the foremost governors and legislators of the realm for centuries; Ruthern of Vidaus, who have stood as the unflinching bulwark of Haense since they brought the Kongzem back from the grave in the miraculous Greyspine Rebellion; and Barclay of Reinmar, who, despite the relative youth of their bloodline, have defined their military and tactical prowess from the fires of the War of the Two Emperors to the cementation of the Kongzem as humanity’s foremost power in the Successors’ War. It is the Great House of Barclay who shall form the subject of this Decree. Long have the Reinmaren been scattered across the realms of Almaris and Aevos, serving various lieges under various names, namely the Sutican dynasty, the Savoyard bannermen of Freimark, and the Aaunish bulwark of Minitz. The Duke of Reinmar has approached the Crown with a request; To gather these disparate tribes under a single banner, and to live as one behind their own walls. It is as the Protector and Lord of the Highlanders that I grant the Reinmaren their wish. The Ducal House of Barclay shall, at the conclusion of the Covenant War, be released from their oaths of fealty to the Dual-Kingdom. The Reinmaren are permitted at once to join their brethren in the Principality of Minitz in preparation for their exodus into the hinterland. All titles currently held by the Ducal House of Barclay shall be gifted to the Duke of Reinmar upon the signing of a final agreement between the Reinmaren and the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska. Any lands associated with said titles shall be forfeit. DLUM EDLERVIKI, DRUZ ZVAERDI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Aleksandr II, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Hochmeister of the Order of the Crow, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Slesvik, Solvesborg, and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia, and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald, and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Siegrad, Torun, Toruv, Valdev, and Werdenburg, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Astfield, Buck, Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, and Rytsburg, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector and Lord of the Highlanders, etcetera. HIS PRINCELY GRACE, Alfred Konstanz Barclay, ESTSR, ROKSG, Prince of Sutica, Duke of Reinmar, Count of Freimark and Kretzen, Baron of Madvon and Freising, Lord of Sankt Johannsburg, Wilheburg, Erwinsburg, Freiburg and Rozenfeld, High Chief of the Reinmaren
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