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  1. marius (this is just the best ice cream no arguments)
  2. MARIUS AUDEMAR (possibly otherwise known as THE DARK LORD OF EVIL) drew out an olden cloak from his wardrobe, casted away many years ago by those against his ideologies. "It seems we must return, brother. This time we return wiser, taller, and eviler - we shall strike our greedy hands at any who stand before or dare oppose us..." The boy then spun around from the mirror he faced, "How'd that sound? That speech alright? I haven't done this whole EVIL gig in a bit." @louislxix
  3. Marius Audemar during a stroll through Acre caught wind of this mans ramblings, the boy took jottings in his notebook of his wise words...
  4. SEEKiNG SAiLORS “ When this realm there are more than the four walls encompassing this city – the world is vast and yours to explore, explore it all, explore till you cannot explore anymore. “ - Drunkard Sailor by the Docks TO THOSE WHO BEAR OARS FOR ARMS, The Barbanov Gallant of Haense has yet to set sail the vast shores of Almaris, beyond the sapphire line where the sky meets the sea. It calls us to man the decks, to take a hold the mighty helm and experience the sea’s adventure; the rickety waves, thunderous skies and to discover what has never been beholden. Yet, a predicament of inexperience we find ourselves in, it was only weeks ago that we first climbed the ropes of the Gallant, and Lady Haense has blessed us not with masters of the sea, but instead journeymen of puddles. It is in this letter that we ask, no, we implore, that Raiders of the Damned, Legends of the Sea, and Hoarders of Ancient Tributes come be of our service and tutor us. To enlighten us on the endless waters, and ground us in the sea. For this, we offer the fine luxury of a two-hundred and fifty mina coin purse. Please contact Marius Audemar or Nikolas Leopold via bird. P.S. It was all the merchant would pawn our mother’s golden necklace for, sorry. Signed, Marius Audemar Journeyman of Puddles, Dark Lord of Evil Nikolas Leopold Apprentice of Pools, Dark Lord of Darkness
  5. MC Name: MioII Discord: mio#2068 Image: Description of Image: a warning by marius bihar for nikolas Dimensions: 1x1
  6. This map is a little shit but if anyone would like to reference / use it, by all means you may. (It stops at 7k instead of 7.5k because I kept it to even numbers and didn't have a good map.) Anyway, by using this I suggest we go 5500 x 5500 or 5000x5000. If you take all things considered, those two sizes are roughly the amount of space that is used even on this map. If we include and pretend that the fire lands was buildable, the Rimeveld was buildable, and the top left portion of Norland was accessible -- we have a lot of extra space for lairs and other things. While mountains are nice and all and add elevation we need more useable elevation, like plateaus or massive hills which have a plains on top of them. Additionally, cliffs which stand over the water would be nice as it's really weird how everywhere on this map slowly transitions perfectly into the water. More Islands, like maybe three or four small ones, everyone wanted to conquest Haelun'or because it is an island and people want to do cool stuff with that. For more fantasy biomes this map was pulled off decent with the Firelands and Rimeveld but just make it buildable puh-lease. Finally, while we're at it, tiles maybe? Have tiles be either hexagons across the whole map so it's seamless and nobody has those weird """corner hops""". Even make it so you can just expand upward 100 blocks for xyz cost / block.
  7. That's a mod -- not a plugin. There is ways you'd be able to add infinite banner designs rather than the current maximum of six, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as accurate or visually pleasing as you probably hope.
  8. @Werew0lf "give me rep XD"
  9. Lukas Vyronov smiles, "This is good. The freethinkers will be the ones not to realize."
  10. Marius Audemar, a Haeseni Prince, at least knows the date. “Better luck next time, Orenian.” Marius Audemar, a Haeseni Prince, read the publication's new edit, skimming through briefly, “Come on Freddy, it's 1880!” Marius Audemar, a Haeseni Prince, groaned upon hearing a new release, though he read it regardless in favor of his good friend, “Ah! Great job, glad to have been of help.”
  11. Marius Audemar would gaze off into the boundless skyline, speaking to his brother; "Vy hear the war songs playing in the sunshine, borsa?" He asked before his gaze trailed to that of his sword and shield, passed off from knights of yore. "I believe that we will win..."
  12. LUKAS VYRONOV watched from afar as the workers and soldier made quick haste at taking down the Daeland bridge. The man blinked for a mere second and when he opened his eyes . . . the bridge had fallen.
  13. @mkLouis island boys :)

  14. MC Name: MioII Discord: mio#2068 Image: Description of Image: A depiction of the fate of Haelun'or by Marius Bihar. One could call it child's play. Dimensions: 1x1
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