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  1. Finally, complete at last. War Rules was a really fun project to be brought into upon joining the Moderation team. It really was a great example of the teamwork that goes on. There was a lot of feedback and opinions accounted for during the creation of these rules which is one factor that I think makes them so great- the involvement players had. There's a lot to be fixed on the server and there's a lot that will be fixed given time. p.s. im an idiot
  2. "I hope the church shows representation against this unjust taxation!" Otto murmured.
  3. Otto August spat out water from the shores of the Attenlund- he was hot in pursuit of one of the criminals before being hit by a wave and knocked out! Nevertheless the man rose to his feet and persisted to survival, making a trek back to Haense where he found himself confused by the public opinion! "It seems there's a bit of confusion..." He murmured to himself as townsfolks cried out. "It was not the Orenians who did this vile attack on the pontiff- surely I hope not. I found alongside them all for the common cause. Though we had our follies only days ago this was not a fight for country but for God." He shook his head to get a bit of water out, "They could work on their fighting though. Kept messing me up- one stole my boat too."
  4. the real loss is gmro stepping down wtf..

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      Unfortunate. :(

  5. "Trust me Otto! Godan will niet hate vy for having an eyebrow-ring for goodness sake! If he ends up hating vy then i'll be in vyr debt- if we fight alongside each other i'll protect vy till the end!" "He kept his promise." Otto August relayed to his wife as he sat in the chambers of his keep. Tossing aside ashen covered and blood stained armor into the bin to be discarded- armour now from a time he'd wish to forget. "May we spar many more in the seven skies my friend. We shall fight alongside eternally- nie matter the endeavors or feats, it is the binding of brotherhood that bring us all together and it is such that shall keep us together. Look over us all, Ailred." Otto then made his way into room, saying his prayers for the night and offering a final drink in the name of his Lord Marshal.
  6. he must've been 6 foot brown hair brown eyes medium build smart rich military man
  7. watch the blue tags lock this one!! #justiceforbreeni

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  9. “Heehee ha-ha.” Otto August grumbled.
  10. everyone buy and sell whatever @SquakHawk is doing! major inside trader! big money to be made $$$!

  11. “It is not to drive the lives of others into the ground, it is fighting for what our countries wish to see resolved. War is not the start of a conflict by any means, it is the end of it.” Otto August muttered, feeling heavily inclined to say this after the man yelled the speech down his ear- asking Otto give him better reputation by agreeing and to add his comment on the matter...
  12. Otto August sighed heavily as the declaration was signed, not for what was to come- for that it took so long to happen. "Haense has been undermined by the Empire time and time again- the rope has finally snapped and from it a noose shall be formed." "We ask for a war fort on our border to be demolished, they do not. We ask for Canonism to be brought to a higher level of regard, they schism. We ask that the Philip III put all his wronging's behind him and be reaccepted into the realm of humanity, he's revealed to be a kinslayer." The man then tied a bandana around his face before beginning preparations.
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