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Found 1 result

  1. THE GREAT WAR OF FAILOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvf16EBUmlY The Descendants, a weary and displaced group of people, had fled from their ancestral homes in Nyrheim, seeking solace and sanctuary in the lands of Failor. Alas, their hopes of finding refuge were shattered as they discovered that old Norlandic traitors had emerged on the northern fringes of the isle. These wayward souls, once banished from the great Realm of Norland for their betrayal, lack of loyalty, and honor. They had committed heinous acts, assaulting their fellow Norlanders and rebelling against the crown. Their treachery had cost them dearly, as they were mercilessly slain and expelled from their dwellings. However, the peaceful serenity of Failor was now disrupted by unsettling accusations brought forth by the Wee Folk. These tales painted a picture of even more grotesque and unspeakable atrocities committed by the traitors. Stories of newborn infants being consumed, the brutal disembowelment of pregnant women and their innocent babies, and the defilement of sacred idols dedicated to the revered Father began to circulate, fueling the flames of outrage and igniting a call to arms. Such abominable actions were deemed unforgivable and demanded swift retribution in the form of war. In the midst of this turmoil, a young and courageous figure named Balon Eiriksson emerged. As the son of Chieftain Thor, he possessed the spirit and determination of his lineage. Balon, alongside his loyal brothers and the valiant kinswoman Hilda Freysson of the Brotherhood of the Flame, took it upon himself to gather a makeshift warband, uniting his fellow Norlandic warriors. Far to the south of Failor, they gathered whatever weapons and armor they had managed to salvage from their former homeland of Nyrheim. With determination burning in their hearts, the warband embarked on a perilous journey, driven by a singular purpose—to bring an end to the reign of these traitors and restore peace and justice to the lands they hoped to call home. As the Norlandic force marched, they called upon all the Honest, Fair, Noble, Just, Honest, and Good Peoples of Failor (also Honest) to rally to their side. All those who were wronged and wished for justice were more than welcome to join their righteous fight against the Redclyfians. Warclaim Attackers: The Loyal, Good, Brave, Triumphant, and Qualified Peoples of Failor Defenders: The Redclyfian Camp Location: (Us in Blue, Redclyf in Red) Time: Saturday at 3 EST?
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