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  1. "**** is this shite" grumbles darek as he accidently grabs a copy instead of the superior DNN
  2. Darek prepares his finest dwedsmas sweater for the celebration
  3. The Wronged: Clan Irongrinder The Assailant: Clan Grimgold The Wrong: The slander of the good name of the Irongrinders via the mistaking of Grimgold colors and Grimgold actions for that of the great actions of Clan Irongrinder Date of Wrongdoing: Now Terms of Settlement: The payment of 500 mina, the changing of the Grimgold colors, and a public apology
  4. Darek smiles reading the new Dwedsmas Special by the Dwedsmas Anvil
  5. Darek smiles hearing the news "Well done lad, this seems like ah vereh interesting new game"
  6. sneakybandit

    DNN #22

    Darek reads the news with his morning Dr.Beard Nice
  7. -=[] Clan Irongrinder []=- Khronumurrum -=[]=- -=(History)=- -=(Patron Gods)=- -=(Clan Relics)=- -=(Trials)=- -=(Feats)=- -=(Clan Leaders)=- Clan Father: Darek Irongrinder ((Sneakybandit)) Elders: Zahrer Irongrinder ((Josh3738)) Kalgrimmor Irongrinder ((Z3m0s)) -=(APPLICATION)=- Before you apply feel free to speak with the clan father or an elder for help MC Name: Character Name: Character Age: Short Bio: Lineage: Skin you intend to use:(One can be created or mo
  8. Name: Leif Eiriksson Year of Birth: 1742 Clan: Eiriksson Line of Descent: Son of Hakon, Son of Eirik, son of Jorvik, Son of Javier, Son of Hakon, Son of Eirik
  9. I miss the days when there were no shits given, one of my best noob memories on this server was getting my ass handed to me by a group of bandits right outside urguan’s capital. #bringbacknotgivingashit
  10. Thank you noobman very cool
  11. ____Lord Darek Irongrinder approves this message
  12. The Wronged: The Dwedmar Corporation specifically Darek Irongrinder The Assailant: The Imperial Treasury, specifically Peter Sarkozic The Wrong: failing to repay a loan of 20k mina Date of Wrongdoing: The Past Terms of Settlement: 40k mina or alternatively the head of Peter Sarkozic
  13. Darek smiles the suns smile as he grabs his axe and heads for the legion hall
  14. The Omithiel Institute The Architecture Guild When Yemekar made the dwarven race, it is said they were distinguished over the other descendents and more like him as they, like the Forge Father, were naturally prone to creation, gifted in craftsmanship amongst their peers. While the sons of Krug slap together tents and shabby pallacides in a rush for war, the sons of Malin lazily inhabiting trees, and the sons of Horen only caring to make whatever poses the most efficient benefit, the dwarves, the sons of Urguan, would dedicate themselves to making not only the most useful and
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