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  1. It’s Pando’s alt account, get him!

  2. sneakybandit

    War traitors

    “I wish i was there to fight yeh kinslayers” Darek Hammerfist grumbles from his home
  3. sneakybandit

    Grudges Settled

    Darek Hammerfist smiles the sun’s smile hearing the news “Teh rebels are dead, NARVAK OZ URGUAN”
  4. -1 From the few times we have roleplayed you seem to just be a salty and immature player, not ready for this position.
  5. sneakybandit

    The Pact of Steel and Ash

    In the Great Halls of Nordengrad, a friendship tested by time would thrive once more, as King Darek Hammerfist, and King Torsten Rosik would discuss amongst themselves. The two parties, long fighting alongside one another, would stand ready to take up arms once more. In a ceremony long remembered by both parties, the two would take the Ceremonial Dagger, used for many years by The Hammerfist Clan, cutting a gash down the palm of their hand. Through the clasping of their hands, and the combination of their blood, the two parties would fight together once again, reigniting The Pact of Steel and Ash. This document will prove that the Pact of Steel and Ash, between The Kingdom of Ord under King Darek Hammerfist, and The Kingdom of Norland under King Torsten Eiriksson Rosik, has been declared. Article 1: Non-Aggression The signatories hereby proclaim that both parties shall share no hostilities with each other, keeping all relations between both nations peaceful. Article 2: Defense The Kingdom of Ord and The Earldom of Nordengrad shall come to each other’s defense, if ANY outside party or nation chooses to attack either of the signatories. Failure to defend the other party shall lead to the immediate dissolvement of the Alliance. Article 3: Offense The Kingdom of Ord and The Kingdom of Nordengrad shall help one another in the attack of other parties if they so choose. They are not required to do so, as it shall be by their own free will. Signed, King Darek Hammerfist, King of Ord, Clan Father of Clan Hammerfist King Torsten Eiriksson Rosik
  6. This boi is a very good noodle +1
  7. sneakybandit

    The Battle of Boiling Blood

    Darek Hammerfist waves his noodle arm around
  8. sneakybandit

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    The first picture is just a statue I built for fun on my server idk why you put it there
  9. sneakybandit

    Dwinic Language Revival

    ziko go home you're drunk
  10. sneakybandit

    A New Clan Father

    King Darek Hammerfist smiles "Good luck brother"
  11. sneakybandit

    -={The Book of Grudges}=-

    -={=+=}=- The Wronged: The Children of Urguan The Assailant: The False Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah The Wrong: Destruction of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Terms of Settlement: The removal of the False Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah from the world -={=+=}=-
  12. Darek Hammerfist signs! "Narvak oz Urguan!"
  13. sneakybandit

    [Resolved] Magic Report - IronGroot, Josh3738

    This is just kinda sad medvekomo, if you want check my logs, i am very much sneakyclean
  14. sneakybandit