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  1. "Help these poor souls" commented Baranor
  2. ᚾᚨᚱᚢᛟᚲ × ᛟᛉ × ᚲᚺᚱᛟᚾᚢᛗᚢᚱᚱᚢᛗ The Call of Iron ᚾᚨᚱᚢᛟᚲ × ᛟᛉ × ᚲᚺᚱᛟᚾᚢᛗᚢᚱᚱᚢᛗ 18th of Opal, Yr 164 SA 1/23/24 Iron does not waiver. Yet the past century has not been kind to our clan. Our halls once filled with music and the clash of hammers have become silent and cold. Since arriving in Aevos our clan has not even built a single hall, living like lechers wherever we can find shelter. This CANNOT stand, let our kin gather once more to make merry, let our anvils sing the song of creation once more. I call all members of our clan to gather within the city of Kal’Kadrelaz to unify our kin and restore our leadership. ===================
  3. The Final Arch-Runelord Darek Irongrinder pulled the hood of his cloak closer to his face as he stepped out into the chilly northern air, he looked southward intent on traveling to the mountainhomes. Slowly he climbed atop his horse, thinking back to his time in Vailor, fighting beside his clan to defend the Grand Kingdom from destruction and extinction. He remembered most fondly his brothers Dimlin, Rorry, and Tarub, and how they would never be together again. He then remembered the struggles of Axios, the wars of Kinslaying he was forced to fight in. And then, on brighter days, the restoration of the Grand Kingdom and the new friends he had made during this time, Mafraedon, Atandt, Jorvin, and Norli. Darek was pulled from his thoughts as a fierce wind assaulted him, spewing from the northern chill. Gazing up at the mountains as he rode, thinking back to the days of Khron’Hundmar, was he right to lead the venture? What lessons had he learned from its failure? Thinking of the great northern expedition brought back fouler memories, the death of the dwarf who had taken him in, and the final moments of Zahrer Irongrinder. The Final Arch-Runelord clutched at the Runic Hammer in his possession, feeling the raw power innate to its creation, the very Ruhn that had been bestowed upon it. He lamented that he had grown old, he was not capable of restoring the power of the runes, and thus deep inside he knew that he was to be the Final Arch-Runelord. After many great days of travel, Darek once again saw the banner of gray and orange so much of his life force had been shed over. The blood sweat and tears of many generations of Irongrinders had helped keep that banner high, now he would attempt to make peace with the land he had once scorned. Darek Irongrinder passes under the gates of Kal’Kadrelaz, expecting a nice warm meal and good drink happy to have finished his long journey. But mere hours later the Arch-Runelord would journey to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, to be reunited with his Kin.
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  5. Darek Irongrinder looked over the missive with a curious face, commenting upon it to his golem "An interestin decision, I agree that the clergy has certainty lacked competency since the days of Norli. So perhaps it is time for a change in course."
  6. -=[] Clan Irongrinder []=- Khronumurrum -=[]=- -=(History)=- -=([])=- Preface & Note from the Author Below is the entirety of the clan’s history that I was able to collect, using old government decrees and information along with the personal journals kept by its members. While this history is not as thorough as I would like it to be, it is the best we can hope for, especially accounting for the complete lack of documentation after the fall of the Grand Kingdom and the following chaos. I will add to this story of our clan as we evolve and I pray to Ogradhad that the next generation will keep up the mantle of our history. -Clan Lord Darek Irongrinder -=(Origins and Anthos)=- The Irongrinder clan trace their origins to Asulon, though sources debate where they descend from they were for much of their existence considered a clan of common origins. The only pre Anthosian record of the clan's existence from this period is a legion record stating the enlistment of a young Zahrer Irongrinder under the banner of then Grand Marshal Thorin Grandaxe. Upon the dwarves' arrival to Anthos, the first record of any Irongrinder can be found when it is noted in an urguani census that the Irongrinder clan, then made up of the brothers Zahrer, Tog, and Kairn, owned one of the largest clan halls within the city of Kal’Azgoth. Shortly after this census Zahrer started keeping a journal and mentioned that his brother Kairin had gone missing, but his cousin Dizzy had rejoined the clan after a great adventure. During this time Zahrer is promoted to be a commander of the legion during Grand King Thorin’s Great War, serving with great distinction. It is then noted that Zahrer married his first wife, Riddeth Thunderfist, briefly joining the two clans together under the name the ‘Thunderblades’. Though the name Thunderblade and even riddeth are never again mentioned anywhere in the sources I have compiled, urguani censuses show they had five children together. Shortly after the clan takes up residence in Kal’Ithrun. During the reign of Grand King Thorin Grandaxe, Dizzy Irongrinder is granted the title of ‘Lord’ upon the Lord’s Council, taking the spot from either Gorum Frostbeard or Narlo Grayhammer. Shortly after this ascension, Zahrer Irongrinder was appointed as the Grand Marshal due to the renown he gained during Thorin’s War. The year 1438 is when the fate of the Irongrinder Clan changed forever, this is when Grand King Thorin Grandaxe is slain by the Ondnarch in battle. In the resulting election, Dizzy Irongrinder runs against Igor Ireheart and Dom Irongut. After a close election (A recurring theme) Dizzy beats Igor with a single vote. This marks the first time (Until the reign of Grand King Garedyn Mossborn) centuries later) that a common clan ascended to the position of Great Clan. Shortly after Zahrer assumes Dizzy’s position of Lord. Shortly after the election, the minions of the Ordnarch resume their assault on Kal’Azgoth, forcing Dizzy to abandon the city and relocate to the fortress of Storm’s Crossing. The fort is rebuilt into a proper dwarven city and granted the name ‘Kal’Ithrun’. Unfortunately, Dizzy’s reign oversees the loss of a fair amount of the lands gained by Grand King Thorin, the Kingdom of Salvus succeeding from the Grand Kingdom along with other minor vassals and holding. During this time frequent skirmishes are fought between Urguan and Krugmar over the city of Kingston. Grand Marshal Zahrer Irongrinder leads the Dwarven legion to victory at the Sacking of Kingston, the capital of the Kingdom of Salvus. This act resulted in the fall of the kingdom shortly after. During this time, Zahrer and his brother Tog become renowned for their capability as engineers, shortly becoming a staple of the clan. Some time into the reign of Dizzy, Dreek Ireheart and Zahrer Irongrinder steal the golem anvil from the elves, returning it to dwarven hands. Many years later Grand King Dizzy Irongrinder declares war on the Kingdom of Renatus. Many skirmishes are fought in and around the city of Kal’Ithrun, with Zahrer in his position of Grand Marshal leading a notable defense of the city against a joint human-orcish coalition. Shortly after Grand King Dizzy Irongrinder is ousted from power by Igor & Dreek Ireheart, Farren Starbreaker, and Zahrer Irongrinder. In the following election Grand Marshal Zahrer Irongrinder runs against Dreek & Kjell Ireheart, and Indago Stormhammer. With Indago winning the election. During a renewed war against the Empire of Oren, Zahrer Irongrinder defeated a hive of cave leeches and defended the capital from a human raiding party. Later Zahrer and Onar Ireheart lead an expedition into Kal’Azgoth to seal the city, they are attacked by feral elves while doing so. Seeking new strongholds against their many threats, Zahrer Irongrinder leads the construction of Thoringrad and a great sea wall to defend the nation’s southern flank. His engineering knowledge then greatly aided in the construction of Indagolf. The Grand Legion of Urguan under the leadership of Zahrer fight the trench war, with the Irongrinder personally leading many battles against the human coalition. Tog Irongrinder, brother of Zahrer, forms the first engineering guild within Urguan since the blood age, breaking the small sect of remaining engineers off from the workforce. A new election is held with the abdication of Indago Stormhammer, with Wulfgar Grandaxe winning in a landslide victory against Verrik Grandaxe, Onar Ireheart, and Zahrer Irongrinder. After the slaying of the ordnarch and the death of Paragon Igor Ireheart, Dizzy Irongrinder is appointed to replace him on the Lord’s Council. The Irongrinder Clan along with the rest of the Grand Kingdom then relocate to Kal’Arkon in the Fringe. -=(The Fringe and Thales)=- Almost immediately, border skirmishes break out against Oren as the Dwarves find themselves in a new land, with the legion finding many victories under the leadership of Zahrer Irongrinder. After Urguan’s Victory over Oren, Grand King Wulfgar steps down and Zahrer Irongrinder is made Lord Regent. He runs against Paragon Hogarth Irongut and Thelkan Grandaxe, with Hogarth winning the election. Shortly after Zahrer steps down from the position of Grand Marshal after half a century in the role under the leadership of four different Grand Kings. During this time Tog Irongrinder also steps down from leadership of the engineering guild. The Clan Council attempted to revoke the title of Lord from Zahrer Irongrinder. This act is blocked by Grand King Hogarth Irongut, greatly angering the council in doing so. Grand King Hogarth Irongut then resigns his position, with Dizzy Irongrinder being named Lord Regent. It is claimed by the clergy that as Lord Regent, Dizzy had thrown out votes for Vorstag Grandaxe. Then in the dark of night, the assets of the Irongrinder clan are seized along with Dizzy and Zahrer Irongrinder being imprisoned. Dizzy is accused by the clergy of High Treason, conspiracy, and corruption. A corrupt judge would find Dizzy guilty of these crimes, with him being removed from the lord’s council. With newfound glory, the Irongrinder turned their full attention to their skills of Engineering, with their advances so prominent that the ‘Age of Industry’ was declared. Multiple factories were built across the Grand Kingdom due to the efforts of the Irongrinder Clan, led by Zahrer and Lathros ‘oilbeard’ Irongrinder. After the removal of Vorstag Grandaxe, Lathros Irongrinder runs against Midgor Ireheart, losing the election. With the economy flourishing under the Age of Industry, Zahrer Irongrinder leads the construction of many forts such as Fort Onar and Fort Kjellingrad. During this time Zahrer designs the ballista that would be used to kill Setharian. To escape the drought of the Fringe, the Dwedmar of clan Irongrinder travel through the portal to the land of Thales where they are a major force in the construction of both Kal'Klad and the naval flagship, the Ancestor's Truth (Keznol Anoros). The Lord’s Council is abolished by Grand King Midgor Ireheart, with Zahrer Irongrinder losing his position upon it. It is then replaced with the Thane council with Dizzy Irongrinder serving upon it. Using the Ancestor's Truth, the dwarves flee the eternal winter of Thales… -=(Athera)=- The Clan members, along with the other clans of Urguan, reach the land of Athera, setting up within the new capital of Kal'Agnar. A decision is made by the clergy to allow living heroes, with Dizzy Irongrinder being named a hero of the Brathmordakin. Lathros Irongrinder is appointed as Arbiter of the Court of Mountains, the representative of the Clan Council in the courts. Grand King Midgor Ireheart is removed from power by the Thane Council after threatening the hold of Kal’Ardoth. Lathros Irongrinder is nominated in the following election but loses to Grand King Fimlin Grandaxe. Samgrun Irongrinder replaced Zahrer Irongrinder on the Thane Council, afterwards Zahrer was made High Remembrancer. Conflict erupts once more when Starbreaker Rebels are found to have allied with the Ironborn invading and taking the capital Kal’Agnar, Zahrer Irongrinder is captured by the Ironborn the resulting conflict for several years. Zahrer escapes captivity shortly before the reclamation of Kal’Agnar by the Grand Kingdom. After the battle, Zahrer is entrusted with the protection of the Hammer of Emperor Velkan Ironborn. With the reclamation of the capital, Grand King Fimlin Grandaxe is removed from power after a vote called by Vorstag Ireheart, who wins the following election but is slain by the forces of iblees soon after. Another election is held between Ognar Grandaxe, Zahrer & Dizzy Irongrinder, and Balek Irongut. The election was declared a tie between Zahrer Irongrinder and Balek Irongut, being settled when the High Prophet flipped a coin that favored Zahrer Irongrinder. Zahrer Irongrinder is swiftly crowned Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, being the second Irongrinder to hold the title. Grand King Zahrer Irongrinder declares war on the Kingdom of Akovia to honor the kingdom’s defensive pact with the Kingdom of Aesterwald, marching the legion to the aid of Aesterwald in a defensive battle. Later fighting breaks out in an Akovian border town, with the legion slaying the town’s defenders who attempted a sally. However the legion lacked the siege equipment for a siege and thus returned across the border. It is then claimed that Zahrer Irongrinder personally saved the life of a legionary who had lagged behind the dwarven rearguard when he was attacked by a band of Akovians. Aesterwald is then destroyed in a magical explosion, with the war ending inconclusively after that. Around this time it is noted that Zahrer’s wife Riddeth passes away, in his grief Zahrer marries a high-elven woman. Zahrer Irongrinder then abolishes the Thane Council, replacing it with the lord’s Council. Lathros Irongrinder is appointed to it. The dwarves Gundin and Jorvik Grandaxe attack the wife of Zahrer Irongrinder in the streets. The Lord’s council gather to make judgment and call for the banishment of the Grandaxe clan from Urguan. Zahrer supersedes them and simply banishes the dwarves responsible for a stone month. This decision angers the lord’s council who call for the resignation of Zahrer Irongrinder who complies to avoid civil war. The Irongrinder clan relocates to an underground citadel away from the Grand Kingdom, taking many of the kingdom’s relics with them. A majority of the Kingdom likewise abandoned the Lord’s Council, seeing their verdict against the Grandaxe clan as extreme, causing a great exodus of dwarves. Zahrer Irongrinder is then officially banished from the Grand Kingdom by Grand King Balek Irongut for the alleged theft of its relics, he then returns the relics to Balek in private but continues a self-imposed banishment. Athera is then destroyed by the great worm, with the Irongrinders joining the dwarves of Urguan once more in traveling to the land of Vailor. They establish a clan hall within the capital of Kal’Akash -=(Vailor)=- Grand King Balek Irongut goes missing at sea, in the resulting election Skippy Irongut runs against Verthaik Frostbeard and Lathros Irongrinder. Skippy wins the election, though Verthaik attempts to succeed from the Grand Kingdom being bitter about his loss starting the First Frostbeard Rebellion. During the only battle of the war, Zahrer Irongrinder along with some Warhawks and friends hold the urguani left flank when they are attacked by the entire Frostbeard army. They hold long enough for the main force to surround and eliminate the rebels. The Irongrinder clan then once again takes up the mantle of engineers, rebuilding the dwarven navy after the loss of the S.S Ironguttia and Grand King Balek Irongut, building many new classes of steamships including the Da Kavir Kor, the largest steamship ever built by dwarven hands. For their extensive service to the Grand Kingdom, The Irongrinder Clan is granted land on the Isle of Avar building the Castle of Jarnstrand. The castle then falls with the betrayal of House Ruric during the 18 Year’s War, the clan establishing a grudge against the human house. Zahrer Irongrinder is then taught the art of Runesmithing by [Redacted] Irongut, shortly after fighting and slaying the Dharok beast with the Spear of Apocrypha and a rune bomb. With the introduction of the new Jarldom system, the Clan is awarded a Jarldom on the western coast of the kingdom. -=(Axios)=- The Clan moves with the rest of the Dwedmar to the new realm of Axios. With this move, the clan begins to increase in number, bringing in many new beardlings. The Runelords of Urguan, now under the leadership of Arch-Runelord Zahrer Irongrinder are granted a large patch of land in the eastern desert by Grand King Drynn Ireheart. Upon this land, the runelords raise the Citadel of Arcadia into the sky above a massive pit of Thanium. The arts of Runesmithing and Golemancy flourish once more in the Citadel of Arcadia, reaching heights not seen since the Blood Age. Zahrer steps down as clan father, leaving in his place his brother Tog. Tog claims the new title of clan lord. The Irongrinder Clan and Runelords grow wealthy with the sale of Rune Cannons to conflicts all across the world. With the death of Grand King Bastion Ireheart, the Irongrinder clan and Citadel of Arcadia declare their loyalty to the Grand Kingdom, meeting with the other loyalist clans in the Grandaxe lands to name Gror Ireheart the Grand King. With the aid of the Irongrinder Clan, the kingdom proves victorious against the frost beard rebels, Zahrer finds a defector within the Frostbeard ranks who opens the gates of Kal’Omithiel to the loyalists slaughtering the Frostbeard garrison and executing Verthaik Frostbeard. Grand King Gror Ireheart then steps down, with Zahrer Irongrinder winning unanimously in the following election beginning his second reign as Grand King. Once more Frostbeard separatists attempt to break away from the Grand Kingdom, retaking their capital of New Jornheim and forming a coalition against the Kindom of Urguan. Grand King Zahrer Irongrinder forms an alliance with the Empire of Oren to combat the threat, but both powers combined are unable to hold off the coalition. In the ensuing crisis, the Senate of Hammers is abolished with the heir of the Grand Kingdom being appointed by the previous ruler. Zahrer Irongrinder abdicates, the throne then passing to his son Grand King Ferir Irongrinder. Grand King Ferir Irongrinder like his father is unable to stop the Frostbeard hoards even with the help of the Empire of Oren who had also begun to collapse with the pressure from the Frostbeard Coalition. Grand King Ferir then abdicates without an heir, ordering his councilor Fili Grandaxe to surrender the Grand Kingdom of the Frostbeard, the title is then abolished. When the Grand Kingdom falls, the Irongrinders seclude themselves in The Citadel until such a time as it would be safe to wander once more. Eventually, they end up using the naval ships they had hidden on the isle of Ceru to travel to the land of Atlas. -=(Atlas)=- Following the destruction of the Grand Kingdom and their exodus from Axios, dwarves loyal to the Grand Kingdom including dwarves from all clans gather and form the Citadel of Az’Adar in the far north of Atlas. The Citadel of Az’Adar is ruled by a council of all the loyalist clans besides clan Irongut who formed the Republic of Holm. Undeterred by aggression from the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, the Irongrinders continue to thrive in Az’Adar, helping build a well-functioning city-state while simultaneously gathering influence in the republic of holm. The dwarves of Az’Adar remain isolated for many years, steadily growing wealthy from the rune trade as Kaz’Ulrah declines resulting in their destruction at the hands of the Empire of Man. With their enemy defeated the Citadel of Az’Adar joined with the other loyalist dwarven states the Kingdom of Agnarum, Republic of Holm, and Kingdom of Ord in the establishment of the Under-Realm of Urguan. Shortly after this reformation, the Irongrinder clan joins with the rest of the kingdom in fleeing to the lands of Arcas. -=(Arcas)=- The Irongrinder Clan established themselves in the City of Kal’Varoth, absorbing the Hammerfist clan led by Darek Irongrinder. Darek Irongrinder along with Mafradon and Atandt rise to prominence within the Irongrinder Clan. In the new formation of the Dwarves government system, Zahrer is Lord Chancellor of the Rikkin Council, further cementing Irongrinder power within the kingdom. Zahrer serves as Rikkin and Lord Chancellor. Darek Irongrinder leads the construction of Varoth’Akvel, a fortress built in the massive caverns of the Underrealm of Urugan. The Fortress would become a stronghold for the Irongrinder Clan in the ensuing struggles that follow, becoming host to their paramilitary order the Legion of Mercy. Darek Irongrinder was then appointed the Grand Architect of the Under Realm of Urguan, establishing the Omithiel Institute. Dwarven linguists begin to notice the frequent use of the word, Zarhere, when referring to one’s ability to be merciful. After many centuries of service Zahrer Irongrinder, now an elder longbeard, steps down from the position of Lord of the Irongrinder Clan. His son Atandt Irongrinder is elected to replace him by the clan. The Dwedmar Corporation is established by Darek and Mafraedon Irongrinder to sell the wares of their clan and to peddle runic weapons. Quickly the Irongrinder clan becomes the wealthiest clan in all of the Under-Realm. Fighting broke out with the rouge ‘Kingdom of Mynabor’, a state far to the north mainly supported by Ulrah Loyalists. Zahrer and Atandt Irongrinder lead the siege against them but Zahrer mistakenly leaves the siege equipment behind, thinking it would not be needed. With the abdication of Under King Fimlin Grandaxe, Atandt Irongrinder runs against Gimli Metalfist, winning the election after convincing Dimlin Irongut to change his vote at the final hour of the election. Atandt Irongrinder is then coronated the Second Under King of the Under Realm of Urguan, the only Irongrinder to do so. Zahrer Irongrinder is once again made Clan Father as Atandt becomes ineligible under the traditions of the Under Realm of Urguan. A clan hall is then constructed on the upper levels of Kal’Varoth by Darek Irongrinder. Under King Atandt Irongrinder declares war on the Empire of Oren after being threatened by the orenian emperor. With the funding of mercenaries using the vast treasury of the Irongrinder Clan, the dwarven army shatters the resistance of the orenians. After only three months of fighting, Under King Atandt Irongrinder marches the Dwarven Legion into the palace of Helene, overthrowing the orenian emperor. During the laborious Three Month War, the Irongrinders spearheaded the Dwarven aggression against the Pax Orenia, funding the very straw that broke the camel’s back. Thanks to the efforts of all Irongrinders, the clan enters a time of prosperity. Not too long after the Three Month War, Atandt abdicated the throne of the Under-Realm with much applause and gratefulness from his people. Zahrer Irongrinder followed his son Atandt on a pilgrimage, stepping down as clan father, he was replaced by Mafraedon Irongrinder as Clan Lord. The Irongrinder Clan initially supports the reign of Under King Utak Ireheart, with the majority of the clan supporting him in the election. Though very quickly the two groups drift apart, the Irongrinder clan allying with the Starbreaker Clan to oppose the radical changes proposed by the Under King. The city of Kal’Varoth, which had been built too ambitious, was rebuilt into the smaller city of Kal’Evraal. The clan hall is once again being constructed by Darek Irongrinder. The dwarves Jorvin Starbreaker, Mafraedon & Darek Irongrinder become the wealthiest dwarves in all of Urguan, granting themselves the title of ‘Iron Baron’. Jointly these three dwarves take ownership of the tavern in Kal’Evraal The Irongrinder Clan nearly comes to blows against the grand kingdom after they build a manor above the surface of Varoth’Akvel, the kingdom arguing they only own the land in the caverns, not the Surface which overlooked the village of hefrum. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is restored under the reign of Utak Ireheart, many Irongrinders believe that the dwarves did not deserve to return to the former title. After many years of Kingship, Grand King Bakir Ireheart stepped down from the throne. Jorvin Starbreaker succeeded him with a unanimous vote of the council and the support of the Irongrinder Clan. Mafraedon Irongrinder then stepped down from Clan Father, Darek Irongrinder took up the position. The Irongrinder Clan once again was charged with the construction of the dwarven navy, the U.S.S Dwedsmark being built along with four escort vessels. Seeing combat against the Inferni Invasion to the south. The great harpoon launcher personally killed a large elephant that had waded into the ocean, pulling it into the vessel’s ram and splitting it in two. After the Inferni invasion, the Irongrinder clan along with the rest of the Grand Kingdom traveled to the lands of Almaris aboard the U.S.S Dwedsmark. -=(Almaris)=- Upon arrival on Almaris, the Irongrinders settled into Kal’Darakaan, Clan Lord Darek Irongrinder building a modest clan hall. Within the new dwarven capital. Darek Irongrinder adopts his nephew Morul into the Irongrinder Clan. This action angers the Ironguts whom Morul was previously a part of, causing them to demand a duel between former Grand King Balek Irongut and Morul. Morul wins the duel against Balek, and is inducted into the clan. Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker and Clan Lord Darek Irongrinder clash on many issues, especially relating to the clan’s grudge against the Grimgolds and a plot of land to build a clan hold. Ultimately culminating in the grand king disrespecting the clan during a court session which led to the abdication of Darek Irongrinder. Morul Irongrinder takes power in the absence of Darek Irongrinder, attempting to institute various incentives to bolster activity within the clan to a mediocre amount of success. Various older Irongrinders including Khubuc Irongrinder, as well as Frerir’s son return after a lengthy voyage to Almaris, they clash on various opinions and issues with Clan Lord Morul Irongrinder, though eventually after a time of disunity, choose to let by-gones be by-gones and work for the clan’s prosperity together. Morul Irongrinder slowly descends into the state of Tagum, likely due to increasing magical activity and trauma inflicted during the Inferi Invasion, eventually returning the title of Clan Lord to his newly returned father, Darek Irongrinder. Darek Irongrinder returned to the Grand Kingdom for the election of Ulfric Frostbeard, finding work again in the government as the Grand Architect. Atandt Irongrinder became the Lord Chancellor of the Grand Council. The war of the wigs then broke out against the Empire of Oren, Atandt Irongrinder led the council while Darek Irongrinder returned to the Legion as a commander, aiding in many battles. Crisis struck when the Irehearts attempted to rebel from the Kingdom, halting the peace negotiations with Oren and restarting the war, inciting the ferrymen mercenaries to betray the Grand Kingdom. Darek Irongrinder takes up the mantle of Lord Chancellor after Atandt, leading the council until Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard is forced to resign after being strongarmed by the Ireheart Clan. Darek Irongrinder resigns from his position alongside Ulfric, briefly becoming Lord Regent. After many years of dissatisfaction with the Ireheart governance of the Kingdom, Darek Irongrinder along with Norli Starbreaker lead a large number of dissatisfied dwarves north on an expedition to great a new hold free of the politics of the capital. The Irongrinder clan being the only one to leave Urguan in its entirety Initially, the hold of Khron’Hundmar thrived under the leadership of Lord Overseer Darek Irongrinder, but eventually, the hold’s population drifted back to the Capital, leaving the hall desolate. Zahrer Irongrinder makes the long pilgrimage north to visit his kin Darek Irongrinder, the longbeard caught ill during the journey and passed away in his sleep after talking to the Clan Lord. Before Zahrer’s passing Darek was adopted as the son and heir of Zahrer Irongrinder. The dwarves of the Irongrinder Clan scattered after the fall of Khron’Hundmar and the disappearance of Darek Irongrinder. A few would return to the capital and take up residence there, fleeing to Aevos with the rest of the dwarves. -=(Aevos)=- Morul Irongrinder, though maddened, retakes the position of Clan Lord after another prolonged absence of his father Darek Irongrinder, however was soon struck down by a dwarf by the name of Aggam in a fit of anger, leading to both their deaths. Morul was buried in a shallow grave and later risen to foul undeath by foreign necromancers, his exact whereabouts are unknown, yet the Grand Kingdom often finds itself threatened by missives and occasional attacks. -=(Clan Hierarchy)=- -=()=- Upper Caste Clan Lord The Lord of the Irongrinder Clan, its highest authority and power. The Clan Lord is tasked with the appointment of all other roles of the clan. The position of Clan Lord is an elected one, with the election happening with the death, removal, or abdication of the incumbent. Clan Thane The Clan Thane is a rare position to be filled within the clan, usually, one is only appointed by the Clan Lord in an emergency. When Appointed, the Thane is given a specific task to be completed by the Clan Lord and is enabled to act with the Lord’s authority. After the completion of their task, the position of Thane is once again made vacant. Clan Archon Unlike the Thane, the Archon is a permanent role that signifies the holder as the second in command of the clan. Though having great authority, the Archon is often tasked with the organization of clan events and feasts. -=()=- Middle Caste Clan Herald The Herald is an honorary role without any authority in the clan, tasked with delivering mail, messages, and announcements between the Irongrinders and other clans. Clan Champion The Champion is a dwarf of unparalleled martial skill among the clan Clan Historian The Historian is tasked with the recording and documentation of the clan’s history. The title is often granted to clan elders. -=()=- Lower Caste Elder The Elders of the Irongrinder clan no longer serve in the leadership but now simply refer to the clan’s Longbeards. The main duty of the elders is to aid and oversee the trials of the beardlings. Ironbeard The dwarves recognized as Ironbeards are ones who have not only completed their trials but have also gone above the normal requirements and have completed the Feat of Guidance and Feat of Greed. Irongrinder A full-fledged member of the Irongrinder clan is no longer considered a beardling. Beardling The youngest and newest members of the clan have yet to complete any trials and make a name for themselves. -=(Trials)=- -=([])=- Preface While there is no blood relation required to join the clan, the person looking to join the clan must be a dwarf. Before beginning his trials a dwarf must first seek out an Irongrinder who is willing to mentor them. This dwarf will be tasked with aiding the beardling during his trials and help him adapt to dwarven life in general. The item or subject, pertaining to the Craft or Knowledge trials, will be evaluated by the Clan Elder and a decision will be made by them. There is no grade of quality required, but whatever is brought forth will be evaluated. ((If they bring a stick with **** stuck to the end, they will most likely not be let in, or will be asked to try again. The knowledge trial is similar, as the dwarf may decide to learn about the different metals and alloys in the lands, or they can inform their Clan Elder about how much healthier it is to take a **** while squatting, rather than sitting.)) All decisions are up to the Clan Elder who is evaluating the dwarf that is looking to join. If a Clan Elder decides that the person in question is not fit to join the clan, they may not get a second opinion from a different Clan Elder. The ruling may be overturned only by the Clan Father. Only the Clan Father may bestow the title of Honorary Irongrinder upon someone who is not a dwarf. While there is no requirement, it is generally accepted that they must have to do something incredible in the Clan’s best interests. -=([])=- Trial of Creation The dwarf looking to join the clan must show their aptitude through their craftsmanship. While the item itself is irrelevant, the trial focuses on the quality of the craft. The dwarf must show, to a Clan Elder, that they are capable of making something useful or else be able to sell it. The Clan Elder must be present for the crafting of the item, whatever it may be. ((Simply to prevent someone from skipping roleplay and just naming an item.)) -=([])=- Trial of Knowledge The Irongrinder Clan has long been renowned for their intelligence and mastery of the magical arts and rightfully so a dwarf looking to join the ranks of such an illustrious and elite clan must prove their knowledge. While the subject matter itself is irrelevant, they must be able to convince a Clan Elder that they are informed upon the said subject and they would be able to answer any and all questions put forth to them. Unlike the latter, this trial does not require a Clan Elder to be present whilst the dwarf is learning the subject. -=([])=- Trial of Courage While knowledge and the ability to create are deeds great enough to be auctioned highly in the Halls of the Dead, the Khronumurrum are no cowards, nor are they without the courage to push forward in battle. The dwarf in question must prove their courage to the assembled clan during a great feast usually held a stone week after the beardling has completed their other trials. -=(Feats)=- -=([])=- Once a beardling has completed his trials he is still a long way from being a full member of the clan. While not necessary if the dwarf in question wishes to attain higher positions within the clan they must complete a set of feats. The feats are solely judged by the Clan Father. -=([])=- Feat of Guidance A dwarf looking to prove their leadership capabilities must prove they exist in the first place. For this feat the dwarf must guide an Irongrinder beardling through his trials and help him adapt to life within the kingdom in general. This feat is completed once the beardling has completed his trials to the satisfaction of the Clan Father. -=([])=- Feat of Greed For the Feat of Greed the dwarf must prove their aptitude as a merchant. The feat itself is a simple one, the dwarf must do something profitable. This can be anything from inventing a product and selling it to opening up a business. The feat is completed once proof of the profitability of the venture is shown to the Clan Father and he is satisfied Thanks to Norgeth for help with the history section.
  7. ᛐᛡᛂ ᛑᚡᛂᛑᛉᛆᚱ ᛌᚮᚱᛔᚮᚱᛆᛐᛁᚮᚿ THE DWEDMAR CORPORATION - SARKOZIC REPAYMENT PLAN ᛐᛡᛂ ᛑᚡᛂᛑᛉᛆᚱ ᛌᚮᚱᛔᚮᚱᛆᛐᛁᚮᚿ For nearly three stone years THE DWEDMAR CORPORATION under the leadership of DAREK IRONGRINDER has tirelessly attempted to resolve the grudge held by the corporation against THE IMPERIAL TREASURY and PETER SARKOZIC. After these many years, the corporation is pleased to report to our distinguished SHAREHOLDERS that an accord has been struck with the heir to PETER SARKOZIC, MARKUS SARKOZIC, to settle our ancient grudge. Any venerable SHAREHOLDERS of the DWEDMAR CORPORATION are invited to the annual SHAREHOLDERS MEETING to discuss the repayment and, more importantly, how they will profit off of this new agreement. Ensure you send word to the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER DAREK IRONGRINDER to receive the time and location of the annual SHAREHOLDERS MEETING. =================== Signed, Arch-Runelord DAREK IRONGRINDER, Lord-Father of the Irongrinder Clan, Chief Executive Officer of the Dwedmar Corporation.
  8. Too long to read, so im just going assume Noobli doubled down on his racism
  9. Was a bit reluctant to write this review however it must be done, wise, mellow and all around charming guy, I’m good friends with his brother so I guess you could say I’m an overall family friend. However, shortly after breaking bread over a match of csgo with bandit I received word that he was denouncing my title as a “good faith rper” and spitting in the face of my friends. That just doesn’t sit right with me, giving me the moral obligation to slap the “untrustworthy” label onto bandit. 4.6/10 DO BETTER 

    1. Brawms


      played with this guy everyday but now Im blacklisted & ignored because of rp... 0/10 how will he respond to the allegatiosn

  10. TO THE CLAN OF FREYSSON By the Authority and Will of the King of Norland Issued on, 12th of Caedric’s Kindling, 466 Age of Stifled Flame AS THE HIGH CHIEFTAIN of the Rurikid Clans it is my duty to settle and mediate the disputes of the sons of Edvard, Eirik, and Frey. And as is his right, Frey Ruric of the Freysson clan, has called for a Chiefsmoot before the High Keeper of the Red Faith and the High Chieftain of the Rurikid Clans. SO LET THERE BE NO DOUBT That a moot of the Freysson Clan will be held at the end of this Ashen week, all fully ignited members of the clan are commanded to attend should they wish to vote for the future of Clan Freysson. BY THE BLOOD OF THE HERALD Balon Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Defender of The Red Faith, Defender of the Highlands.
  11. Balon Ruric wiped his sword clean from the blood of the dwarves "These frostbeards must be in shambles, after so many losses"
  12. Darek Irongrinder stood over the final resting place of Zahrer, slowly his gaze turned to look upon the mausoleum he had carved for the dwarf who had become his teacher, his father. A resting place fit for the body of Zahrer 'The Runesmith', piles of gold taken from the treasury of Khron'Hundmar to help the dwarf bribe his way into the halls of Dungrimm filled the tomb. Then with a heavy heart Darek took the hammer and chisel from his belt, tools which had once been gifted to him by the Arch-Runelord at the alter of runes many years ago. Then the Lord of the Irongrinder Clan placed the chisel upon the stones that made up the passageway, striking the hammer against it's back and sealing the Tomb of Zahrer Irongrinder for the rest of days.
  13. THE RIVER RUNS RED By the Authority and Will of the King of Norland Issued on, 7th of Father’s Eve, 464 Age of Stifled Flame TO THE PEOPLE OF SÓLHEIM, On the 7th of Father’s Eve, a lone Dwarf was spotted at the gates of Vjardengrad, a Frostbeard by the looks of him, and behind him his band of miscreants. The Red Cloaks assembled a small but determined force, eight men in total, led by none other than King Balon himself who ordered the lads to sally forth and squash the brigands who plagued the North Road. The engagement began with volleys of arrows before quickly turning to a charge. Swords and axes clashed filling the air with the song of steel as the dwarves cried for their bearded mothers. With two dead brigands the rest turned tail, as dwarves are notoriously good sprinters, yet Norlandic prowess bested the sprinters. The King’s very own Squire, Torrhen Eiriksson Ash, captured the band’s commander who, in desperation, pretended to be a simple duck paddling down the River Petra. Brought to the square of Vjardengrad, the dwarf stood before all, as a specialized stump was brought forth; one befitting one so squat. Squire Torrhen Ash requested to deliver the King’s Justice however King Balon knew it was his justice to deliver and so it should be his axe to swing. And so it was delivered. The heads of the brigands line the roads to Norland so as to remind the Urguani aggressors of the fate of outlaws. LET IT BE KNOWN Chicken and Silas have completed their Trials of Blooding and Skill, with the highest of esteem and honor. IRON FROM ICE
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