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  1. The Wronged: The Dwedmar Corporation specifically Darek Irongrinder The Assailant: The Imperial Treasury, specifically Peter Sarkozic The Wrong: failing to repay a loan of 20k mina Date of Wrongdoing: The Past Terms of Settlement: 40k mina or alternatively the head of Peter Sarkozic
  2. Darek smiles the suns smile as he grabs his axe and heads for the legion hall
  3. The Omithiel Institute The Architecture Guild When Yemekar made the dwarven race, it is said they were distinguished over the other descendents and more like him as they, like the Forge Father, were naturally prone to creation, gifted in craftsmanship amongst their peers. While the sons of Krug slap together tents and shabby pallacides in a rush for war, the sons of Malin lazily inhabiting trees, and the sons of Horen only caring to make whatever poses the most efficient benefit, the dwarves, the sons of Urguan, would dedicate themselves to making not only the most useful and capable structures but ones with great beauty and intricate design. We do not rush a building, for it is our divine duty to make what works we do grand, create works of inspired art. That is the purpose of the Omithiel Institute, to help ensure that the dwarves maintain their reputation with the world and its gods as the greatest architects, to make our halls grand and ornate. Organization Grand Architect The Grand Architect is the leader of the Omithiel Institute, headed with the duty of managing the building projects of the Grand Kingdom. The position requires not only great skill in design, but the ability to manage and organize great works to be accomplished. They are in charge of managing the finances of the guild. They receive no pay, the only gain for their position is honor and prestige. Architects An Architect is an accomplished and skillful designer, capable of designing works of any scale. They are picked and promoted by the Grand Architect. Architects receive a cut of all commissions they work on. Designer A Designer is in charge of creating the schematics for minor, smaller scale works. They are in essence and Architect in training. In order to become a designer, they must prove their creative skill and give an application for approval by the Grand Architect. Builder Builders are the manual labor backbone to the guild. It is a low skill requiring job, making it an easy fit for young beardlings looking to find a starting point in the community as well as for more experienced dwarves looking for a quick coin. They are paid by the amount of work done. Services Blueprint Commissions The Designers are Architects of the guild are often employed in making blueprints for any dwarf with the coin. The price of blueprints is dependent on the complexity of the order, from the features requested to its size. Generally, a small 12 by 12 meter plot will cost 2.5k minas, a 25 by 25 meter plot going for about 5k minas, and a 50 by 50 meter plot going for 15k minas. These prices are only estimates, trends, and may vary depending on the specific order. Grand Projects Arguably the most fundamental service provided by the Omithiel Institute is the dedication to doing the work of the Grand Kingdom. They are responsible for infrastructure, military projects, and city projects. Every brick layed, every road paved, the Omithiel Institute is responsible for. Interested in joining or wishing for our services? Send us a bird Darek Irongrinder ((Sneakybandit#8393))
  4. IGN: sneakybanditRP Name: Darek IrongrinderCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  5. Good work Safety Admin Noobman!
  6. [!] Darek is wandering the halls of Varoth’Akvel when he suddenly drops his Karaad Ithling and falls to his knees Then he felt it, a disturbance in the Ruhn, a great dwed has departed to Kaz’a’Dentrumm
  7. “Seems like teh lads have found some more children tuh take candeh from” Darek comments from Varoth’Akvel
  8. sneakybandit

    Ale Day

    “Always eh good time fer eh ale day!” Darek says as he prepares a special batch of Dr.Beard
  9. sneakybandit

    DNN #18

    Darek smiles the sun’s smile as he reads his morning paper “Dnn is certentleh teh best news in all of arcass!”
  10. Darek spits out his Dr.Beard tm as he reads the news “holy **** that’s spicy”
  11. sneakybandit

    DNN #16

    Darek smiles the sun’s smile as he reads the DNN after returning from a long court battle. “Good tuh see teh best enhanced news is back in town”
  12. Darek Irongrinder looks up from his morning DNN and smiles hearing the good news!
  13. “Oh my” Comments a passing dwarf
  14. Accepted Welcome to the Legion of Mercy Seek out a Temple leader to begin your training and receive a uniform.
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