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  1. -=Proclamation of The Emperor=- In response to the encroaching navy of the swine-like Kaz’Ulrah, and following the miraculous encirclement of the Frostbeard 8th Army at the Battle of Kjellingrad, Emperor Zahirohito Irongrinder has deemed it necessary to deploy the Imperial Az’Adarian Airforce. It is your duty and honor to give your lives for the Emperor! *Az’Adarian zeroes taking off from Zahrerholf Airport, Atlas c. 1943 *Az’Adarian paratroopers entering battle under constant anti-air fire, Atlas c. 1943
  2. sneakybandit

    The Pre-Diet Verdict on the Irongrinder Clan

    King Darek Hammerfist laughs
  3. sneakybandit

    Reconcilations & the Diet of Kal'Tarak

    A rat delivers a message to Ulrah "To the false Queen if you think that I will ever set foot in your hall of kinslaying you are dead wrong, I would much rather wash in my chicken's **** which would be more hygienic then entering your false halls" Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Ord -King Darek Hammerfist
  4. sneakybandit

    -={The Book of Grudges}=-

    -={=+=}=- The Wronged: The Children of Urguan The Assailant: The False Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah The Wrong: Destruction of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Terms of Settlement: The removal of the False Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah from the world -={=+=}=-
  5. sneakybandit

    Declaration of The Empire of Urguan

  6. Darek Hammerfist signs! "Narvak oz Urguan!"
  7. sneakybandit

    Magic Report - IronGroot, Josh3738

    This is just kinda sad medvekomo, if you want check my logs, i am very much sneakyclean
  8. sneakybandit

    DNN #9

    King Darek Hammerfist nods reading with his morning Dr.Beard "That's some good news"
  9. sneakybandit

    MCPancakes's Event Team Actor application

  10. sneakybandit

    The Legion of Ord

    Accepted welcome to the Legion
  11. sneakybandit


  12. sneakybandit

    Pride Reforged

    King Darek Hammerfist laughs so hard he almost falls off the walls of Kal'Nuram
  13. sneakybandit

    DNN #8

    "Ah about time teh true news is back in town" pogarth says as he burns the fake news in a fake news burning
  14. sneakybandit


    says Darek