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  1. Gror "The Undead" Ireheart

    Darek nods Aye this is not the Gror i know something 'as changed him
  2. Never A Defeat

    Darek Hammerfist grumbles hearing of his friend Gror's treason to the cause
  3. As a fellow person who has a banned player as a sibling, *cough* pando *cough*, i can relate +1
  4. [Denied]Tcs_tonsils_’s GM Application

    Why the **** not +1
  5. [Denied]Treaty's GM App #2

    +1 good lad
  6. The First Mayoral Election of Ruriksgrad

    Voting Card Name: Jorik Ruric Clan: Ruric Vote: Ronald Grump

    Darek sheds a tear at his friend's departure.
  8. The Pact of Az'adar

    "Narvak oz Az'adar!" Clan Father Darek Hammerfist shouts
  9. Happy new year you non pst time pagans

  10. [Accepted] [Trial]Bloodnight's GM Application

    Will i be banned for spoiling a movie?
  11. Clan Doomforged Reformation.

    "Who cares about teh blackies anyway?" grumbles Darek
  12. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    This is the best Portuguese guy on the server, we need him. +1
  13. We got him boys, Geronimo down

  14. [Denied] MCPancakes FM App

    Never mind this kid got me a clan hall +1