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  3. The Cha-Cha Slide Crusade Part 2: Hokey Pokey Boogaloo As news of the latest outrage to fall upon the blessed mountains of the Under-Realm of Urguan, the hierarchy of Da Arkammar oz Zahere, The Legion of Mercy, gathered in the many-pillared halls of Varoth’Akvel, the holiest of holdings under the Legion’s control. Alongside them sat the High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga and a few miscellaneous dwarves. Much like her grandfather before her, Bianca Ireheart promptly chucked a stone chair out one of the windows of the fort. As Marshall Jorvin Starbreaker and Seneschal Mafraedon “The Sword of Zahrer” Irongrinder yelled in fury at this news, suddenly a fist landed upon the poor wooden table, cleaving it in twine. Grand Master Darek Irongrinder’s sudden attack upon the poor table forced silence upon the room. Slowly, Darek crossed the room to the open window, overlooking the caverns of the Under-Realms, as he slowly drew a gentle hand across Dungrimm the Chicken. In a low guttural tone, he called to the dwarves present, “Dere will beh nae Merceh fer deh Dark Elger! Call deh banners! Renew deh foires ov war! Get en loine! Start deh music!” ((Goddamnit Darek said to start the music! Click the link!)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSvTAJiTUfE thx daedra for writing my words
  4. Darek starts to practice the cha-cha slide
  5. Darek thinks about how maf must be pissing his pants
  6. Atandt is still practically a beardling, i don't understand your problem says a confused Darek
  7. “Narvak oz Urguan! ARUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” Shouts a patriotic dwarf
  8. Accepted Welcome to the Legion of Mercy Seek out a Temple leader to begin your training and receive a uniform.
  9. Accepted Welcome to the Legion of Mercy Seek out a Temple leader to begin your training and receive a uniform.
  10. Darek Hammerfist smiles the sun’s smile for his good friend AT&T!
  11. MC Name: sneakybandit RP Name: Darek Irongrinder Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Pillar Fort Candidate:
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