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Found 1 result

  1. The Principality of VLACHIA Realm PRO MC Name: chaotikal Realm PRO Character Name: Vlad Realm Name: Principality of Vlachia Primary Realm Color: Black, dark red or dark purple. Proposed Tiles: Lowlands_9, lowlands_6, lowlands_10. (from most to least desirable) Realm Lore: ARPECH HISTORY (by MisterBlitzkrieg) "A letter to the king of Aaun" by Ivan (Avslander) [ROLEPLAY POST] "Battle of the Westmark" by Gaspard (M1919) [Metioned in the ROLEPLAY] Realm Government Structure Explanation: The Principality of Vlachia is lead, foremost, by a Prince, currently Vlad. The Prince is the monarch and central familial figure which the realm hinges on. Below the Prince lay his closest relatives and trustees, constituting the Duma. The Vlachian Duma is a close knit affair, but very violent, and it is the way all the laws are passed or abolished, they also take care of the outlying management of the settlement wherever the Prince is unable to. The Duma can elect a Regent, but only the living Prince can designate a successor, usually one of his closest children, in the practice of tanistry, the choosing of the most fit amongst those present. Capital Builds: All these builds are built by me or one of my friends and represent this culture's architectural aesthetic. How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: The Principality of Vlachia has a good strong backbone of lore and playtime throughout the years from the time of the founding of Renatus in 2018, and later the same people involved with this group started Vilavia under Norland in 2019, and Verbant in Veletz that were all following the same cultural guideline, in summary, the cultural offering of Vlachia is very rich and unique to this group, offering a different angle and approach to how roleplay should be handled. Such as engaging in things we believe to be more meaningful to the story rather than to focus on individuality, and creating group storylines for this community. Our goal is to also bring in aspects of relatively strict cultural roleplay that aims to create a meaningful and embracing form of roleplay for our community. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: This group would not exist without the greater lore and community, as it is a group formed by different groups in LoTC’s history coming together and later fracturing. In some ways, it’s very cohesive to the realms around it, with some kind of character relations and the subjective history of bygone imperial realms, such as Balian, Aaun, and Veletz, however we intend to focus primarily on constructing a communal narrative and enrich the cultural identity while doing so, creating a unique aesthetic and rolepaly around this realm. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I’ve run groups within realms in LoTC throughout the years and many of my players have led some kind of officer role in realms, however this is me and my friend’s first realm app. I’ve also run settlements on other servers. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes, we understand. Please have your 15 signatories reply to the post with their MC Name, RP Name, and Persona ID (the 4-6 digit number at the top of /card).
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