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  1. [Music] My shitty music

    Excerpt from a more complex set of pieces I'm working on.
  2. Had been working on this one for a few weeks.




  3. [Music] My shitty music

    Another one, this one's a bit more uplifting.
  4. quick n' short.


    1. Evocress


      This is very sweet and calming music, thank you!

    2. Chaotikal
  5. The Doomforge Clan

    Accepted, you will be contacted briefly.
  6. The Doomforge Clan

    Accepted, you will be contacted briefly. Accepted, you will be contacted briefly.
  7. The Doomforge Clan

    Accepted, you will be contacted briefly!
  8. Only cool bois allowed.



  9. The Doomforge Clan

    Accepted, friend, you will be contacted briefly.
  10. The Doomforge Clan

    THE DOOMFORGED INTRODUCTION The Doomforge Clan are a group of seclusive mysterious dark dwarves, borne of the Paragon Urir Ireheart, bearing his sign of sacrifice within their very visages, the glow of hellfire pon their sight. One may spot a Doomforged sporting intricate runic designs into their very bodies. unexpected and as unruly as fire; the Doomforged’s reputation precedes them. CLAN HISTORY The Clan has its roots in the final age of Aegis, borne of the union between the Paragon Urir Ireheart and Feyin Kelzyr. Sheltered and protected personally by the late king Thorik Braveaxe, the three offspring of the Paragon; Hodir, Iban and Yorri grew to be Dwarves of mighty stature and valor, serving the King’s command and the Kingdom’s want. As they grew older, so did the yearning within them to seek out a purpose to their lives; they roamed northward to the forgotten lands of Hanseti, where the poisonous cloud had laid wreck pon the human civilization. As they made their way into the ruined and toxic land, they came across a large entrance never before seen, made of stone and carved with runes of ancient times. Within, they’d find the city of Asgol, the resting place of the Derva. Enthralled by the relics, the fortune, the gold and silver, they quickly made the ancient city their new home, and began exploring it to out its secrets. Looking through the halls, they found tales of the Dwedmar who inhabited the city prior; Dwarves of great wisdom and industry. They discovered the prime jewel of their civilization; The Doom Forge, and pon its altar, laid out that those who found it now had the duty to safekeep it, to protect it from evil that would overcome the legacy of their people found within the forge. Thus began the tale of the Doomforged Clans, the warrior guardians of the ancient forge, bearers to the mystery enfeoffed pon them in that ancient ruin. They now roam the lands following the descendants, loyal to the kingdom that gave them a reason to live; Urguan. While they are often polarizing figures, their intentions are always true; to honor their forefathers and bring great glory to Urguan and the Clan. CLAN TENETS 1. CODE OF CONDUCT A. You shall not damage or hurt another Doomforged in any way, unless Tenet 1B requires you to do so. B. You must ensure the Clan and all it’s properties sake for as long as you live. C. You must never defy the executive orders of the Clan. D. The Kingdom Of Urguan is your home -- regardless of it’s state, respect and follow it and their representatives, unless Tenet 1B is breached. E. The Lore of the Clan is sacred, you must not share it in public light as it would be as giving our treasures away. It is sacred knowledge and only for readily eyes. 2. CODE OF POLITICS A. You shall not fight with other Clans unless Tennet 1B or 1E is at stake. B. You shall respect other clan’s opinions on political views and affirm your superiority by not meddling to common wrestle over trivialities such as these ideological nuances. C. You shall not declare CLAN WAR on any clan unless Tennet 1A and 1B, and optionally 1D is broken if otherwise. D. If CLAN WAR ensues, assure humane deaths so Dwedmar life is not so dramatically impacted by the conflict. 3. CODE OF LEADERSHIP A. You will not act on your own, the vacancy of the Clan Father must be resolved by the clan whole, not by personal endeavors and ventures. B. You must ensure Peace as long as 1B and 1D stand unbroken. PATHS Every Doomforged must choose a path, a way of life to guide them in their darkest and brightest moments. It was by word of the Three that three paths would be created, to serve as keystones for the future generations of Doomforged. Path Of Anvil Those Doomforged who would serve their life to seeking knowledge, no matter the cost, are those who follow the path of Anvil. Strong willed, determined and intelligent are some of the traits those who follow this path are known for. Yorri was the patron of Anvil, as he unveiled the hidden knowledge of Asgol even if it took a toll upon his mind and scarred him permanently. Golemancers and Warsmiths follow this path, becoming paragons of wisdom. Path Of War Those who choose brawn over mind follow the path of War. Quick to action, brave and reckless, they are the vanguard of the Doomforged, wielding their arms for the better of the Clan, becoming the stalwart guardians when in peace, and brutally mighty warriors when in war. Hodir took the path of War, putting himself before his people, and ultimately sacrificing his own life so his children could live. Champions and Warriors follow this path, becoming paragons of bravery. Path Of Rune The Doomforged who have vowed to keep the clan, its lore and its legacy safe follow the path of Rune. Devout followers of Dormmar’s teachings, they often are riddled in mystical runes, which show their true and unbreakable faith in their forefathers. Iban took the teachings of Dormmar to his heart, as he vowed to not only keep the forge which gave his life purpose safe, but also keep his clan and its legacy from any and all harm. Runesmiths and Priests follow this path, becoming paragons of piety. ARTIFACTS Doom Forge The legendary forge of the Derva, and of Dormmar himself. This large forge exudes an ominous magical presence, disturbing those who remain long enough in its presence, clad in fire and stones of unknown origin, its true potential has yet to be reached, being used for the creation of Flesh Runes. Yarak-Un The Hammer of Kings; it was the runic hammer used by the ancient kings of Asgol, and Dormmar himself. It’s very light for its apparent weight and heft, and is decorated by runes in an unknown language, glowing several colors, though most often they glow gold. The Soul of Thorin Grandaxe Given to Dormin by the son of the late Grand King, the soul of Thorin Grandaxe is a prized possession of the clan, as King Thorin was an advisor and a close friend to the clan during his lifetime. CLAN MEMBERS Clan Father, Dormin Doomforged (Chaotikal) Bor Doomforged (Charlemagne) Cassus Doomforged (Thumperjack_) Hefjhor Doomforged (Cloakedsphere) Hjalnar Doomforged (DPMAGICIAN) Lassri Doomforged (ImDeviin) Morgrim Doomforged (Asimulum) Yazarek Doomforged (MitchO_o) JOINING THE CLAN Fill out this short application and post it below, you will receive a response briefly. MC Name: RP Name: Discord:
  11. The Mountain trembles, Something is occuring.

    Narvak oz Dorkadrel.



  12. [Music] My shitty music

    Noy my favorite. but I wrote the initial progression and I felt it needed some closure.
  13. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)