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  1. chaotikal

    Nostalgic Redemption

    hey bro, nice to see u, but arent you like 40 with kids, wife and grandsons, this game is only for us workless bastards and children of brine
  2. chaotikal

    [Playable CA Race Lore] - [Eastern Dragons]

    doesn’t fit the server’s lore, feels very furry/dragonkin.
  3. then be more transparent? the fact people have to make wild threads about the server’s tax return shows that the economy of the server is shrouded by a fog of uncertainty... Huh... that reminds of businesses!
  4. chaotikal

    The Keeper's

    How is this culture different from the heartland cultures?
  5. chaotikal

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    what a **** thread... We can’t give feedback on the promise of an idea. Push the projects that you want feedback on, and We’ll pass it. Unless you wanted what’s going on in the thread, where people are throwing in ideas, and if so, you have no projects, no ideas, and are asking the community for help, you should have phrased it such. Because we can’t give you “ways to improve” if there’s nothing in the first place. seriously this is one of several most recent staff threads where they make no sense.
  6. we should extend the switch to 7.0 by a few months and get a new map done.


    It looks ******* horrible, there’s little saving parts about it, something needs to change.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Pinsir99


      Take me back to Anthos 

    3. Fishy


      what do you mean extend the switch, it ain’t happening until march anyways. 

    4. Kilgrim


      Can’t please everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. chaotikal

    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

  8. that announcement post by @Telanirwas  confusing as ****... Did you forget a part of the post? You go from “we will reform the staff system” to, in the Q&A, talk of the “Mod Team” as if it was a concept introduced in the previous paragraphs.


    Badly written post, try again.

    1. Telanir


      Hence brief and uninteresting. It was written for those who already did a bit of research and wanted to know more. As for everybody else, simply—we’re reworking staff. The regular player will pretty much not be touched by this, at least not immediately.

  9. chaotikal

    The Cursus Honorum

    “I am scared.”
  10. 0b33d60bea0530027c37ecd041ca9ddb.png


    Anyone want to join my free giftcard giveaway and join my group of strong folk

  11. chaotikal

    The Thairic Conclave

    the strelts rejoyce
  12. chaotikal


    “You forgot your knife... Reach me...”
  13. chaotikal

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    yeah everyone knows we’re all here to play 4 hours waiting for ape emotes +1
  14. chaotikal

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    +1. The previous criticism are part of a smear campaign by a bunch of people whose fingers sweat at the sight of them being bested in pixel combat. Tornado is level-headed and trust-worthy, and the portion of players here giving negative feedback is the portion of players the staff should be not looking for good opinions.
  15. chaotikal

    A Pontifical Letter

    Kreszivoje ponders on the weakness of the church in general.