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  1. T0dSu3j.png@Wrynn 😞

    1. chaotikal


      heres a cheer for all the times we have missed isilioleth....

      we all have an isilioleth in our lives

    2. Wrynn


      Come back :’c

  2. “Wait... didn’t you die too? HRMM” big thonks
  3. “Ave Renatus!” Yelled a loyal renatian man!
  4. NordicGod The Blessed

  5. As we’ve spoken on discord and I’l just reiterate here, Doomforged itself is an invite only clan (we arent looking for new members as of this moment), but theres non doomforged dark dwarf families around, you should ask around for em. Onyxheart comes to mind, @Medvekoma is a good person to ask about em.
  6. Jah of Medea looked upon the execution, wondering when will the realms know peace.
  7. Doesn’t Litematica come with a printer? If so you don’t need to place any blocks, just afk around the schematic
  8. ooc Very nice, well written! +1
  9. The english rule is so dumb, lots of cultures use different languages for their roleplay, I think emotes should probably be in english though, while whatever thing you say in RP can be whatever you like.

    1. sophiaa


      i agree with u good sir. when i play my good illatian/italian woman contessina i would like the freedom 2 speak in my tongue . what’s the point of having all these cultures if u can’t expand that into using the languages that go with them. dialogue should be able to be in other languages, however emotes probably should not .

    2. xxx


      bawnjorno @sophiaa

    3. sophiaa
  10. can I ask proper usage of /treq? thanks for the update
  11. i love you, add me to my discord jamess#9282

    darkjames here btw, we shld catch up

    1. AndrewTech


      Most definitely. Adding now!

  12. Do you know the Savoy Truffle Shuffle?


    1. seannie


      u scuk!!

  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albion however, read the sticky, this is a nation, not a culture. nations are not cultures, and here you have laws and such and it all resembles heartlander culture, which IS a culture.
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