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  1. "Heresy." Jan Ulvert proclaims disgusted
  2. lore team is 5 good guys, 20 triggered tumblrettes
  3. locked and warned


    (happens when I highlight some part of a post)


  5. if a trans man never becomes a man, then his dysphoria is not real and he is using the trans community to be a snowflake, and that actually hurts the serious community of trans people so much more than any "cishet" may ever do. Gender is not a spectrum, subjective personal behaviour is. If you want to have your own labels go ahead, but you can't "identify" as something that doesn't exist. Else the "I identify as an attack helicopter" logic is not only right, but proves a dangerous precedent for what passes as delusion and what is truly an issue for some people. If I identify as a teapot, will you take away my human rights even if I'm demanding of it? If I identify as a murder victim, does that give murderer free-charge to kill me? Masculine behaviour =/= gender. masculine behaviour = personality
  6. there's only two genders. Male and female, trans people are just transitioning from one to the other. there's also only 3 sexual orientations, bisexual, homosexual and heterosexual. all the others are just fetishes and are not blanket sexual behaviour terms. dont remove me for no reason please.
  7. OC/RP Application MC Name: Kerzaer RP Name: Heinrichismunde zu Wyngotha / Khrell'os Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): chaotikal1 Timezone: gmt-3 Profession: have none, but can grind on weekends, can make any profession you guys want Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: i have it, yes. PK Clause Agreement ((Yes or No)): yes
  8. i need feminism
  9. do not compromise my safety of my lord of the craft convention 2018 edition
  10. [OOC] Aenseidhe [IC] Guilaume
  11. mudmaidens, robocop analyzing from a sitcom, each day we stray further from god
  12. this is so useless and honestly it shoulf either go in without a mag, or you could add more substance to it.
  13. What do you mean arms?
  14. haha great meme, almost Cameron tier, but not quite grasshopper. k I dont have autoage on, and honestly you're the leastbest fitting person to be namecallin thats a very ****** move