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  1. The Truth on Satyrs

    The man had a large group of men at his disposal, replacing the signs with simple warning. "If you post this again, we will lead out a purge against Satyrs the like you've never seen. Keep your opinions and your speak of what you and your kind do in bed and intimacy private."
  2. The Truth on Satyrs

    Guillaume de Savoie quickly torn down the posters from the cities of Men. Such topics were not to be told so boldly to the youth, he might of thought.
  3. Increase the amount of gnomes?

    no shut up youlore breaking piece of human trash im going to ban you until the next nazi reich
  4. Shiny Orange Eyes

    Dormin sends a letter "Grand! Hark 'ere! For those who now see to the honor of their ancestors has returned to the warm embrace of the Family and Legacy that is not only Urguan but Doomforged. As you do your repairs to ammend whatever your decisions lead you to, so shall you return to the clan as a member, Yorthmal. May the hand of Dungrimm guide your hammer. -Dormin."
  5. Denouncing Dormin.

    "Aye and the members who did it were banished and I personally sabotaged their palace easing their defeat." spoke Dormin.
  6. Denouncing Dormin.

    Dormin replies. "Your words are derided, I serve no undead king, I serve Urguan, and I will stand by our forefather's legacy regardless of its current state, thus is the way of the Doomforged. And you speak of my absence on the time of your need, yet you so readily ally with those who once spoke that they'd go in unrest until they saw all of us dead, tarnishing every inch of our ancestor's works and engaging in eternal warfare with us. Frostbeards denounced Urir, Hodir and Yorri, spat upon their legacies and killed many of us. Yet I do not see any Irongrinder flaunting around doomforged heads, even if they are so dumb as to claim Urguan's eternal title as their own. You don't have to serve Zahrer, but you must not serve Frostbeards, Yorthmal the Clanless. As it stands, I keep the Doom Forge, the Warforges, the Yarak-Un and Hodir's Crown. If you were a true Doomforged you would need naught say you are clan father, for only those truly worthy of Clan Father claim such, as I have not because I still serve the Clan Father invested by the Paragon Urir Ireheart, Hodir Doomforged, wherever he may be, as such, all of the rest of the Doomforged are equal in waiting for the return of Hodir. You are no Doomforged. You are no Doomforged, begone from my clan, scurry back to the glacial claw of the frostbeards you've bedded with, Clanless."
  7. Clan Doomforged Reformation.

    Dormin sent a notice to the rogue clan leader, giving him notice of his banishments should his endeavors continued, along with a letter. The letter read: "You must be daft for ignoring the years of strife Frostbeards have inflicted upon us, without apologizing once, shedding the blood of your ancestors relentlessly. Zahrer may be wrong, but in here, you have deemed evil upon our clan to not be acceptable alone, but also deemed to receive it with open arms, forfeiting one of the clan tennets for the benefits of your own sole selfish desires. " The letter's backside was adorned with a half-written notice "AWAY WITH YE' VILE BEGGAR" And signed below. "Dormin Doomforged."
  8. The Doomforged Clan

    The Announcement has been torn down momentarily.
  9. The Banishment of Yorthmal

    Hereby the Dwarf known as Yorthmal is stripped of the name Doomforged, and is now clad with the shame of being Clanless. Let it be known from the depths of the Doom Forge, that all of us stand with Urguan regardless of the stupidity of its leader, as per it states in the Tenets of Conduct sub-section E. The Kingdom Of Urguan is your home -- regardless of it’s state, respect and follow it and their representatives, unless Tenet 1B is breached. Frostbeards are known enemies of the Doomforged, with their reiterated attempts at murdering and squabbling our members, including their forceful sexual interaction with one Jena Doomforged in Athera. THUS it is declared that Yorthmal is now exiled, until he apologizes and retreats his support for the Rogue Thiefdom of Kaz'Ulrah, and folds under the ever-loving arms of Urguan. Thus spoke Clan Doomforged.
  10. [Trial]Kowaman's Third GM Application

    -1 Not a fan of Kowaman, has been removed countless times from staff positions, can't trust him and neither should we, he doesn't bring anything spectacular to the table other candidates dont, and other candidates may be more trustworthy
  11. [✓] [Change] Culture on Persona Cards

    Because it's not really relevant to the bio, and Humans have a plethora of cultures that are just as identifiable as any subrace.
  12. [✓] [Change] Culture on Persona Cards

    Physical traits? There's a lot of difference between a norlander and a haense man, but they're both highlander, but there's not much you can do with a fuckin' 8 x 8 pixel grid, this would just clean up the persona card even more, mostly since Humans have so many diverging cultures, this would likely be useless for Elves, Orcs or Dwarves, given they're usually more uni-lateral on cultures.
  13. [✓] [Change] Culture on Persona Cards

  14. What to Change: The card plugin. Why Should it be Changed?: It'll be pretty helpful to the cards, and people who wish to have updated and informative cards. What to Change it To?: Add an optional culture spot where you can write whatever you want, as long as it is 4-5 words. Who Does it Benefit?: Humans, mostly, given that their race and subrace doesn't inherently mean a nation or a culture. A norlander highlander is not the same as a Haense Norlander, a Savoyard Heartlander is not the same as a Horen Heartlander. So please fix valve
  15. [Accepted] Devvy's FM App

    +1 devvy will age like fine wine and become that woman on tv, you know the one