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  1. @Pureimp10you will be remembered dearlyj6OSFFDgT5OlctFZjhgONw.png

  2. Virgin Renatus - Chad Confederates

  3. Interested in playing a true Raevir? Contact me on Discord ( Chaotikal#9282) for the true raev experience. Fight for the true Ruska!, fight for the black crow!



  4. lets not wait for warclaims, let's do our own warclaim @Njbb @pureimp10 lets set terms, hours, land where we fight. if you back down thats just proving you're a bunch of pussywads.

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    2. HurferDurfer1


      kyle u large right arm having fool. we cant defend against BROken blOcks

    3. InfamousGerman
    4. HurferDurfer1


      i cant handle this clap back i retreat


  5. An Olive Branch, 1655

    Istvan performed a quiet prayer over the fallen men, enemies and allies, a tear running down his blood-soaked cheek.






  7. you guys should remove Roleplay from this server to be honest, it makes freebuilding a toxic environment and I think I speak for all of the community when I say that is unacceptable!!!!

  8. removing rules for rework when other rule sections arent even up isn't the smartest decision...

  9. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "Weakness is what makes a man send his father to respond to accusations instead of going himself. Weakness is making others fight your battles in your stead. Weakness is cowardice. Halsworthy has proven to be coward, sitting high and mighty on their steed, sinning away at the heart of GOD himself, spitting in the face of His Vicar. Such shall be the downfall of this wrought chapel of malice that you call home." Replied Istvan to the open letter, his knife sharp with the blood of heathens.
  10. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "We are going hunting for heathens, PRAISE SIGISMUND." Yelled an ecstatic Istvan, readying the axes and spears for holy war!
  11. The loss of rescue raids

    Crazy they'd remove em, bring em back @Ioannis why not keep them up until you come up with your "rewrite", then implement that. . . .
  12. Rise of a Paragon

    "Who's barradin?" Dormin yelped
  13. No keeps - Dewper

    How does it feel to fight alongside pvp legend nathan barnett?
  14. [✗] gunpowder lore i guess

    cough cough RUNE CANNONS are still around.