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  1. Yes, and they shoud apply to the more tech-wise races, Dwarves and Humans. It’s time to become serious and understand that fire-arms are completely setting appropiate for anything that would resemble medieval-themed fantasy. Guns have been in heavy use in the eastern world since the mid-13th century and were in mainstream use all across medieval europe by the 14th century. It’s not cardboard armor and cardboard swords. It’s time to grow up.
  2. A lonely teuton knight sits on his brick castle, contemplating on the thesis with somber agreement.
  3. Ah, old amyas... memories! spoke a fine clothed old chap in the city square looking over the new acts
  4. nice, though it could have been worded a bit better, you don’t need to explain it with IQ and such, kinda makes the culture less realistic and more shallow. otherwise, +1.
  5. Ah Yes DarkJames We Meet again!Β 

  6. I think having a subtle hint to creation myths or something like a nice nature-swept ruin as a spawn point would be nice. Not a lot of life around, just a nice plain of ruins, a la stonehenge, with a treeline in the distance.
  7. In the west, a group of well armored knights and their retinue hears of the news of the death of Ester, mourning it deeply, yet they look towards the east suspiciously, knowing there to be more than a simple death.
  8. Damn! I hope Tikhonmir ever comes make a visit...
  9. To the west of the world, some men and women begin to dig the foundations of a castle, speaking a strange language.
  10. cant wait for this to be shelved next lore mag
  11. chaotikal


    A thinking knight ponders it whole.
  12. keepin an eye out for dem lotc pedophiles

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