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  1. "The north will only see one head below the crown, that of a Barbanov. A staunton imperialist shalt not see the snow clear before his hubris proves his downfall." Said a man dressed in full plate armor. He bore his house colors, Yellow and Black, in honor of House Barbanov and their fall this day.
  2. ((does this clan allow u to kick people off ledges tho))
  3. shocking
  4. if 3 years is weird... my grandma has a 10 year difference with my granddad....
  5. 16 with a 19? that's... a 3 year difference.
  6. if person is really underage, that's kinda fucked up. though i think there's alot of over-reaciton over this but still, it is bad.
  7. who the **** is bill gates anyway, drfate new ceo of microsoft
  8. why the **** is tythus still in power, this man should own lotc
  9. make this man admin already
  10. make this man a gm already
  11. caius farts and goes into fatal stroke, but is brought back with the help of westerland's finest fat dwarves. more details to arrive as situation progresses
  12. forever vigilant in his watchful dreams, o weary traveller caius forever
  13. heres me
  14. MC Name: Chaotikal Tiles you own: N/A Regions you own: ponce (in a55)