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  1. chaotikal

    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    The True Ivanovich, Kreszivoje, never heard of the existence of a female/male called Ilya Ivanovich. He pondered.
  2. chaotikal

    yeah so remake anthos rn

    no i want axios and i want more strict cassus belli rules i also want guest apps and could u hit a ****** up with sum of them longer raid cds thanks jesus
  3. chaotikal

    this server is in shambles

    Now this... this is epic, gamers. not that weve been pointing the same problems out since 2015. or whenever tahmasx was promoted...
  4. chaotikal


    “Ah can’t allow random dwarves to usurp meh clans name when Ah don’t even know them!” “Ah’m standing right ‘ere. Jus’ cos Ah don’t live in Agnarum don’ mean Ah’m paper or wotever that means.”
  5. chaotikal


    *The real Doomforged Crest* Dormin Doomforged, clan father of the Doomforged Clan, goes around the cities, posting a sign in each for all to read. “This Dor fellow I’ve never heard about; he’s claiming he’s the last Doomforged, but he’s not a Doomforged at all! If you see him, out of respect for Urir and his children, denounce him! He is not a Doomforged, he’s just some random stark raving mad black dwarf claiming to be! Whatever the case, he is now exiled from using the Doomforged Clan Name, as he tried to go around me and me children to claim himself above! -Dormin Doomforged, Son of Hodir, Grandson of Urir Ireheart.
  6. chaotikal


    “we cooking” said freig mournstone
  7. chaotikal

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    Minecraft Username: chaotikal Discord Tag: chaotikal#9282 Character Name: Numa Character Age: 16 Character Social Class: Rich Character Profession: Tailor and Smith
  8. chaotikal

    An Irongut's lightforg

    Dormin smiled upon the warforging endeavors in the lands, wishing luck upon all the Dwarves.
  9. chaotikal

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Mogroka shattered my world with those new points. I still am going to +1 this, but definitely keep Sultan’s points in mind! I think many races have niche religions and deities and such, and I think this would only enhance your rp, and saying it only fits a small group of people is a stupid reason, given that all deities only affect a small ammount of people. (Tahariae, Xan, Aspectism, and many other deities that have group-locked magic.)
  10. chaotikal

    [Culture] The Southeron

    big +1
  11. chaotikal

    Starbreaker Expansion to The Siege of Kal'Urguan

    (Ironborn’s most loyal clans were Irehearts and Starbreakers. Simppa was accompanied not by Cave Dwarves, but by Mountain Dwarves, with a retinue of Ironguts...)
  12. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames chaotikal, darkjames Ban Reason griefing with evil intent Players Involved Keening By your own understanding, why are you banned? I placed two buildings I paid for with RL money in a land I owned. I was kicked out of said land while i was away in exam season, so I got no notice of me being evicted. I come back and I start tearing these builds down. Im allowed one but I destroyed the two of em Why should you be pardoned? Because I'm not going to do it again. I'm not placing my beloved builds in the server any more. I did not do it out of spite, I just wished to conserve my moneys worth. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will not place any more builds that I've paid or hold dear in this server. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I think the community guidelines are a pretty illusion, satirical almost because I don't see many staff adhering to them, and many staff openly bash the whole staff atmosphere they volunteer in. That said, they are nicely worded, and they assume a more caring, open community that would follow them and thus become cohesive via conduct, adhering to the same social conduct leading to a more enjoyable experience. It'd be nice if we all sat down and reviewed what type of community we are, because it feels sometimes there's a disconnect between what it is and what we want it to be. And perhaps that whole deal means we're pulling the wagon's wheel off, steering off into unknown territory, while we could just assist each other into getting into the right destination, reaching what we can be, our potential as a community. I see a lot of passive toxicity flung around in an attempt to circumvent the guidelines, which goes to show just how irrelevant they've become, that they're only walls that some people dance around to continue acting as they are. I don't think harsher guidelines or punishments could fix it, so I think there's other alternatives, mainly given that most of the communtiy is made up of now grown adults over the age of 16. Otherwise, community guidelines are real good for setting the staff expectations of the community, and thus laying out what the staff expects of the community, and help shape it to that state.
  13. chaotikal


  14. chaotikal

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    Yup, Runesmithings having the same trouble, overwriting is ****, underwriting is also ****. I liked it when we had soulbound golems, the rules were so simple and easy to enjoy.
  15. chaotikal

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    Blame 501's meddling with it. The lore was fine until the dizzy rewrite to account for the shitty eventline in Athera, in which they added all kinds of golems, some being identical to each other, only to muddle up the lore. On that note, only a dwarf LM should be allowed to rework it, given that it is intrinsically a dwarven thing and hinges on very old, dated but relevant lore from Aegis and Asulon.