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  1. chaotikal

    A House Lost, A House Gained

    "Told him this would happen." Said Istvan on the matters of Laszlo the outcast.
  2. Told ya you were too young to lead bud. good luck next time though

    1. Youngie5500


      Probably, but cudos for actually dedicating your time and sanity to the server, Chorale. Can't hate anyone who selflessly devote themselves to the greater good, even if misguided at times. Enjoy your hiatus 🙂

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  3. Thanks a lot for paying mind to my feedback. The rest seems fairly fine and informative. The main problems that have plagued Kha' since its inception was that it was so different from other races that race to race interaction was hard to accomplish without push coming to shove. When they became more "accepting" in Geoboy's term during Athera, they lost a lot of their cultural identity, and the kitten-rampage began. Adam Barnett tried to revive that in Vailor and Axios, but the shelving of his magic, which he was using as the primary engine for the reculturization, meant he was out of tools to heel the kha' back to their roots. Kha's are beings of freedoms, but unfortunately this has meant the've seen bursts of activity followed by the drastic dwindling of playerbase when they spot a hot new activity spot like Elf Capital, or Human wars, etc. I believe Kha' work best when they are under another race and are more like a RL Spanish Autonomous Community, living as their own, but basically Leeching off another race's place, so that the change between Descendant RP to the more mesoamerican alien rp of the Kha is smoother, and more inviting. OF COURSE, in an ideal world, Kha' would have their own nation, like Va'Khajra, and they'd be able to completely exploit their cultural values. Maybe someday. Good luck with it all, Tepah.
  4. Kha' are not created by Metztli from scratch. She made them using existing creatures, like a mad scientist of sort mixing different creatures. I'm not sure, then, if they should be affected by Aurum, since as far as I know they don't have any daemonic magic in them, but she has proven to be able to influence their physiology in some way, exemplified by the choosing of the Tla.
  5. @Corpean The GM Team will not persecute members for simply having them, but rather using them to gain an unfair advantage


    Actually, people have been banned for sharing screenshots that showed the client name on their overlay. look like you have bias for a staff member, but okay.

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    2. chaotikal


      @The Combatant ggt, he told me he beat you and your goons in pvp, guess he broke your ego, sorry bro, but he doesn't hack!

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      @The Combatant lol lol lol lol lol lol.

    4. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      i have been defeaten....

  6. chaotikal

    [Lore Addition] The Black Books

    worlds most infamous coloring book +1
  7. No, it isn't. "ACCENT" is mainly a cultural thing, and many Orcs who don't do it are not seen as whitewashed, if you're using blah words, you can keep other words without accent. This is completely dumb, given that the one who made the ancient blah literally spoke normal english outside interjecting his language with blah words, as did all orcs. Dwarves have been the ones adding heavy accents to their speech since the start, even though it is not forced at all, but simply a stylistic preference so as to come across as more scottish / irish. However, Blah is forced on orcs who want to be seen as non-whitewash, doesn't mean the "accent" is forced. Here he is trying to say the accent is anatomical and not cultural, though he contradicted himself in his response to me, saying it was a cultural accepted behaviour. Don't make your culture retcon already existing lore and **** other people's roleplay up. All I'm saying is the accent of the Kha' is a cultural development formed by Benbo when he was an Aelkos. Keep it cultural, there's no need for anatomical changes. oh and for @_Jandy_ Idk of any rebalances to the height of Tigrassi, but they have traditionally always been nearing the height of orcs.
  8. I have my kha' still around, and I will not talk in an accent because you say so. No accent is ever forced on any race, if you want to make it part of YOUR culture, go ahead. But adding normative and systematic censors to everyone else to fit your rp is just ****.
  9. I helped create Kha' lore, writing it with Xerdun and some others, some of the information in this is very wrong. The jaws unique shape REQUIRES the kharajyr to speak in some manner of an accent. The main kharajyr accent will not be forced on them and it can be extremely light, i.e “that was really cool” “thawt was really kool”. We feel this addition is well enough justified because of the head shape plus if you truly wanted to play the race learning an extremely light accent for your character should not be a big hurdle after all dwarves and orcs do it all the time Completely untrue. There's been many excuses to force an accent on Kha's, and this is not it. It's been traditionally said their cat like tongue was the reason, but this was quickly found out to be untrue. There is no way you can force players to use an accent, none of the original Kha's used accent, it only came about as Benboboy memeing high elves, so stop. Kha do not have lips, this merging with the unique skull shape means no whistling and no singing can be physically accomplished by the maw or mouth alone. If they can talk, this means they can modulate their pitch, this means they can sing. Don't be daft and start restricting roleplay because you want furry rp to be homogenous.
  10. how many more of these rep-farm threads must be done? The message got through already, cease n desist. Reply and add your input to the 10000 threads done already.
  11. chaotikal

    The Rothswood Guard

    "A man who must ask his enlists to please be loyal to him is no patriarch at all, but a fool." Said Horad Cain, commander of the Chantry.
  12. Hmm. I'd not speak if I were in your place, mister leo.
  13. chaotikal

    Goodbye ~ Fly high, fly far

    the more complex the goodbye thread, the more likely you'll be back next week. good luck though, hopefully you find what you're looking for.
  14. chaotikal

    Southron Lore

    Southron already exist. They're african people. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Southerons change the name since these seem to be more like cowboy adunians and it's all fine.