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  1. Dormin looks puzzled "who the **** is barradin"
  2. "No respect you say? You're the one who disgraced Urguan by taking his capital and displacing the rightful king and the rightful system to replace said king. Off with your heads."
  3. did u guys know merrymoogle removed me from lore team because i posted menarra's kickstarter on the LT chat?


    yeah, merrymoogle, dude who got permabanned more than once for harassment. yeah, that one.

    1. Chaotikal


      the irony of the man who pleads for forgiveness, but shows none even when the situation itself was clearly accidental

    2. Esterlen


      why would you even say that's accidental

      that ******* video is hilarious i'd have done it on purpose

    3. my emotional boyfriend

      my emotional boyfriend

      LOL you probably got removed because you were an aut. not because of the beauty of the journey of the black rose.

  4. menarra still cringy af tho
  5. @Beast720 @Telanir
  6. why is tythus stil in the owners? He's done pretty much nothing, his projects are always involving website upgrades which can be easily done by anyone with half a wit on coding, and he hasn't even done anything for lotc in over a year. and stop with the behind the scenes ****, this is a minecraft server its not like we've unveiled anything surprising for the last 4 years. and honestly with the ammount of ex gms claiming admins get paid, tythus is basically a leech and should be sent full time to his amazon desk
  7. damn, i went to buy some stuff to eat and its already 7 pages longer. and yet everyones siding for the dude you'd have put on a cross 2 weeks ago.
  8. also this **** gonna blow up like crazy in a sec, let me go grab somethin to drink
  9. While I agree on your points, you also proved to be a vital factor in easing all of this, you've lured the community into subtle submission, and when they rose against the staff, you quickly dispatched them. You took sides, you say the playerbase is ungrateful but really that's because only a fraction of it CAN be grateful to you, given you pretty much slobbered up on the Dwarven phallus throughout late Vailor early Axios. You were a horrible admin, entitled beyond belief, believing yourself to be above everyone else (ON A MINECRAFT SERVER.). And if we're to believe your manipulative skype logs, even a worse person. If you're the meat they chose to be red tagged, I can only imagine the rest of the red tags and yellow tags. I'm very toxic, and I'm incredibly selective of what I like of this server, but I know the problems of it. The solution is quite easy, the populace is tired of minecraft, and mainly they've grown out of the make belief that this is anything but a minecraft server. The staff teams are holding onto the philosophy that they are part of a greater thing, in the end of the day, LoTC is an irrelevant server, pandering to a very select hundred of people across the globe on a million+ playerbase game that was designed for, and advertised for children.
  10. They'd probably have to check with the current OP of Adunian culture, unless they weren't around, or had left LOTC, at that point I'd assume the culture would become open for editing once more, if noone would step up to take it once more. If someone writes an addendum to Adunians it, in my opinion, should be added to the Original Thread, or in a new thread with the new information and the old information added.
  11. Welcome to the CULTURES Forum What is this forum? From the fabled Adunians to the more recent Waldenians, Cultures are at the heart of LoTC, defining some basic patterns of behaviour, and defines some of the core values of civilizations within this world. It’s beautiful when a culture shows through, because it adds that much depth to roleplay as any well developed character is. Culture is also, logically, the basis for characters and their interactions within the world and between themselves. Thus this forum is borne of the ambition to recollect and orderly display the deep and intricate cultures, and also groom players, rooting them and urging them to create even more cultures for this forum, which was created not so long ago, even if cultures within the server have existed since it’s conception. How do I join a culture here? Usually, a culture will be adhered to a nation, like the Waldenians, for example, but some are departed from any nation, tied down only to the characters that make it up, therefore you can usually join any of the cultures listed below by simply joining by your own will, or shooting a PM to the creator of the thread, the latter usually proving more respectful as they can either help you join their group, or at least advise you in the creation of a character under the culture. In the nation-tied cultures, the same stands, shooting a PM to the original poster of the thread usually proves the quickest and best way to join a culture. How do I make a culture? A culture should be comprised of categories which describe behaviours, festivities, language, history, and so much more; from architecture to clothing, the choice of what you display in the thread is truly yours. Settling your culture within the history of LoTC is the best way of making a legitimate and valid culture, that will be accepted in the eyes of the rest of the server, as making random cultures that spring out of nowhere might get you some side looks. You can follow this template too, loosely based from one of my earlier cultures, the Andael Name of Culture: (What is it named?) Introduction to the Culture: (Summarise what the culture is about! What your goals are with it, just give us a short TL;DR!) History: (Where was it born?, How did it develop across the maps? How is it still alive today?) Language: (Do they speak a language? If so, make a few phrases they’d say, or link an entire dictionary of words if you made it!) Common Traits: (Do they have a specific ethnicity? Share some of the key points that separate them from the rest of the descendants!) Society: (Explain what their societal hierarchy is like!, do they have nobles? How are they usually lead? Are they matriarchal? Patriarchal? Explain away.) Behaviour: (How do they behave day-to-day?, Maybe put in how they interact with other cultures in this very forum, or how are they different from other cultures?) Festivities: (Do they have any specific festivities? If so, explain them here.) Clothing: (Do they have specific clothing customs?) Architecture: (Do they build in a specific unique way?) Religion: (Do they worship a specific god? Explain what the cult of this god is like.) Military: (Do they have a specific unique military? Describe it here.) I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to the Cultures Forum, and are ready to hop in and read through the users submissions, which are all greatly appreciated! As a closing note. What should be posted here? Cultures What shouldn’t be posted here? Anything that’s not a layout of the culture, all threads pertaining to actual roleplay should belong to, you guessed it, the roleplay forum in general.
  12. You've gained all this rep, use it wisely, darling :amenable:

  13. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/590-cultures/


    Can you clean up the threads that aren't cultures? The ones I posted in with wrong forum aren't, please move them to roleplay!

    1. Chaotikal


      @MrMineLoveDude I will give u rep for each thread moved

  15. hahaha this is too much please stop