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  1. chaotikal


    Ivan disdains this...
  2. “they did it to my boy arcanius, they massacred him....” The Jon of Brugges lamented. “Scions of betrayal, the lot of em! Wrought em hollow!” He barked. “Sometime it do be like that, it do...” He concluded, marching TO WAR with the traitor gang.
  3. “those darn diddly-doo renatians!” A man grunted in rage.
  4. "Oh no.... Indifference will save haense from white deval Renatian cucks...." Proclaimed Warjon concerned
  5. “What’s Cresonia? All these random kingdoms that I can’t even find in the dynmap!!!” Complains Warjon.
  6. “Cowards! Burn Reza and its people to the ground. Ash is better than serpents.” Barked the hound burgher, Warjon of Brugges
  7. Why’d raids cost money in roleplay???
  8. Dormin moves out of the under realm, along with his pals. “wonder how long until he claims he is silverbeard and steals every ******* relic”
  9. gonna make drfate the most thanked man
  10. Nerf treb damage if you don’t want Fort Loches, dumb.... The war equipment and the war is like league of legends, a metagame. There’s good options, strong options, players will always go for the strongest options. In the current plugin structure, Fort Loche like structures, very wide, very tall cubic forts is the best. this is how castles were designed irl, they were designed as the strongest thing they could build, and these “PVP” forts is what is best in minecraft PVP, and LoTC warfare. Change the meta, change the castles. It’s simple. Nerf Treb Damage, allow it not to do a lot of damage to walls, and you’ll get better looking castles again. - A MessyMedieval Builder. @Fireheart
  11. T0dSu3j.png@Wrynn 😞

    1. chaotikal


      heres a cheer for all the times we have missed isilioleth....

      we all have an isilioleth in our lives

    2. Wrynn


      Come back :’c

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