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  1. Haters gonna hate, leave alone my Dr fate You go get them cowboy
  2. P sure this doesn't need to go through this forum or a lore mag
  3. Accepted
  4. o7
  5. King John D'amaury adopts a new form
  6. MC Name: Chaotikal Character's Name: Huán-Yú (Secretly known as Ape Guevara) Character's Age: 18 Character's Original Race: N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi Creator: Metztli Briefly explain the lore behind this creature: Hou-Zi are the first attempt at the “Perfect Race” by the Daemon Metztli, whom would later go to create the Kharajyr. These creatures, once normal monkeys, were uplifted by lost and powerful magics of the Aengudaemon, and they would go to rule a vast empire in the ancient times of Axios. The first of these uplifted monkeys was Hou-Shen, who was granted a Crown of Jade, and he was given the task of being the prophet of Metztli to his people, a leader. He lead a great conquest along with his children, spreading out into all of the isles of Axios. This rapid conquering age lead to the first great war with the Elves. The Hou-Zi were much stronger military-wise than the Elves, and they quickly overtook much of the territories of Malinor, this ending in a small truce upon the city of Naeri’onn, where Hou-Shen was defeated in a siege against Malin himself. This truce lasted for a hundred years, but Hou-Shen hadn’t forgotten his call to conquest, and both him and Malin had taken the interlude to rebuild their armies, both knowing that war was to make an inevitable return. And so the war began, and the first, and most famous battle of Hou-Zi history took place; The Battle for Malinor City. Whilst the details are confusing, one thing is known, which gives this battle it’s fame; Hou-Shen fell, and how it is most often told, by the poison of an Elf. The three sons of Hou-Shen escaped, back to their native land, as Malin ordered the complete genocide of all Hou-Zi in the conquered territories. When Malin finally arrived to the mother city of the Hou-Zi, he found naught but ruin, a trick played upon the dying ape race by an old deity known as Poison, and the remainder of the Hou-Zi; vanished into the depths of the jungle. Metztli hadn’t forgotten about her children, though, and the daemon had kept The God King’s essence and soul, and restored him into a new body, one of royal visage. With his return, came an age of reconstruction of Jing-Taiyun, lead by his children. Soon after, they poured out of the jungles, and into war once more. While they initially won battles against the High Elves, they only accounted for Elves as a divided race, yet they’d be proven wrong, as the elves united against the Hou-Zi. All three sons of the Immortal Jade King were slain, but the elves, in the end, showed a shrew of mercy, allowing the Hou-Zi to live in Jing-Taiyun and their small chunk of land, if and only if; they were to never leave said land or make settlements outside of it. Thus the final surrender of the Hou-Zi against the Elves was signed. This caused strife into the Hou-Zi, who fell into what is known as the Jade Wars, a civil unrest, war between kin. As they grew weary and the conflict became more violent and divisive, the being known as Poison began to act out his will upon that which the Hou-Zi held dear. Slowly, but surely, the temples and buildings of the Hou-Zi began to fall, ruined by the whim of the evil god. Seeing all this ruin, scattered into the jungles, never to be seen again. He’d soon be joined in a defeated hermitage by the remaining Hou-Zi, abandoning the city of Jing-Taiyun. Metztli saw that her race had become a failure, despite the interference of Poison, and such, she definitely abandoned them, leaving to the lands of Asulon so as to create her perfect servant; the Kharajyr. The Hou-Zi are monkey people. With three distinct sub-species. Laobai-Zhu The most common species. Usually being coated in brown furs of all shades, they are the most versatile of the Hou Zi, they are said to be the sons of Hou-Wang, the firstborn of Hou-Shen. Fei-Zhu Baboon-like species, with colorful coats of fur, red eyes and the shortest height, they are the most agile of the Hou-Zi, said to be the legacy of Hou-Da, the second son of the Jade King. Hei-Zhu Finally, the largest of all the species, these Hou-Zi have the visage of a large gorilla, the sons of Hou-Xiao, the third child of Hou-Shen. Black fur in the torso and head, and silver fur in the lower body, these are the strongest, bulkiest of the Hou-Zi. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Alright. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No, ape supremacy.
  7. "Haha." Tyrras did a laugh
  8. kill this plugin
  9. This going to be great movie
  10. The Crown does not recognize House Palaiogos as noble, instead as rebels and subversive enemies of the Crown of Lorraine.
  11. I will do it, add m on skype chaotikal1
  12. Tyrras grimaces
  13. im gonna go end my life