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  1. chaotikal


    A thinking knight ponders it whole.
  2. keepin an eye out for dem lotc pedophiles

  3. Somber the daybreak, thick clouds shrouding a sickly green sky... Danse Macab'r... The dancing armies of death wilt make all dance... Even Emperors...
  4. Down in the deep abyss of Usgur, a grey creature of fiery glance hammers away steadfast at a piece of dark metal. He stops, and feels the abyss roar in its unmistakeable voice of solitude. Slumbering to a straight stand, he voices to the nothingness of the black nether where only fiery eyed grey creatures lie; «If t'was mine pain ere that breaks 'part this deep stone, yet the sufferin' comes naught from ere but from these chambr's up above, it be a great sufferin' forsooth...» ((Loved this!))
  5. Cābal heard murmurs of this rich province... He wished to know it's whereabouts, and spoke a prayer in soft voice, pleading for its health and longevity.
  6. Also I don’t know why this isn’t talked about but a roleplay that relies on immersion and lore changing maps magically every year is getting old. A map that is made with love and made to LAST at least 2 years is what LoTC has needed since Anthos.
  7. Map structure is wrong, it basically encloses the rp activity around extremely restrictive “nation” tiles, and makes reaching non nation tile regions extremely hard. That, coupled with the bad regioning system and chartering system this map, makes lotc feel stale in areas where activity is less consistent, which will generate ghost towns speckled on the road or road whereabouts.
  8. Would love to see Al’Khazzar before they added that ugly village infront of the main gate.
  9. "Ah **** here we go again..." An errant knight proclaims in passing.
  10. “those darn diddly-doo renatians!” A man grunted in rage.
  11. “What’s Cresonia? All these random kingdoms that I can’t even find in the dynmap!!!” Complains Warjon.
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