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  1. "Aaun is oathbreaking by doing this isn't it? Very faithful for sure" Said a random Adrian.
  2. some people truly have julienne skin

  3. "The pontiff is anathema, and his soul desires war and death." Said Constantine picking up his blad once more
  4. "Huh? Who?" Said Constantine as an energetic squire brought him the news, then going back to read the Aaunic times, his favorite publication.
  5. "Huh" Remarked Constantine, thinking of going to sail with his father once more.
  6. We've walked this far, we'll run the rest.

    1. Crevel


      Where are you running to? F&F?

    2. chaotikal


      Your capital city. Be ready april 1st buddy

    3. Crevel


      It will be some good April Fools tomfoolery.

  7. Constantine takes a deep ice bath, resting his muscles after a battle.
  8. "I think there may be some inaccuracies in your retelling, sir. Are you sure about that?" Constantine rebuts.
  9. "You call us Renatian, yet we do not call ourselves this. You say we must be expelled, yet you also say you wish not to instill fear. You assume my family's intentions, but you do not even know me, or me know you. A mad king's ramblings, truly. Let us hope the rest of the canonic realms see through your veiled insanity." Spoke Constantine.
  10. "Truer words never spoken before." Constantine declared.
  11. Constantine attempted to find documentation to prove this pup's accusations, but finding none, he shrugged. "Got no evidence for any of this, because none of it happened. Your family lurked around my business and wouldn't leave until we told your scoundrel father that he was not going to marry my sister, because he was so persistent, and degenereate about it. And I can even prove that! Many citizens saw you and your father hanging around my Pub, and speaking very sinful topics, including some of rebellious nature against Charlie's heir. How the coin turns, huh? But it is to be expected of a crumbling house to levy such hollow accusations."
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