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  1. chaotikal

    [Culture] The Gorundyr, Men of the Northwood

    nope. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/165767-✓-land-culture-výranni-and-the-ulvegr/
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  3. chaotikal

    -=- The Confederation Returns to Azgaryum -=-

    "oh okay" said dormin the doomforge
  4. chaotikal

    Reformation of the Kingdom of Bogrin

    "oh look dad, another one!" Dormin looked over, in his mind, an idea was planted. "Can we make a trading card game out of these kingdoms?" dormin would go on to sell millions of card packs
  5. chaotikal

    chaotikal's Lore Master Application

    Hey, I think you're right. At the start of Axios when I got them implemented I had this dream of them being this cultist magic where we'd have an ET play Dormmar and basically flesh runes would be the goal of any member of the Black Legion. That was my vision, but Flesh Runes were an extremely minimal magic, in fact they only served as an outcome of the primary force behind them; the Rituals to Dormmar. And ye, I'm pretty close to my Doomforged Lore. But it's a group, a family!, I don't expect you to open Irongut and let people tamper with it, as I don't expect anyone to do that to their own family lore that they've grown over the years. Personal lore like that is pretty vital to people, and when I have allowed people to tamper with my doomforged lore (And I have, in several occasions), the result has been a divergence from the original ideals, and into extreme territories that makes Doomforged less interesting! Dwarves are the most intricate race in terms of their contact with their history, we should let all of them experience the full dwarf experience, regardless of nation or who they are ooc.
  6. chaotikal

    chaotikal's Lore Master Application

    Minecraft Account Name(s) chaotikal Discord chaotikal#9282 How long have you played on LoTC? Since 2011 Timezone and Availability GMT -3, available mostly on weekends, and some hours during the week. What lore are you versed in most? Human lore, universal culture lore, dwarf history and magic. Orc history and magic. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC Been a guide in 2013, and I was a loremaster for some brief time before I was kicked out for bad behaviour in 2016. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Yeah, I've written flesh rune lore, dwarf language, worked on the original iterations of golem magic and rune magic, wrote several cultures for public use. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Several bans, I believe I had a staff blacklist but I hashed that out with Kitty. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? Idunno. Probably Josh and I see different in terms of the execution of Dwarf Magic, but if Kitty's lore announcements are a reflection of the lore team's perspective, my perspective is what you need in the lore team. That no magic should be closed to scant 3-player circlejerks, with one player as leader and GOD of the magic. Other than that I think we cool.
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  8. chaotikal

    Run speed and horses?

    even with a horse id hate my life
  9. chaotikal

    Lore Suggestion (Sanguinari)

    This lore is lacking compared to striga, who are not ripped off witcher as you've said, just inspired by it. Most people above have already stated so. Since Striga are already the servers vampires, I see no reason this should be implemented in its current form. Perhaps find a different niche for them that isnt being currently filled by a more comprehensive lore piece.
  10. chaotikal

    Avelensk [Mainland Culture]

    You say this culture existed in Vailor, under who? Where?
  11. chaotikal

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Bring them naught but death and toil." Said a savoyard man of intricate clothing.
  12. chaotikal


    "Now, I choose to live as a gay emperor." Dormin declares, dodging thirty year old accusations against him for some dumb stuff!!!
  13. chaotikal

    The Birth of a Kingdom

    Dormin laughs, before going off to the nearest orcish brothel "the ludacious kha'" and gets his fill. @Josh3738 edit: nArVaK oZ oRd
  14. chaotikal

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    It's currently renatus land, while it should be torn down, do remember the building is mainly there to mark it as owned land.
  15. chaotikal

    The Tailors Guild

    Yamato sends a bird.