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Found 1 result

  1. Hello little people in my computer. Making a quick update that Vaults have been completed fully without any hitch or bugs. Though most of you have received them by now, you can type the following two commands if you haven't already. I also have information when vaults close, I'd get your stuff as soon as possible, because- 💥 just log on and get them in. /Restorebook /Vault The rest of this post will be dedicated to data I collected during vaults. General Stats There were 1225 vaults submitted, which were reviewed by myself alone in a 13 day period from 6/26->7/9. Of these vaults, ~70 or 5.7% of vaults were from players who had not logged into the new map. The top 5 most confiscated items were (in order) 1. Quietus Crystals 2. Alchemist's Shears/Hammer&Chisel 3. Lockpicks/Boltcutters 4. Aidencoin 5. Pre-nerf Tanglefoot potions 1108/1225, or 90.4% of vaults contained an ST signed item. 677/1225, or 55.2% of vaults had at least 1 item confiscated. 366/1225, or 29.8% of vaults contained a Voidal enchantment. Of 1225 vaults, only 6 errors were made (and corrected), with an error ratio of .48% The average review time for a vault was ~35 seconds. Voidal enchants/errors in items (possessing items to be removed) took an average of ~80s to vault. The first vault reviewed was from @Deer__. The last vault reviewed was from myself. The top 5 most commonly brought over items are; 1. Alcohol/Drugs (wtf) 2. Mass-market shop items (Swords, crossbows, jewelry, food) 3. Sentimental items such as notes, wedding rings, pictures, etc. 4. Messages/items signed by friends of other players (friend cookies, friend potatoes, nicely written OOC notes/letters, etc.) 5. Voidal enchantments Of 143 Accepted MArts, excluding MArt characters/non-items/destroyed MArts, 53 unique MArts were transferred over. The most prevalent of these was 133, The Onyx Oculi, with 12/13 oculi being present. The oldest MArt was MArt 2, closely behind is MArt 4. The newest was MArt 135. The top 5 letters from the start of names most likely to have items taken from vaults were: 1. S (63 players) 2. C (60 players) 3. T (57 players) 4. M (55 players) 5. A (40 players) The top 5 letters from the start of names least likely to have items taken from vaults were: 1. Q (3 players) 2/3. Tie between Y and # names (4 players each) 4. U (5 players) 5. _ names (10 players) 7 Illegal Athera/Nexus items were discovered and taken. The race with the most cultural/national artefacts stored is Humanity, which scores for more than any other race combined. Less than 10 items possessed the notable relic tag. Of these, ~3 were taken for just being tagged by staff for nepotism reasons. The strangest items I saw were Fox Testicles, Wonk Caviar, "Swamp Ass Goulash", and a multi-paragraph golden shovel called "Wife Beater". Super cool -_- Only one player-signed item broke lore (A Carbarum sword) A few people put vault vouchers from the last set of vaults, and one person left behind a note for whoever would review their vault during transition. Only three RemeronPrime(tm) ST-IOUs were found, one of which is in process of being redeemed. The best music to listen to while reviewing vaults was 90's and 10's rap and hip hop. The average amount of items in a vault was 48 out of 54 total slots. The 5 most common ST Event Items in vaults were: 1. Runestone Fragment 2. Foreign Purple Fruit 3. Expedition Clothing 4. Foreign Red Fruit 5. Foreign Blue Fruit All 5 items were from the same ET, Julius55! The player with the most items taken were 2 of Islamadon's accounts, which brought over only aidencoin. I'm sorry : ( Lore Stats The top 5 most common Enchantments were: 1. Voidal Enchantments Of these, the most common 5 in order were: -Water Evocation -Fire Evocation -Translocation -Air Evocation -Earth Evocation 2. Bloodmagic Enchantments (Closely behind voidal enchantments with ensorcellments alone) 3. Housemagery (Living Dolls, which made me very happy) 4. Mysticism (Geists/Hexes) 5. Paladinism Enchantments (Lesser Orisons) The most common ST materials were (in order) 141 Lightstones 78 Lunarite Ingots 69 Lunarite Ore 58 Raw Salium 51 Raw Thanhium 45 Volatite 39 Azhl Ore 26 Azhl Ingots 16 Thanhic-steel ingots 13 Boomsteel (varying density) ingots 8 Warped Ruibrium 7 Bluesteel ingots 6 Carbarum Ore 5 Carbarum Ingots 3 Argentum Dracanium/Dralachite unmeasured but in raw form, a ballpark of ~50 in raw dragon parts and <10 for refined ingots. The most common alchemy potions brought over were (in order) 1. Arctic Mists 2. Fortitude Oil 3. Blasting Potions 4. Hound's Howl 5. Felder's Vitality The most common limb replacement items were (in order) 1. Atronach Limbs (Water) 2. Animii Limbs 3. Atronach Limbs (Telekinetic) 4. Golem Limbs 5. Druidic Limbs The Least common magic/feats found present in vaults (that can sign items) were: 1. Sorvians (1 player possessing a signed sorvian/sorvian item) 2. Anthroparions (3-4 players possessing these items) 3. Naztherak (Less than 20 players possessing Grimoires) 4. Conjuration (Less than 20 players possessing Jing) 5. Frost Witches (~20 players possessing charms/cursed-ice items/cursed cooking) The most common ST-Material weapons were (in order) 1. Lunarite 2. Thanhic-steel 3. Azhl 4. Boomsteel (Medium Density) 5. Boomsteel (High Density) The magic playerbases possessing the most cultural/magical relics and artefacts were: 1. Druids (Many items still bearing Axios-Atlas signatures!) 2. Azdrazi (Numerous items from varied fallen drakes, mostly Cloudbreaker and Avendal) 3. Paladins (Many items from their revival & Sordran eventlines still in circulation) Observations -Anthroparion & Sorvians desperately need an ST Injection of newer players and playerbases. -There is a concerning amount of Bloodmagic enchants. -Most lightstones were in the possession of non-paladins, and thus, have no purpose or use. -It seems after the alchemy 3-emote change & enchantment incompatibility I see very few vaults intermixing the two. -Most of the Thanhic Steel items were made before the enchantment incompatibility, but I see a few made after. -The High Density Boomsteel items were made more recently than any other material. -Most players with ST Materials in their vaults had multiple, and not just one, although most lighstones were in batches of 1-2 alone with no other materials. This made me a little depressed going from a vault full of memories, mementos, and nice notes/letters, v.s. someone with just combat enchants, the same 5 epic metal swords, and 2 of each material. -With the sheer amount of ST Signed event/lore items spread throughout vaults, I'm very happy at how well spread lore seems to be, and is being utilized with no discrepancy to playerbase- the vaults without a lore/event item were typically very new players or very old players. -Of the 5.7% of inactive players who had not logged into this map, most contained at least 1 ST-Signed material. -Very few athera, nexus, or duped items made it through this extensive and singlehanded screening process- none have gotten through. -There needs to be more significant lore items and cultural relics given to playerbases to seek after and cherish, with items that made it through such as Triumph (albeit one was duped), Svijetlast, Vutcimuz, The Scales of Tungdil, The Banner of Barradin, The Hammer of Ardol, and various ashes of human monarchs. We may look into distributing more of these in the future, although focusing on creating new ones rather than retconning in old ones. Hope you guys didn't feel like it was too long of a wait. Let me know in the comments if you want any stats I may not have posted that I can collect from the data I do have or any observations. Have a great one! A thank you to @TheWanRing, @christman, @Deer__, @sarahbarah, @Sewer_Rat, @NightcastorKitty, @Songwitch, @Lockages, and @Islamadon for your help in fixing up voidal enchantments and other odd items I'd found. This would've taken weeks longer without you guys. Thank you so much.
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