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  1. id like to schedule a bear hunt wonderful addition hope this gets used a lot
  2. “He’s my vote, Silir is wise and only has the interests to advance Mali’thill forward. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.” Anethra states.
  3. “Death to the Impure and death to those who Hide. Our sacred line will not stand for those who take eternity to divert blame onto another. We will see that The Harlot Rosilya be purified in acid to reveal that nothing pure remains of that elf.” Said Anethra, with an unheard of passion and vigor.
  4. “god i wish that were me” says both lucian and illythia as they behold the beauty.
  5. very nice map but my fragile ego is destroyed by the lack of my baronecty https://prntscr.com/odul9d
  6. i enjoy meaningful character development and progression, actions defined by who they are, not necessarily what you want. My new character I’ve been having a lot of fun on, as a fanatic of the concept of destiny. I’ve been told she’s strange yet interesting to roleplay with and that brings a smile to my face. I like stories that develop, have risk and conflict, reward and justice. Feeling good when you roleplay is unmatched. Something like when my character does a distinctly evil action and it can feel wrong, yet like im doing something risky, fun, and rewarding, rather than sticking with a boring choice. Slice of life is okay, but eh. Lhindir always tells me his favorite was playing a giant game of chess of politics in Ves back when he was grandmarshal, it was all about 3 or 4 people in the city and the pawns they controlled. Said it was so chaotic and fun. I just had a conversation about this last night with two others. One, a criminal underlord in Adelburg, and how the legion and stewardry in a sense cooperated to create interesting roleplay. It was fun as **** working together to play a game of cat and mouse death-note style as two forces interacted, but did not want to entirely “obliterate” one another OOC. Sadly around the end of atlas, and almost all of arcas, that has been how things have been.
  7. lookin for a builder pm me if interested . . .

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      Hello I can build a dirt shed.

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      Perhaps. Pm details I’m heading out for work atm.

  8. THE HOLY ORENIAN ARMY His Imperial Majesty’s Soldiers ✠ “Fratrum Et Sanguis” Brotherhood through Blood. Oren and her armies were born in the blood of their enemies and themselves. Bonds to never be broken are forged in the heat of battle, and these unbreakable chains represent the truest, most raw version of what it means to be a soldier of Mankind.   One day Renatus had slept, men retired to their quarters and soldiers rested their blade as a string of watchmen did their nightly watch upon the walls. They gazed upon that empty horizon and watched as the sun rose. But it was not upon Renatus- Renatus dissolved while it slept, and Cascadia has awoken, as a part of The Holy Orenian Empire. The Legion, a masterful army of Renatus, was dissolved soon afterward. It had no place within The Empire it destroyed. And for such it was dissolved, and reformed into The Holy Orenian Empire. The new Holy Orenian Army would serve as the bastion of Oren, and furthermore; Man. Holy Orenian Cavalry leading a nighttime ambush against an unsuspecting foe, the only sound that followed the screams of the slain were the thundering of hooves and drawing of steel. THE HOLY ORENIAN ARMY The Blessed Brigade Commanded by Her Excellency, the Grand Marshal, it is the primary brigade of the Holy Orenian Army. It shall act as the main force, comprising of all men, of all subsects, to participate in the enforcement of law and protection of His Imperial Majesty, alongside Mankind.  As the professional standing military force of The Holy Orenian Army, the brigade is not only in charge of upholding the peace within the Imperial Capital of Helena, but serves as the standing military force of Oren. It is their duty to defend the Empire from both internal and external threats, and stand ready whenever an ally would require our aid. Serving the Empire as a soldier of the Holy Orenian Army is not merely a task or a duty, it is an honor.  The Logistical Division The Imperial Logistical Division shall act as the primary lifeblood in which the Holy Orenian Army shall fight upon. They are charged with the production, maintenance, distribution, and supply of various necessities or tools of war for the men of the Holy Orenian Army. While the soldier does his part taking the fight to the enemy, the logistic officer plays a crucial role. For it is men of the Logistic Korps who forges the arms and armor that preserves a Soldier’s life or provides relief and food to him when he is worn and starving. This is almost exclusively done by the highest echelon of command, alongside close advisors that aide such aswell. The Enlistment Division The Imperial Enlistment Division comprise of individuals whose purpose is to bolster the ranks of the Holy Orenian Army with fresh blood and eager volunteers. They ought to be persuasive and quite vocal to ensure every proud Imperial citizen does their part for the Holy Orenian Empire. They are charged with organizing recruitment drives and can establish recruitment offices across various cities. Typically, this role is filled by officery, but any soldier may recommend another to enlist. SUBSECTS The Holy Orenian Army is broken into subsects. Every soldier by definition is infantry first, and an additional subsect should they be found talented enough to join them. They are not assigned, nor are they mandatory - all excluding The Infantry Korps. The Infantry Korps The Infantry Korps is the main bulk of The Holy Orenian Army. All soldiers, excluding non-combat medics, are considered Infantry before all else and follow under their commander above all else. These soldiers are heavily trained and clad in thick armor. Discipline comes before all else, alongside combative prowess and a fair hand. These soldiers enforce law and His Majesty’s Will as their own. The Cavalry Korps The Cavalry Korps are specialized infantry trained in the ability of horseback combat. Whether it be horseback archery or spearmanship, these soldiers are often ready at any time for lightning-fast shock maneuvers and attacks against an unprepared or lightly armoured enemy. These soldiers excel in patrolling and decisionmaking, able to take decisive action upon the battlefield or The Marine Korps The smallest and most elite of the specializations, these soldiers serve specific purpose as both navymen and infantry. Able to excel in water-based combat, alongside ship combat, these soldiers are bred tough with great capacity to persevere through their environment no matter the cost. These soldiers work together as a spearhead force, as some of the most capable fighting units within The Army, as an unmatched-in-skill guard. The Medical Korps The Medical Korps is broken into two further subsects- a combat medic, and a noncombat medic. Noncombat medics are field nurses and doctors, while combat medics are expected to fight at a whim and save those who may need following. These soldiers are expected, at the very basis, to be skilled in stabilizing a wounded soldier or civilian, and furthermore are expected to be able to save that person’s life. Sworn into duty and bound by blood, they strive to save lives the best they can. Leadership Subsects are lead by respective leaders. Each of these qualify as Decurion-level jurisdiction, specifically only over their specific subsect. The Sect leaders advise The Decurion and all those above on what direction their specific sect should be taken in, what they need or want logistically or systematically. The Chief Surgeon leads The Medical Korps, an expert in the medical field and one to be trusted with all matters regarding saving the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. Incumbent: Mayan Avern The Imperial Colonel leads The Marine Korps, an extremely talented and capable fighter, alongside leader. This person can be trusted with highly critical data and tasks, and trusted to see it executed with impunity. Incumbent: N/A The Grand Hussar leads The Cavalry Korps, a horseman dedicated to the lives of his men and his mission. Someone talented in decisive action and thought, trusted with the fastest cavalry within Arcas. Incumbent: N/A The Imperial Brigadier leads The Infantry Korps, a soldier trained and groomed by senior command to execute their orders, if not their own, upon the largest fighting force within The Holy Orenian Army. Incumbent: Vantino Mabuceius The Imperial Marshal leading soldiery into battle. RANKS SENIOR COMMAND Imperial Marshal Her Excellency, the Marshal of the Imperial Army is to be appointed by His Imperial Majesty and act as the primary executor of His Imperial Majesty’s orders and directives in the Imperial Ministry of War. Further, she shall command the Blessed Brigade which shall be the backbone of the Imperial Army. Incumbent: Illythia Arator  Imperial General The Honorable, the Imperial General shall be subordinate to the Imperial Grand Marshal and shall be appointed directly by His Imperial Majesty. They are charged with maintaining and training the ranks, and to be certain they are prepared, in a moment’s notice, to defend all edges of the Empire’s borders. They act as an extension to the will of The Grand Marshal, with decisive decisionmaking and the ability to take and call for direct action on a whim. Incumbent: N/A JUNIOR COMMAND Decurion Decurions are the final rank before Senior Command. A Decurion is incredibly reliable in both combat, and leadership. They manage Ensigns and enlisted soldiers, acting as an extension and tool of senior command. These soldiers command respect, and such is earned with their person, not their rank. Decurions do not hesitate, nor do they fear out-lash. A Decurion knows their will, before The Senior Command, is final. Ensign Ensigns are the start, and bulk, of the officer core. They have proven to be undeniably dependable leaders. They think critically and intelligently, having all factors accounted for when making decisions. These soldiers do not cower in the face of fear or adversity, nor do they allow their subordinates to. Ensigns are the most commonly interacted-with officer, acting as an extension of Decurions, or upon their own, just accord. ENLISTED RANKS Sergeant Sergeants are the highest ranking soldiers within the enlisted ranks, honed and experienced in fields of combat and leadership. These men and women show potential for something greater, and often show such. They command lower ranks and listen to orders from superiors without question, and often are shrewd enough to execute command without doubt or hesitation. Master-at-arms Often the most reliable and seasoned soldiers in the entire force, they are recognised for their exemplary combat skills. They are proven to be battle tested and formidable warriors, exhibiting a hint of leadership skills over their inferiors. Master-at-arms is quite the jump in respect and regard, compared to Man-at-arms, as it shows the soldier has fiery ambition, or great experience.  Man-at-arms Men-at-arms are the tip of the spear for The Holy Orenian Army. These infantrymen have shown capable in the field of fighting and obeying orders. They’ve proven loyal and strong, having been battle tested before. These soldiers are exceptional at taking orders and carrying them out with impunity. Footman The first step to greatness, Footmen of The Holy Orenian Army form the bulk of the guardforce. Footmen have proved themselves worthy, as full-fledged soldiers of The Holy Orenian Army, they’ve begun their long path of service to the Imperial Crown and combat training. Recruit Soldiers who have yet to prove themselves worthy. It is during their time as a Recruit they are put to test for a whole year. They are evaluated after this year, and based on their performance, shall be promoted to Footman, remain a Recruit, or discharged from the ranks. SOLDIER’S OATH An oath not to be made is one not kept; in essence to pledge a guarantor of one’s honesty and integrity, with GOD as witness. A bi-decadal ceremony will take place within the Imperial Palace, providing Soldiers the occasion to swear fealty to the Emperor. “It is said that all who take the sword will perish by the sword, but I hold my sword not in vain. I shall hold it with an unyielding grip, to protect the Holy Orenian Empire, and those around me, until my last, dying breath. I, [rank] [full name], do pledge and reserve my allegiance exclusive to the Holy Orenian Emperor, to serve him with utmost loyalty, placing all else to be secondary. I will obey all orders given by the Emperor and those of authority, as mandated by the Imperial Law and Orenian Codices. And thus I drop my glass, My allegiance reserved and delivered to only His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II of the House of Cascadia.  The day I waive my loyalty is the day I mend broken glass. ” ACCOLADES Given to those who are founts of honor and excellence, these awards and medals are presented to the worthy by The Grand Marshal, and perhaps even The Emperor himself. Medals are to be worn on the Imperial Dress Uniform or kept safely away. The Golden Cross of The Orenian Emperor The Golden Cross of The Orenian Emperor is granted for only the most heroic act within The Holy Orenian Empire. It is recognized as the highest award a soldier or civilian may receive, and is extremely rarely given. The Golden Star of The Grand Marshal The Golden Cross is granted to a soldier for extremely heroic deeds or actions within their service. It is granted by The Grand Marshal and is recognized as the second highest award a soldier may receive in The Holy Orenian Empire. The Silver Medallion of Stellar Service The Silver Medallion of Silver Service is awarded to soldiers who have shown exceptional and outstanding capability within their deeds and actions that see fit to be awarded and recognized. The Steel Star of Long Service The Steel Star of Long Service is awarded to members of the military who have seen The Holy Orenian Empire through a decade of service within The Army. The War Diamond The War Diamond is a diamond shaped bluesteel medallion awarded to those for dutiful service during wartime, seeing the nation and her people throughout the war. The Silver Star of Civil Service The Silver Star of Civil Service is given to those who domestically execute law and enforce order with a fair and balanced hand. These soldiers are renowned as those who would see a greater state and people, safe within their own walls. The Red Star The Red Star is awarded to those heavily, mortally, or heroically wounded during their service against an enemy of The Empire. It is seen as a symbol of triumph that no matter the bloodshed, mankind will be protected by those who give their blood for it. The Steel Chain The Steel Chain is a small circular brooch given to soldiers who suffered as prisoners-of-war during wartime, or were captured, wounded, and released. It is something given with a heavy heart. A Footnote; Subsects are granted one accolade (medal) each, representing exceptional service within their korp. ENLISTMENT To enlist within The Holy Orenian Army, speak to any Orenian Soldier in Helena, or wherever you may find them, and they should direct you to an officer to enlist. However, you may enlist here upon the forums aswell. RP: Persona Name: Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): Experience, if any: Place of Residence: OOC: MC Name: Discord (For an invite): Any questions or comments you may have: If formatting is broken give me a bit to fix it, ❤️ the forums
  9. Baronet Illythia Arator of Whitepeak signs the document. Baron Lucian Renault of Stratton signs the document, following.
  10. without a doubt people from haelunor are probably some of the nicest people on the server puffables writes a paragraph long goodnight message in the general chat and its so fkn sweet n wholesome its just rp friend
  11. “Cousin makes a splendid head doctor, creator of all these remedies and solutions. He offered masks to all, regardless of his opinion of them during the epidemic. He would make a unmatched choice in his field of skill.” Anethra states.
  12. The Imperial Renatian Legion of Exalted Godfrey has always been a force that commanded Fear and Respect. Always a force that questioned not the authority of Renatus, and questioned not what they were ordered. Ben Quadinaros had just left the port as The Legion watched onward. Most Legionnaires had stayed, watching with somber stares through their dark helms as they watched their Emperor and Royal Family sail off. Among them were people such as Ser Gregor Thorne, Ser Uthred Gromach, Illythia Arator, and countless faced among the sea of battle-worn soldiers. The Legion were spent after the war. Hundreds dead, countless wounded. Forever bearing the scars of a war declared upon them. These men and women, fiercely loyal and brave, were upon the frontlines all throughout the war- never seen without a clean sword. War came from Renatus and Her Legion, and returned bloodied, broken, and bruised to Reza and furthermore. Upon both Atlas and Arcas The Legion fought and won against multiple bandit groups. The Reivers, The Raguks, The Cursus Honorum, and plenty of independent groups. To Conquer is To Live, is what The Legion stands for. And it has stood, conquering unto it’s death as Renatus had dissolved. The Legion upheld these values, but most of all, Brotherhood, was a cornerstone of what it meant to be a Legionnaire. Brothers laughed together as they drank ale, bled together as they fought, and died together upon the fields of the countless Renatian campaigns. The Legion saved countless, not even of entirely of The Empire. Fighting back The Vaeyl during The Siege of Lasthope, fighting The Vaeyl during The Battle of Caer Baddyn where a dragon was slain by the hands of Legionnaires as their prime examples. Protecting hundreds of people not native to Imperium from banditry and dark magics. The Legionnaires gave Imperial Salutes, a fist pounding over their hearts as they watched the ship leave, memories of brotherhood and war resounding through their heads and helms. Months went by as the ship had left, until the news had finally returned. Gathered before Fort Clapton, The Grand Marshal addressed any and all Legionnaires. ”Legion.” Stated a booming voice. “You have fought hard, and well. Few of you remain from the wars of Atlas, fewer from the time I had joined The Imperial Legion. Many of you fought and bled alongside one another, alongside Knights and Nobles as we fought in this war that was brought to our doorstep by traitors and cutthroats. The Legion is and was The beating heart of Renatus. I commend you all for your action, and commend you all for how you have performed and what you have done. However, as the time has come for our leadership, so has it come for ourselves. The Legion, is hereby dismantled and dissolved by my hand as Grand Marshal. I am certain our nation will need a new military, a new army to shield mankind and the former citizens of Renatus. I expect to see a good amount of you there. However, I release you from duty and relinquish your responsibilities until then. You are free men, bloodied soldiers of war and victors of our age. Renatus will ascend unto the seven skies as dragons do, as will ourselves when fate claims us. But until then, we live on and persevere.” ”Vincere est Vivere.”
  13. Illythia shed a tear, looking downward. ”The Greatest Empire to be known, The Greatest Empire that would be. Soar unto the skies, Dragons, and rest- for you have earned it. Fought wars and managed peaces by your side for decades – I may be different but I felt just as home within Imperium as I did within The Chiefdom. The might of Renatus will never be forgotten, nor matched. The Empire of God and Man ascends beyond us all, now.” Illythia paused, taking a minute to think to herself. ”Rest well, heroes of mine.” She’d said, clutching a special rose . . .
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