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  1. Love you squak you’re forever my best boi

  2. based couldnt recall ive been pretty content but recently was playing r6 with my friends and i just started popping the **** off one night and back to back kept landing MVP and it felt p good because lately ive been feeling and doing ****, was tearin it up on ela & jackal

  4. from what ive gathered this is something to do with modded clients, i get this issue and i know others with modded clients get the issue aswell and launching in vanilla keeps it from happening in general just trying a couple of times to log in works
  5. SquakHawk

    Turning A New Page

    very few times under your administration did i think you had a bad intention or a bad idea, it was just a good bit disconnected from the community, and you certainly are far more than an easy target to pick. i feel these last few weeks, particularly with Korvic who i know disagreed with you significantly, probably have wisened you up a lot to how things are. Your job in any case is not an easy one, thank you regardless of if you are perceived as doing poor, or great.
  6. what disco said, also ive had this on my mind for three days 


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