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  1. welcome back! I would reccommend getting in contact with the dwarven playerbase in Urguan, which was for a time known as Agnarum. They’re from what I’ve heard a very tight knit yet large playerbase with a lot of people passionate about their roleplay.
  2. Conquest has new weapon/armor/shield textures on their site, update coming soon to it i think! they look really good.

  3. offering discounts at my smithy in helena ive been really wanting to do more quality orders have a good morning❤️

    1. Malgonious


      Would like to request an axe to be made hmu on discord Malgonious#9566

  4. should change this description someone might get alcohol poisoning
  5. i miss the “Thanks!” vote

  6. “I recall someone saying that somehow Fenn n’ Irrinor will play the victim to make the war they started seem the enemies fault – I didn’t think they would do such so quickly.” Said the darkie, as she sharpened her now dulled blade.
  7. ((yea ik im just having some fun with it i dont mean it with any malicious intent))
  8. “Let’s try warring the humans again, aye, it’ll work this time.” Said a darkie veteran, recalling when she annihilated those who marched on Helena all those years ago.
  9. “More elven bodies for the pile.” A darkie in armour said.
  10. what was your favorite period to roleplay on the server when did you step back from roleplay to take a more staff-role rather than a player-staff role, and why anything you have been dying to tell people but couldnt (and for some reason now can) did you have a favorite place to rp? (i know you had a soft spot for the white rose)
  11. illythia cackles wildly at merely the mention of the ******* mess of vira’ker. ”These Uialbens are funny – I wonder if I can get their name too if I ask nicely.”
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