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  1. They don’t. (Referring to ST PEX on Warserver. Vanished players are automatically godmoded aswell. I tested this last night and can get the screenshot of me standing in fire in vanish with godmode manually disabled, and taking no damage. JDSarno Clearly saw Drfate because he was visible to him.) Drfate was only invisible to a few players. I spent a half an hour going through Shixtanks video and he couldnt see him. However, Wolfdwg could. Jdsarno could. I could. The fact that an orenian looked him in the eyes and hit him during that, then Jdsarno did (He had lost 5/10 hearts during the intial push, then knocked down a few hearts by the orenian that looked at him, then dead to JD) Because of an inconsistent bug we should not be punished. Because of incompetence by staff we should not be punished. https://gyazo.com/b6d43003847ec34a1fed296b8e2a2eba If not at the very least a 25v25 (Thank you, Pun, for being far about this) held on fair grounds with no bias or clear advantage besides defensive positioning, this thing should happen at all. Players from both sides agree it’s a sham and shouldn’t be done. I’m frustrated I can’t speak my full piece, but this situation is a clear. The warclaim shouldnt be undone because of a bug. Renatus had things like pugsying in lobby and hackers against them, and they still managed to earn a solid win. Just because a player killed 2 of a poor charge (meanwhile, four of ours still survived, and likely would’ve despite this- if you’re trading evenly.) doesnt constitute a redo. There is such clear maliciousness from the other side that organized this happening. Claiming Renatus has cheated every step of the way or gotten everything needed handed to them is such a sham. Renatus got the road approved. The “Pvp fort of which the likes this server has never seen”, is also a ******* lie (Fort Dunamis, Krag). Just because a fort is built overnight doesnt detriment quality. We had twenty-four hour notice because of rushed moderation decisions unfavorable to our side. Fort Loches had its foundations a full day before the warclaim was. The fort was merely walked around despite being 112 blocks exactly away from the capital. 112 meters if you’re going to convert those numbers, but I’ll give you that. We then had less than two days to build a fort in Helena. Because we didn’t think the fort right outside of helena was being ignored. Warteam didn’t approve of the 48 hour warpath change. Warteam didn’t approve any decisions made by moderation. Warteam admits how fucked renatus has gotten from all this. And because one player, invisible to some parts of your rally, got two kills on people on 3 and 5 health, turns the entire tide of battle? Consitutes a redo? I’d think not. I’d think this is clear malicious intent from Oren’s side. This redo is a sham and shouldn’t happen. That’s something we should all be able to agree on.
  2. snipp nah, the ‘evidence’ that i was provided was shoddy. and are the screenshots they said they had. Multiple is a stretch but heres the two. In this photo you can see that these are taken at different times, without any doubt of mind. Defy and Aistaf are at different positions, as a mere example. Fate has clearly moved in positions, something that Junar and Mickaeli admitted that was a possibility. You can clearly see in the video aswell, how Drfate’s health goes down. Something that was claimed impossible because of vanish godmode. https://prntscr.com/nqsmbl And if there’s the nuance of “He was invisible, not in vanish!” Then this invisible player managed to run into the centre of your rally, killing two and somehow shifting the entire turn of battle? This is being generous, conceding the fact that drfate was not invisible. If I could share information which I’ve been asked not to, I’d also dismiss the fact that he was invisible in the first place, not only due to the countless confirmed logs and eye witnesses, but by something else I’ll remain vague about. Here’s shown at timestamp 0:53 that he was half health, at the very start of the fight due to the intial push you claim he was “Invisible” in. https://prntscr.com/nqsn3n Here at 0:56, he’s at 8. https://prntscr.com/nqsnem And here, at 1:00, he’s dead. https://prntscr.com/nqsntd MVP to this Oren player for looking fate in the eyes and hitting the “Invisible” player. https://prntscr.com/nqsohh
  3. you told the people involved in my modreq to believe in the crimmus spirit (xmas week) and to just go their seperate ways because of how pointless and petty the req was, u right i have 2 unplayed ‘ker sons and a human daughter, part of renatus. really interesting being an imperial elf, its a lot of incredible opportunity for roleplay. I can tell you about them, if you’re interested! Otherwise,
  4. big agree. This shouldn’t happen in the firstplace. Renatus is being forced to play this again due to staff mistakes, or a bug. Despite the fact the entire coming week, everything has been done illegally against them with mod overrulings without war team permission. War team admits we’re being fucked over, hard, and its unfair. This only further shows how far things will go to push these passionate players away. We lost twelve people to hackers and pugsying. At least make wrongs right, if this still is going to be done.
  5. SquakHawk


    Fire rained down and slammed unto Helena’s walls, the drums pounding in the distance as The Armies of Oren closed in. She sat above the walls, looking outward beside her preparing allies. Renatian archers strung their bows and prepared their arrows, knightly royalty and orcish berserkers readied to wet their blades upon the enemy. Uncertainty, filled her heart with the deafening silence. The week approaching had stenched of death, skirmishes and battles sided with grueling hours of aiding builders and smithing weaponry. Friends in Ves lost with the declaration, children and a lover separated, joining the enemy side. Illythia was alone, her battle would be by the side of Horens who she admired, knights and fighters she’d studied under and trained with, and friendships made with those who’d she found as her new brothers. Her kind were not an easy folk to talk to, often too stuck in their ways to make good listeners- good leaders. Such is why she found herself always at odds with them. Always did she try and make amends with her people, always did she fail. However, the spirit of A Warhawke is not so easily dismissed. She for a hundred and thirty years, had fought alongside Valah and their struggles. Against Norlanders and Courlanders, now fighting alongside them as if they were her own. The Ruriks and Stauntons had their conflicts, but set them aside when they had seen a greater threat arise. One threat that not only sought to ruin their union, but sought to destroy her home, and those she cared about. As The Dawn broke, the resounding sounds of a distant ram, and trebuchet fire broke the silence. Field commanders began shouting, and the bells began tolling. The attack would come, and today would decide whether she lay dead in the ground, or standing triumphantly over her enemies. She’d looked to those of The Legion around her, now nearly the oldest member of the organization, viewing all the faces she may never see again. She’d built a life here, in thirty years. Best of friends with Legionnaire Officers and High Command, she’d fought for two lifetimes – but not grown attached, to those around her. Such thoughts were broken when she laid eyes upon a soldier, who’d gotten struck directly moments after her gaze fell onto her by a trebuchet shot. Little remained of them, and little remained of her senses. Her heart sunken and formed into stone, and she prepared for the battle ahead. She turned, looking down to the charging soldiers that broke through her walls, their goal to raze her home and hang her from the gallows. Their day would not be today.
  6. BREAK UPON OUR WALLS, BREAK UPON RENATUM Shouts Illythia, The Darkelf.

  8. TH0RNZ and Coophz both pugsied in lobby aswell, before pvp was called off. But they were removed from the warclaim, about twenty minutes later.
  9. fort loches was built before the warpost, it wasnt rushed it was subjected then to the war-rushing-fort rules so we abided, and mussied up the fort. both times the fort was approved for use. then, we were told there was no defenses. We had to use the city. less than 48 hours before the warclaim started.
  10. I have a history (Some of it is here) with WACKO and Soren, I’ll post my piece here. I've made a report against "Bueno" and "WACKO" for blatant abuse, metarallying, and encouraging rulebreaking. 1; Wacko, during the time of this event, was using his PEX to TP Soren (Bueno) around to prevent him from interacting with Trende, on his Ser Darius persona, to avoid roleplay. 2; Bueno, stopped by Ser Darius, AFK'd. Wacko encouraged he AFK, and Soren then metarallied, and called for his allies. 3; Multiple, countless times, Soren and Wacko have talked in the adria discord, mentioning Trende walking into Adria, and Soren would log off. Soren had added TrendE to his buddylist, so that he could log off when he saw him on. 4; Wacko encouraged rulebreaking (At least, it was blatant ignorance of rulebreaking). He not only has (Or had, if I’m correct) missed his modreq quota for months, he has also aided Soren and religiously abused (Abuses) pex. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549050781693902890/568948331682725888/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/566418484821753856/566723578934853662/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/566418484821753856/566724005524930576/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549050781693902890/566724077675479071/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549050781693902890/566724797854121986/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/549050781693902890/566724952695373826/unknown.png TrendE said this was sent after TrendE sent that screenshot above https://gyazo.com/c37c58672404b6a741467ac2a4c4fd37 https://gyazo.com/48ee0806ebf899602b8e5500f093a7f9 as a situation, Zed/Bueno metagamed, metarallied, and pretended to be afk when under threat people were ok with such, alongside people encouraging lying and metagaming oncemore, this time in the presence of Wacko who I don't believe reported such After approaching Riftblade about this he resigned. After approaching Pun, she said the situation had been handled, but asking TrendE, he said it had not been. Pun afterward then said she had warned Soren and WACKO, but I don’t believe such happened- blatant abuse when unchecked, and unpunished. After approaching multiple individuals, they stated that talking to a GM in private was the worst way to go about it, since nothing would have been done- a thread more akin to this one, would see action taken. I hope such can be carried out, as I believe this sets a poor standards as abuse runs freely.
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