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  1. Name: Anethra Uradir((MC Name)): SquakHawkAge: 200 or something similarWhat magic are you trained in, if any?: electric evocation formally, arcanism and other evocations informallyHow do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral?: i am insulted by this questionHow long have you resided within Lareh’thilln?: 30 some yearsWill you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge?: with diligenceWhat magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any?: formal arcanism, water and/or fire evocation
  2. “When will this fake-war end, it is merely scripture of jaded men who claim victim against an opponent who does not care, as the war had a price; and it was yet to be paid. Is ten-thousand really the price of blood, pride, and crocodile tears waged in a war where child soldiers are sent, then half a decade later you make letters about how they died and that makes you sad? Pathetic.” Pondered a very based Renault.
  3. dont speak for me bro I am not working on the pantheon project but I like all written so far and the direction. I really appreciate the feedback given by players and the response by Zarsies. It’s good to see constructive criticism and receptive feedback, I really appreciate it. I really have enjoyed your writing, particularly with Vaasek’s lorepost. However, I do believe there can be “offshoots” or “independants” from houses that prefer to work alone or independently. I aswell think Covenants should be rather mysterious in how they work in some cases. I don’t want it to be common knowledge how certain gods work or what their goal is. They’re gods, and understand things and look at things in a far different way than we do- we shouldn’t be able to easily interpret the goal or meaning behind something. It opens up writing to be exceptionally more creative and interesting other than “THIS COVENANT GOOD, THIS ONE BAD, THIS ONE BAD BUT RED” etc..
  4. Lucian Renault pondered the man’s thoughts. ”The woman died with an army’s worth of honor and accepted death. The moment that blade struck her was the moment your puppet mouthed a new leader for her place. If you believe honor or principle is what Godric lacks, I ask you to look toward the men who not only started this war, but continue to send more men to die to it.”
  5. what got you into the server, what has been the most fun or the best time?
  6. endgames can be fine but i think it should drastically alter the way you use or think about the magic straight power increases or “power increases” (minor drawbacks or niche drawbacks) should not exist. An “endgame” should be something that takes in-lore and set ground ruled trials and requirements that you have to achieve over time and utilize parts of the magic that make it core. In my BM write I had “Endgame” that was moreso a set of talents that to unlock them you had to complete complex and difficult rituals that could have slight variance but offered countless lines of rp if done right, for a change to an ability or access to something. I was quite proud of it, and from what I gathered in total it was quite liked.
  7. it’s as much of a “instakill” as having ur head lobbed off, it plays a big part into high elf society and their playerbase and its only problem was abuse by other players trying to bottle it for the sole purpose of getting the lore shelved so the high elves cannot have it. I think it’s silly. Personally, I think the current status of using molten gold and just calling it acid is fine. i don’t see a need for a lore piece. With molten gold you’ve all your problems stated in this lorepiece and to come from this lorepiece solved. It makes no difference and is just a shield against anti-fun players who don’t like when other people have their own toys. Just get rid of this. Stick with the status quo where there isn’t bickering. If we’re going with Acid as a real life comparison, acid does not corrode and just annihilate flesh like some **** from a game. Not even strong acids. They leave intense and incredible burns even after brief or rather lengthy exposure, before they begin breaking you down I guess. The person would likely succumb to wounds rather than being engulfed in acid. But drawing LOTC lore from real life science is stupid, it’s fantasy. Even then, the fact that a “don’t bottle this ****” rule was ignored and a full shelving was taken, just for with molten gold. There isn’t need for this. It’s already got two pages of bickering in a day, and months of molten gold has caused none.
  8. you were a good man and like some others said put up with a lot compared to the rest of the team, enjoy your time off or leave, be well now that youre free, pls stop erping *****joke*******)) with my daughter
  9. Oh ****, I’m sorry

    1. ScreamingDingo


      Sorry for what?

    2. ScubaSteveee


      @ScreamingDingo sorry for your roleplay har har har 

    3. Mojo


      By the nine...

  10. a mentality to win over a mentality to have fun and further a characters story, and to keep things the same with how they want to play always over anyone elses ill add more on later
  11. really gonna miss you bro only knew you since 2emps but you were someone I did admire. You did not use OOC as a medium to RP, and you appreciated instead of spurned new roleplayers. You taught them to get along on the server and learn the ropes, and took their ideas of new and creative takes on things and how they should be done. You hated grovellers or “noble” rpers that just ask for things constantly- you were legitimately incredibly splendid to talk to and spend time with. Though many people worked to undermine you, you never really let that get to you. You are (and were) levelheaded, fair, and understanding. You value what so many people, especially nationleaders, on the server don’t. Roleplay. Overall, roleplay is what comes first- and that is not to say your roleplay in specific, but a story. Story matters more than your character, story matters more than your nation, story matters more than stupid ooc bickering or drama that is so common otherwise. You are an example that there has been precedent set for that your behavior, will not be tolerated further, even if that is not the intended meaning. Months of being reformed, having to constantly deal with roadblocks of content moderation or people trying to hassle you and give you trouble. But the vaguest ******* reference to a single person that the majority of the server likely has not heard about set that off, I suppose. Off to the gulag with you. I’ll see you there. I’ll miss you man. Hope we cross paths another time.
  12. @Lackless_ lol i suppose i worded it poorly i believe holymages should not be an antithesis to darkmages – holymages are at a “Dissonance” because at the moment they seem to only be – I suppose it is nice to have them at the voidal events, but there doesnt seem to be a central theme behind them because they only ever seem to hunt down darkmages, and do not interact otherwise. I’m not a paladin, I would not know. There are evils in the world that are very present (banditry, slavery, torture, the like) that are very much more evil than some types of mages. I suppose maybe I’m thinking too into the roleplay and not enough into LOTC.
  13. very well spoken, i like this. Along with what Sam said – holy mages should not exist to counter dark mages. They should exist to be holy mages.
  14. i find it a difficult argument. Because often enough not every dark magic user is bad, and their instrument isn’t exactly bad either. Bloodmages as a whole tend to be horribly neutral, only advancing their interests violently if need be – but otherwise are a completely quiet and unharmful group. The same goes for mystics, who won’t really go out of their way to hurt people- rather, advance themselves through a fairly dark art. The latter could potentially be objectively evil depending on who you ask but they aren’t inherently bad, which is where the argument stems from I believe. Not every darkmage should be an antag, not every holy mage should be a protag- and of course I don’t violently mean a servers protag, I just mean that there should be a grey area, and there can be certainly conflict between two groups – but there should not be a defining line of “Holy mages exist to purge evil”. That should exist through one’s own RP beliefs and focuses. It also forges a lot of animosity and metagaming- dare I say something that one side may be incredibly familiar with compared to another, but I am not here to jab or take jabs. I think that there are a lot of interesting ideas but rivalries should exist in rp. not something by lore. Kind of like the shade – paladin mutual disconnection thing, I think that is interesting. Rather than one side being more predatory and inherently more threatening than another, there is a mutual power dynamic where it depends contextually, which I think is far more important.
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