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  1. SquakHawk


    Illythia smiles, looking over to her large iron gauntlet of symbolicism. ”About time there’s strong order.”
  2. SquakHawk

    On Adrian Apprehension

    Illythia would tap her temple as she reads the missive, heavily in thought. She still seems in a fury after the chance taken on her life by The Treasurer. “I suppose he makes some good points- but, it was a bad foot to get off on when we came to these lands to find security in the very fiends that would slaughter them not a year ago back on Atlas.. Not to mention the ones that still lie within their walls.” She thinks quietly in her office, before setting aside the parchment write and file other things.
  3. SquakHawk

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Illythia would sign her name, excited to finally have a fight that isn’t to live or die on Arcas.
  4. SquakHawk

    (OOC) Looking for character to play

    I have four children, one of which is playable if you release- A ker. If you’re interested, PM me on discord @ squak#8441 and ill hit you up with details. Also have extended family if you’d like. I want to get a feel for your roleplay, before I add you to family.
  5. SquakHawk


    Illythia reads the missive, saluting an imperial salute- a tear falling from her cheek, worrying for the wars to come. ”Ave Imperium.”
  6. SquakHawk

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Name: Illythia Arator Mcname: squak#8441
  7. SquakHawk

    Minerals of Arcas

    Im glad you like it! I hope when ST apps are accepted, I am- I can introduce some of these blades as a new reward alongside other roleplay items. I put a lot of work into this with Auriel and I hope it will be recognized and accepted.
  8. SquakHawk

    Minerals of Arcas

    I wrote Astral- what’s the issue with it, if I may ask? I am just curious. Of all mine on there, it is I think my weakest. But, I can’t put my finger on it, care elaborating?
  9. SquakHawk

    Transition Mishap

    just to say it simply staff communication is a mess, and this is a good fire to light so that actual change is met now, not later. This could’ve been avoided with an ounce of planning and communication. If people cannot be reached or communicated to, they shouldn’t be staff.
  10. SquakHawk

    Conversion Overflow Thread

    Main Username (Put the one who requested the conversions): SquakHawk Helper #1’s Username:Viscera_ Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name:alt
  11. SquakHawk

    Event Battle Discussion

    Think its a good idea, but could take ages. If its too long, other groups wait too long for something to happen and get bored. If its too short, the groups may not feel like they have a meaningful impact upon the battle overall. Not to mention to do it seperately, you would be faced the challenge of 1. People “Signups” Attending as they said 2. Being EXTREMELY coordinated with other ET Actors. I think it could be done but you can’t make one groups event part dependant on another. Else they may wait for something that might fail. It’s a fun idea, and I like it, but these things should be taken into consideration. You should also weigh playerbases in their responsibility in the event, such as Empire for having a large playerbase- possibly even splitting them to groups, while also taking playerbases with far less playercunt (Dunshire) obviously with less responsibility, if at all. It’s just some paperwork you’d possibly have to hand out before the battle, and its not even guaranteed then people will sign up like it says, just showing up for the event. Just some things to think about, I hope I stirred some thoughts up and poked some holes into the possibilities. I do like it! While I liked Last Hope aswell, I think this could enrich the experience. Perhaps something like where we had to RP protecting Trebuchets and busting through the gates, and the group below fended off an assault. Maybe something like that!
  12. SquakHawk

    [Your View]Coups

    I think that this is so right. There are so many leaps and bounds you must cross to perform a coup- all by busywork with people who won’t interact with it. I think coups should be a thing, but they should be entirely organic. Of course some limitations should apply, such as a expense free for an example. But by no right should you need four members of leadership to support your coup. Not only does it vary with how powerful or how much sway different government officials have (such as a minister of home vs the grand marshal, if they even count as leadership), they are also almost certainly a very tight knit group- and will meta this. You can be a perfect queen in saying that meta does not exist between leadership, but near certainly in every case it does. Not to mention, as a nation leader, you have to uphold your standard and be an example of your nation. Being someone that cries about metagaming when they didn’t know there was going to be a coup or who was in it, then not pk’ing is the most childish thing possible. I think the figurehead/true leader SHOULD follow the PK clause, if you’re afraid of dying as a nation leader, you’re a coward- and should not be leading. As an example, there was an attempt on The Emperor’s life the other day. The Archchancellor was shot in the chest and went into a coma. Having respect for roleplay that is extremely planned and thought out to execute such a thing is needed as any basic player- and that is what is so respected about the two. I think the coup CD is a great idea, the mina fee is a great idea, having signatories is a great idea, and leadership changing/pk’ing is a great idea. But it should be both up to the Coup-er and the Default what else gets decided in RP, if they accept a pk, do so. I feel that too many people are terrified of losing power, and if they are, reflect that in roleplay- not in ooc politics or shouting everyone is metagaming or powergaming around you. You’re more insane than your character would be if your feelings were properly roleplayed. Overall, the system should be sliced and diced into small bits; The coup attempt should be at peak hours (Based on the activity plugin) for that nation, and have the nation leader online. This may promote alting from a NL, but then it only rises more attention for inactive leadership to be purged if they display such cowardice and pettiness. The NL should be PK’d should the revolters find it necessary or wanted. Same with those who attempted the coup, if a failure. I think to prevent a constant wave of swarming alt personas to coup spam on cd, making a personal cooldown should be an idea that is considered. There should be certain charter levels with proved citizenship and non-alters TO revolt and sign a charter to get it approved. A mina fee (Higher) should be presented and paid. If there is Roleplay related to the coup such as setting up traps, making hideouts or plans, and finally EXECUTING those plans, it should be modreq’d and ovesaw by a moderator that is NOT affiliated with that nation. A Coup CD is a great idea. What’s not is the hour long timelimit to execute the coup. For combat, this is fine. However, for roleplay, this is an extremely poor idea, and promotes excruciatingly slow responding, which is not punishable- and very popular among people who are about to be killed. The coup rules are great however- and should follow standard fighting procedure with no person joining past when PVP is called. And PVP should be called as SOON as the coup is executed. Overall, these are my thoughts and ideas, I know some players feel the same, I know some players feel different. Having a coup with no rules COULD work but requires both parties to respect such happening, which won’t happen depending on which side will whine more that they didn’t get their way. I think however, these rules in their entirety would only lead to no coups being executed under them.
  13. SquakHawk

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    HOI4 could be fun but thatd be a great undertaking. I think eu4 or ck2 would be more suited- not only for timeline purposes, but, manpower and army purposes. I’d play it!
  14. SquakHawk


    Tested it out, was actually quite fun! A good solution to the current system.
  15. SquakHawk

    The Black Berets [Citizen's Volunteer Outfit]

    Name: Illythia Arator City of Residence: Carolustadt Please indicate which activities you’re comfortable with participating in with an “X” in the blank column Patrolling the streets within and between the Empire, preventing malicious activities X Collecting and distributing food or equipment to impoverished individuals X Preaching the good word of GOD alongside members of the clergy X Raising mina for the CVO through donation campaigns X