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  1. Anethra Uradir thought to herself, smug in reading the news. ”Some would say them putting their swords to hoes would serve them well- for they are mad.”
  2. i thought it was some mandela effect berenstein/berenstain bear **** but no the name was legitimately renalia they just forgot n changed it..


  3. i’m agreeing with you and adding on my opinion
  4. i think moderation is making a good recovery from pun/firehearts (end) era of massive stagnation and a rapidly declining team. I know there is still some corruption and problems within the team but its coming along well. What matters to me most is that an effort to keep a standard of quality and conduct to continue so that we do not revert back into a stagnation period. Telanir’s gone out for cigarettes and it’s going to leave the team without proper direction and I’m hoping a proper, unaffiliated and levelheaded moderator comes into play and makes sure that there is a high quality set. Braxis, iMattyz, and Frill i’ve seen do wonderfully upon the team and I’m glad we have active and responsible folk on the team. I hope they progress further on the team, and moderation takes a focus as a legitimate team oncemore, rather than a point-and-laugh or instant-to-blame team.
  5. thats from Boruto’s post i dont know how it quoted you
  6. i know me and a few others still do professions on the server, i still blacksmith, fletch, brew and jewelcraft and people do come to me to see things are done and I do my best to make it as interactive an experience as possible. I don’t think you really get that with nexus and I much prefer people roleplaying professions instead of doing low effort “muh warrior” or jack of all trades mary sue’s characters, and that is enabled by a mmo-like profession system. It is just silly to me. I respect ur opinion though im giving my two cents.
  7. SquakHawk

    Truth of Vilac

    Lucian reads this line over a few times.
  8. Anethra’s recurring nightmares return, the poor girl thought she had escaped such chaos- staying within the safe walls of Haelun’or for near two decades since her release. She stayed on edge for hours nightly, before succumbing, to exhaustion. Her anxieties and fears returned, her dissociated and self-destructive mindset plagued her being. The very man, the only man, who had saved her from such a plight before had but become a victim- or even a friend to it- himself. There was no resolve, no resistance- The spawn of Uradir felt only one thing. Fear.
  9. SquakHawk

    [Your View] Coups

    remember the war rules being worded this way and how absolutely nothing has worked or gone like this since as much as i’d love it I don’t think the server can handle something like that. There needs to be at least light guidelines
  10. im chimpin out rn 

  11. Illythia sweats, remembering when she cut off his head then delivered all but it back to Vira’ker. She aswell remembered being granted the title Grand Marshal of Renatus, and later Oren, reviving a military- then being forced into retirement. Quickly she grew irritated and went to continue forging blades for the AIS forces, and her elven bretheren.
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