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  1. Looked up to u a little bit when I was getting my RN a couple years ago (In the ED now, love my life). I remember how fun it was picking on garrett when you were his management, and as well with devvy and stuff in (evil) oren. a lot of fun times! I hope you've been doing good and continue to. Ill prob see you when we play scp at some point. thanks for all da fish 😄
  2. A bureaucracy rivaling The Empire of Man, with the nature of Elves who are neither pressed for time or gloryseeking. And yet they gloryseek, they stagnate. Do they envy them, I wonder? For what they do not have in the urgency of a short life? Who is to say but that it seems the elves will never succeed at this rate; with Haelun'or and now it's copycat state both in this mire of imitation. Ours was the age of elven supremacy; What is this? A false hope, I would suppose, that now the Mali'ame of Nevaehlen surpass the white peacock without a second glance back. Perhaps we will end up like the Mali'ker, one failed state after another in a group that has lost it's identity. Not taken; but simply forgotten from ancestors who stagnate out of the conservative culture they hope to keep intact. An impressive feat, truly. Anethra stated, evermore burdened with the weight of what she could not have; nor anyone, it seemed.
  3. The following spells are added to paladinism. These are innately known, and do not require teaching. Aegwynn’s Benediction: Among the greatest Vindicators of the first age, Aegwynn had begun life as a priest given martial training. With a perfection of both arts, the paladin had mastered a prayer of Xan long lost, the ability to sunder earth with holy Xannic energies to both purify, and torture the dark. Expending [2] embers and after [3 emotes, 1 connection, 1 charge, 1 cast], a holy aura and litany of prayer would shatter from the vindicator, burning the air and ground around them with golden mists in a 5x5x5. These mists would null pain inflicted by blows unto the paladin (and their allies) within the circle, and acting as a passive uncomfortable, painful Xannic mists to any darkspawn within range. Darkspawn are capped at spellcasting spells only [Tier 3] and below while within range, and would find their strength diminished to that of a standard human descendant, despite any additional physical/magical augmentations applied. These effects last until the spell ends, with a duration of [5] emotes. Enchantments of Darkmagic would be disabled while within range, reverting to mundane counterparts (or outright destroyed if not applicable). The ground affected by Aegwynn’s Benediction follows the caster as they move. Their movement would be capped to [3] metres. Costs [2] embers and [3] emotes to cast. Embers are expelled upon the first charge emote. This effect may be willingly canceled for [1] ember at any time. As with regular mists redlines, this would not reveal darkspawn and would be considered metagaming otherwise. If the darkspawn is not revealed, they would also not feel the painful effects of the Xannic mists, as per its usual redlines. Dark enchantments include any product of Necromancy, Mysticism, Naztherak, and Bloodmagic. Aegwynn’s Benediction may have aesthetic differences unique to every paladin so long as they fit the parameters above. Pain would resume after the [5] emotes are complete. Once escaping the radius or the spell ends, strength/spellcasting/enchantments would resume as normal. Destroyed enchantments (where applicable) are not repaired. Requires T3+ Vindicators. Does not require line of sight as it is self-cast. Rakidor’s Execution: A renowned dragonslayer within the first wars against Setherien and The Harbingers, Cassia Rakidor fostered an execution of darkspawn, particularly effective against dragonkin, damning them to a death without mercy as a paladin becomes lost in fervour. After [1] Emote of connection (or already being connected), a Paladin may expend [2] Embers and [1 Cast] to place a mark upon a darkspawn. This mark may differ from person to person in appearance. This mark places a heavy emotional weight upon the target, clouding their mind and disturbing their focus. When struck, regardless of who by or what by, it is as if the object or projectile was enchanted with Xannic fervour, and with twice the strength of the original strike. This effect lasts upon the target for [4] emotes ([Indefinitely for Dragonkin]), and if killed, will have a respawn time doubled and the option to PK. Costs [2] Embers to cast, spent at the cast emote. Should the paladin have their connection broken, the channeled executioners mark would be disrupted. Requires line of sight to cast, but not to maintain. This spell is not a projectile, and cannot be dodged, but can be warded should there be something with antimagic properties between the caster and target (Thanhium, spellshield, cindering ward, etc). This mark lasts until the spell ends or the target dies.. Should a slain target have an “instant” respawn time, it will instead default to three days until next respawn. Should a target choose the option to PK, they would be sent to the ebrieates instead of normal death, circumventing deific and daemonic afterlives (e.g. moz’strimoza, etcetera). Being struck is multiplicative in strength. Should an ability enhance strike-strength, it would multiply in power with the 2x the spell provides as base. Requires [2] emotes to cast, [1] Connection and [1] Cast May only mark one target at a time, until canceled. If canceled manually, it would take [1] emote and [1] ember. May only be utilized by T3+ Wyrmstalkers. Requires line of sight. Indefinitely means until the end of combat, not forever. All effects such as enhanced respawn time or increased strike damage from the mark apply to anyone who strikes the target.
  4. This lore has been denied. These amendments aren't going to be considered at with our current roster of magics and cas.
  5. Sand frowned bitterly. "He took on Sol Invicta herself and stood to live... A musin of legend. If only I had met him face to face."
  6. The Titan ruminated, a grin wide and jagged from ear to ear as the drake soared within the heavens above. Unchallenged, unchallengeable. If only they had acted sooner. Fate will soon be within my hands.
  7. This lore has been denied. Apologies for the long review, but this hadn't made it to the full administration and I take the blame of it's denial (and unforgiveably lengthy delay) upon myself. Truthfully, I don't think this is going to supplement frost witches well, or will solve their current issues. I think systemically, the playerbase has proven really difficult to not only work with from a ST and Player perspective, but inter-playerbase as well which the frequency the team gets complaints of it. I'd really, before seeing an improvement with Jokul fixed by a ghoul-type CA, would want to see the CA itself improve. Not necessarily the lore, but activity; frost witches have been fairly inert for the length of this map (and the latter half of last, as well), and while I'm not necessarily looking at numbers I am moreso remarking on their ability to interact with and work with other playerbases. I think the CA going on an extremely hot-cold cycle of activity for days then inactivity for weeks to months followed by an extremely detrimental and negative view of it's own players, playerbase, other playerbases, lore, and frequent support, has been nothing but detrimental to itself and it's players. Before any supplements or additions aimed to fix the CAs issues, I want to see the CA fix itself to where the core issue holds, and not hoping a goontype CA can come in and fix it. This comes off as harsh, and that I know, and it can be perceived as spitting upon the effort a lot of people have put into their work and roleplay. Unfortunately, I think there is a long way to go in the CA succeeding but it is not my intent to say the CA or its players are bad. I am just out of options on how to say what the problem is in the nicest way possible. This CA can succeed, it's players can succeed, and it's roleplay can succeed. We saw it earlier last map with an even worse version of the current lore, and years too before that. I know it can happen, and I know it can work, and it's this mentality that has shattered the morale of the lore and its useage at the moment. Once this happens, we can consider expanding and giving more assets to the playerbase. I apologize for the poor, very late news, have a great day.
  8. "May they retake their city soon." Sand offered, in peace of mind. He'd hoped his dear friends would be safe and well in the coming year.
  9. this is why u are in the top 5 most upvoted members
  10. Within Mul'naar did Sand pour another drink in remembrance. He'd rubbed his head from a throbbing headache, withdrawl from his favourite franchise. He'd only eaten there once, and afterward, nothing was the same. He stated, while melancholy, in rumination about how his favorite food place was now gone. "Everything since then has just been one big disappointment."
  11. The Archdrakaar ruminated as his stomach scarred, the sapphire crystals which had punched through his gut pained him with an insidious poison as order clashed with his earthblood. He remembered the face of the vessel, ruminating as he recalled the moments in fury when he had been brutally cut in two. The face haunted him; not of the grisly scene, nor the bloodshed that followed. He remembered the face that stared back at him; it was not of Xan, but of the keeper Alberic. It was not the posession that frightened him, nor the sight of his greatest nemesis. It was not the wound that bled within his stomach, nor the pain it caused. It was the face that stared back at his. It showed no fear. It was remarkable. And terrifying.
  12. Azdromoth ruminated over the slain son of Xan, a feeling foreign and unwelcome washing over him. What was it that the keeper had that he, or his sons, had lacked? He was a petty knight of Order; swindled by an Aengul with the promise of power, or purpose. But why did he remember his face?
  13. Recap - Act 2, Truths and The Pride Hello little people in my computer I wanted to give a brief recap ICly and OOCly of our eventline so far as we wrap up it's third month and second act. This eventline has been going on since February 18th, with Act 2 beginning in late march. There's been a total of nearly 50 events and interactions between the two groups, and all have gone over smoothly. The behavior of some members was a bit iffy in the earlier parts of April, but have rounded out and cooled down since. These last two events brought together 45 and 52 unique players respectively which made me pretty happy and shows that despite a long runtime, an eventline can retain its players and popularity. I am also quite happy with how well the story is being followed. As we ebb near the end with Act 3 having only 5 total weekly events (Not including interactions/other objectives), I am antsy for the finish. This eventline is significantly different in it's charted course compared to when it started. It's developed significantly organically and changed near completely from it's original intent, strictly for the better. With active and reactive development and organic player interactions, the outcomes of this event have changed so much to be much more meaningful, exciting, and unique compared to when they started. I'm excited going into act 3 to wrap up our final few events, tie loose ends, fit in more unique and interesting interactions, and even host our long anticipated showdown finale between some really important lore figures, and even more who are finding themselves involved too. I think once the eventline wraps up I'll reveal a hand of the possibilities, story branches, outcomes, maybe. It might be fun to show the "What if"s, but it may be equally unexciting if some players view their decision as wrong, incorrect, bad, or their (or others') fault from an OOC perspective. Overall there have been times ive been exhausted, frustrated, excited, or thrilled with what some people have decided to do in events. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact I care a lot about what happens with this eventline, and with certainty, other ET and players do too. I'm looking forward to an exciting final act and conclusion to eventline ultimately in the running for the better part of a decade. Looking forward to seeing you guys again when we opening up scheduling a week from now on the 4th/5th. I hope you guys continue to have fun and learn a lot more, and even interact outside of events with all thats exciting to come. It was in the beginning weeks after the siege at The Order of The Vehement Eye when The Paladins of Xan restored an ancient artefact woe'd ruthfully by The Archdrakaar Azdromoth; The Dragon Compass. Reinvigorated and restored by The Sunforger, it revealed more than intended as the history and fate of Sordran was unveiled; splayed out to see as Azdromoth's deception corrupted the vision. But to what extent..? The Azdrazi withdrew from Tor'Galend with The Speaker, and artefact granted to them which demanded "Dii'Fahdon" - uttering the command incessantly. A mysterious visitor came to them, proposing a truth to both them and Azdromoth of what the true outcome of their war would be; something the nephilim battled heavily on between one another before ultimately deciding upon their Godhunt. Few recalled among them from their journey in the underdark the calcified corpse of a dragon, one which lay beneath the earth within so. After venturing through Seraphire's Lair and battling the Mori'Quessir, to the cost of lives and blood heavy, they saw a vision of Dii'Fahdon's final moments before finding themselves mysteriously aboveground oncemore. With The Dragon Compass revealing the location of draconic forces, Seraphire's Lair and Tor'Galend, the Crusaders of The New Triumvir ventured to visit Tor'Galend - an Azdrazi stronghold which bore a strong draconic presence. After sailing aboard their blessed vessel, they sieged the island, though to a bloody conclusion. After failing to breach the walls against the ill equipped and prepared nephilim, The Drake Satar wreaked havoc upon the xannic forces with bellowing flame that tore apart their rank. Although in his hubris, mortally wounding the wraithdrake as The Lance of Dawn broke upon his belly; forever wounding him. The Crusaders in confusion had nearly abandoned their kin, but eventually had all gathered oncemore; with many a casualty and no fatalities, they escaped the island bruised and bloodied- beaten. Although killing many nephilim, the damage done to their morale would be irrepairable. The Druii took it upon themselves to attempt communion with Taynei'hiylu, asking for aide, but found themselves speaking to something else. An esoteric and eldritch speaker, or speakers, who denied their communion; and gave them vision of the Dragaar who begged to help, but could not. But why? Only time could truly tell, whatever forces restricted her. With so, the Chosen of Azdromoth were informed of the ancient fortress and seat of Azdromoth - Tor'Azdraeth. Informed of a stubborn, hiding druidic force within that remained after his reconquest, they were given the cost of slaughtering the defended druii recklessly, or expressing caution and saving the forge. Through careful and tight battle with countless wounded, the forge was repaired, the foundries of Tor'Azdraeth coming alive oncemore to fund the war effort of Azdromoth as his kin found themselves better armed, and equipped, for what was to come. It was shortly thereafter in which a pact was formed between The Chosen of Azdromoth and his distant brother, Mordring. The Emperor Above and The King Beneath, the two struck alliance after insidious infiltration within the ranks of the nephilim; a foreboding presence upon the realm as their pact was sealed. Whilst in the midst of binding, the Crusaders breached Seraphire's Lair; learning some of what nefarious activity had taken place within. Seemingly taken over by Mori'Quessir, a scouting mission by The Sunlit Covenant lead information to the main order which had benefitted them some in the battle to come. It was brutal, bloody, as many lay wounded; in the throes of victory, The Seeker Nimue utilized The Wyrmstalker's Key upon the portal The Mori'Quessir within were trying to twist and tame; rendering it useless for any evildoers who may have sought it's purpose before. Curiously, some remaining afterward noticed heraldic tattoos upon the Mori'quessir. With the victory at Seraphire's Lair, Five paladins ventured upward to the heavens as they met their ordained father, Xan - Protector of Order and Guardianship. Words were exchanged as the Keeper-Initiates souls were measured for their worth, before the five were enkindled with Keepership; bearing the title of Itharel of Xan. With the deaths of Bolvar, Alberic, Isabel, Aer'dir, and Amelia, came the descension of Ardaric, Redwulf, Peregrine, Caliburn, and Quelana upon the mortal plane as their comets struck across the skies of Aevos to defend it below. But things would not be easier forward. The Crusaders lead another assault upon Tor'Galend after destroying the portal which had lead to the azdrazi stronghold of Gra'kul. As they landed upon the island, the forces were in disarray as they fell into an ambush; cannonfire and dragonsflame striking down paladins, templars, and druids alike as they battle was brutal. Attackers at the church gleaned eldritch warplans but were unable to successfully take the structure, taking extreme casualties while the walls of Tor'Galend withstood too breach after reinforcement from what was now the third assailment upon them. The walkway faired much better for the paladins and templars as they showed in force, crushing resistance before disengaging to help the other struggling groups. Five brave defenders held the ship against cannonfire, repairing it as it nearly sunk beneath the waves from the damage taken; able to safely navigate it with a skillful admiral within their retinue. After they had regrouped and come once again to the church, the forces were heavily entrenched and reinforced now; the main keep of Tor'Galend beginning a foul ritual to chart their escape. Not wishing to face a fruitless defeat again, Caliburn of The Blazing Sun was withtaken by Xan as he near-singlehadedly crushed the nephilim of the church. Some thirty defenders were crushed with naught but mild burns upon scarce few attackers as Caliburn and the crusaders massacred the defenders in nearly under a minute. However, one Oyashiman had criticism for Xan - the god in wrothful fury of battle smiting down the naysayer before the battle was finished. In fury, the Oyashimans bickered and tarried with the crusaders; avowing vengeance and retribution for the wronging done to them. The remaining nephilim of Tor'Galend escaped, not planning to withstand another assault upon their walls as they fled elsewhere.. but the island was now taken, the nephilim in shambles and their warplans seized. A true victory. Upon the other end, the nephilim at Mordring's behest parlayed with Sol Invicta - managing through careful speech and communion an uneasy peace between them, at the cost of the joining darkspawn which had accompanied their rank to the dismay of many. Whilst the demigod was in distraction, many nephilim sought their own plans with little organization; besieging her tower nearby, and attempting to corrupt the flames of her temple. Neither bore fruit as dozens were mortally wounded, if not slain- many lost an appendage as others lost their lives, barely afforded an escape as they fled her domain with little to show for it. As the forces wound down for what would be some time of rest and recuperation in this brutal war, they found themselves at an impass. Whilst the Chosen of Azdromoth swelled in strength with the alliance of Mordring, they began to stall as the next steps were left unclear. The Crusaders of The New Triumvir lost valuable allies both in loss of battle and in diplomacy; with The Archdrakaar gaining in strength unopposed as the mortal realms watched on lazily, one question would come to mind. Who would be at fault for when The Age of Darkness comes? Time could only tell.
  14. What was it that made it all worth it? What was it that brought us to fight? From mortal eyes, entropy feels like the natural state of things. Is it? If I had an answer, do you think you would want to know it? Our purpose is to keep fighting then? Forever? Is that not entropy? Entropy is persistent. Chaos exists so long as Ruin does. Even in Chaos' death does it's corruption run rife. The low drag down the mighty at their own hands. Against one another. Then it is purposeless. Is it? How is it not? Order is to fight. Order is to safeguard those who cannot. Those who would surrender to madness. It is a pity many surrender. Further, that many do not know the powers which allow them to toy and tarry. But it is the easiest thing to do. The pathetic nature of the mortal coil. Do you foresee that changing? Righteous daughter, In a world without our fight, it enters an age of Darkness. There are no kingdoms, no families, no farms and no land. There is struggle, there is strife, chaos, and ruination. The sons and daughters of the brothers bicker and fight. They fight as much as the four did, even during The First War. But would you compare two brothers fighting to kingdoms of ghosts? Demon-infested homes, undead which walk the earth as Descendants once did? Is this surrender? It is. Then we have no choice but to fight. It is our nature; is it not? You begin to see. Daughter, know this; In the lone light within the darkness, it shines brighter than unnumbered suns. No greater than what the wick of a candle may allow. But to eyes within the dark, it is the most terrifying thing to behold. For what reason? It means the fight has still not ended. Five comets soared over Aevos, sapphire tails long behind as mortal vessels sailed back unto the earth. A sign of fear, worry, to ruinous powers which lingered at the edges of the realm. Itharel of The Second Age returned unto the earth with one order; Do not let the sun set.
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