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What Are Heists?

A heist is an organized roleplay ‘raid’ where the attackers are allowed to lockpick various chests and/or armour stands to steal from their targets This is purely roleplay and any Out of Character usage is not permitted, including during the planning.

Committing a Heist

On the day of the Heist, at the approved time agreed upon by the leader of the Heist and the Moderators handling it, the leader must make a /modreq detailing the number of heisters, the heist location, and what is being heisted. The Moderator(s) will be in spectetor/vanish as the heist to occurs. Heists must take place during peak server hours. You may purchase both lockpicks and bolt cutters from the thief shops scattered around the map.

Heist Rules

  1. A heist may consist of three to six players.

  2. Lockpicks attempts may be emoted (#q) and rolled (/roll -q) in quiet chat.

    • Use of the lockpicking plugin is not permitted during heists    

  3. Players are permitted to bring up to five thievery tools each with them on a heist. (ex. Bringing 3 Lockpicks and 2 Bolt Cutters.)    

  4. Regular roll guidelines are applied (see Petty Theft Rules) except iron bars, armor stands, item frames, and bookcases are now added:  

    • Item Frame/Armor Stands  —  16+ (Bolt Cutters Required)

    • Bookcases/Lecterns —  16+ Per Book            

    • Iron bars — 15+ (Bolt Cutters Required)        

  5. With a Roll lower than 10 a thievery tool breaks and may no longer be used.    

  6. With a roll lower then 5 the item is jammed and no further lockpicking attempts may occur for the rest of the heist.    

  7. Shulker Boxes within a chest will be counted as an expansion of that chest’s inventory, they will not require additional lockpicking.    

  8. After a heist is done another may not be conducted on the same targeted settlement for two weeks.      

  9. Heists need to be around prime time for the area, so the defenders have a fighting chance. It’s up to the defenders to engage those partaking in the heist.    

  10. If the heisting group is caught and attacked by anyone in the city, the member of the city will be given Defender (Guard) Default. Only those around at the time will be allowed to initiate the combat. They may use a Rally Bell or via shouting to alert others of the city of the heist.      

  11. Event and Staff Area’s may not be heisted. 

  12. Warp and Soulstone may not be used to gain entry to an area. 

  13. The main objective of a heist must be made clear to the handling moderator/moderators. (Ex. General Thievery, Specific target item, etc.)    

  14. No Blocks may be broken during a heist. (Excluding rolls as outlined above.) All routes of entry must be accessible prior to the start of the heist, any secret entrances such as tunnels must be known through RP.    

  15. Heists must be planned ingame through RP. Screenshots will be required by Moderation prior to approval.      

  16. If costumes/disguises are made for the heist. They must be lore friendly and made in-game.    

  17. Heist members may only take up to 6 items with them from the heist. Only empty shulker boxes may be taken as part of this.

  18. In addition to the above, heist groups will be permitted to steal up to a single placed RP item. These items can include but are not limited to from, crystals, thrones, chairs, tables, anvils, piles of rare books, paintings, etc. This item may not be in a chest, item frame, shulker box or armor stand. Taking the item must make RP sense and will be up to the handling moderators discretion.    

  19. Moderators will need to inspect the inventories of all players before and after the heist.

  20. You have two hours to complete the heist, starting when the moderator overseeing the heist notifies the leader to start. Once the time limit is up, no items may be stolen and you must leave the area.

  21. Moderators who come across excessive amounts of doors blocking a single path to a room may treat it as two doors for lock-picking purposes.     

  22. Any staff member that participates in a heist must have their Pex taken for the duration of the heist or use an alt account due to unfair advantages. 

Overseeing Moderators may be using recording Software during a heist for documentation purposes.

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