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Petty Theft

Disclaimer: A chest encompasses all storage containers, including barrels, shulker-boxes, furnaces, hoppers, etc. Other containers such as lecterns, bookshelves and armour-stands can only be stolen from during a Heist.

At times, a character might indulge in others’ belongings— albeit find their path hindered with locked passage. You can lockpick a wooden (or iron) door, wooden gate or trap-door with the /lockpick command (alternatively /smash or /breakdown). Other instances, such as chests and signs require a /modreq.


  1. You must adhere to Roleplay Quality Standards.
  2. Each /lockpick attempt requires an emote in the appropriate channel.
    • Lockpicking must be emoted in #rp or #q.
    • Breaking-In must be emoted in #rp or #s.
  3. Signs must be placed to describe the roleplay once concluded (scattered footprints, etc). You can request assistance in a /modreq if unable to place down signs due to region permissions.
  4. You must adhere to server-rules, entering locations accessible mechanically. 


Petty Theft Guidelines

You must adhere to the guidelines above and limitations, outlined below.


  1. Unlocked chests (not including shop-chests) can be stolen from, without limitations, following a sufficient emote. You must create a /modreq to lockpick locked or shop-chests.
  2. At a successful lockpick of a chest and/or shop-chest, you can loot up-to one-half (rounded down) from a single stack. You can only loot one slot, per target chest. In effect, this prevents unique (singular) items from being stolen.
  3. If the target-item can be stacked with others inside the same chest (or shop-chest), a member of the Moderation Team can condense these before splitting the full-stack.
  4. You can loot items from a shulker-box (within a chest) but a shulker-box, unless empty, cannot be taken.


Petty Theft Limitations


  1. You cannot interact with blocks, in order to break into a location or bypass locks.
  2. You can only loot three (3) locked chests and/or shop-chests, per 24 hours.
  3. You must request a Heist to steal items from lecterns, bookshelves, item-frames and armour-stands or to target a unique (singular) item.
  4. You can attempt to lockpick a target three (3) times, per target-object, with a limit of nine (9) target-objects in a lair/settlement/nation.
    •     A target-object encompasses an item interacted with (door, chest, etc.).
    •     Each target-object can be attempted by all members of the party, unless jammed.
  5. You must have an admin-approved lockpick in your inventory, in order to /lockpick (rather than /breakdown). Lockpicks and Bolt-Cutters can be found at CT.
    • Lockpicks and Bolt-Cutters are consumed on success, or in the event of a jam.


Rolling Guidelines

  1. You must create a /modreq before attempting to lockpick a target.
  2. You must emote each attempt to lockpick and/or break-in. Each emote must be followed by /roll 20.
  3. You must follow all guidelines encompassed in petty-theft rules.


Required rolls for success:

  • Wooden Door — Roll 17+ (10+ w/ lockpick)
  • Iron Doors — Roll 19+ (15+ w/ lockpick)
  • Glass Window — Roll 12+ (2+ w/ hard-object*)
  • Wooden Fence Window — Roll 15+ (10+ w/ axe*)
  • Wooden Gate — Roll 15+ (10+ w/ lockpick)
  • Iron-Bar Window — Roll 19+ (Roll 15+ w/ bolt-cutters)
  • Chest — Roll 16+ (Lockpick or Bolt-Cutters required)


*This item must be present in your inventory.
A roll below 5 will result in an object-target jamming, unable to be lockpicked further.



  1. You must create a /modreq before an act of vandalism.
    • A member of the Moderation Team will supervise the event and make the required alterations in-game.
  2. You must request region owner permission for major alterations (destruction of large structures, arson, explosions, etc)
  3. You can conduct minor alterations, such as graffiti, propaganda or minor destruction (windows, doors, banners, etc) without region owner approval.
  4. Signs must be placed down to describe the scene. You can request assistance from the moderator if you're unable to place down signs due to region-permissions.


Interactable Roleplay Objects

Interactable RP Objects include all individual objects that can be interacted with through roleplay but cannot be looted mechanically, such as heads/bodies hung outside of areas, bodies in graves and/or tombs, uniforms in armories, etc.

  1. You must create a /modreq before stealing an interactable roleplay object.
    • A member of the Moderation Team will claim the ticket, either accepting or denying the request, pending discussion and valid reason.
  2. Signs must be placed down to describe the scene. You can request assistance from the moderator if you're unable to place down signs due to region-permissions.
  3. You cannot loot player-heads that represent a character's child as kidnapping through petty theft.

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