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Realms and Land Ownership


Welcome to the realm system of Lord of the Craft! This guide will help you understand the basics of land ownership and the different features that come with it.


Obtaining Land


To get land for your realm, you need to have at least 15 unique accounts attached to it. Once you have the required number of players, you can obtain land through a soft-approval process from the implementation team and a fee of 5000 mina. This process does not require an application and can be done in any unowned land except adjacent to a core tile of another nation.


Activity Checks


To keep your realm active, you need to pass activity checks. These checks are conducted by an internal program and measure the activity of your realm. Activity is measured on two signals which are calculated based on a rolling-average - online realm members, and players within your realm. The exact algorithm for how these are calculated is internal, though as a guideline you should maintain an average of 1% global activity between the two.



    • Both signals passing



    • One or more signals failing



    • Both signals failing, eviction is imminent

    • Will require final approval by both the Tech + Mod Admins.




There are two types of tiles within realms, core and exterior tiles. Core tiles represent the bustling, lived-in parts of a realm and may be used for settlements, forts, vassals, estates, etc. Exterior tiles represent the vast territorial claims realms may have, and may not be developed beyond small improvements like farms, mines, docks, camps, small outposts, shrines, etc.


Your capital tile is automatically a core tile. Additionally, your capital region may span multiple tiles with approval from the implementation team. One of these must be indicated as ‘true’ capital tile for administrative purposes.


Monetary Upkeep


To keep your land, you need to pay a monetary upkeep. The cost of this upkeep depends on the type of tiles you own. 

  • Your capital tile has no upkeep; and

  • Additional core tiles cost 150 minas each, and;

  • Exterior tiles cost 50 minas each; or

  • A minimum upkeep of 100 mina, if the sum of core and exterior tile upkeep is less than 100 mina.


The upkeep will be automatically withdrawn from your treasury every Sunday. If you fail to pay your monetary upkeep, you will lose your tiles.


Normal Expansion


If you want to expand your realm, you will need to pay for expansion.

  • 3,000 minas to purchase an exterior tile.

  • 2,000 minas to upgrade an exterior tile to a core tile.


To purchase a tile, it must border one of your core tiles, or at least two exterior tiles. Tiles bordering another realm’s capital may not be purchased without their consent.


Tiles cannot be redrawn or split.


Exclave Expansion


An exclave is a region that is completely disconnected from your capital tile. It must have at least one core tile, designated as its capital, and functions as a vassal with a separate roleplay leader. Expansion and upkeep costs are doubled.


Tile Dispersal / Downgrading


You can get rid of tiles in your realm using the following methods:

  • Exterior / vacant core tiles: Exterior tiles, or core tiles without vassals, may be abandoned or sold to another realm at any point. This will cause the tile to be removed from the realm, no refund will be given. You can also downgrade a core tile to exterior with this method. 
    • You may not disperse of or downgrade a tile if it results in a violation of normal expansion bordering guidelines.
  • Occupied core tiles: If a tile you wish to disperse of contains a vassal, you may either expel them from the realm, transfer them to another realm, or evict them.
    • Eviction: Follow the process outlined in the region rules, after this you can abandon or sell the tile as outlined above.
    • Expulsion: One week notice (unless otherwise mutually agreed on) before they become their own realm, they may revolt during this time if they do not want independence.
      • They must meet the requirements for realm creation signatures.
    • Transfer: One week notice (unless otherwise mutually agreed on) until they transfer to another realm. The other realm must also be in agreement before the process begins. If the vassal does not wish to be transferred, they may declare a rebellion or revolution during this time.


Realm Merging


Two realms may agree to merge. One realm's capital must be designated the capital for administrative purposes, and exclave expansion rules apply for upkeep should the realms not be connected as per the normal expansion rules. A one week notice will be given in both realms, during which time any vassals may rebel / revolt, unless all vassals agree to the merger. The merger may not proceed until any issues with vassals are resolved through.


Realm Dissolution


A realm may be dissolved by it's leadership, or by staff if no upkeep can be paid, with a one week notice. During this time, any vassals may declare independence should they meet the signature requirements. A dissolution may also be stopped by a revolution. If the realm is being dissolved due to failure to pay upkeep, the relevant upkeep must be paid by any newly independent vassals, or in the event of a revolution, the new leadership.


Administration Features


As a realm owner, you have access to several administration features. Every feature is free, aside from carts. 


Multiple within the realm:


  • Carts: 

    • These allow your players to fast travel across your lands. Carts are only allowed for use within the realm, and not to anywhere outside of your lands.


  • Upkeep Cost

    • Carts require a standard upkeep cost per week based on the distance they travel. The further the distance, the higher the cost. Keep this in mind when deciding where to send your carts, and how much to charge as a usage fee.


  • Usage Fee

    • Realm leaders can determine the price players pay for using carts. A separate price can be set for realm members and non-members.


One within the realm:


  • Soul Beacon: 

    • Location where realm members can always soulstone to. Will be where new players have their soulstone set when leaving cloud temple should they select your realm.


  • Default Mine: 

    • This is a free mine that comes with each realm. You can use it to gather resources and materials.


  • Treasury: 

    • Hold your realm’s mina. It is free, and you can have one per realm.

    • Treasuries have sub-accounts for the realm’s leadership to manage.

      • Each account has a transaction ledger that allows managers to review outgoing and incoming payments.

      • You can link shops to any treasury account.


One per core-tile within realm:


  • Green Soulstone Pillar: 

    • These allow your players to travel to your realm. 


  • Banks: 

    • NPCs that allow players to store their mina.


  • Aviaries: 

    • These allow you to send messages to other players.


  • Bells: 

    • These allow you to alert players and other realms of important events or announcements. 

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