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Found 1 result

  1. Expanding Auras: This small post is primarily for additional aesthetic. While mages have aura colors, they’re generally bland; I want them to have an interesting auric energy about them, perhaps adding more intricacy to their character as the person playing the mage figures out what would fit their character, bbt By no means do auras dictate the mage’s personality - it is simply a nice aesthetic. Proposal A mage can make their aura be comprised of a color and its variations. For example, a mage can have their aura look like a smoky grayish orange that fumes from a lighter orange, making it appear like fire, perhaps. This aesthetic can go into anything that requires to use or take on the color of the aura, like Arcanism, Voidal Shifting, so on so forth. On top of such, should a mage look at one’s aura, there could be faint shapes and objects manifested within the aura, perhaps icy flakes, twisting and moving triangles, and so on so forth. While these intricate, multi colored auras are allowed, something absurd like the dreaded “Rainbow Aura” will not be possible. What this allows: A mage’s aura can appear to be moving, in faint and vague shapes, and comprised of multiple gradients/variation of a colors. Redlines: Aura remains as an aesthetic, cannot be used in combat. No Rainbow auras. Unable to change aura unless 'drastic character change' occurs.
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