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  • Lairs on a realm-owned tile may be warclaimed by the owning realm.
  • This warclaim is free of cost for the realm/lair.
  • Allies are permitted for both sides, and pay standard base/travel costs.
  • If the realm wins, they may annex, pillage, or raze the lair region.
  • If the lair wins, the tile is returned to the monks and the lair is protected for two months from any warclaim.
  • The lair may avoid a warclaim by moving (if approved) using ST-Lair Relocation within 48 hours of the warclaim post, otherwise the warclaim proceeds as scheduled.
  • The Administration may delay or veto warclaims on lairs.
    • Note: This is generally only¬†used in special circumstances when a lair is being used for an eventline.

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