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  • Rules: Yes
    Referral: Through a Friend
    Discord: Spencer#9353
    How do you avoid powergaming in roleplay?: To avoid powergaming I'd not force a combat action onto another player/ character while playing.
    How does metagaming disrupt fair roleplay?: Meta gaming distrupts fair roleplay is the player uses knowledge that the character does not or should not know while in rp.
    Status: Accepted

I grew up in a quaint cottage in the forest when raiders came and forced me out of my home. So I took my farm animals and what I could salvage from the raid and set off to start anew. I haven't heard from my parents in quite some time but they do send letters from time to time. Being the oldest of three siblings wasn't easy and one of my brothers didn't like me as much. Raising animals and tending to crops aint easy but it is very fulfilling.

Character Name: Drannor
Character Race: Wood Elf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 25
Physical Description: Medium build with brown hair, purple eyes, and pointed ears . He wears a simple vest over his white shirt. He is 5'6 and weighs 120 lbs.
Screenshot of Skin:

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Hi there! As you can see, your app is almost ready! Just a few changes you need to make, but don’t worry - you are doing great!


Please review our Wiki’s definition of Powergaming. Including an example if you're having a hard time writing something down/or don’t know how else to word it. If you need help, please feel free to reach out. 


You can also learn more about combat roleplay here



Please make sure to include at least six sentences! If you’re stumped on what to add. I recommend saying where you are from, how was it growing up? Maybe talk about your parents? Ect.


Your Physical Description needs a bit more detail!  If you’re lost on what to add, height, eye color, hair color, hair length, what they might wear, etc. are all good. 

You’ll be given 48 hours to correct the changes above. Once you are done correcting, please contact me!

My discord is Sailor#4861! If you don’t have discord, please message me on the forums @Sailor!

If you need to contact me, or need help,  you can join the LotC Discord here :Discord

I recommend going to the New player’s category, going to help chat. Pining @Community team saying “I’m new and would like some help with my application. I got put on pending!” If I or another team member can not be reached. 

If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki! WIKI

Lastly  is a link to the new player hub! : New Player Hub

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Hi there, as you can see, you have been accepted onto the server! Well done on your application, you’re doing great! Welcome to the wonderful community of LotC!

To get started, The server IP is mc.lotc.co. The server is 1.16.5 - 1.17.2 

I suggest going to tutorial island or do; /creq Can a Wilven come assist me?

Here are some links to help you start out! x3

Settlement Guides

Nations & Major Settlements

 If you need help, Feel free to contact me via the forums @Sailor or my discord [Sailor#4861]. I’m often online, so you can message me with /msg SailorBTY to find me in game. If I’m not around You can always do /creq with your questions or you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : Discord 

I recommend going to the New player’s category, going to help chat. Pining @Community team saying “I’m new and would like a run down on the server!” If I or another team member can not be reached. 

Lastly, here is the new player hub, I recommend you look over it!

New player hub

Another New Player Guide 

Have fun role playing! :D

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