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  1. PROMOTION REQUIREMENT Published; upon the 10th of the First Seed of the year 169 amidst the Second Age. The concept of meritocracy has defined the history of our beloved nation. An idea that finds worth in its diligence and integrity, resulting in the successful establishment of the Celia'norian people as worthy enough to call themselves independent. Just as the belief in meritocracy has formed our nation, so too has the Celia'Diraar, locked hand in hand with the epic that is our history. Yet, as time shifts, the Celia'Diraar's status as a premier military force has wavered, yet the ideals of meritocracy in its ranks have not fallen derelict. Thus, it is necessary to reform the organizational structure of the Celia'Diraar to utilize our identity as a meritocratic institution through the Tilru System. Promotion Requirement Mordu’lar: Selected by the Royarch. Aneh-wy/Aneh-why: Selected by the Mordu’lar, must be a Parir. PARIR: Selected by the Mordul’lar, must be a Dion’sil or above. Pern’sew: 500 Tilru with the assent of the Mordu’lar The Pern’sew is the highest rank a member of the Celia’diraar can achieve before being promoted to an officer. Being a Pern’sew denotes a member of the diraar as of one the most elite warriors in Celia’norian society. Pern’sews are typically first picks to fill new officer ranks and are often assigned to lead the vanguard of Celia’nor in battle. Okar’sohae: 300 Tilru with the assent of the Mordu’lar The Okar’sohae are one of the most senior veterans within the Celia’diraar. Despite not being officers, they’ve spent years within the military and their rank commands the utmost respect from those below them. They’re often tasked with leading patrols or hosting minor training for the greater Celia’diraar. Many consider the Okar’sohae a midterm rank, as they’re the lower pool the Mordu’lar and Aneh-wy pull from when choosing new Parirs. DION’SIL: 150 Tilru The Dionsil are veteran warriors within the Celia'diraar who have proven their combat prowess and dedication. They have distinguished themselves through time served within the Celia'diraar and are expected to assist the Okar'sahae in training, enforcing officer orders, and keeping lower-ranking soldiers in good order. DIRAR: 50 Tilru The Diraar are the regular troops within the Celia'diraar who are trusted to police the city and outlying areas, and apprehend criminals within the borders. They have shown their worth as soldiers and are trusted on the battlefield, these troops take orders from the Parir and Aneh’wy as well as the occasional direct order from the Mordu’lar. They can also give basic orders to the Fiyem FIYEM: 0 Tilru The Fiyem are recruits - both magi and non-magi - who have just enlisted within the Celia'diraar and are thus the lowest rank of the Celia’diraar. They are often given the duties of simple guarding within the city and gate duty as well as following the lead of their superiors in more complicated situations. Once they take on Atheleons Mark they will need to continue to serve and prove their worth to eventually be promoted to the rank of Diraar or Seth'eyr. TILRU SYSTEM The Tilru System seeks to highlight the responsibilities and duties that any member of the Celia’diraar may undertake. Each responsibility or duty has a select amount of ‘Tilru’ allotted to it which can be used as a tool of measurement for the Mordu’lar and Aneh-wy to determine when a Diradi should be promoted. In addition to gaining ‘Tilru’, members of the Celia’diraar may lose it for poor performances, traitorous activities, and other behaviors that are unbecoming of a member of Celia’norian society. WAYS TO EARN TILRU WAYS TO EARN TILRU Gate Duty: 5 Tilru per hour (Max 2 hours a day) Patrolling Inside the City Walls: 5 Tilru per hour (Max 2 hours a day) Guarding Events: 10 Tilru Completing Assignments: 5 Tilru Saving the Life of a Celia’norian: 5 Tilru Attending a Mining Trip: 5 Tilru Recruiting a Mali into the Diraar: 15 Tilru Attending an Official Celia’diraar Training: 15 Tilru Recruiting an ‘Aheral into the Diraar: 20 Tilru Winning a Tournament Hosted by any Nation: 15 Tilru Raids: 20 Tilru Skirmishes: 30 Tilru LOSS OF TILUR Failure to Complete Tasks: -10 Tilru Cause of a Military Disaster: -20 Tilru Consistent Loss of Celia’diraar Equipment: -10 Tilru Failure to Comply with OSHA Regulations: -20 Tilru Insubordination -30 Tilru Harassment/Assault of Fellow Soldiers: -50 Tilru Failure to Comply with Orders: -50 Tilru Cowardice/Treason: -100 Tilru | Subject to IMMEDIATE Court-Martial
  2. Published; On the 10th of Malin’s welcome, upon the year of 169 of the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” _______ Amidst the tranquil beauty of Celia'nor's forests, a tale of valor and resilience unfolds, woven into the fabric of recent history. It was upon the auspicious dawn of the 10th of Malin's welcome, in the year 169 of the Second Age, that the Celia'diraar militia, under the esteemed guidance of His Highness, Prince Illthrak Ibarellan, embarked on a training expedition of unparalleled significance. Their noble endeavor: to vanquish and rid the lands of beasts amidst the grand hunt of the moose, whose presence had wrought havoc upon the serene landscapes of Celia'nor, terrorizing all who ventured near. Though initially perceived as mere nuisances, the creatures soon revealed themselves to be formidable adversaries, their strength and ferocity unmatched. Undeterred by the daunting task before them, the valiant soldiers of the Diraar militia engaged in rigorous training prior to such endeavor, honing their skills in anticipation of the challenges that lay ahead. With each skirmish, they grew more adept, their resolve tempered by the trials they faced. Yet it was not until they confronted a truly colossal specimen, a beast of unparalleled size and strength, that the true test of their mettle began. Towering over its lesser kin, this monstrous moose proved to be a formidable adversary, its charge and brute force unmatched by any foe they had encountered before amidst their training. In a battle that tested their courage and resolve to the very core, the warriors of the Diraar militia, including the esteemed Fali'dra Glanaeri, Aldous Glanaeri, Zenos Raznok, Hecco Pure, and Liana Gemini, faced the colossal moose with unwavering determination. Despite suffering injuries and enduring the relentless onslaught of their foe, they stood firm, their spirits unbroken. Through sheer determination and unwavering resolve, the Celia'diraar militia emerged victorious, vanquishing the monstrous moose alongside its ferocious kin, and reclaiming the lands from its terror. As a testament to their valor, they claimed the mighty antlers of their fallen foe, a symbol of their triumph and a reminder of their indomitable spirit. Thus, with heads held high and hearts filled with pride, the triumphant warriors of the Diraar militia returned to Celia'nor, their noble deeds forever etched into the accords of history. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Nobilic Scribe and Councilor of the Principality of Celia’nor, Matriarch of the Esteemed Glanaeri Talonnii, founder of the Silken Majesty Embroidery, and author of the Celia’nor Chronicle, Viserra Glanaeri
  3. Published; On the Nineteenth of the Sun’s Smile, of Year 158 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” Amidst the bustling growth and urban flourish of Celia'nor, emerges a splendid marvel—an enclave meticulously crafted to satiate the burgeoning aspirations of its spirited populace. Picture a freshly woven tapestry of dwellings adorning the realms just beyond the revered tavern, nestled within the vibrant embrace beyond the bustling commerce. This carefully sculpted haven promises a serene haven and a respite from the world's rush, a trove of tranquility and leisure. This meticulously fashioned district boasts a vibrant tapestry of beloved locales, a symphony of cherished establishments that beckon the citizens to revel in their magnetic allure while delighting in the convenience that proximity affords. As the vibrant district unfurls its brilliance, a new symphony echoes through the cobbled streets—a name whispered with joy: Asul'fin. This title sings of sunlit panoramas and radiant landscapes, a beacon of warmth and light amidst the city's embrace. Embracing its radiant name, the district of Asul'fin exudes an enchanting aura, gifting its dwellers with splendid vistas and joyous escapades, all bathed in the gentle caress of the sun's benevolence! All of which is henceforth available to those in need of an abode whilst advised to speak with the likes of a steward amidst said instance. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Laurir Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor
  4. Published; On the Nineteenth of the Sun's Smile, of Year 158 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” "Coin, the silken thread that weaves the fabric of fortune." I. The Acaln’sae Tale II. The Symbolism of the Ram III. The Values of the Acaln’sae IV. Familial Traits _______ In the storied annals of the Principality of Celia'nor lies a tale woven with threads of hardship, resilience, and triumph—the saga of the Acaln'sae, a family once obscured in the mists of obscurity, now adorned with the laurels of nobility… Their odyssey embarked during an epoch shrouded in impoverishment, their lineage deeply entwined with the fading remnants of their erstwhile abode in Almaris. The Acaln'sae, once hailed as artisans of the tailor's craft, found themselves ensnared as feeble prey to the unrelenting currents of misfortune… In solemn tale, this lamentable saga began with their chosen vocation, an art that, much to their dismay, starkly mismatched their innate aptitudes and suffered glaring undervaluation, despite their earnest toil. Consequently, this ill-fated circumstance plunged them into disrepute among their peers, who, with cruel intent, declared the Acaln'sae as objects of ridicule within their society. Enduring ceaseless torment fueled by an overbearing sense of superiority, their once-esteemed peers spewed forth venomous remarks without hesitation, relishing in their amusement at the expense of the Acaln'sae. Even the faintest interest in their preference for cigars and a yearning for a more opulent life against daunting odds served to distance the Acaln'sae further from society's embrace, branding them as ignorant and naive in the eyes of a serpent-like public, accused of ignorance about their place in the world. And thus, amidst the swirling tempests of their existence—whether it be the unending decline of their inept and unprofitable tailoring trade, which relentlessly condemned them to impoverishment, or the ceaseless persecution they endured at the hands of a venomous public, whose scorn aimed to elevate themselves by abasing the Acaln'sae—torment seemed an eternal companion. Yet, as if the celestial stars themselves found grim amusement in their plight, tragedy struck the beleaguered Acaln'sae once more with unforgiving brutality. A plague, a merciless reaper, descended upon their prior lands in perilous detriment, but the Acaln'sae household was especially afflicted for it claimed its victims without discrimination among their household. It commenced with Ulrond Acaln'sae, the elder and erstwhile patriarch of the forsaken kin, and as if without a seam of hesitance, it swiftly seized the remaining five adults of the dwindling Acaln'sae lineage, including Aldon Acaln'sae, who would later be revered as Ronan Acaln'sae's father. The very fabric of hope within their humble abode was rented asunder. The once-hopeful Acaln'sae offspring found themselves orphaned, bereft of elders lost to the merciless plague, leaving behind naught but emaciated children—haunting specters of their former selves. _______ _______ Whilst the cruel tribulations that befell the Acaln'sae offspring, cast aside and abandoned within the tattered confines of their crumbling homestead, the haughty masses, who found mirth in sealing off the destitute like the Acaln'sae, ensconced them within hallowed walls. These abodes, then but a desolate haunt of their decaying forebears, were erected to shield the privileged echelons from the harrowing specter of the "Plague of Peasants," despite possessing the means to repel this vile malady, unlike their fellow brethren dwelling in the downtrodden slums. The weeks bled into one another, ensnaring the Acaln'sae within their abodes-turned-prisons, their spirits dampened by the reek of mortality that clung to the air, devoid of sunlight and plagued by the incessant gnawing of hunger that beset their emaciated forms. As the chilling embrace of winter drew near, casting an icy pallor upon the nights, those impoverished children found themselves bereft of warmth, unable to stave off the encroaching cold. Many, dwelling in similar destitution within the slums, met a fate akin to entrapment within their own dwellings, succumbing to the frigid embrace of the frost, their forsaken abodes becoming their icy sepulchers, lying undisturbed and forgotten for years to come. Yet, amid this bleak tableau, a spark of resolve ignited within young Ronan Acaln'sae, a mere twelve years in age and now orphaned alongside his three siblings following weeks of oppressive captivity. Undeterred by the pervasive decay and despair, Ronan laid his hands upon a relic from his deceased father's grasp—an aged hoe, once wielded to till the fields that once nourished their family ere the elders' untimely demise. While armed only with this solemn heirloom of his father's toil, the twelve-year-old and his siblings summoned the remnants of their strength, frail though it was, to labor fervently for escape within their earthen-floored abode. Two grueling days of ceaseless toil yielded fruit—a passageway, a clandestine route to freedom, emerged from the earth, carved out by their unwavering determination and tireless efforts in the dead of night, a glimmer of hope amidst their bleak circumstances. _______ _______ The departure from their desolate abode heralded a transformative juncture—a testament to endurance, an odyssey of deliverance embarked upon by the emaciated and once-confined siblings, led by the resolute Ronan Acaln'sae. Their meandering path led them for an approximate span of two weeks, guiding them from the fringes of civilization into the heart of the woods. Here, amid the verdant embrace, they beheld the sun's rays for the first time since the onset of the harrowing "Plague of Peasants." However… It became evident that their prolonged absence from its nurturing glow rendered their pallid, ash-gray complexions susceptible to burns, a testament to their unaccustomed vulnerability to its fervent radiance amidst the chilling temperatures, a stark reminder of their sequestered existence. But as if they hadn’t been forsaken enough, yet another trial beset them—a profound ignorance in the ways of foraging sustenance from the bounties of nature became a matter of realization, whether through scavenging or the craft of hunting they were ignorant to all. The orphaned and enfeebled Acaln'sae children grappled with these fundamental skills, as their survival hinged upon mastering the wilds as they pressed deeper into the daunting woods… It was once overcoming these tribulations and enduring their discomforts, their journey guided them to the threshold of an aheral couple dwelling in a humble, remote hamlet. It was almost as though by some providence or turn of fate, the compassionate hearts of the couple opened wide to embrace these downtrodden children, welcoming them into their hearth as though they were progeny of their own without a mere modicum of hesitance to the children’s bewilderment. Thus began a tender period, spanning the ensuing seven months, during which the couple devotedly ministered to the scarred Acaln'sae descendants, nursing them back from the very brink of mortality in which they narrowly faced. _______ _______ Following their convalescence, the Acaln'sae children reveled in newfound comfort, a luxury unknown to them for a span of time they could scarcely recollect. This resurgence in vitality was met with unanimous gratitude from the children, who regarded the elderly couple as surrogate grandparents and their ultimate saviors. Thus, buoyed by their revitalized health, the children convened to express their immense gratitude and offered their assistance to the couple, aspiring to foster an enduring bond. Ronan, in particular, fervently championed the notion of aiding the couple, viewing it as an honorable debt owed for the selfless act that had saved their lives. Initially, the couple demurred, refusing the children's offer, for they deemed it inappropriate to instill a sense of obligation in the hearts of these grateful young souls. Moreover, they considered the children as their own, having grown deeply fond of them since their arrival. Yet, after contemplation, the elderly merchants acquiesced to the proposal. Thus commenced an apprenticeship, wherein the children became the protégés of the elderly couple, joining them in their mercantile pursuits and voyages across realms aboard their modest cart, while imbibing the wisdom of commerce. Thus beginning their refinement of the merchant trade. As time coursed through the annals, the Acaln'sae blossomed and burgeoned under the wing of their guardians, fashioning a surrogate kinship that mirrored familial bonds. Their spirits, imbued with hope, relished in the oasis of tranquility and achievement that emerged through the erudition gleaned from the sagacious teachings of their aged caretakers. Surprisingly adept at imbibing the intricacies of the merchant trade, the Acaln'sae found a natural inclination toward these newfound skills, a stark departure from their family's erstwhile pursuit in tailoring. _______ _______ However, the capricious hand of fate played another disheartening card; time ushered the elderly couple to their celestial abodes, leaving the young Acaln'sae bereft yet resolute. Ronan, particularly, took up the mantle, an unwavering torchbearer honoring the legacy of their mentors, steering the family forward along the path paved by their venerable guides. Motivated by an unwavering vow to shun destitution forever, the Acaln'sae embarked on a relentless odyssey through diverse realms, spanning the ensuing 15 years upon their mentors' passage. Their singular pursuit? To refine their commercial acumen and accumulate fortunes beyond the scope their forebears could have envisioned, steadfast in their determination to never revisit the shadowed valleys of deprivation that had once been their former realm. Emblazoned within their ethos and endeavors, their maxim— "Coin, the silken thread that weaves the fabric of fortune"—stood as a guiding light, engrained deep within their principles and choices among their pursuits. After fifteen years dedicated to mastering their craft—whether through the finesse of their marketing stratagems, the expansion of their extensive merchandise displayed within their cart-like shop, or the refinement of their persuasion techniques—the Acaln'sae found themselves at the gates of Celia'nor, a realm pulsating with opulence and diversity, a stark contrast to the land that once bore witness to their suffering. Their attention was magnetically drawn to this resplendent realm, as if guided by the hand of destiny itself. In what seemed a fleeting moment, the now-seasoned family unanimously agreed that they had discovered a newfound haven, embracing the manifold prospects for advancement and prosperity within Celia'nor's bounds. Ronan, ascending through the echelons of power, became an indispensable figure in the governance of the realm. He adorned the title of Councilor within the Royal Council, holding the esteemed position as the Princess Royarch's right hand. With earnest intent, he dedicated himself to fostering Celia'nor's continual expansion, its infrastructure development, and the flourishing of its very essence. Notably, the Acaln'sae, under Ronan's guidance, actively engaged in various enterprises, initiatives, and the establishment of new guilds, such as the esteemed Fishing Guild and similar endeavors. Their unwavering commitment to the Ibarellan crown and their solemn pledge of service to the reigning sovereign, Illyria Ibarellan, culminated in the recent bestowment of the esteemed title of Laurir—a distinction ranking third in the hierarchy of nobility. _______ _______ Further worthy of mention, akin to their ancestors, Ronan Acaln'sae and his siblings maintain a deep affinity for the indulgence of cigars and the opulent lifestyle they once yearned to embrace. Presently, Ronan continues to safeguard the cherished cigars passed down by his forebears, an heirloom echoing with tales of familial legacy and rich history. Alongside these treasured relics, Ronan curates his own collection—a repository of luxury and tradition. It is his fervent wish that these tokens of heritage will find their place in the hands of future generations, thus perpetuating the legacy of the Acaln'sae lineage. In the mosaic of their history, the Acaln'sae stand tall—a testament to perseverance, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of prosperity. Their journey, a symphony of struggle and triumph, resonates through time, epitomizing the indomitable spirit that propels them to the heights they now inhabit. _______ The symbol of the ram, proudly worn as the Acaln'sae sigil, holds profound significance steeped in ancestral legacy. This noble emblem encapsulates the essence of determination, resilience, and unwavering fortitude—an ode to the enduring human spirit. Through the annals of history and in the present times, the Acaln'sae clan embodies the very virtues symbolized by the ram, displaying a tenacity that defies adversity and an unyielding strength in the face of challenges. Moreover, the radiant hues of gold adorning the sigil serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the pursuit of wealth, echoing the resonant ethos encapsulated in their revered motto. _______ WEALTH In the tapestry of Acaln'sae values, woven from the threads of their storied past, certain principles gleam as pillars guiding their existence. Foremost among these is their paramount dedication to amassing wealth, an eternal pursuit that holds primacy, an homage to their predecessors who weren't blessed with such opulence. LOYALTY Yet, beyond the glittering treasures they've accumulated, loyalty stands tall, revered as the binding force fostering a shared destiny towards prosperity. Recalling the trials endured in their former lands, loyalty's steadfastness upheld the fragile flame of survival amidst the torrents of public betrayal and adversity, forging an unbreakable union rooted in unwavering commitments and pledges. CLEANLY HEALTH Moreover, the sanctity of health and hygiene lingers as an indelible mark on their ethos. The haunting memory of the devastating plague that cruelly snatched cherished lives imbues the Acaln'sae with a sense of caution, almost bordering on hypochondria. They ardently engage in medical teachings and seek counsel from the Py'lrie, meticulously preparing for any health-related tribulations, while adopting preventive measures to ward off potential illnesses. This enduring vigilance reflects their earnest endeavor to safeguard their well-being and perpetuate a legacy unmarred by the shadow of affliction. _______ In the company of the esteemed Acaln'sae, one may observe a distinctive trait shared among their close associates—a notable number of these affiliates within the esteemed merchant lineage present themselves with resplendent crimson hair whilst few bear the likeness of blonde within their roots, often paired with striking eyes that shimmer in shades akin to glistening gold. Legends have it that these eyes, reminiscent of precious coins, perfectly embody the essence mirrored in the family's revered motto. Furthermore, among those familiar with the Acaln'sae lineage, a distinctive trait becomes evident—their conversations echo with a clever cadence woven into the rich tapestry of their speech. Their minds, honed like the finest blades, possess a sharpness that swiftly navigates the currents of their discourse, especially when discussing pressing matters or reveling in the peculiar. Recent whispers suggest a newfound interest within the family—an exploration into the realm of magic, pursued with the intent of infusing an extra dimension into their mercantile pursuits. This inclination has propelled figures like Ronan to ascend into positions of authority, their family name becoming intertwined within various projects scattered across the territories of Celia'nor. In addition, while a matter of seemingly lesser import, it's known to some that the Acaln'sae possess a peculiar fondness for the sport of sheep racing. This eccentric penchant for such frivolous amusement culminates in periodic events hosted by the family, where merriment and camaraderie intertwine as their peers partake in the jovial spectacle of racing these wooly creatures. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Laurir Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor
  5. Published; On the Eleventh of the Grand Harvest, of Year 158 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” In the distinguished halls of the Principality of Celia'nor, a heralded edict resounds, signifying the rise of new families into the esteemed echelons of nobility. These newly anointed lineages, born within the realm's embrace, ascend to the revered ranks of Lords and Ladies, draped in the rich heritage of their distinguished titles. Henceforth, their presence in public forums shall warrant the esteemed address of Lord or Lady, bestowing upon their families a resplendent sheen of prestige. This grand recognition is a testament to their unwavering dedication, invaluable contributions, and steadfast allegiance to our cherished nation. Their heraldic symbols, emblazoned with the eminence of their honor, epitomize the rich tapestry of their legacies, interwoven with the storied history of our beloved realm. These families, revered for their loyalty and profound service, stand as paragons of noble virtue and revered contributors to our nation's tapestry. _______ I. Amidst the revered annals of Celia'nor, the Py'lrie family, heralded as the foremost amongst newly anointed nobility, ascends to the prestigious mantle of Evarir. Across generations, their unwavering commitment to the realm's prosperity stands resolute, an indomitable testament to their venerable legacy. Within the hallowed chambers of the Royal Council, their voices resonate with wisdom, guiding the nation's destiny with sagacious counsel. As stewards of the ancestral clinic, their tireless efforts in safeguarding the populace's welfare and health are woven into the very fabric of Celia'nor's essence. Furthermore, their valiant leadership in shaping the noble legacy of our land reverberates through the annals of time, a beacon of honor and dedication. Notably, their distinguished service within the militia exemplifies their valorous dedication to safeguarding the realm. Thus, the Py'lrie family stands adorned with the mantle of Evarir, their noble commitment etched in the chronicles of Celia'nor's grandeur. II. Amidst the revered lineage ascending to the zenith of nobility as Evarir, emerges the esteemed Nullivari family, steadfast allies of Celia'nor since its earliest days. Their unyielding dedication to the realm echoes through their unwavering presence in the courtly chambers and the illustrious Royal Council, where they have admirably served the crown with unwavering commitment. Moreover, the Nullivari family's allegiance extends to the venerated Order of the Knights, where they have steadfastly upheld the cherished traditions of chivalry, thereby fortifying their esteemed position among the paramount ranks of Celia'nor's noble elite. III. Lastly, among those ascending to the esteemed echelons of Evarir, the Cerusil lineage stands resolute, their valorous legacy etched deep within the annals of Celia'nor's history. Renowned for their unyielding prowess and commanding presence within the realm's military echelons, they have epitomized the essence of honor and duty. Many among them have gallantly led the revered Divadri, known in ancient times as the Celia’diraar, adorned with the esteemed mantle of Mordu’lar, or dutifully served as distinguished members of the Parir, fortifying the nation's defenses in times of tranquility and strife alike. Their resounding valor and unwavering commitment resonate not solely within the martial realms but also echo within the hallowed halls of the Royal Council, wherein their sagacious counsel has lent great strength to the sovereign crown. As courtiers, their graceful presence embellishes the courts of Celia'nor, adding to the realm's cultural and intellectual splendor. Their steadfast allegiance and unrelenting contributions have magnified the resurgence of Celia'nor, elevating the Cerusil lineage to the highest echelons of noble esteem within the realm. IV. Among the esteemed Virar, the second highest rank in nobility, the venerable Akaln'riv find their rightful place. For centuries, they have steadfastly stood by Celia'nor in its times of trials and tribulations, offering unwavering support and dedication. Their members, bearing the honor of roles within the court, have played an integral part in the kingdom's governance. Notably, the Akaln'riv's indelible mark in history includes their ownership of the Vassal of Paradine beneath Celia'nor, a steadfast loyalty to the crown that has further enriched the annals of our noble realm. V. The illustrious family of Wynasul stands as the final beacon among the noble Virar, the second highest rank in our distinguished hierarchy. They are celebrated for their invaluable cultural contributions, enriching the vitality of Celia'nor through their passionate embrace of the arts. Their esteemed members have long graced the court with their presence, continuing to bestow their fashionable and artistic gifts upon the crown and its cherished people, ensuring a tapestry of creativity and refinement within our noble realm. VI. Presently positioned among the esteemed Laurir, the third highest echelon of nobility, are the distinguished Ranaleth. Their profound contributions to Celia'nor are rooted in the mystical arts of alchemy and an unwavering affinity for the enigmatic. While perfecting their craft, they have maintained a steadfast presence within the court, sharing their alchemical wonders and esoteric wisdom, thus playing a pivotal role in advancing the realm's knowledge and prosperity. VII. Another Family worthy of note, within the esteemed rank of Laurir, the third highest tier of nobility, the illustrious Athri'onn family finds their place. For generations, they have been steadfast allies of the starlit realm of Celia'nor, lending their profound expertise in the enigmatic Voidal arts of magic. Their ceaseless curiosity and dedication to expanding the boundaries of voidal knowledge have made them integral members of the court, contributing to the ever-evolving tapestry of wisdom and magic within the kingdom. VIII. Lastly among the esteemed nobility, ascending to the coveted rank of Laurir, lies the newly honored Acaln'sae. Since the glorious rejuvenation and reclamation of Celia'nor, the Acaln'sae have traversed the realm, shouldering critical roles such as their Primarch's distinguished presence in the Royal Council. Not confined by grandeur, the family diligently partakes in seemingly trivial yet crucial tasks, tirelessly supporting the intricate framework that upholds Celia'nor's operational harmony. Their unswerving allegiance to the Ibarellan crown serves as a testament to their unwavering devotion to Celia'nor, alongside their steadfast dedication to aiding the populace during times of distress. Their profound commitment and earnest endeavors in the service of the realm have rightfully earned them this prestigious elevation in titles and nobility. [Their crest has yet to be made..] ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor
  6. Published; On the Eleventh of the First Seed, of Year 158 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” "It is on this day with a resolute mind and a steadfast heart in the interest of our realm this addressment shall be made to that of all of whom it may concern. It is with gravity and determination that we, as a nation, elect to withdraw from the tempestuous throes of the world-engulfing war that besets many distant lands. Henceforth, our nation shall assert its neutrality for the remaining span of this conflict. With our resources depleted, our treasury strained, and our populace imperiled, we shall no longer subject our people to the perils of a war that bears no claim upon their lives and promises them naught in return. The focus of Celia'nor, during this era of respite from strife, shall be directed towards the rekindling of our cultural flame, a revival steeped in the essence of our heritage. Moreover, we shall devote our endeavors to the renaissance of the diminishing legacy of our Elven brethren, recognizing them as integral components of our realm, deserving of priority and safeguarding. Our commitment to these pursuits shall not waver. This decision is not one borne of hostility towards others, but rather a testament to the sacred oath of the crown, ensuring the welfare and prosperity of our people above all else. It is my solemn duty to safeguard the vitality of their lives. Thus, with this decree, we sever our connections to the war, appealing to the celestial bodies for an end to the torrents of bloodshed that may besmirch these hallowed lands once more." ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor
  7. It was with this daunting series of missive floating about that the formerly known Matriarch and Mordu'lar, Senna Cerusil whom ventured far from that of her peers, only to return in infrequence, would grasp the papers of lengthened eulogy and recantings of others, unbeknownst as to their contents. Her gaze would furrow as she'd attempt to read the documents from within her temporary chambers in which she acquired whilst upon the roads, yet, alas, such shelter would only prove to bear a dimly lit luminance to aid her within the depth of night as she'd bask upon the contents of what had been left upon her doorstep. It was only whence she adjusted the thinly constructed missives beneath the shadowed lantern that her visage would shift from bewildering disbelief to a near frenzied outrage. The once remembered Cerusil whom was believed and endeared to be unbothered in spite of any adversity in which she faced throughout her years and taxing positions that she so dutifully endured, had loosened the reins on her subdued conscious as she slammed that of the borrowed lantern unto the table from which the missives, entailing her beloved cousins murder laid upon, causing the glass that had once encased the flame within to shatter without resistance against the force brought upon it, allowing it scattered throughout the desolate room. The flame, once seen within, would escape with mild ease following the now fragmented lantern's untimely fate, hence allowing the missives to subtly begin to engulf in flames before the Cerusil's vexed gaze without so much as a falter being offered towards an effort in saving the grievous missive. Senna's gaze would then forth flicker in hollowed purple brilliance whilst she'd ignore that of the simmering flame that remained in tow of her being per her now noticable shift in step in the entrance's directive. Hastily accompanying the aheral, a clouded shroud of mana similar in hue to that of her looming sight would trail in her step forth as muffled cursing could be heard beneath her shallowed breath. "In this bloodshed, no god nor stars shall stand in my path as I will carry out divine retribution in their stead for that of the severance of my cousin's innocent life simply due to their imbecilic ignorance as to her identity among the positions, she held, a councilor not being one in spite of their fallacious claims... Who shall they pray to now? Damned as I may be... So shall they." She would bellow in conscious torment before she'd head forth to that of her former lands.
  8. CERUSIL EVARIR THE TWO SWORDS TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. HISTORY III. RELICS IV. TRADITIONS V. STRUCTURE I - INTRODUCTION MISSION STATEMENT “To be our own creation and destruction; all, within our grasp.” The ultimate purpose - the very reason for the existence of every Cerusil - is the maintenance and development of the blade. The blade, as it exists to the Cerusil as a concept, is not physical, nor is it something one necessarily wields - the blade is the power and ability to protect oneself. It is the power and ability to exert one’s will upon others. The blade is the implement through which a Cerusil upholds the will of the family, and thus promotes themselves symbiotically through it. The goal of each Cerusil - that horizon which each member walks towards in perpetuity, is the sharpening of that blade. It is the honing of the attributes of an individual to their utmost. It is that endowment of effort and ability from part to whole, and it is that path that many minds and hands forge together towards prosperity and power. “To reach new heights; to cast away old; to rebirth ourselves with the blade.” PHILOSOPHY/MINDSET “It is not called short-sightedness when one only looks forward - it is called initiative.” Each Cerusil, empowered by their blade, seeks to utilize this for the promotion of themselves and their family. Whether it is through righteous or conniving means, the talonii will work tirelessly towards the goals of the family. Simultaneously, the Cerusil are unfortunately rarely allowed to strive in this way on their own - indeed, most goals include interaction with other groups and people - thus, this philosophy extends the reach of the mindset of the Cerusil to a set of interpersonal codes with which the Cerusil treat others. Primarily, the Cerusil place themselves firmly opposed to anything which might hinder them, or oppose their processes - no matter how legitimate or lawful this hindrance is, the Cerusil shall take it as an extreme slight if some restriction is placed upon them, or if they are spoken badly of. Along the same lines, given the primary goal of the Cerusil is the sharpening of the blade and the furthering of the family itself, the loyalties of the members of the family, as well as its whole, primarily lie with each other, not necessarily resting in any outside source. However, due to an oath made long ago by the founder of the Cerusil, they remain loyal to Ivarielle and her legacy, and thus will follow whoever they see to rightfully inherit it. The Cerusil see their investiture in the family as a gesture of ultimate trust - with each other, and with the family itself. Thus, it is a life-long commitment, and to each member of the family, removal from the family is akin to death, and the killing of a family member is the worst crime one can commit, with the family likely declaring anathema on anyone who does so. “It is through absolution of our weakness that we are seen to be whole; it is the fulfillment of our purpose through which we are forgiven.” II - HISTORY ORIGIN The High Elves have always lived lives akin that of the scholarly class or in pursuit of various curiosities, may it be the arts, sciences or otherwise. With the Eternal Library as a central heritage, it could be said that while the silver sons of Malin seldom intervened in war they were never afraid to when needed. But if there is one thing that is commonplace amongst elves as much as men, it is betrayal. It was during such a very ordeal that Cerufen Silmali excelled, leaving his mark not only in history but also tying himself to those who would shape it in the years to come. Leading his family who was known to practice the blade and its many forms, he led one of the many vanguards, striking down foes at the behest of Ivarielle I of Celia’nor. Though at the time she was not known as a ruler, but rather, by her name alone. Cerufen Silmali had sworn an oath to her and her family the Ibarellan’s just days prior. The man was one of the few who were privy to the plan of attack. All he asked for in return of his oath and the oath of his family, to safeguard not only the Royal Family to come but also, the future society of elves they’d come to make, was for her to promise him a prosperous society - successful and resplendent - one in which his family could prosper. It was with these thoughts in his heart that Cerufen led his family into combat, striking down foe after foe. When they had finally cut a bloody path through the battlefield and faced the Silver State’s many champions, while victorious in the moment, the war was far from over. As though the Deities above themselves had decided to interfere, the two sides parted, to form each their own society. Though they both knew it likely that conflict would rise once again. By the orders of the Primarch, the First Sword of Cerusil the family was given instructions to go into hiding until the day each of the descendants were to receive a letter. Told to never let their swords go dull and for them to prepare for the future war. While the Primarch remained to finish what had been started. In the years that passed since the new blades slowly prepared, to no one's surprise, the letters came not long after and Celius Cerusil and the rest of the family set out for Celia’nor, to uphold an oath, to protect the prosperous society their first Primarch was promised - the will of the First Sword. NEW BEGINNINGS “I asked my blade if it cared if I died - it did ne respond, it just gazed towards the enemy.” When Cerufen Silmali grew accomplished it was by no surprise that his family made their name Cerusil, honoring him, as well as staying true to their creed. As his hope was for them to remain a mighty sword that guards the Celian Society. The Cerusil, who are raised to know naught but the blade, naturally gravitated towards military matters, soon ingraining themselves within the Celiadiraar. It was in this venture that, through the assertion of the will of their founder and the oath she made to Ivarielle, the Cerusil gained new purpose - and that purpose was the protection and promotion of the nation of Celia’nor, and it would remain so in perpetuity should the legacy of Ivarielle and the oath that they made not be strayed from. The Cerusil, gathered in Celia’nor, reformed their family which had once been whole and then scattered - forging it whole again and remaking it in the image of their original vision, as much as this could be remembered and recounted. But it was too during this time that necessity spurred new tradition in the Cerusil, and new traditions were developed in adherence to the time and the state of the world. Through this philosophy, the house, under its new Primarch Celius Cerusil, did begin to prosper within the nation of Celia’nor, eventually falling into the hands of Celius’ daughter Senna Cerusil, who continued to propel the family into heights never before seen. III - Sacred Relics THE TWO SWORDS OF CERUSIL “One blade for each hand - indeed, two is a divine number.” The primary relics of the Cerusil family are the two original blades wielded by the founder Cerufen Silmali, after which the structure of the family is metaphysically fashioned. It is the likeness of these two blades through which the family forms itself, the relics themselves being the namesake for the primary groupings with which the Cerusil organize themselves, and the physical reclamation of these relics, which are currently lost time, is seen as one of the primary goals of the family. “With one sword we shall strike down our foes, and with the other we shall rewrite history.” THE FIRST SWORD OF CERUSIL “I asked my blade if it cared if I died - it did ne respond, it just gazed towards the enemy.” The First Sword of Cerusil, the original blade wielded by Cerufen Silmali in her right hand, represents to the Cerusil family martial prowess, and the physical aptitude of all members within. It is those members of the Cerusil who are most skilled with the sword, other martial matters, leadership, and general charisma, that identify themselves most heavily with the First Sword. It is said that the physical First Sword will be reclaimed by a worthy Cerusil, who shall propel the family to heights never seen before through pure use of their own strength and leadership, for it is this blade that represents that physical strength, vigor, and leadership present in all Cerusil. The appearance and nature of the physical sword itself is a description lost to time, and it only exists in sentimental meaning now to the Cerusil. “Ask not why it is silent in my wake.” THE SECOND SWORD OF CERUSIL “It was the most potent weapon ever used against me, and I did ne even feel it.” The Second Sword of Cerusil, to the family’s talonii, represents intelligence, intrigue, and, indeed, magic. It is those Cerusil who fashion their blade in the way of something non-traditional - whose strongest weapon is not necessarily physical, but affects and promotes the family just as potently. Though their blade is non-traditional, they are still instrumental to the success of the family, indeed encompassing one of the family’s two primary branches. It is those of the Second Sword who plot and connive, who bring plans to fruition and allow those of the First Sword to enact their martial prowess; indeed, without those of the Second Sword, the family would swiftly fall to nothingness. Similar to who may reclaim the First Sword, it is said that one who reclaimed the Second Sword would elevate the family with their plans and ambition - it is surely one of the First Sword that would command the most respect from the world, but one of the Second who would propel the family to newfound heights in society. “I asked you to be patient - it was a test, and in your haste you passed.” IV - TRADITION Dagger Gifting “Without you, how could I manage the cruelty of the world?” It is in the symmetry of the Two Swords of Cerusil that the family organizes itself, and, indeed, it was known to the founders of Cerusil and reflected in the tradition that one Sword is quite useless without the other. Through this acknowledgement, the tradition of dagger-gifting was synthesized, and along with it, the concept of the blade-bond. The blade-bond is a process through which one of the First and Second sword might bind themselves together in eternal friendship and trust - and it is indeed true that no Cerusil may exist for long without such a bond and find themselves successful within After one has been consecrated within the tradition of the Cerusil for some years, they might be expected by their kin to make a dagger-gift to one of the opposite sword, and if this gift is accepted, those two bonded shall be seen as unified through life and death - indeed, it is the highest dishonor if harm should fall upon the one you are bound to. Though it is not strictly unheard of for those of the same Sword to partake in this bond together, it is most common, and practical, for those of different Swords to do so, thus increasing the overall range of skills of the pair, and allowing them to better serve the Cerusil. The design and nature of the dagger gifted, as well as which one of the pair gifts it, is seen as very significant to the Cerusil, and shall depend strongly upon what the to-be-bonded know of each other, and what they feel is correct, whilst also adhering to conventions of Cerusil tradition. For the same reason, Cerusil rarely accept gifts of daggers or other blades from people outside the family, or, indeed, those other than their blade-bonded. “With me, throughout danger you are safe; throughout hardship you are calm.” Disownment “I will not suffer this disgrace! How have I failed you so?” To the house Cerusil, disownment is synonymous with death. It is a great violation of trust should one commit actions that warrant a disownment, and, indeed, the only process through which the Cerusil implement disownment is summary and extrajudicial execution. Indeed, the Cerusil claim the ultimate authority over the lives of their fellow talonii, which supersedes any political entity they might be a part of. The decision to disown a Cerusil must be a unanimous decision of the Council of Two Swords, and is not to be taken lightly. If the Cerusil disowned attempts to escape this fate, the Council is summarily expected to declare anathema upon their name “Do not remember my name. Strike it from existence.” [SPOILER: All Cerusils must agree to a PK clause on their character, and they must PK under the following conditions: 1. You are disowned, or otherwise executed by authority of the Council 2. You are killed by a Cerusil. If one escapes this fate for 5 OOC weeks after abandoning the name of Cerusil and anathema being placed upon them, their vows can be considered renounced and this clause no longer applies to them.] Anathema “Upon you, the highest order of our hate shall manifest. From us you shall never feel safe until a knife adorns your throat.” In the history of the house Cerusil, there have been many figures who have presented significant threat to the progress or even the existence of the family, and thus their existence is an extreme slight in itself, and cannot be tolerated. It is upon these figures that the Council of Two Swords shall place anathema. This anathema means simply that they receive the hate of all Cerusil, and that all Cerusil shall strive, with the utmost of their blade-endowed power, to end the life of this individual. Such an order supersedes any law, domestic or foreign, that may bind them, and absolutely must be fulfilled in timely fashion by the family, lest extreme disgrace come upon them. Each Cerusil is expected to contribute to this summary execution in a manner unique to them and their blade. One of a martial blade - one of the First Sword - might be expected to challenge them to a duel, or to attack them on the road. One with a blade focused around intrigue or diplomacy might hatch a plot for assassination or to frame them for a crime, so long as it results in Cerusil control of the killing. It is seen as an unsatisfactory conclusion if the person who receives the anathema of the Cerusil is killed by another hand - it is not so large a disgrace as failing to kill them altogether, but it is a small disgrace nonetheless. “Our anathema upon you - indeed, you breathe, but your life has ended.” V - STRUCTURE The Primarch and the Council of Two Swords From among the Cerusil a Council is formed of six members, three of the First Sword and another three of the Second Sword. It is among these councilors that a Primarch is elected, with this position being the tie-breaking vote and additionally figure heading the family, as well as leading the Council itself. The Council is tasked with voting on the course of action for the family, on banishments and anathema, and otherwise resolving matters relevant to the Cerusil. When a Council position is left vacant, the Primarch shall appoint a new Counselor to the position, though it is recommended traditionally that the number of Counselors from each Sword is kept at three. Blademaster Each of the two Swords of Cerusil will elect among themselves a leader, who shall be considered a blademaster of Cerusil, expected to best reflect the values of their respective Sword. Outside of the direct structure of the Council of Two Swords, these Blademasters would wield an informal authority over their Swords, likely being able to command most Cerusil which belong to it. Traditionally, the Primarch should be a Blademaster, and the other Blademaster should reside on the Council of Two Swords, but neither of these are strictly required, though - should this not be the case, it would likely indicate disunity in the house, which is generally frowned upon, so most Cerusil will adhere to this convention. Cerusil and Siloan Cerusil Until Cerusil come of age and are properly blade-bonded, they are considered Siloan Cerusil, which is essentially a Cerusil that is not yet recognized as a true Cerusil that is bonded to all of their traditions - and thus, they are barred from much of the respect and opportunities afforded to promoted Cerusil. It is extremely unlikely, except in times of dire need, that a Siloan Cerusil would be afforded the position of a Counselor, and the resources of the Cerusil will almost always prioritize the bonded Cerusil over the Siloan. Though ordinary Cerusil are not granted direct political power within the family, they still do possess the ability to influence the decision-making of the family as a whole through contribution to the decision-making meetings of the Cerusil. It is likely that a Cerusil’s word will be heeded over a Siloan’s in most situations. Military Integration All Cerusil are expected to join the Diraar and seek high rank within it, regardless of the nature of their blade. The Cerusil will always be warriors striving to further and protect themselves, and thus, there can be considered no better profession for them than a militaristic one. It is through this they additionally are able to uphold their oath to Ivarielle - by using their finely honed blades in protection of the nation which carries her legacy. Cerusil Retainers Though the Cerusil are historically a large family, it is often that martial matters do require extra hands, and in the spirit of the promotion of the individual blades of each Cerusil, it is important that each Cerusil has many resources with which to carry out whatever work they do in order to further the family. Thus, it is common for Cerusil talonii to take up to two retainers, either commoner or noble, whose loyalty they can be assured of. These retainers will be tasked with the protection and service of their respective Cerusil, and they will also swear themselves to the house itself, joining the Cerusil in their various efforts, though most communications they receive will be limited and through the Cerusil that they serve. Traditionally, if a Cerusil is to take a retainer, and especially if they take two, it is highly encouraged that they are able to evaluate these to-be-retainers as aligning with the values of the First or Second Swords of Cerusil. If two retainers are taken, it is recommended that one would align with the ideals of the First, and the other with the Second. AY’PUERAN; The Honourable Former Mordu’lar, Senna Cerusil, of the Cerusil Talonnii, former presiding member of the High Council in the Principality of Celia’nor. The Honourable Former Parir, Lanre Cerusil, Member of the Cerusil Talonnii, The Honourable Parir, Celius Cerusil, Member of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor of the Cerusil Credits: Writing: sam33497 Formatting: SailorBTY, sam33497, VoxyNoir Ideas: SailorBTY, sam33497, VoxyNoir
  9. Published; On the Fifth of the First Seed, of Year 156 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” In the grand and hallowed halls of Celia'nor, under the august guidance of Her Ladyship Irelia Py'lrie, distinguished Laurir Kaliri of the Royal Council and the venerable steward of the esteemed Celia'norian medicinal clinic, a noble decree now graces the realm. With unfettered pride and boundless joy, this missive bears testament to an invitation extended to all denizens of our cherished realm, beckoning them to heed the sacred calling of the healing arts and join the esteemed ranks of the clinic. At the behest of the clinic, this proclamation resonates throughout the kingdom, extending a gracious invitation to all souls aspiring to partake in the noble service of the medical practice, regardless of their familiarity with the realm of medicinal arts. Regular classes, guided by the unparalleled wisdom of the Py'lrie Matriarch, stand as a beacon of enlightenment. Within these hallowed walls, aspirants shall be nurtured and schooled in the refined artistry of herbs and the sacred tapestry of health. Those who heed this summons and pledge their allegiance to this noble cause shall shoulder the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the health and well-being of Celia'nor's cherished populace. From tending to the mundane maladies of everyday life to confronting the harrowing specter of dire injuries, their service shall be revered and held in the highest esteem. Within the guild of healers, respect and gratitude shall be their cherished companions, bestowed upon them in recognition of their selfless dedication in nurturing the vibrant vitality of our beloved denizens. For those impassioned by this noble vocation, a simple missive to Lady Irelia Py'lrie or the illustrious Highness, Illyria Ibarellan, shall pave the way to an esteemed and honored position within the clinic. Thus, through this missive, a clarion call echoes across the realm, inviting noble souls to embrace the sacred mantle of healing and service within the revered precincts of our cherished clinic. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor Irelia Py’lrie , Second Matriarch of the Py’lrie, The Oversight and Head Clinician of the Celia’nor Health Institution and Laurir Kaliri of the Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor
  10. Published; On the Fifth of the First Seed, of Year 156 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” In the sovereign realm of Celia'nor, spurred by the collective will of its populace and the benevolent support of its allies, the newly founded, Lar'Orrar, emerges as a testament to unity. As a revered guild devoted to the art of the hunt, it shall stand as a beacon of prowess amidst the verdant landscapes. At its core lies a pioneering method—an intricate quest board, meticulously self-fashioned—wherein every aspirant may wield their volition to select hunts of their preference. From the tranquil pursuit of humble deer to the daunting challenge posed by monstrous beasts that threaten the kingdom's peace, the board offers a tapestry of choices. Esteemed to lead this noble institute is Ahzek Morvayn, a paragon of skill and virtue. Under his guidance, seekers and aspirants alike shall find solace and guidance within the halls of Lar'Orrar. Bound by the common pursuit of their chosen quarry, many may be bestowed the opportunity to flock to this guild, should they be eager to traverse the vast expanse of the world in pursuit of their quarry. With each deliberate choice, a participant may chance their life, forging ahead into uncertain dangers. Yet, in the wake of their valorous efforts, treasures and accolades shall be bestowed upon them, embellishing their prowess as masters of the hunt. https://forms.gle/mbEM1xPx17utXxTF6 ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Ahzek Morvayn, Liege of the Lar’Orrar and Charge of the Celia’norian Citadel Staff
  11. Published; On the Eleventh of the Sun’s Smile, of Year 155 upon the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” Amidst the impending housing crisis spurred by the influx of returning and fresh Celia'norians yearning for the solace of their own abodes, a visionary solution has been realized. A burgeoning housing district, its name designated in solemn remembrance of the esteemed Councilor Serigne Py'lrie, now stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of a revered soul. With unwavering dedication, the collaborative efforts of Ronan Acaln'sae, Her Highness Illyria Ibarellan, Aluthshae, and Celius Cerusil graced the construction of this district with a profound sense of duty and pride. Thus, in a grand proclamation echoing across the realm, it is announced that a new housing market, nestled within the embrace of Celia'nor's sacred lands, is now open to all who seek shelter and sanctuary with the aid of a Steward. A haven awaits those in need, beckoning to the hearts of all who aspire to claim their place within the cherished walls of this newly formed district, providing solace and respite amid the burgeoning expanse of our starlit nation. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor
  12. Published; On the Twentieth of the First Seed, of Year 155 upon the Second Age “IMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya” Amidst the serene and celestial embrace of Celia'nor, jewel of the starlit realms, a momentous occasion now graces its land: the grand inauguration and formalization of a revered institution, the illustrious Fishing Guild christened as The Bait Battalion. This soon to be historic foundation finds its genesis through the unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts of two stalwart aficionados, Ronan Acaln'sae and Nils Cerusil, whose profound commitment to the noble art of fishing laid the foundation for an establishment destined to captivate hearts and souls. Under the patronage and unwavering support of Her Highness, the esteemed Princess Illyria Ibarellan’s promise, the crown stands as a beacon, guiding and nurturing this blossoming institution. Their shared passion for the art of angling became the catalyst for a fellowship devoted to sharing the joys of this cherished pastime with all who tread upon Celia'nor's sacred grounds. In celebration of this hallowed establishment, a tower, steeped in history and nestled within the verdant expanses of Celia'nor, shall undergo a wondrous metamorphosis. It shall be transformed into a sanctuary, an abode for the Bait Battalion, an enclave where enthusiasts may convene, casting lines into the shimmering waters and forming bonds that transcend mere friendships. This missive, resplendent with the heraldry of this founding decree, is extended as an invitation, a beckoning call that echoes through the corridors of the realm. It is an invitation extended to all denizens of Celia'nor, inviting them to become esteemed members of this prestigious institute devoted to the profound art of fishing, celebrating the camaraderie and enduring bonds that are woven amidst the tranquil ripples of the waters. Should they wish to cast their lots and become part of this fellowship, the guild's gates stand wide open, welcoming all who seek to share in the joyous embrace of the Bait Battalion. https://forms.gle/sSG4qa9QRTDm4zrF9 ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Nils Cerusil, A Diraar of the Diavdri and a member of the prestigious Evarir Talonnii, the Cerusil, of the Principality of Celia’nor
  13. “IMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya” Published; On the Seventh of the First Seed, of Year 155 upon the Second Age As many may recall, in the annals of Celia'nor's storied history, the Ibarellan Royarch whom many may know as Illyria Ibarellan, after having lent her tireless aid alongside her beloved denizens amidst their efforts and prosperous results in the recent revival of their noble nation’s being that of Celia’nor, did the Ibarellan then shift from her former title being that of the Princess of Celia’lin, to the restored bestowal of The Princess of Celia’nor as the the aheral would ascend to the throne as its rightful leader. With the nation's revival as her noble cause, Her Excellence, Illyria Ibarellan,ascended to the throne, assuming her role as the reclaimed land’s sovereign. Her proclamation and addressment before her people, delivered with unwavering conviction, resonated through the realm: _______ "In recognition of the divine providence that guided our land's revival and my deep love for our cherished Celia'nor, I, Illyria Ibarellan, do hereby accept the solemn duty of governing and protecting our beloved kingdom. In reverence to our enduring traditions and in honor of my noble forebears, I pledge my unwavering dedication to the prosperity and welfare of our realm. With resolute determination and an indomitable spirit, I shall stand as the unwavering guardian of Celia'nor, safeguarding its unity, security, and advancement. In the face of formidable challenges, I shall not spare effort, withhold sacrifice, nor yield to any adversary. My loyalty to our nation and its cherished inhabitants shall remain steadfast, unbroken, and eternal. It is with my earnest breath that I solemnly swear, beneath the sacred banner of our realm, to protect Celia'nor regardless of the cost. I acknowledge that the price of our nation's well-being may, at times, be my very life. But for the sake of our beloved land and its people, I willingly offer this pledge. May Celia'nor prosper under my rule, and may our legacy endure throughout the pages of time. With unity, devotion, and the strength of our people, we shall confront all trials and emerge as a beacon of hope, justice, and grandeur for all to behold." And thus, in the grandeur of that moment, Her Highness Illyria Ibarellan, had sworn an unbreakable oath and with a heart filled with noble purpose, ascended to the throne of Celia'nor. The newly bestowed Royarch pledged to protect and lead the magnificent nation, regardless of the cost, even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice of the Ibarellan’s own life, ensuring its enduring prosperity and vitality for generations to come. _______ Following the grand royal coronation of Celia'nor, a splendid Royal Court was convened under the auspices of the newly-crowned monarch, Illyria Ibarellan, accompanied by her esteemed Royal Councilors. In this august assembly, they celebrated the noble achievements of Celia'nor's loyal denizens by initiating the families with the highest distinction into the official ranks of nobility. The proclamation of noble titles echoed through the regal hall, as Illyria Ibarellan and her Royal Councilors elevated these deserving families to their new stations, entitling them to the privileges and responsibilities that came with their newfound prestige. Furthermore, within the hallowed precincts of the Royal Court, the monarch and her Councilors unveiled the identities and roles of the esteemed citizens who had been entrusted with the important duties of serving as advisors and guardians of the realm. Each of these roles were bestowed with great solemnity and accompanied by a charge to fulfill their responsibilities with unwavering loyalty and dedication to the kingdom. Thus, in the midst of pageantry and grandeur, Celia'nor celebrated the accomplishments of its noble denizens, paying homage to their contributions by ennobling their families and bestowing distinct identities upon those entrusted with the solemn task of guiding and safeguarding the realm in the times to come. _______ I. The first of the Celia'norian families to ascend to the esteemed station of Evarir, are that of the Py'lrie, who have for generations devoted their lives to the welfare and prosperity of Celia'nor. Whether it be their unwavering presence in the Royal Council, their enduring stewardship of the ancestral clinic for the people's well-being, or their valiant leadership in the inception of Celia'nor's noble legacy, the Py'lrie have proven their steadfast dedication to the realm, securing their place in the annals of highest nobility. II. The second of the families to ascend to the pinnacle of nobility of the Evarir, are the esteemed Nullivari’s,who have been stalwart allies of Celia'nor since its earlier stages of development. Their unwavering commitment to the realm is evident through their consistent presence in the court and the Royal Council, serving the crown with distinction. Furthermore, the Nullivari family's dedication extends to the revered Order of the Knights, where they have upheld the noble tradition of chivalry, further solidifying their place among the highest echelons of Celia'nor's nobility. III. Lastly, in the illustrious procession of families ascending to the exalted status of Evarir, stands the resolute Cerusil lineage. Renowned for their commanding influence and unwavering presence within Celia'nor's military and rallying endeavors, they are the stalwart defenders of the nation. Their historical resonance is felt not only within the courts of Celia'nor but also as integral members of the Royal Council, ever loyal to the crown. Their steadfast support and contributions proved a great magnifier in the revival of Celia'nor, solidifying their rightful place among the highest nobility of the realm. IV. Among the esteemed Virar, the second highest rank in nobility, the venerable Akaln'riv find their rightful place. For centuries, they have steadfastly stood by Celia'nor in its times of trials and tribulations, offering unwavering support and dedication. Their members, bearing the honor of roles within the court, have played an integral part in the kingdom's governance. Notably, the Akaln'riv's indelible mark in history includes their ownership of the Vassal of Paradine beneath Celia'nor, a steadfast loyalty to the crown that has further enriched the annals of our noble realm. V. The illustrious family of Wynasul stands as the final beacon among the noble Virar, the second highest rank in our distinguished hierarchy. They are celebrated for their invaluable cultural contributions, enriching the vitality of Celia'nor through their passionate embrace of the arts. Their esteemed members have long graced the court with their presence, continuing to bestow their fashionable and artistic gifts upon the crown and its cherished people, ensuring a tapestry of creativity and refinement within our noble realm. VI. Presently positioned among the esteemed Laurir, the third highest echelon of nobility, are the distinguished Ranaleth. Their profound contributions to Celia'nor are rooted in the mystical arts of alchemy and an unwavering affinity for the enigmatic. While perfecting their craft, they have maintained a steadfast presence within the court, sharing their alchemical wonders and esoteric wisdom, thus playing a pivotal role in advancing the realm's knowledge and prosperity. VII. Finally, within the esteemed rank of Laurir, the third highest tier of nobility, the illustrious Athri'onn family finds their place. For generations, they have been steadfast allies of the starlit realm of Celia'nor, lending their profound expertise in the enigmatic Voidal arts of magic. Their ceaseless curiosity and dedication to expanding the boundaries of voidal knowledge have made them integral members of the court, contributing to the ever-evolving tapestry of wisdom and magic within the kingdom. In a splendid ceremony of noble recognition, the illustrious families have been officially anointed into their rightful positions within the nobility of Celia'nor. Their unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the beloved nation, whether in the military, the court, culture, or the pursuit of knowledge in both alchemical and voidal magical arts, have been acknowledged with the highest honor. Whether they have attained new heights or had their roles reinstated, these families are truly deserving of their esteemed positions, and their names shall echo through the corridors of time, forever woven into the tapestry of Celia'nor's history. And now, the esteemed Royal Councilors, who serve the crown of the Princess Illyria Ibarellan, shall take their rightful place of honor. Each Councilor's unique skills and specialized roles shall be proclaimed, recognizing their vital contribution to the governance and welfare of the realm, ensuring the continued prosperity and splendor of the nation under the rule of the Ibarellan Sovereignty. _______ I. Foremost among the distinguished Royal Councilors to be recognized is the noble Atheleon Py'lrie of the venerable Py'lrie lineage. Centuries ago, he once held the esteemed title of Mordu'lar in Celia'nor's Military during its founding, but now, he has taken up the mantle of leading the council, assuming the vital role as the head of the Royal Council, second in authority only to the crown. His charge is to ensure the council's prosperous functioning and the fulfillment of their appointed tasks. In addition, he serves as the crown's second-in-command in dealing with foreign delegations, lending his invaluable support to the realm's diplomatic endeavors. II. Secondly, among the esteemed figures within the Council, we find the noble Sylvir Cerusil, hailing from the illustrious Cerusil lineage, whose inclination towards martial designations is well-documented. Bestowed with the mantle of Mordu'lar in Celia'nor, Sylvir serves as the sword and shield of the nation, a steadfast protector and leader of the Divadri, formerly known as the Celia'diraar. Under his guidance, they rise to greatness as a vigilante militia, unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the people and the nation, even if it entails the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. III. Thirdly, gracing the exalted Royal Council of Celia'nor, we find the venerable former Monarch, Illarion Ibarellan, who holds the esteemed position of Treasurer. As a distinguished member of the royal family and the father of the current Sovereign, Illyria Ibarellan, Illarion has been entrusted with the solemn duty of overseeing the nation's finances. He diligently manages the constitution of wealth and the budgeting of said wealth, all subject to the approval of the reigning Sovereign, thus ensuring the financial stability and prosperity of the realm. IV. The next esteemed member of the prestigious Royal Council, who serves the people of Celia'nor with unwavering dedication, is the noble Irelia Py'lrie, hailing from the esteemed Py'lrie lineage. Irelia's noble duty entails the orchestration of grand events throughout the realm, ensuring the enduring spirit and vitality of the people through joyous festivities they shall never forget, all in the company of their beloved peers. Additionally, Irelia leads the event committee, who labor alongside her to craft these momentous occasions for the nation's delight. Furthermore, she bears the charge of the Clinic and the dedicated medics within, who stand ready to aid the civilians should they ever suffer injury, tending to their well-being with compassion and skill. V. Another prolific member of the Royal Council of Celia'nor is the noble A'eollaja Ibarellan, a scion of the royal bloodline who, like Illarion, has chosen to serve the council with an unwavering devotion to the well-being of the people. Her noble task is the cultivation of culture within the realm, ensuring that the people's invaluable contributions shall forever be immortalized in history through her prolific writings. With a heart devoted to the enrichment of the nation's cultural tapestry, A'eollaja's endeavors ensure that Celia'nor's legacy remains vibrant and celebrated for generations to come. VI. Another figure gracing the halls of the Royal Council of Celia'nor is Althe, entrusted with tasks vital to the realm's prosperity. His duties are believed to encompass the oversight of housing provisions for the nation, ensuring that the people find shelter and comfort. Furthermore, his responsibilities extend to the stewardship needs of the realm, leading in the careful and responsible management of Celia'nor's resources and properties, securing the well-being and continuity of the kingdom. VII. Another gracious luminary gracing the honored seats of the Royal Council of Celia'nor is Ava Ranaleth, a scion of the revered Ranaleth lineage. Ava's noble duty within the council revolves around the stewardship of informative ventures and the pursuit of enigmatic knowledge, particularly in the realm of magical endeavors. Her endeavors entail delving into the unknown, seeking to unveil the mysteries that lie within the mystical realms, thereby enriching the kingdom's wisdom and understanding of arcane arts for the betterment of Celia'nor. VIII. Lastly, among the esteemed and noble members comprising the Royal Councilors of Celia'nor, stands Ronan Acaln’sae, the most recent addition to the esteemed Privy Council. His role is pivotal, serving as the scribe representing the Crown's voice, entrusted with the significant task of conveying vital information and proclamations to the populace of Celia'nor. Ronan's eloquence and adeptness with words ensure that the voice of the realm resonates clearly and resolutely with the people, fostering understanding and unity throughout the kingdom. In conclusion, alongside these esteemed acknowledgments, the honorable mentions of the Royal Advisors who labor closely in the service of the crown are duly recognized—namely, Ithirae Ibarellan, Ikhan Ibarellan, Ahzek Morvayn, and Sylvin Cerusil. With these declarations, the roster of those entrusted with noble duties within Celia'nor is comprehensively acknowledged. It is with great honor and commitment that they serve, dedicating themselves to the welfare and prosperity of the nation, steadfast in their service for the benefit of all generations yet to come. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Excellence, The Prince Royarch, Aevar Ibarellan, The Unyielding Guardian of The Principality of Celia’nor
  14. The Restoration Of A Historical Identity “IMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya” Published; upon the 13th of the First seed of the year 153 amidst the Second Age. A Pact Of Bestowal It is with a shared semblance of pride and union that upon the gracious conscious of Húrin Ibarellan, High Prince of Malinor, and the Former Prince of Celia’nor, the royarch has declared his intention to pass forth his title and proprietorship of Celia’nor to his cousin of whom he’s rekindled ties with in recent years, Illyria Ibarellan, the Honourable Princess Royarch of Celia’lin. In such action Húrin shall remain as acting representative of the Elves per his distinct belonging as the High Prince of Malinor whilst Illyria shall be bestowed the belonging and once known title, Princess of Celia’nor as shall the name of Celia’lin revert to its historically distinguished title of Celia’nor in which the populace’s Forefathers and Mothers once bore in existence. In accordance with such transfer of titles and identity, the following terms have and shall always be met whilst either side agrees they shan’t rescind their words per their virtuous intentions and definite promise. I. Firstly, the history of all whether it to have occurred within Talar’nor, Celia’lin, or Celia’nor shall remain true and recorded appropriately. It shall not be altered or purposely withdrawn from any distinct individual regardless of personal bias and conscience. II. Secondly, being that of a reunion amidst the civilian’s of whom belong to Celia’nor, Celia’lin, or Talar’nor, none shall face scrutiny for which land of where the civilians resided in amidst their untimely separation as all are to be deemed Celia’norians of whom are beloved and welcomed by all. III. Thirdly, in accordance with the transfer of proprietorship, in return the Principality of the reclaimed Celia’nor, once referred to as Celia’lin, shall permit and bestow the likes of Húrin Ibarellan, High Prince of Malinor, the ownership and lack of taxation of an individual stall to share amongst his comrades and market whatever they so please within it. IV .Fourthly, a tower alongside a ranch and vineyard within the outskirts of Celia’lin’s, now to be referred to as Celia’nor’s land, shall be constructed for the High Prince of Malinor’s use whenever and however they so please to be shared amongst his comrades and peers. V. In return for the bestowal of title and identity, a statue of Húrin shall be presumably created within the wall’s of the aforementioned land to commemorate his aid in the restoration of a once forgotten land alongside his Haelun, Éowyn Ibarellan. VI.In light of the joyous reunion of people of whom were once separated, such tales of reclamation shall be commemorated in song and cheer to be bellowed by bard’s and civilians around the realms of Aevos, with the name’s of whom permitted this accomplishment to occur memorialized in verse, primarily of Húrin’s benevolence. Signed, Her Excellency, the Honourable Princess Royarch, Illyria Ibarellan, The Prophesied, The Reclaimer and Phoenix of the Principality of Celia’nor His Grace, Húrin Ibarellan, the High Prince of Malinor, the Sword of Ivarielle
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