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    How do you avoid powergaming in roleplay?: I often try to prevent personal powergaming before I even start roleplaying. When I create my character, I specify exactly what qualities and talents my character has in my head, along with the limits of those said abilities. This sets a tone later on when roleplaying; these boundaries are forefront in my mind, and I follow them strictly.

    To prevent powergaming others, I'll almost always say what I'm about to do, instead of assume it succeeds; a habit I've built upon lately. (ei: Bob the Builder, driven by an undying rage, throws his fist at the bystander.) Notice how I didn't say: Bob the Builder punches the bystander. This gives breathing room for the other roleplayer to block the attack, duck, or just take the hit.
    How does metagaming disrupt fair roleplay?: Metagaming is quite vexatious, as not only does it ruin the player whose "mind has been read's" experience, but it also can catastrophically ruin an entire individual plotline, if say, the reason Player A (The metagamer) knew about Player B's (the "metagamed") secret from a different roleplay Player A didn't partake in, but Player B was lying about their secret, the plotline could come to shambles.
    Status: Accepted


You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.”

((Aarivek implores their options, as they absentmindedly begin to twirl their hair, causing it to unfurl a greater disarranged mess of fur. Gradually discerning that standing silently, lost in thought may not make good on their part, they quickly came to the conclusion of accepting the atrocious old woman's hospitality, reasoning that they had nothing better to do, and centered their rear pleasantly on the cushion.))




Character Name: Aarivek Uoal
Character Race: Elf
Character Gender: Prefer not to say.
Character Age: 100
Physical Description: Young smooth skin, dark robe with gold highlights, blue eyes, messy grayish white hair, 5'10 ft, 109 lbs, Opal earings
Screenshot of Skin:

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Hi there! As you can see, your app is almost ready! Just a few changes you need to make, but don’t worry - you are doing great!



You’ll be given 24 hours to correct the changes above. Once you are done correcting, please contact me!

Whenever you are done, or have any questions, feel free to message me via the forums, or in-game with /message sarahbarah. If I’m not around there, you can add me on discord at sarahbarah#0007


If you still need help, make sure to check the wiki! WIKI

If you need to contact me, or need help,  you can join the LotC Discord here 

: https://discord.gg/lotc


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Hi there, as you can see, you have been accepted onto the server! Well done on your application, you’re doing great! So now, I welcome you to the wonderful community of LotC!

To get started, I suggest doing; /creq Can a CT monk come assist me starting out?

Here are some links you may find useful while starting out! :




Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [sarahbarah#0007]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message sarahbarah to find me in game. If I’m not around you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! :https://discord.gg/lotc

You can also use /creq ingame and me or my fellow CT members can help you that way!

Lastly, For guides, tutorials, and how to request help from a CT member, please head to the New Player Hub found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193743-new-player-hub/ 

Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future!


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