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  1. The Queen received the Cardinal's letter, scanning it with solemn eyes. It was true - the man did frighten her, for she knew he was capable of more than any mortal should be. Alas, he could rest with the other angels now. She folded the parchment and stowed it away for safe-keeping, eyes darting to the holy poleaxe he had gifted her thereafter. Amaya grabbed ahold of it, knowing the war was not over just yet.
  2. NOVEMBER 2023 Another month passes and thus, the time for the monthly Player Appreciation post is nigh! This time, I’d like to highlight another awesome player who works extremely hard and contributes so much to Haense. Please join me in congratulating the player nominated for November 2023 :) @CyyanTea ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── “She's come into Haense after a long time and is loving it! She's engaging everywhere she can in RP and is doing a lot to try and get the courts active. She's open to talking & communicating etc.” - @Frostdrop1 “Cyan is an absolute GEM. Dhe’s always so active in the community and really tries to make it a welcoming space for everyone. She never fails to make me smile when i’m talking with her, and there could not be a more competent person to have taken over as chamberlain for me. I love you bestie, I still keep your autographed steak with me. <3” - @Cheese1sgrater “I love and adore you, Cyan. You work so hard and help me in any way you can, and have come through for me on multiple occasions. You are dependable, kind, and ambitious, and you manage to brighten up every space you enter, both IRP and OOC. Truly, you are someone I appreciate and admire, and I am extremely grateful to have met you. Don’t ever change! - @sarahbarah ”Cyan, I have not seen someone so kind, so driven, and so dedicated to their friends as you are. You are the pinnacle of what our community can offer not only in your roleplay but in how you carry yourself with friendliness and diligence to our community. Just as you are in Weiss - I couldn't imagine Haense without you. Thank you for being a friend not only to myself but to all who you have interacted with.” - @SethWolf913 “CyyanTea has always been a breath of inspiration when the going gets tough. From the ideas she contributes to the dedication she shows in making sure everything is running smoothly within our Queen's Court. It was a sight to see her work and put so much of her time into this wonderful little roleplay community, despite all she deals with in her life. It is that constant work that she has done that I feel she is so greatly deserving of this appreciation, for it inspires me to work even harder. Thank you for all you've done, Cyyan. And thank you for not only being a driving force for so many, but to me as well. You are one of the few individuals I can confidently say: you made me glad I stayed in LoTC this time around. “ - @ClatterCake
  3. "This is our peace. We finish the fight." Amaya of Venzia wiped the blood off of her pink cape, donning it for battle once more.
  4. Amaya Milena offers Banjo a cup of hot cocoa as he enters the tavern - it was, of course, the Queen's famous recipe!
  5. Queen Amaya opts to frame the piece in her office, beaming.
  6. "This is our peace." Bruised from the battle, Queen Amaya continued to sharpen her blade. The fire in her eyes never faded.
  7. "The time is nigh! Strike fear!" The Queen of Haense cried, lofting a freshly polished sword. From that day on, she donned her pink cape, knowing well that it would be stained red by the end of the war.
  8. Queen Amaya of Haense gazed upon the cosmos, hoping that Aleksandr would be able to explore the stars above, just as he promised to all those years ago. To see the moon rise above the clouds, to perhaps hold the stars in his very hands. One day, there would be peace. One day, they would have time. Time to explore the skies. Time to spend at the dinner table, in the ballroom, or anywhere else but the battlefield. But, today was not that day. Today, they had to fight. For their people and their Kingdom - for the peace of Man.
  9. The Queen could not help but smile, brushing her fingers over the neatly written parchment. Brimming with pride, she sets off to pen the column’s author.
  10. Queen Amaya of Venzia brandished her pink cape, returning to Valdev’s open gates with her sword sheathed. “I am home. Summon the courtiers — we will celebrate this victory.”
  11. The Queen dried her tears, sniffling as she surveyed the ornate invitation with a proud smile. “My boy is all grown up. Where has the time gone?” She sighed wistfully. pressing the invitation to her heart as she set off to aid Nataliya with the fitting of her wedding gown.
  12. “They will pay.” Queen Amaya uttered naught else as she sharpened her old sword.
  13. Queen Amaya of Haense receives the parchment from a courier, and a coy - albeit proud smile crosses her lips. “We ought to play another board game soon, young Catherine. This time, I reckon you’ll be quite good at chess.”
  14. Blearily, Queen Amaya rose from her slumber. She had slept beneath the stars in a humble tent that night; searching aimlessly for answers - perhaps from God himself - on the matter of this storm. The dream, albeit not the answer she desired, ignited a fire within. And so, she softly uttered a vow: ”I will protect them.”
  15. On her holy pilgrimage, Queen Amaya receives a copy of the Golden Bull from her most loyal messenger bird. ”Godani bless the Pontiff,” she murmured. “We shall rally at his call.”
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