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  1. The Viscountess casts her vote for RICKY DICKY.
  2. "MY GOD! We must fetch Reza a lawyer at once!" Emma cries.
  3. Emma blushes at the artistic rendition presented in the column. "Oh, gosh!"
  4. Emma Kortrevich weeps. PUBLIC SLANDER! . . Then again, it is free press. She hopes, perhaps, that people will come work in the clinic, now that she's gained such newfound publicity.
  5. The Royal Physician, one Lady Emma, had been toiling away, creating various tinctures to soothe the Queen's slumber. Whispers were exchanged with the handmaidens regarding the Queen's state, and all she could do was helplessly watch as the Queen succumbed to a fitful rest. Emma's concern deepened with each passing day, the shadows under her own eyes darkening as she pored over ancient texts and experimented with various herbs. The castle's atmosphere was thick with worry, the air heavy with the scent of medicinal incense which wafted from Emma's laboratory. Every evening, she would bring her latest concoction to the Queen's chambers, hoping that this one would bring peace to her liege's troubled nights. "Perhaps this one will work," Emma murmured to herself as she prepared yet another concoction - lavender and chamomile. She glanced at the Queen's handmaidens, their eyes wide with fear and hope alike. As Emma approached the Queen's bed, she saw the monarch's face contorted in distress, her sleep far from restful. The Queen's once-vibrant complexion had paled, her strength waning with each passing night of unrest. Emma knelt by her side, gently lifting her head to administer the tincture. "Your Majesty," she whispered, her voice trembling. "This should help you rest." The Queen's eyelids fluttered, her breathing ragged. Emma's heart ached at the sight. "Please, let this work," she prayed silently, watching as the Queen swallowed the potion. But the minutes ticked by, and the Queen's fitful sleep continued unabated.
  6. A queen of yore embraces a leal soul as he ascends to the Skies. The martyr would guard his dignity in death, as he had done for her in life.
  7. Lady Emma resolves to send ANOTHER round of invitations. Paper is expensive.
  8. ISSUED BY THE VISCOUNTY OF KRUSEV C. 531 E.S. A portrait of the Viscount, Erik Otto, and his Viscountess-to-be, Emma Mariya. It is with great elation that the Houses Kortrevich and Amador announce the forthcoming nuptials of the Viscount of Krusev, Erik Otto, to his esteemed betrothed, the Lady Emma Amador. The union marks a momentous occasion, unifying the noble houses of Kortrevich and Amador, and promising a future of prosperity, harmony, and strengthened alliances. All are beseeched to join in bestowing blessings and well wishes upon the Viscount Erik Kortrevich and Lady Emma Amador as they embark upon the new journey they’ve sought together. May their union be blessed with enduring happiness, prosperity, and the continued favor of Godani. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ Following the ceremony, guests are cordially invited to convene within the feast hall of Kastell Lesanov to celebrate the nuptials. A grand feast and joyous celebrations await, paired with a boxing tourney per the Viscount’s request. Invitations shall be dispatched forthwith, extending a warm welcome to our noble peers, allies, and subjects to partake in this celebration of mirth. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀II⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ Their Royal Majesties, IVAN VIII and NATALIYA OF GHAESTENWALD, King and Queen of Hanseti-Ruska and their royal pedigree His Grace, GAREN BARUCH, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree Her Grace, TATIYANA VAS RUTHERN, Duchess of Vidaus and her noble pedigree The Most Honorable, HENRIK-OTTO LUDOVAR, Margrave of Kvasz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, MIKHAIL COLBORN, Count of Malkovya and his noble pedigree The Honorable, KARL WEISS, Viscount of Novkursain and his noble pedigree The Honorable, HENRIK AMADOR, Viscount of Zvezlund and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship, REZALISA KOVACHEV, Baroness of Kovgrad and her noble pedigree Her Ladyship, GALINA GODUNOV, Baroness of Vereskya and her noble pedigree PERSONAL INVITATIONS ARE EXTENDED TO Their Highnesses, Alfred I and Leon II, Princes in Reinmar and the citizens of Reinmar Her Highness, Ramona I, Sovereign of Hyspia and the citizens of Hyspia The Honorable Firr, Hadeon Valkonen and the House of Valkonen Firress Adelina van Leuven and the House of van Leuven Firr Lorand Korvacz and the House of Korvacz Lady Astoria Amador Lady Juliya Barclay Commandant Fabius and his kin Firress Deia Firress Annika Lady Verena von Kanunsberg Lord Siegmund Weiss THE HONOURABLE, ERIK OTTO KORTREIVCH Viscount of Krusev, Baron of Koravia, Lord of Fort Ileana, Lord Captain of the Bykursain HER LADYSHIP, EMMA MARIYA AMADOR Royal Physician of Hanseti-Ruska
  9. RECRUITMENT FOR THE HOSPITAL OF ST. AMYAS c. 531 E.S. In accordance with the wishes of the Crown, the Royal Physician, Lady Emma of House Amador, and her Deputy Physician, Duchess Tatiyana of House Ruthern, extend a call to the dedicated and the aspiring to serve within the hallowed halls of the Hospital of St. Amyas. It is by virtue of both duty and honor alike that we seek to strengthen our ranks with new physicians and apprentices, devoted to the health and well-being of our beloved Kingdom. ⋅ ═══════════════ ⋅ ❀ ・│ I │・ ❀ ⋅ ═══════════════ ⋅ For those with a fervent desire to learn and a commitment to the healing arts, the Royal Physician extends an invitation to any aspirant medics to obtain an apprenticeship under the tutelage of the Kingdom’s physicians. Apprentices will receive thorough and extensive training to earn their licensure as appointed physicians within the realm. ⋅ ═══════════════ ⋅ ❀ ・│ II │・ ❀ ⋅ ═══════════════ ⋅ Hired physicians of the Hospital shall receive a yearly salary dependent on the workload they take within the clinic. The Royal Physician also welcomes the contributions of auxiliary staff, including alchemists and traveling medics. These individuals receive compensation on an occasional basis, reflecting the crucial support they provide through treatments or the provision of alchemical wares. Together, the medics, apprentices, and auxiliary staff shall form the lifeblood of the Hospital of St. Amyas. Her Ladyship, EMMA AMADOR Royal Physician of Hanseti-Ruska
  10. Emma Mariya, the Heart of Amador, quietly brims with joy and pride alike.
  11. Emma Amador’s jaw drops onto the floor.
  12. One Lady Emma Amador was ecstatic to receive such an invitation. "Gosh! An invitation, just for me," she murmurs, in awe of it.
  13. A soft breeze rustled a nearby tree, stirring her from her sleep. Amaya arose, beckoned by the chittering of anxious birds and troubles brought forth by the mortal realm. Amaya had never relished fighting or bloodshed, and Villorik knew this. If only he could hear me, she thought. If only . . . . . and suddenly, somehow, in a burst of golden light, Amaya was in that summer field again. "You don't have to kill her." — "There is peace found in redemption, Villorik, and mercy found in peace," uttered the long-dead Queen. "Choose peace." And when he did, Amaya's soul could truly rest.
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