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    Thank you so much
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    Feroz Beycik was a simple Wood Elf boy lived near the Sutica. He used to travel all the time, one day the bandits cut off his way and they wanted all of his money, but Feroz denied that. Then bandits beat him so hard, after that they chained him to make him a slave. They brought the Feroz to slave shop and sold him... One day One human bought Feroz. His owner was a good man. Feroz and his owner went to Adria they begin a new life. Ten years later, his owner gets cancer. A few months later his owner looks like he's not going to make it. Before he dies he calls the Feroz and says "I'm feeling so bad, looks like I'm not going to make it. Just leave here and live your life. Go!" Then Feroz left the city. This is the beginning of Feroz's story.
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    Feroz Beycik And his twin brother Akhilleus were a simple Wood Elf...They are always going to farm for work. Because they lost their parents...When the town invaded by an orcs Feroz went the farm as always. But Akhilleus stays at the home because he's been ill a few hours later FerozBeycik saw smoke rose above the town And, he knew something was wrong And then He suddenly ran to the town...When he comes back to town. He has sees everything is burned. After a few seconds, he starts to look to town, he was confused. And, then he ran to his home...When he enters home he didn't see his twin. And he yelled for his twin"Akhilleus are you there?"When his twin heards his voice. Akhilleus responded at the wardrobe "I'm here Feroz!". And They both hug each other. Then Feroz sees that his brother's eye was bleeding. He decided to tear his clothes to bandage the wound. After the first aid complete they decided to go to the city for a living (I forgot to write, the orcs are attacked the town)
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