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    When Arathorn was growing up his parents didn't have a lot of money to afford things his mother didn't work and his father only swept hallway floors. It was very hard for Arathorn to grow up, but his parents had wanted Arathorn to grow up and be a very healthy grown soldier. His parents loved him no matter what would happen. Over the years Arathorn has gotten older, and was old enough to be in the army, he wanted to train for what ever threat came to Krugmar. his parents have made more money over time, and so did Arathorn. Arathorn was very happy to be in the army but at the same time Arathorn was frightened because he knew what could happen out in battle. Arathorn has seen so much death in his past and the thing he fears the most, is seeing the death of his parents dieing. Arathorn’s first battle he ever went to was against the humans he was scared out of his mind, he didn't want anything bad to happen to him or his friends that he met in the army. Arathorn had met about two friends in training. Arathorn had sworn to watch there back and they would watch his back. When the battle fully started more men were lost and many were wounded, he didn't know what to do out in the battlefield but he knew he had to fight. Arathorn fought pretty well for his first battle but it wasn't enough to take out the humans. They had to fall back towards the camps that they setted up near by the humans base. They gathered as much things as they could from the camp and had gone back to their kingdom Krugmar. Arathorn’s family was so happy to see that he was alive but was so sad to see all the dead and wounded soldiers, and it scared them to know what could’ve happen to their son that day. Krugmar knew who Arathorn was, he had saved many lives that day. It has been years since that day happened, Arathorn is healthy and stronger and trains for hours and his parents are alive and well too, his mother has gotten a job as a teacher to teach history to children, and his father is now a personal guard for the king of Krugmar. Arathorn now lives well but still thinks about all the lives that were lost and knows that he could’ve saved them. Arathorn is now a well trained orc and wont hold back to kill anyone that stands in his way. Although Arathorn lives a better life now, he still mourns over his friends death.
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