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  1. Imagine being so weak you gotta post a youtube video trynna flame someone – couldn’t be me chief.
  2. Like. Everyone take a moment to imagine my surprise when I woke up today and came to check my post and see how the world was doing. Shockingly I discover this personal attack on my intelligence. Sad. That’s okay though Missile, some people just don’t appreciate the finer things in life. However, you can’t diminish the quality of my post and insult my intelligence like that. Apples is big smort. Now move along sad boy. You won’t always appreciate things and that’s okay. Other people do. Understand?
  3. I'm here to congratulate two special people, or I thought I was anyway. When I heard the news that my good friend Mystery, the man of the hour was engaged, I got so excited I rushed to my computer and started typing a frantic congrats. A DM later and a short trip to my local notepad and I was starting off on a good foot but wanted more. Not gonna lie I'm known to overdo it, so I started writing a nice little post to show the world how much joy the news brought me, how much we should all celebrate the gift of love that so few find in this life. That's how my day started. That isn't how my day ended. Ending the day out actually I learned I was decieved! Man that hurt, too. To think that people would go on the internet and LIE? Everyone knows people don't lie on the internet! Man should be ashamed. Don't be confused though, this kind of thing happens sometimes and we all must move on. Openly I must confess I hope this is a stepping stone to a happier lifetime for both parties! Contrary to my frustration, they really are still amazing people who we should cherish and appreciate. I don't think we should frown at them and bring negativity out but instead appreciate how much they must be seeking affection and attention to make a false engagement. Again, they're wonderful people and going forward I hope for them only the best. May they both find true love and joy in these trying times. Sutican's know what I'm talking about. Or perhaps everyone. Really it doesn't matter, all that matters is that we give them our thoughts and prayers, they deserve them truly. Rightfully, this post may not be long lived, but it still belongs in the world so I can show my friendship to certain parties. Yet as the post winds down I still wish to type and tell you all a few things. Righteous indignation turned into proper musings from a tired old man. Insanely enough I just wanted to show my love and appreciation to a good friend of mine wherever he is in the world, I hope the life-partner of Rhiannon is doing well and feeling companionship. People come and go, we lose loved ones and companions, but the memories and feelings we have don't. Lest this drags on too long I'm going to go now. I hope you all have a beautiful night, if you made it this far. Long as it was I'd be surprised anyone read more than the first part. Yeet a little appreciation to my best friend (that isn't the love of my life) in the comments incase he's watching, he'll need it maybe.
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