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Found 56 results

  1. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  2. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  3. Hello there, skinners of LotC! So I’ve found myself in need of some skinning services, as even after seven years of doing so, I’m still absolutely terrible when it comes to finding and creating male skins... That being said, my needs are twofold, and are as follows: ========================================================================================== Request #1 (Human Male, Full-Skin [750 – 1000 Minas] ) (Reference Picture) To start with, I need a full, high-quality skin for a human medical doctor that shall be residing in the Empire of Man. I’d prefer that the hair be of a lighter brown hue, the eyes blue, and that a white medical jacket / lab coat of some sort to be incorporated onto the skin. I’d prefer that the hair be somewhat wavy, with the hat layer being utilized in order to illustrate such. Clothing should be compatible with the typical garb of the Empire of Man. A vest, trousers, and some boots would be nice to incorporate into the skin, in addition to the previously mentioned medical coat. The reference picture provided above is meant to serve as an accurate example of what I’m looking for, but needn’t be 100% copied in order to fit with LotC styling. ========================================================================================== Request #2 (Human Male, Face [100 – 150 Minas]) For this second request, I really don’t have much of anything in mind. I’d just like the face of a skin on hand that I could use to merge with some armor or clothing in the future. This one is also meant to be for an Empire of Man human, and either a mustache or a neatly, well-kept beard would be preferred with black colored, wavy hair. The color of the eyes I can edit later if need be, so feel free to use a color that you think would fit well. This is a rather simple request, but is still much needed. ========================================================================================== If interested in taking either of these requests, please reply to this thread with a sample of your previous work. I am searching for high-quality skinners to take these requests, and will only pay respondents who provide samples before beginning on one of the project(s). Assuming that I’m interested in granting you the commission, I will reply back to you in this thread and DM my Discord username to you in order to discuss further details. Selected skinners will be paid upon completion of the project that they’ve chosen to take on. In any case, thank you for your time in reading this post community skinners, and have a great day!
  4. Namaste, Worldly Beings of Arcas. A city of peace and prosperity has risen. Thyra of 1714 [!] Entering the city the smell of spices hits your nose. [!] The sound of bustling trade and citizens laughing can be heard quietly throughout the streets. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the palace sits the Raja on a throne made by his adorning people. Benevolent, wise, elegant. Words used to describe Thyra’s ruler. Men, women, and children cheer in the streets of the beautiful city, honoring him. The Raja of Thyra comes to speak with his people, who wish simply for leave and comfort. Standing next to him is the Noble Emir and the Graceful Asha. His most excellent majesty raises his hand, waving away any fear that the people had. The city got quiet waiting for him to speak. The suspense was riveting as his emerald green eyes gazed over the crowd. Then he spoke. “People of Thyra. We have been granted by the great Gods, Land farther than your eyes can simply see. We shall build from the ground. Using our ambitions and the Trinity to guide us, We will build the greatest city in Arcas!” The citizens clapped and cheered their hearts out, excited for change. No longer were they a victim of the war and hatred of the world. Instead they would live their life in comfort and tranquility. OOC Information: We are accepting help and new citizens to join our new land and ranks. DM me for Discord
  5. Hello!!! I have been wrongly done@!! Dewper the epic gamer had a really coolt hign for me. He said he’d giveme a horen no cap and like i was like yeaaa! Ima play a horen and serve the empire sweat tears and other fluids and **** and I was so excited. OnceI was invited to horen chat we were chilling. But then big BAD Aiim banned me from the server. This is an injustice and i DESERVE MY hroen. Please sign this petition to help Aiim understand the wrong he’s done. Thanks, Alex. https://chng.it/BZwSsCWz6f
  6. The Yú family, perhaps one of the strongest families in the past, with a great influence on the Chi Council during the two Great Wars, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the fall of the Hou-Zi during the Jade Wars because of their greed... One of the many Yù relics A bit of Family History The Yù clan highlighted in the past the greed of its members, who valued wealth more than life itself. Focused solely on their own benefit, they fought against other noble families, leading to the destruction of their beloved empire, which they had defended with passion during the great wars against the elves, even dying for him many of their members, which would leave an internal hatre against that race that still lasts until our day. Suspected of starting the Jade Wars, they had no mercy in destroying other families that got in their way, becoming very feared because the rumors about the horrific tortures they committed behind the government's back. The few who survived the Jade wars, went to the forests and jungles of the whole world, leading an austere life for the first time in many years and learning a great lesson of life that they would transmit to their descendants. __________________________________________ From the time of the first expansion of the HouZi and its consequent golden age, the Yù family was within the Council of Chi dominating a considerable part of the territory of the jungle of Asul. During the two Great Wars, some of its members played a very active role, leading squads and fighting with great fervor. Guided always by an insatiable ambition, even in the interlude that took place between those two battles his ambition did not stop, forming groups of HouZis that still felt inside his militant spirit organized small groups in which to try to rise again, failing miserably Nothing remarkable happened during the rest of the reign of Hou-Shen for this family, or at least, until a few years after the defeat in the Second Great War. Accustomed to living between luxuries and riches, which were valued more than life itself, and blinded by their insatiable ambition the family could not stand to live in a space as small and poor as was the jungle of Asul. For these reasons they began to steal to other families and confront them. The gossips talk that the Jade Wars were started by them, who increased their riots and conflicts after the disappearance of Hou-Shen. After the fall of Jing-Taiyun, little more was heard from this family, some crazy people tell that they were hiding, treasuring riches and waiting for the right moment, others say that the authentic lineage was lost, mixing races inside this and provoking dishonor However, everyone agrees that he never heard from them again ... until today Yù Traditions and rituals The Yù clan has always had a somewhat different structure, even though, as in any family, everyone must obey the head of the family, he is not elected in a hereditary way, on the contrary, it is chosen by voting among all the members of the family, with the possibility of voting for oneself. Under the head of the family is his/her wife or husband (if he/she has one) and his/her children. It is not strange that the head of the family has several brothers, who could not inherit their position, not like their children who can be elected from the age of 25 years, although only one was chosen so young. Great devotees of martial arts, their lineage was always characterized by showing special interest in these, taking them to another level, fighting whenever there was any reward to obtain. Initiation Ritual Any member who wants to enter the family will have to pass three trials, unknown to anyone who has not overcome them before, these will consist of obtaining a large sum of wealth or valuable objects that will be donated to the family, showing this way the ambition of the candidate. The second is to survive a month in nature, demonstrating the strength and being necessary to obtain for this moment 1 elf bone, 1 wolf head and humming bird wings. The third and final test is to defeat a member of the family, chosen by the head of the family, in a duel of traditional martial arts, showing their skill in the fight, something highly valued within the dynasty Weeding Weddings in this family are something exceptional, the union between a Yù and someone from another family does not usually go beyond the carnal. A wedding requires the insertion of a new member into the family, something that is impossible unless it passes the initiation ritual. Even so, the times that this celebration takes place is not repaired in expenses, a great banquet with musical and martial shows, accompanied by luxurious drinks and gifts for the guests is the tradition. During the union of the two married, they will give as fiance the object of greatest value they have, showing their love and appreciation for the other with this simple gesture. This act will be accompanied by a speech by the head of the family, or in its absence, by the next available person with the highest rank. Hunts Despite not being a family focused on this, hunting is a recreational activity usually carried out by the dynasty to provide its members with food and resources that can only be obtained from animals. These hunts are the least peculiar, carried out with the naked torso and without any weapon, the Yù always look for the biggest prey in the area, study it and hunt it down. This process can last for days and even weeks, focusing hunting not only on animals but also on other species. Wealth and power to achieve immortality Many years later, the construction of the empire has begun again, the descendants of those who once ruined their beloved civilization are prepared to fight for it and bring it back to glory, having learned from the past they will not make the same mistakes again... or maybe yes? OOC Information: The post we will be improved by the time we get more members Joining the family is very easy, you only have to send a private message by Discord and we will agree on your rank within the family, your family ties... Discord: AlbertoTC#2262
  7. This thread is fairly self-explanatory. If you have any screenshots of your adventures in LoTC that you’d like to share with people, just put them all in this thread (along with a short description if you wish). I’ll start by putting some screenshots of the Festival of the Applefoots held in Dunshire on December 16th. Gathering in the Tavern to drink some free booze Playing the Halfling sport of Shogging (Harold Applefoot won the tournament, I think) Hunting for edible Truffles in the No-Booze Forest. Sadly, Hearth Underson brought some booze into No-Booze Forest, causing the Sky-Gods to get angry and spite us all with heavy rain and thunder. Trying to wait out the rain in the Applefoot Burrow (It didn’t work, the roof was too leaky and we ended up leaving and braving the rain regardless) Drinking in the Rosenyr Tavern after fleeing the rain in Dunshire. (We were supposed to be having a feast, but the rain put an end to our ability to gather supplies, so we just went elsewhere) Here’s some other unrelated Screenshots to help kick this off: The Belvitz Technology Expo in celebration of the Belvitz-Holm railway
  8. Delaselva Vientos Age: 17 Aliases: “Squirt” -given by his adopted great-grandfather Race: Human Titles: N/A Class: N/A Personality; Delaselva has shown to be a strong-willed, noble youth who’s built the tendency of being drawn to any and all extraordinary entities which linger amidst the realm, whereas he is also noted to be quite calm even in most arduous of circumstances. Delaselva is very eloquent whenever he is holding a conversation with someone though is prone to Improvise a lot at the spot, omitting his pacific characteristics where he could be found recklessly diving into helping others with their needs without much caution to his own well-being. Appearance: Delaselva is a young man of average height with an almost silver-”Mali’fenn” esque like hair though is considered to be having more of a “lighter blonde” texture which is shared with his sister; Shiera Vientos (Dovely)_. Delaselva is also noted to have a clean-cut, robust musculature and an Isomorphic physique accompanied with his exterior appearance leaning more towards of a pale-ish like color. Biography: Delaselva was born and raised in an distant continent of Aeldin and originates from a region known as Venerra, which was ruled by a Princely House known as Grimm, and growing up as their neighbouring cousin where he would receive proper education in terms of mathematics, cultural history and even politics until up to the point where they couldn’t afford to house him and his two sisters, which would ultimately result into them being transferred into the care of their great-grandmother, Victoria Vientos. (JoelTheGinger) Family: [!] Great-grandmother: Victoria Vientos (JoelTheGinger) Adopted- Great grandfather: Rickard Vientos (GildedDuke) Twin-Sister: Shiera Vientos (Dovely_) Father: Eirik Vientos (Deceased) Mother: Aelora Raven (Deceased) Cousin: Talia Sophia Vientos (Dasdi) Voice-Claim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZug7Ela4VQ Personality Traits: Ambitious Eloquent Bookworm Enduring Ingenious ( Be sure to contact in regards to any concerns or other technical Issues!)
  9. Since the vasallizacion under the orcs, all citizens of the state of Quin are governed by the rules of these in their land, however, in the territory of the HouZi these rules undergo slight variations, respecting at all times the rules of the orcs. The Laws of the State of Qin are separated by three parts: The Laws of the State, of the People, and of the Huángdì. The Laws of the State and the People are those made to govern the day to day lives of the Hou-zi people, orchestrated by the official military of the State. The Laws of the Huángdì are those of serious offense against the State of Qin, and require the ruling of the monarchy. Punishment Category A- Fine of up to 200 minas, temporary jail time, 10 lashings. Category B- Minor maiming, 20 lashings, fine of up to 500 minas, any punishment stated in Category A Category C- 50 lashings, banishment, death, fine of up to 2000 minas, any punishment stated in Category A and B Repeat crimes up the Category of Punishment The Huángdì has the right to personally override official punishments of any Citizen or Ally of the State as he sees fit, no matter the law broken. By this, the Huángdì can remove a punishment or declare one of more fitting degree. Laws of the State Simple laws for the handling of the militia. Punishments for breaking the laws are set and not to be altered unless by the command of the Huángdì or Generals. Theft Minor - Category A, return of goods Major - Category B, return of goods Slander against the State or allies of the State Slander against State - Category C Slander against Allies - Category B Violence against the People and Allies Armed Robbery - Category C Assault - Category B Murder - Category C Laws of the People Simple laws created to protect the culture of the Hou-zi people, also to be handled by the military. Blasphemy against Hou-Shen and his Children Blasphemy - Category C The praising of false Gods as a denizen of the State This law does not apply to Allies. Visitors may not openly praise their Gods in the land of the State of Qin Praising Metzli - Category C Praising Iblees or other Dark creatures - Category C Praising the Aspects - Category B Other Gods not listed - Category B Destruction of shrines and altars Minor Destruction - Category A, return of lost goods Major Destruction - Category C, return of lost goods Use of Magic of the Void, or any Magic granted by false Gods, as it was said before, this law does not apply to allies to ask for permissions Voidal Magic - Category A Dark Magic - Category C Deity Magic - Category B Laws of the Huángdì Laws to be handled by the head of the Hou-zi people. Generally higher cases and punishments. Punishments are chosen by the Huángdì for each case Treason against State and People Theft of State property Murder of State officials Military action without the support of military leaders Military action taken on Allies of the State The enslavement of a member of any race without consent of the Huangdi
  10. Governing of the Yù State Here follows the Governing of the Hou-zi people within the New State of Qin. The State of Qin is formed by three governing bodies, the first and most important formed by Huángdí followed by his Buzhang (ministers), responsible of making decisions, guiding and unifying the race, administering the activity of the State. The second governmental body is formed by the head of the family and the members of the Chi council, those people of great relevance within the society who by their own merits acquire relevance in the government or who direct small groups within the society. They must actively participate in the direction of the state, advise, propose and elaborate laws, as well as help the Buzhangs. The Huángdì The head of the State. Official monarch of the state of Qin, the word of Huángdì is law. The Monarchy will be replaced by the eldest son or the daughter of the Dynasty, but if the Clan line is over, a new Clan will take its place, selected by vote in the Chi Council: Yù-Zhúdhíng (AlbertoTC) The Zongtong The members of this rank have all the same power, their word is semi-absolute, only below the Huangdi, being in turn chosen by it. If any member of the government opposes his election, a vote will be held. The Quántóu (Buzhang of Military) - The Head of Military and General of the Hou-zi Army. Responsible for delegating officers and tasks, leading the military strikes and defense, and managing the affairs of the State by upholding the laws of the State and People. Current title holder: The Shenjiao ( Buzhang of Religion) - The Head of Religion, responsible for guiding the Hou-zi fate. Though the Huángdì can make proclamations against the Gods of other people, the Buzhang can as well, and is given the ability to uphold the Shenjiao religion by force- so long as doing so does not disrupt the laws of the land. Current title holder: Hsieh-Xin(SaltyOlog) The Xuézhě (Buzhang of Culture) - The Head of all Cultural affairs, responsible of expanding and publicizing the culture of the Hous to all other races, as well as preserving it, writing about it and studying ancient traditions that are lost. This individual is also responsible for controlling who makes use of the magic that Hou-Shen gave us, the Chi. Current title holder: Liao-Chen (Evonpire) The Council of Chi The Council of Chi was once a ruling sect of lords and clan leaders elected to govern the district of the Hou-zi Empire. Now, the Council is divided to manage the daily events of the State, as well as to advise and help in all that the Zongtong requires. This group is divided into two: The Family Heads - leaders of families or dynasties, important people in society because they lead a group of Hous and share their blood mostly. There can only be one per family, having among them all the same importance. Council Members - people who are recognized for their individual merits by The Zongtong and therefore acquire a position of importance. In addition, these members go on to take responsibility in daily life, some are in charge of trade with other nations, others of the treasury of the state... ((OOC: Once the number of active Hous increases, the charges of The council of Chi will be defined according to the needs that these present. To be a Family Head, a forum post must be written about your family and approved by two Zontong members)) Official Yù Flag
  11. Here is Proof it wasn’t Flame was not involved in the discord raid It’s pretty pathetic how even though all the evidence is against flame being one of the two discord raiders the admins still refuse to look at the proof and unban him. Flamboyants “proof” he stated he had was Ghaz messaging him saying it was Flame. To believe that someone would go to the trouble of making an alt to raid a discord to then reveal who they really are, you must be pretty low IQ to be honest. Flame is the voice crying about being banned, Ghaz is the one who speaks second and saying how he doesn’t care, the third person is Inferno and the fourth deeper voice who cuts in a few times is Cakefool. Also when he says he's on the wrong account he was referring to his whitelisted alt account, that's him playing minecraft kit maps with Inferno, you can hear potions splashing in the background later on in the video and them saying how they died. https://gyazo.com/d7f3ffe391fd25177a5501f9283c00ec Here you can see Horton who was banned for the chat bombing admitting Flame was not a part of the raid. https://gyazo.com/691ffc57e6c6c58d546b60880966a150 Here you can see Rin who was also involved in the chat bombing saying Flame did not participate. If you close this topic without replying you are not only proving that you are in the wrong but showing just how corrupt and **** the Admin team is and confirming that you want him banned for some reason and used this as an excuse. @FlamboyantTyrant @TarreBear @SeventhCircle @Fireheart https://namemc.com/profile/urcuteowo.1 ← Whitelisted Alt
  12. Death of the Duchess of Kvasz “We Come as Crows” A bell can be heard within the city of Reza notifying the people of a noble’s passing of the Duchess of Kvasz, Lady Kattarina of House Ludovar who had passed away due to a severe case of what is known as the flu. The Duchess was known for being a Steward in Haense, born into the Stafyr family, and as well as being a loving mother of two. The Funeral of Lady Kattarina was held in private with the Ludovar and Stafyr family of her passing. May GOD bless her. Lady Kattarina of House Ludovar, Duchess of Kvasz 1669-1712 aged 43
  13. ((OOC: Sorry for posting this in a doc, but I wanted to use footnotes. My favourite passage I have posted here : ) )) ’Assembled brethren, let us make this our maxim: that whilst the STRONG do what they will, the WEAK suffer what they must. And them that are righteous are weak men. We should have it that we do our share of willing, and that others do the ‘suffering’ part - for a strong man is greater than a wise man, and it is workers of iniquity that are exalted on Earth. Therefore, let us kill this Guy, who in his righteousness is weak, just as we are in our ruthlessness strong. And so shall we rape Savoy of its laws and people, vanquish its customs and traditions, and say, in short, that whatsoever should prevail upon the Earth: Savoy must be destroyed.’-Chronici Sapaudia, 2.7 FRIENDS, let it be known that I have published the great work of my father, a most excellent historian of the highest quality, and have translated it into the Common language in order that it might be for the benefit of the whole Commonwealth. I urge you to read this most valuable and excellent work, which I have, with God’s help, faithfully and diligently translated. Erwin von Manstein. FULL Chronicle here enclosed. ((https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oq--XHhFluH4mDD8pWIz7C00K2T-KCJa4KxHx_dvTKw/edit))
  14. THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL VE OROENIR SANT KARLEO ________________________________________ His Majesty’s Host of the Czena From the frigid, rocky peaks of the snow clad Greyspine to the immense forests of the Wickwald lies the ancient Kingdom of Haense, the homeland of the highlander peoples. Ruled by the heirs of Sigismund, Haense stands the bastion of tradition and order in the landscape of chaos surrounding the lands of humanity, a bulwark of light in the dimming darkness. And even if all fires devolve to embers, the flames will to kindled anew, and in the waning years of the seventeenth century Haense sees its regrowth, led by the newly installed House of Bihar, and reformed to follow once more its customs and bring order to the unruly lands. It is by God’s own Will that Haense be protected, and even in the darkest of days, it will continue to stand stalwart from the forces which aim to destroy it. Enemies surround the nation, yet Haense will continue to growth, and by the golden crow’s wings it soars farther than it ever did before. This is the coming era of a golden age, and with the heralds come a need for a new shield to protect its fair maiden. Under the guidance of the Our nation’s patron saint and founder, the brave and pious Saint Karl, this new brotherhood will harken the days of old yet create a new legacy which will shape the world for years to come. This is the era of regrowth and retribution, to which Haense will yet again carve itself into the annals of history. Let every man of Saint Karl reach the heights of glory and fame, for their shall not falter in the wake, and let every man who faces them rue the day. As said in the prayer of Saint Karl, “For though we live in the world, We do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with Are not of this world. They have divine power To demolish the strongholds of man. We decimate arguments and every pretension That sets itself up against thee. As Saint Karl stood tall in the wake Of the sin and debauchery, Let us take captive every thought To make it obedient to Him. So say we all.” May Saint Karl guide the men forward to the dawn of the new age. RANKING [SENIOR COMMAND] GREAT CROWN MARSHAL | HAUCHMARSAL He who is leader of the brotherhood, the first brother of brothers, and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the brotherhood will dole it forward. Incumbent - Lord Rhys Ruthern, Herzen var Vidaus | Ave_Imperium FIELD MARSHAL | ZWEINMARSAL He who commands the men on the battlefield, to bring glory to his nation and defeat upon their wretched enemies. Woe to those who must face them upon the fields of toil and despair. Incumbent - Ser Godrik var Helmholtz | Ticklemonster MASTER OF THE CAMP | VALKHERZEN He who is lord of the camps, general of the quartermasters, and master of logistics. It is he who delivers the crushing blow on the enemy not through their own fisted iron, but supplying his brothers with the devilish kit. Incumbent -Andrei | Nectorist [HIGH COMMAND] MAJOR | OBERNIK He who leads his own true regiment of men, drilled in the art of war, sworn to protect the gracious lands of his homeland. It is he who is the backbone of the brotherhood’s bureaucracy. CAPTAIN | KOSSIN He who keeps diligent watch and fights as his brothers do, maintaining order and file in the thick of bloodshed and making sure no man falters. LIEUTENANT | LEYTNANT He who is second, yet not last, in the order of battle, supplying his wise wisdom and courage to his superiors. They are the hands of the Kossins and Obernik, their position unreplaceable. [ENLISTED] ARMIGER | BRUSTYA He who is the greatest of the veterans, wisened from years of battle and service to his fair nation. Any man to face the dreaded Brustyae would weep for their coming death. SERGEANT |SERZHANT He who leads from the front, his brothers behind him in rule, following his every example. While men look to the officers for orders, they truly look to the Serzhant for the prime example of a highlander warrior. CORPORAL | KOPRAL He who has survived their first battles and wars, showing leadership in the face of chaos, and impressing his elder enlisted. ARMSMAN | OXTZEN He who is the bulk of the brotherhood, though no less important, and fights for his nation and family. They bring glory to their name and their home-ridden wives sing songs of their victorious return. FOOTMAN | NAUSANGKRUV He who has only just joined the brotherhood, and is not himself a full brother. Their mettle requires testing, and must prove themselves in order to be considered a true man of Saint Karl. INITIATE | NAUMAAN He who has not even trained under the same roof as the men of Saint Karl, and barely can call himself even apart of the brotherhood, for they have only started their journey. THE OTHAMAN OATH The oath which is said as induction to the brotherhood, something which is never taken lightly, and will forever cement one as a man of Saint Karl, ‘To my left I see my fellow brothers, to the right I see the same. For all in the world, we fight for the peace of this land. Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm. Through stewardship, we gained the knowledge of diligence and prudence. Through diligence, we may conquer all without fault. And if I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of My Homeland. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter.’ It is these words which bound the man to his home, to his family, and to his King. As Othaman swore to Siguine in the face of desolation upon the fields of Barrowyk, so too does everyman swear, so that even in the darkest of hours, no brother will ever falter. APPLICATION Below lies the written application for the brotherhood, in hopes for one to join its prestigious rank. Though remember, not all are accepted in its file, and only those with pure heart and mind are accepted, and even then fewer are truly accepted as a man of Saint Karl. NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): if not, GENTRY (Y/N): AGE: DATE OF BIRTH (if known): PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): RACE: ETHNICITY (Haeseni, Adrian, etc.): PAST MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: PAST LABOUR EXPERIENCE: SIGNED NAME:
  15. [!] An advertisement is found flying in the wind. History o’ Dunshire book is finished! ~A sneak peak of the book!~ The long awaited sequel to my mother’s “Pendle to now” is finally out! This 50 long book discusses everything that happened within the halfling village of Dunshire! In order to get your own copy, just send me a bird ((jumperhand3)) or come visit Brandybrook to see it in our library! -Daisy Applefoot
  16. ~Founding Festival of Albion~ Posters are posted around each major city entailing that of a festival being held for the founding of Albion. The posters would brandish the sigil of the Harkness family, with a small notice under it. “Albion will be hosting a festival celebrating the founding of our settlement, we will have multiple activities such as a pugilism tourney, a feast, and a dance. All are invited.” Coordinates: X: 2245 Y:52 Z: -1302 Date and time: Saturday, March 30th at 6pm EST
  17. The Armitage Institute of medicine and warfare -Story -Programs and study's -Training -Roles -Secrecy of its study’s -Joining _______ ___________ Story 2nd of Snow's Maiden, 1708 Kuvira Percy, the first CEO of the institute founded it on the 2nd of Snow's Maiden 1708 with the kind help and funding of a steward of Adria and Olbrecht Von Denhardt. At that day the Institute of biological warfare. viruses, mutational modification and medicine was born. Otherwise known as The Armitage Institute. The CEO is a master in the study of all previously mentioned topic's. Studies -Biological warfare: This is the study of all living things. The institute makes sure none of these things rise to power outside of the Homo sapiens. They do this with other living things. -Virus: This is the study of all topic's related to bacteria or virus, certain pathogens are also treated within this study. Certain developed viruses will also be for sale, the Institute will have the only cure unless told otherwise. -Mutational modification: This is the study of all mutations, That means that the Flora and Fauna belong to this category. If a certain creature wants a modification to its body they need only come to The Armitage Institute and pay for the (X) modification. Then the process will continue and the creature will have the modification. -Medicine: This is the study of healing, The common healers would do good to come here so they can come to know more. Training The Armitage institute uses its variety of toxins and poison in warfare and matters that would go out of its guidelines. One may choose to become a master of the institute's arts of warfare. The institute has enough experience to utilize those toxins and poisons within an instance if needed, each trainee that finishes training will get a set of toxins and poisons. Every person who acquired this set might use if for everything that the person desires. The consequences are to be made by the guards if discovered using the set. The Enforcers will also be set to hunt the criminal down and execute their punishment as well. Defense of Arcas The Armitage Institute will use these studies to defend Arcas. Biological warfare will face the threat of creatures. The Virus department will deal with all bacteria and virus-related threats. The Mutant department will deal with all supernatural threats that Arcas throws at it. The Medicinal department will focus on healing Arcas in said circumstances. Roles Several roles are within the thick walls of the institute this is the small summary of those roles (others can still be added). -CEO -executive -Enforcer -Teachers -Students -Researchers Secrecy of study's Any of The Institute's enforcers or students that spill their knowledge about their study will be punished by that department, example: Kuvira told Henry how the rats inside the institute are mutated, Kuvira will then be punished with said rats until the message is clear. If the punished creature is then again proved to spill, more severe punishments will be allowed. ((OOC)) Name: Age: Discord: ((IG)) Name: Race: Age: Interested in a study: (desired role)
  18. The Library An institution of scholars, scientists, and warriors alike, all marching forward in the name of the preservation and expansion of knowledge. The Grand Library of Dragur has existed for nearly two centuries, having been formalized in the land of Vailor by our founder, Orithur. Although the Library has gone through a number of transformations during its long lifetime, in the modern day, in the land of Arcas, the Library is located inside the Cloud Temple ring, just past the marketplace, which is at the base of the stairs from the central temple. If you’re having trouble, just look for the golden statue of Orithur standing amidst a small sandstone fountain (236, 52, -508). Design This iteration of the Library follows the previous division of literature into three wings. However, unlike past Libraries, the wings aren’t labeled by number or direction, but rather they are named categorically by the general theme of the contents within. Additionally, instead of having a large and central museum, the Library has two hallways adjacent to the lobby in which are displayed some of our greatest artifacts, divided into those archaic, and those modern. Beyond the threshold of our gate, you will find yourself in a cozy room offering numerous seats, free coffee and pastries, and a central desk at which you can speak to one of our Librarians or Scholars. To the left and right are the relic hallways, displaying some of our more intriguing and powerful artifacts as illusions (we wouldn’t want something getting stolen!). To the left and right of the central desk are short connection hallways bringing you into our central wing, the ‘Academic Wing’. The literature here is that which focuses on scholarly pursuits, such as: theories, studies, guilds & orders, religions, and works of poetry and fiction. To the left is the ‘Historical Wing’, in which is contained all cultural and racial history and literature. Finally, to the right is the ‘Thaumaturgical Wing’, in which is contained all magic, alchemical, and creature literature. In addition to the above, this iteration of the Library has a centrally located lecture and event room, behind the Academic Wing, free for use upon request by any guild or organization. You are free to request to have the room redesigned to fit the theme of your event, festival, or educational session. To the further left of the ‘Historical Wing’ is a private hall in which are placed the dormitories of the Library staff. And to the further right of the ‘Thaumaturgical Wing’ is the Restricted Section, a private wing of the Library for dangerous and misunderstood literature and relics. Access to this area can only be granted by the Caretaker. Services This Library offers a number of services to the general public, a few of which are free, and a few of which come at a small cost. Although in the past our services have been rather limited, we strive to grow and change with the times to better assist the general public wherever we can. Book Copying An age old service in which the dying art of bookbinding is put into place to share the vast swathes of knowledge we have within our walls. Any book on public display may be requested, and we offer two means by which to complete this exchange. You may have books copied at a cost of one thousand mina, per book, or you can offer a book for trade, per book, that we do not already have within our walls. Transcribing The art of the written word, the taking down of notes, stories, and any other orally shared information. Any Librarian or Scholar can be approached to take down a tale you have to share if you yourself lack the skill, or resources, to produce a book. After some minor revision and restructuring, your shared information will be publicized, less it is considered to be dangerous, in which case it will be put into the restricted section. Archiving A newer service brought about in this iteration of the Library, archiving is the storage of literature, temporarily, and at a cost. In the event that you are concerned about theft, war, or any circumstance in which your valuable books may be put at risk, you are welcome to come to use for their temporary storage! The cost of this service is one thousand mina, per IRL week, per five books. If you fail to make a payment, you will be given a three IRL day grace period before your books will be seized, and made our property. Guidance The giving of information about the world. Our Scholars and Librarians are very learned people, familiar with the land of Arcas and the nations within it. In the event that you are unfamiliar, or perhaps just looking for a refresher, you are free to approach any Library employee for an explanation about politics, nation leaders, wars, rivalries, alliances, locations, guilds, and most anything else! Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific piece of literature, or a relic, ask a Librarian or Scholar for help, and they will help you locate the item. Public Index For your benefit, to skip the line at the Librarian’s desk, read ahead and survey our public index to find what you’re looking for! Index. Employment The cogs that turn the machine of the Library are those most refined and studious, individuals with the highest degree of intellect and ethics. Our Scholars and Librarians are recruited from all walks of life, never a day have we discriminated against applicants, for we operate on a strict meritocracy. Those who fail, are removed, those who succeed, are promoted, regardless of race, age, gender, and health. With this in mind, there is only one position within the Library that can be directly applied for. Scholars Firstly, the prospective scholar must make way to the Library, and request to speak with a Librarian that is present. Once one arrives, they should pose their interest to that Librarian, and express why they believe they are a fit for the position. Secondly, they will be asked to provide one or two pieces of original work, in the form of literature, for quality and content inspection. If the work is adequate, the prospective Scholar will enter the third, and final, stage of applying. At this point, they will undergo an oral interview, during which they will be questioned about their past, affiliations, interests, magics, political opinions, and so on. The specific questions are different, and entirely up to the interviewing Librarian. Alternatively, you may send a letter (in the form of a response to this post), addressed to the Caretaker of Dragur Library, to arrange a meeting with a Librarian. In this letter you should discuss why you believe you are a fitting candidate for the position. When you arrive for your meeting, bring your original literature with you. Staff Hierarchy Caretaker - Darcassan Auceps Librarians - Slots - Argus Evaeros - Lockezi - Bastien - Celia Scholars - Airebys Sylric - Solirynir Ilmoriel Library Discord Although primarily used as a place to organize Dragur’s player and community-team staff members, the Discord is also open for non-staff who are friends with existing staff, and for guild leaders/members who wish to use our space for their events. If you would like to join, contact me at Lukariatias#7126.
  19. Hey guys as you know atlas is ending in one day, so I would like to share some of the screenshots I took of just a few of Atlas cities, keep in mind they are not all the cities but just a few! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TG9rzHhsvb_KZlEqf2dBTyHBheiRCZ2sKho3SyT1A3k/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to use any of the screenshots here if you would like! Ps i would like to thank sheczar for the pembroke screenshots, and Ankan for the high elf screenshots!!
  20. KBR

    Votar's Shaati

    Votar’s Shaati Mission Statement Votar’s Shati, founded on the 20th of The Grand Harvest, 1699, by Burbur’Lur, Farseer and Huntzgrat of the Iron Uzg, exists as a way to honor the Spirits (primarily Votar), to rid the Uzg and lands surrounding it of threats, and to extend the values of the Lur clan to Uruks of all calibers and creeds. Conduct About brotherhood, looting, taming, spiritual stuff, some other stuff. OOC emphasis on the clauses below Brotherhood: The Hunters of Votar’s Shaati above all, are brothers. During hunts conflict must be put aside, fighting with your fellow hunters during hunts will be punished. The life of your fellow hunters will be put above all, should a fellow hunter die in a hunt, any spoils collected will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in the Stargush. Brothers should wish their brother to become the best he can be, whether it means reporting his crimes, or teaching him something he could do better. By joining and going on hunts with the Votar Shaati you agree to adhere to the conduct set forth and accept any punishments that may come as a result of breaking this conduct. ((Aka punishment clause, by joining this guild and going on hunts you understand that breaking rules will result in IC punishment, the worst penalty being Whitewashed.)) Spiritual Sacrifice: Honoring the Spirit of The Hunt should come above all, therefore loot from every hunt should be sacrificed in the name of 1. Votar 2. Lur and 3. Other Spirits. The members of Votar’s Shaati should strive to honor these spirits, and not be greedy with the amount they take, as it was Votar who allowed them to partake in such a grand hunt. Taming: This guild is not one made for would be druids. Taming wild animals, while they may be used to hunt in the future, or even be made into companions, will never be the objective of a hunt. Nor will hunters of the guild go out of their way to kill any mother of cubs, or any mother carrying cubs, as it is up to these animals to grow up, and reproduce, so that we may continue to hunt. On the off chance that there is a cub left behind, that has little chance of survival on its own in the wild, or a cub of an extremely rare animal that we have the capability of preserving in captivity, caring for the animal, until its eventual adulthood, will be tolerated. Maiming and Death: Scars to many hunters are trophies, proof of their living to tell the tale of their hunt, above the rank of Piil you will see many decorated with these previous wounds. Dying in a hunt, as rare as it may be, to many members is one of the most honorable deaths they may achieve, akin to a warriors wish for a death in battle. Should a hunter die on a hunt, all loot gathered will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in Stargush. This is not to say you should let your fellow hunters die, if you are able to save them, then it is not yet their time to go, and are not destined to die on this hunt. Should you leave your brother to die when you were able to help him, you will be hunted by all those of the guild. (Above Kasaak maim perms are enforced, above Piil, death perms are enforced. This will be gone over before every hunt to make sure everyone is aware. It is believed by these members of the guild that if a fellow hunter dies, and mysteriously returns to life, that it is the work of Buurzmojo. Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events.) Looting: Loot distribution will be agreed upon by the party beforehand, the types a party can choose are laid out below. Only one spoil from the creature may be taken, and the rest is sacrificed. Leader’s Pick: The leader of the hunting party decides, this has the potential to be an unfair system if the leader is not fair with the distribution of the loot. When under the leadership of a hunter who is known to be unbiased and trustworthy, this is a good system. Vote: The party will vote to determine he who showed the most prowess in the hunt and they will have the pick of one spoil from the creature. Killing Blow - He/She who strikes the killing blow on the beast gets to decide how loot is distributed. The person must be of Zult or higher, otherwise it defaults to leader’s pick. Distribution must be relatively fair or they will be punished, demoted or simply kicked from the guild. If someone waits to strike, in order to steal the killing blow, they will be punished accordingly, if someone is injured or killed because of this mistake, they will be whitewashed from the Uzg, and known as a Kinslayer. Hierarchy The Huntzgrat A title generally assigned by The Rex of The Uzg, this hunter, most of the time a Lur, is tasked with overseeing all of the hunters within the Uzg. His duties include give the go ahead on bounties, recruiting new members, and attending and leading hunts regularly. To this orc, it is a great honor to die on a good hunt, moving on to live with the hunters in the Stargush. | PK Clause The Skrizg | The right hand man of the Huntzgrat, this hunter serves as a second leader of the guild, able to recruit and promote those of the lowest three ranks, as well as demote. This second leader may also give the go ahead on bounties.| PK Clause Shaati (Means Spear) | Veteran hunters of the guild, given permission to lead Votars on the most difficult of prey. These hunters often serve as role models for the lower ranks of the guild, and should strive to set good examples. At any time if the Huntzgrat or Skrizg believes them to not be showing said good examples, they may lose this privilege. | PK Clause Zult | The swords of Votar, these hunters have proven themselves on many previous Votars, and at this point are capable of putting together hunting parties to tackle more dangerous beasts. Often invited to hunt with the Shaati, they are at this point given more specific tasks on the hunt, based on what they have accomplished in past hunts. | These hunters would show off previous wounds with pride, every scar obtained from a hunt, a trophy. (Maim clause will be enforced here, if you for example, lose a finger on a hunt, the monks will not magically regrow it, if you wish to fix it, you must find a way to do so in rp, whether it is having a farseer reattach it with Akezo, a witchdoctor regrowing it as a deformed limb, etc… But no, poof, its back.) (No one will be forced to promote past Piil) Votar’s Piils (Arrows) | Once a Kasaak has been recommended for promotion by another hunter of the guild, they become a Piil, or Arrow of Votar, these are the guild’s halfway members, who have begun to work more with the guild, but have not become full on hunters. | No Clauses will be enforced at this rank Kasaak | True to their name, these are the newbies of the guild. Those of higher ranks have been known to ask those of this rank to go on hunts, only to use them as bait in order to lure the beast out of hiding. Snagas and visitors in most cases, will be stuck at this rank. | This rank has no enforced clauses Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events. Hunting & Bounties Hunts, or Votars are the main focus of the guild, but the Votar’s Shaati have been known to take up bounties from those outside of the guild, and sometimes even outside of the Orcish race. The guidelines to hunts and bounties are laid out below. Random Hunts. Random hunts are able to be lead by anyone above the rank of Kasaak, in which they will go out into the wilderness, and see what they can find. It is advised if they find something out of their parties capabilities of hunting, that they return to the guild in order to make a bounty. Specific Hunts. Specific hunts blur the line between random hunts and bounties, where the party seeks out specific prey, these hunts may often times take longer, and may be discouraging as some animals are not so easy to find. Should a party wish to go on a specific hunt, it is advised they seek the approval of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, for if they do not, and they go missing, there is little that can be done to help. Bounties: These can range from something as simple as a wolf terrorizing a villages livestock, to a Murûk'Thaguzg that has torn down an entire desert villages with his bare (heh) hands. Bounties may be picked up by teams with the permission of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, or they may have a team assigned to them. If you wish for something more /specific/ to be hunted, it is recommended that you directly contact the Huntzgrat. To submit a bounty to the Votar’s Shaanti, please use this application. Name: Creature being hunted: Danger Level 1-5 stars: Why should we help?: Location: Enrollment Enrollment in the Votar’s Shaati will be limited to, Uruks, Honorary Uruks, and our spirit worshipping Dark Elf allies. Snagas will be permitted to attend hunts should their master wish to bring them along. Visitors will be permitted to attend hunts should they have an invitation extended to them, as well as the person inviting them providing a valid reason, why they cannot instead bring a member along. To join please fill out this application. You will then be contacted and asked to come to the guild base of operations in order to be interviewed. Application: Name: Race: Age: Discord#:
  21. Deep Iron Rarity: Rare Color: Matt black with waves of shiny black Value: Valuable Note: This mineral cannot be obtained via standard mining, this is purely a lore mineral. Obtaining this metal is costly and dangerous as you need to mine the ores from the deepist depths you can possibly go. It is a very tough and very light metal and can retain a sharp edge for a very long time. The durability of this metal makes it great for tools but very good for armour and swords Founders The smithing guild of agnarum Gimli "Gimler" Metalfist Balrog "Tunnelrat" Grandaxe Tesel Silvervein Hammerforge Bwelch Azaghul Aridan Grandaxe Belestram Sylvaeri Vagronda anvilaxe Origins The dwarfs of the smithing guild of Agnarum noticed just how some of the iron from deep in the mines looked off and didn't behave like the common iron we all know. This iron would normally just get thrown away but this time they decided to look in to it. They tried to work it like any normal metal but noticed that it seems to compact itself down thus needing more ore just to make a single ingot. after noticing that i will take a lot more than a normal forge to make this ingot they began work on a better forge, when they were able to finally make a ingot it took 10 ore chunks just to make a single ingot and extreme heat but once in a ingot it became extremely resistant to heat and surprisingly light thus making it hard to reforge in to items. Forging To forge this metal it required extreme heat to the point where the smith doing it would have to wear a protective suit or treated leather as well as having someone apply water to cool them down often. Once the metal is up to heat, A new piece of equipment that Agnarums resident inventor. (Bwelch Azaghul) had made a "Power hammer " needs to be used to draw out the metal in to blank or armour piece or tool head as no-one can stand close enough to forge out the metal. Sword use Once in a blank form the smith will grind out the sharp edges with a pure quartz grindstone turning at high speeds, the smith then go about tempering the blade the water used is brought in from the top of a mountain where it is very cold and contains little to no impurities the blank in. The blank which now can be classed as a blade is heated back up and tempered. It then goes back to the grindstone to finish off the sharpening as well as polishing the blade. The blade now has a very unique look being matt black with waves of shiny black running through the blade also the blade is also very light. Armour use Once the armour plate is formed the piece is reheated and placed in water from a top a mountain to strengthen the piece one last time the piece is then polished to reveal the unique pattern in the metal (thus cannot be formed in to a solid breast plate as the metal don't flex much and would restrict movement too much) Tool head Once formed in to the tool head it is then ground down on a grindstone at high speed to sharpen the edges and then tempered in water from on top of a mountain. It then goes back to the grindstone to polish and finish sharpening this will reveal the unique pattern of the metal.
  22. (Credit to Silents Call) On the 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1690 in the Wonka Woods roamed a ‘ker in the settlement of Gladewynn, a dark, mysterious aura emanating off of his person, the dreadful feeling lingering onto those nearby for several days, causing nightmares and anxiety to their spirits, although nothing to match what he’d go through on the daily It seems his facial expression is pained, saddened and lost, he’d walk past the groups of people without even looking at them, his blindfold likely blocking a lot of the expression he held, walking down and into a cave, the boots on his feet lightly clanking against the stone floor, spotting a large tunnel with rooms and signs with names, he’d stops as soon as he sees his own room that he shares with his significant other. Instead, a thousand thoughts begin to fill his mind, beginning to walk over to his right, near the wall of the cave, hands moving to the pieces of armor he wore, unravelling the cape over his shoulder then detaching the plates of armor that he wore along his arm and chest, dropping them onto the ground, a loud cling echoing through the cave.as his form moves against the wall, along with pulling his shirt over his head, back slowly sliding down against the rigid, pointed stone, likely scratching and cutting his skin, although he’d pay no mind to it. The ‘ker moves his hand up to his blindfold, instead he’d pull it off of his head, allowing it to fall to his side, purple irises now staring into a black abyss as a plague of thoughts began to fill his corrupted mind. The wave of thoughts would make him question his life, his happiness, the first thought came like a bubble moving to the top of the water, quick and without hesitation he’d think inside of his head “Is it real, Or is it feigned..?” He could only be talking about who he is bound to, the one who he loves, unsure if its actually real, if the feelings are returned instead of simply using him, leading him on, the three minds inside him conflicting, all telling him different things, a constant battle in his head, hurt and confused if his feelings are returned fully, trying to trust his lover, but the things in his head tell him otherwise. The next thought would pop in his head, just as quick. “Do they.. actually care?” This thought would refer to his friends, not seeming to know if they really care about his existence, or if they are just using him for whatever means they have, are they really his friends, are they there for him? His blind gaze moves to his left arm, completely bandaged, although underneath is what most usually would not expect, he’d take several moments to think on that, before stopping. The next thought would come quickly, a quiet breath coming from his person, on the verge of tears as he wonders. “Am I alone?” All thoughts and feelings would cease, the ‘ker almost letting out a whimper of sorts, remembering the two other minds in his body, one filled with evil and the other with curiosity, constantly battling as if they were people, stuck in a maze of minds, although, in this instant, they seemed to be the most noticeable. He’d begin to speak for the first time that day, in a quiet strained whisper to himself. “That's right... I’m never alone.” His hands move to his side to where the blindfold fell, picking it up to wrap back around his face, rising back to his feet to put his shirt back over him, slowly picking up the pieces of armor to slide them back on, securing them in spot, closing his ‘eyes’ to take a moment, inducing a fake feeling of happiness on him for the temporary time, one of the good things about holding one of these extra minds. He’d begin to walk forward, up the stone steps and out of the cave, the outside of him looking fine, the fake feeling of happiness washing over the utter despair that he faces inside him, but today, seemed the worst, but who would notice now?
  23. Star Wars Shadows of the Past ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a secluded world in the outer rim, far from the bloody Clone Wars, a local mining operation uncovers what at first is an unknown ‘temple’. Later investigation would fail to decipher the structure’s origin and purpose. Widespread interest in this world would grow, also known as Edichi (Ed-ich-kai). in 20 BBY a Clone army arrives to further investigate the artifact and keep it out of CIS hands. Later in the year CIS forces would follow the clones and conflict across Edichi would erupt. In 19 BBY the Confederacy of Independent Systems systematically collapsed in on itself and the Republic had been reformed into the Galactic Empire. Yet the fighting on the surface had not concluded. CIS forces on the planet remained operational, refusing orders, and Clone units had mysteriously failed to receive new directives since shortly after their initial deployment. Edichi had not been short on new arrivals either, crime syndicates had heard whispers of this ‘artifact’ and slowly rooted themselves within cities and urban areas. Even a group of Mandalorians have arrived on the planet, though little is known of their true intentions. By 18 BBY, widespread conflict on the planet had died down. Scattered clone and CIS forces still dotted the planet, but the arrival of Imperial forces on the planet greatly tipped the balance of powers. Soon after the arrival of the Empire onto the surface of Edichi it seemed the systematic extermination of all opposition was inevitable. The enormous amounts of man and material gave Imperial forces an apparent advantage. However, an Imperial expedition to the original structure produced inexplicable consequences. Though specific details are unknown, it seems the expedition found something inside the structure which led to it being completely or partially destroyed under the mountain. In addition to the mysterious destruction of the site, what observers called a ‘pulse’ echoed through the star system. All outer system communication vanished and a multitude of ship based systems, including hyperdrives were rendered completely or partially useless.. All in the system are now alone _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playable Factions All of the available factions have pros and cons as well as varying levels of equipment and supply. Please keep in mind, since the Edichi system is entirely isolated no help from the galaxy will arrive in any form. An extensive list of each factions equipment can be found here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UpVniITG3dTJJY_RT2VvkmIjkJjfVte0Cgevr8cx44I/edit?usp=sharing ) Please note that these are not the official faction names, and only ways to identify each faction. In your application you will decide your groups name. Imperial Factions (1-4) Battlegroup 1, Battlegroup 2, Battle group 3, Battle group 4 Republic Remnants (8-10) Remnant 8, Remnant 9, Remnant 10 CIS Holdouts (11) Facility 11 Rebel Factions (5-7) Faction 5, Faction 6, Faction 7 Crime Syndicates (14) Syndicate 14 Mandalorians (12-13) Expedition 12, Expedition 13 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heroes Each faction will have a unique character or Hero. These characters do not have to be the leader of your chosen faction, but they can be if you desire. Heroes will play an important role on the field of battle and in the path your faction takes in the overarching story. You will decide what fields your Hero is proficient in as well as their origin and backstory. To design your character, you will have (10) points initially at your disposal to put into any of the following sections. Keep in mind, as the game progresses you will continue to gain points depending on your actions. Basic Skills (Levels cost 1 point a piece) Piloting (1-10) Commanding (1-10) Combat (1-10) Mechanical/Technical Proficiency (1-10) Knowledge (1-10) Diplomacy (1-10) Force Skills (To become force sensitive it costs 8 points) Force Sensitivity [Y/N] - Force Ability (1-10) - Force Combat (1-10) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord: Faction of Choice: Faction Name: Brief Faction History: Hero Name: Brief Hero backstory: Hero Point Acquisition: Any specific items/equipment request: Suggestions?:
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