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Found 53 results

  1. This thread is fairly self-explanatory. If you have any screenshots of your adventures in LoTC that you’d like to share with people, just put them all in this thread (along with a short description if you wish). I’ll start by putting some screenshots of the Festival of the Applefoots held in Dunshire on December 16th. Gathering in the Tavern to drink some free booze Playing the Halfling sport of Shogging (Harold Applefoot won the tournament, I think) Hunting for edible Truffles in the No-Booze Forest. Sadly, Hearth Underson brought some booze into No-Booze Forest, causing the Sky-Gods to get angry and spite us all with heavy rain and thunder. Trying to wait out the rain in the Applefoot Burrow (It didn’t work, the roof was too leaky and we ended up leaving and braving the rain regardless) Drinking in the Rosenyr Tavern after fleeing the rain in Dunshire. (We were supposed to be having a feast, but the rain put an end to our ability to gather supplies, so we just went elsewhere) Here’s some other unrelated Screenshots to help kick this off: The Belvitz Technology Expo in celebration of the Belvitz-Holm railway
  2. KBR

    Votar's Shaati

    Votar’s Shaati Mission Statement Votar’s Shati, founded on the 20th of The Grand Harvest, 1699, by Burbur’Lur, Farseer and Huntzgrat of the Iron Uzg, exists as a way to honor the Spirits (primarily Votar), to rid the Uzg and lands surrounding it of threats, and to extend the values of the Lur clan to Uruks of all calibers and creeds. Conduct About brotherhood, looting, taming, spiritual stuff, some other stuff. OOC emphasis on the clauses below Brotherhood: The Hunters of Votar’s Shaati above all, are brothers. During hunts conflict must be put aside, fighting with your fellow hunters during hunts will be punished. The life of your fellow hunters will be put above all, should a fellow hunter die in a hunt, any spoils collected will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in the Stargush. Brothers should wish their brother to become the best he can be, whether it means reporting his crimes, or teaching him something he could do better. By joining and going on hunts with the Votar Shaati you agree to adhere to the conduct set forth and accept any punishments that may come as a result of breaking this conduct. ((Aka punishment clause, by joining this guild and going on hunts you understand that breaking rules will result in IC punishment, the worst penalty being Whitewashed.)) Spiritual Sacrifice: Honoring the Spirit of The Hunt should come above all, therefore loot from every hunt should be sacrificed in the name of 1. Votar 2. Lur and 3. Other Spirits. The members of Votar’s Shaati should strive to honor these spirits, and not be greedy with the amount they take, as it was Votar who allowed them to partake in such a grand hunt. Taming: This guild is not one made for would be druids. Taming wild animals, while they may be used to hunt in the future, or even be made into companions, will never be the objective of a hunt. Nor will hunters of the guild go out of their way to kill any mother of cubs, or any mother carrying cubs, as it is up to these animals to grow up, and reproduce, so that we may continue to hunt. On the off chance that there is a cub left behind, that has little chance of survival on its own in the wild, or a cub of an extremely rare animal that we have the capability of preserving in captivity, caring for the animal, until its eventual adulthood, will be tolerated. Maiming and Death: Scars to many hunters are trophies, proof of their living to tell the tale of their hunt, above the rank of Piil you will see many decorated with these previous wounds. Dying in a hunt, as rare as it may be, to many members is one of the most honorable deaths they may achieve, akin to a warriors wish for a death in battle. Should a hunter die on a hunt, all loot gathered will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in Stargush. This is not to say you should let your fellow hunters die, if you are able to save them, then it is not yet their time to go, and are not destined to die on this hunt. Should you leave your brother to die when you were able to help him, you will be hunted by all those of the guild. (Above Kasaak maim perms are enforced, above Piil, death perms are enforced. This will be gone over before every hunt to make sure everyone is aware. It is believed by these members of the guild that if a fellow hunter dies, and mysteriously returns to life, that it is the work of Buurzmojo. Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events.) Looting: Loot distribution will be agreed upon by the party beforehand, the types a party can choose are laid out below. Only one spoil from the creature may be taken, and the rest is sacrificed. Leader’s Pick: The leader of the hunting party decides, this has the potential to be an unfair system if the leader is not fair with the distribution of the loot. When under the leadership of a hunter who is known to be unbiased and trustworthy, this is a good system. Vote: The party will vote to determine he who showed the most prowess in the hunt and they will have the pick of one spoil from the creature. Killing Blow - He/She who strikes the killing blow on the beast gets to decide how loot is distributed. The person must be of Zult or higher, otherwise it defaults to leader’s pick. Distribution must be relatively fair or they will be punished, demoted or simply kicked from the guild. If someone waits to strike, in order to steal the killing blow, they will be punished accordingly, if someone is injured or killed because of this mistake, they will be whitewashed from the Uzg, and known as a Kinslayer. Hierarchy The Huntzgrat A title generally assigned by The Rex of The Uzg, this hunter, most of the time a Lur, is tasked with overseeing all of the hunters within the Uzg. His duties include give the go ahead on bounties, recruiting new members, and attending and leading hunts regularly. To this orc, it is a great honor to die on a good hunt, moving on to live with the hunters in the Stargush. | PK Clause The Skrizg | The right hand man of the Huntzgrat, this hunter serves as a second leader of the guild, able to recruit and promote those of the lowest three ranks, as well as demote. This second leader may also give the go ahead on bounties.| PK Clause Shaati (Means Spear) | Veteran hunters of the guild, given permission to lead Votars on the most difficult of prey. These hunters often serve as role models for the lower ranks of the guild, and should strive to set good examples. At any time if the Huntzgrat or Skrizg believes them to not be showing said good examples, they may lose this privilege. | PK Clause Zult | The swords of Votar, these hunters have proven themselves on many previous Votars, and at this point are capable of putting together hunting parties to tackle more dangerous beasts. Often invited to hunt with the Shaati, they are at this point given more specific tasks on the hunt, based on what they have accomplished in past hunts. | These hunters would show off previous wounds with pride, every scar obtained from a hunt, a trophy. (Maim clause will be enforced here, if you for example, lose a finger on a hunt, the monks will not magically regrow it, if you wish to fix it, you must find a way to do so in rp, whether it is having a farseer reattach it with Akezo, a witchdoctor regrowing it as a deformed limb, etc… But no, poof, its back.) (No one will be forced to promote past Piil) Votar’s Piils (Arrows) | Once a Kasaak has been recommended for promotion by another hunter of the guild, they become a Piil, or Arrow of Votar, these are the guild’s halfway members, who have begun to work more with the guild, but have not become full on hunters. | No Clauses will be enforced at this rank Kasaak | True to their name, these are the newbies of the guild. Those of higher ranks have been known to ask those of this rank to go on hunts, only to use them as bait in order to lure the beast out of hiding. Snagas and visitors in most cases, will be stuck at this rank. | This rank has no enforced clauses Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events. Hunting & Bounties Hunts, or Votars are the main focus of the guild, but the Votar’s Shaati have been known to take up bounties from those outside of the guild, and sometimes even outside of the Orcish race. The guidelines to hunts and bounties are laid out below. Random Hunts. Random hunts are able to be lead by anyone above the rank of Kasaak, in which they will go out into the wilderness, and see what they can find. It is advised if they find something out of their parties capabilities of hunting, that they return to the guild in order to make a bounty. Specific Hunts. Specific hunts blur the line between random hunts and bounties, where the party seeks out specific prey, these hunts may often times take longer, and may be discouraging as some animals are not so easy to find. Should a party wish to go on a specific hunt, it is advised they seek the approval of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, for if they do not, and they go missing, there is little that can be done to help. Bounties: These can range from something as simple as a wolf terrorizing a villages livestock, to a Murûk'Thaguzg that has torn down an entire desert villages with his bare (heh) hands. Bounties may be picked up by teams with the permission of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, or they may have a team assigned to them. If you wish for something more /specific/ to be hunted, it is recommended that you directly contact the Huntzgrat. To submit a bounty to the Votar’s Shaanti, please use this application. Name: Creature being hunted: Danger Level 1-5 stars: Why should we help?: Location: Enrollment Enrollment in the Votar’s Shaati will be limited to, Uruks, Honorary Uruks, and our spirit worshipping Dark Elf allies. Snagas will be permitted to attend hunts should their master wish to bring them along. Visitors will be permitted to attend hunts should they have an invitation extended to them, as well as the person inviting them providing a valid reason, why they cannot instead bring a member along. To join please fill out this application. You will then be contacted and asked to come to the guild base of operations in order to be interviewed. Application: Name: Race: Age: Discord#:
  3. welshnutter

    [✗] [New Metal] Deep Iron

    Deep Iron Rarity: Rare Color: Matt black with waves of shiny black Value: Valuable Note: This mineral cannot be obtained via standard mining, this is purely a lore mineral. Obtaining this metal is costly and dangerous as you need to mine the ores from the deepist depths you can possibly go. It is a very tough and very light metal and can retain a sharp edge for a very long time. The durability of this metal makes it great for tools but very good for armour and swords Founders The smithing guild of agnarum Gimli "Gimler" Metalfist Balrog "Tunnelrat" Grandaxe Tesel Silvervein Hammerforge Bwelch Azaghul Aridan Grandaxe Belestram Sylvaeri Vagronda anvilaxe Origins The dwarfs of the smithing guild of Agnarum noticed just how some of the iron from deep in the mines looked off and didn't behave like the common iron we all know. This iron would normally just get thrown away but this time they decided to look in to it. They tried to work it like any normal metal but noticed that it seems to compact itself down thus needing more ore just to make a single ingot. after noticing that i will take a lot more than a normal forge to make this ingot they began work on a better forge, when they were able to finally make a ingot it took 10 ore chunks just to make a single ingot and extreme heat but once in a ingot it became extremely resistant to heat and surprisingly light thus making it hard to reforge in to items. Forging To forge this metal it required extreme heat to the point where the smith doing it would have to wear a protective suit or treated leather as well as having someone apply water to cool them down often. Once the metal is up to heat, A new piece of equipment that Agnarums resident inventor. (Bwelch Azaghul) had made a "Power hammer " needs to be used to draw out the metal in to blank or armour piece or tool head as no-one can stand close enough to forge out the metal. Sword use Once in a blank form the smith will grind out the sharp edges with a pure quartz grindstone turning at high speeds, the smith then go about tempering the blade the water used is brought in from the top of a mountain where it is very cold and contains little to no impurities the blank in. The blank which now can be classed as a blade is heated back up and tempered. It then goes back to the grindstone to finish off the sharpening as well as polishing the blade. The blade now has a very unique look being matt black with waves of shiny black running through the blade also the blade is also very light. Armour use Once the armour plate is formed the piece is reheated and placed in water from a top a mountain to strengthen the piece one last time the piece is then polished to reveal the unique pattern in the metal (thus cannot be formed in to a solid breast plate as the metal don't flex much and would restrict movement too much) Tool head Once formed in to the tool head it is then ground down on a grindstone at high speed to sharpen the edges and then tempered in water from on top of a mountain. It then goes back to the grindstone to polish and finish sharpening this will reveal the unique pattern of the metal.
  4. NotEvilAtAll

    The Autarkic Worker's Party

    The Autarkic Worker’s Party ”For a strong Empire, and an even stronger Mankind!” For too long have the degenerative liberals of the Empire held a tyrannical grasp over common man; their Big Market shills corrupting our good Empire with mediocrity, stagnation, and unemployment. They have done nothing for us, and thus it is time for us to do something for ourselves. We’ve allowed ourselves to be corrupted by foreign trade and influence, and thus we must put it to an end. Our Empire shall solve her own issues, be her own entity, and form her own destiny with no meddling outsider money bribing its way into our minds. Party Platform: ~A national currency issued by the government backed by Gold Ingots to retain its value, thus ending the issues of Mina inflation. ~Weaning the Empire off of foreign dependency through moderate tarrifs, encouragement of local business, and encouragement of the Empire’s arts. ~Guaranteed employment through government action, thus ending the massive unemployment plaguing the Empire and putting the Empire back to work again! ~A strong and well-funded military, with mining/smithing industries Nationalized in order to keep their focus on military production. ~Increasing Parliament’s representation to include all parts of the Empire instead of just the three prefectures. ~The expansion of the Parliament’s power, giving the common man more voice. Party Leadership: Anyone may run under the Autarkic Worker’s Party, and they may have whatever platform they wish provided that they serve the interests of the common person instead of the interests of foreign merchants or degenerates and liberals. The current Chairman of the Party is Leonid Torovich, and others may join as they see fit. The Party Leadership will not demand much of its members, for it is the duty of the members to direct and demand from the leadership instead of vice versa. Why should I vote Autarkic? The Autarkic Party will bring you employment, strength, and pride. We are not snooty upper-class liberals like other parties, and thus you can trust us to manage the Empire in YOUR interests instead of the interests of foreign merchants and schemers. We will bring the Parliament greater power, and the people greater representation within the Parliament, so that you may rest assured knowing your vote counts. We will bring the Empire glory and honor in all it does, and expand the military in order to do as such. We will keep the Empire unique and strong in culture and economy. In short, we are the party of the people who wish to see YOU achieve greatness alongside the Empire, and that is why you must vote for us. PRAISED BE THE EMPIRE!
  5. Ford

    The Plinkett Test

    The Plinkett Test is as follows: Describe a character without saying what they look like, what kind of clothing/outfit they wear, or what their occupation/profession is. Do this for your character. Use as many words as you’d like.
  6. Imperium

    We Come As Crows

    SIEGE OF THE LAST HOPE 15th of the Harren’s Folley, 1691 The Wall of Atlas, as depicted by an unknown artist, c. 1653. The men huddled around a dying fire, they had been stuck in that godforsaken camp for countless Saint’s months. The constant blizzard had made the ice feel like daggers against the skin. The tattered banners of the former Brotherhood of Saint were pulled from their poles in the strong winds. Most of the original garrison had succumbed to frostbite, leaving only but a handful of old veterans and fresh recruits to guard the gateway to the Last hope. For eight long years, the men of Haense have guarded against the Vaeyl from the Crow’s Nest, a camp built not too far from the Vaeyl stronghold of Last Hope. The situation seems hopeless, provisions are running low and no relief force has been sent in months. Then a shout is heard from one of the guard towers, then a bell rings through the camp. The Crow’s Nest. The galloping of horses, the black and purple banners, the soldier’s chant. The entirety of the Empire’s forces had marched westward, joining the camp. Only a few moons had passed since the Siege of Arberrang. Riders clad in tabards from across the Empire now ride with haste to Last Hope making up the vanguard. Behind them marches a column of the Imperial Legion alongside the proud Haensetain Royal Army. Bringing up the rearguard was the imperial siege weapons, brought to bring the walls of Last Hope crashing down.
  7. Lockezi

    The Battle of Minds.

    (Credit to Silents Call) On the 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1690 in the Wonka Woods roamed a ‘ker in the settlement of Gladewynn, a dark, mysterious aura emanating off of his person, the dreadful feeling lingering onto those nearby for several days, causing nightmares and anxiety to their spirits, although nothing to match what he’d go through on the daily It seems his facial expression is pained, saddened and lost, he’d walk past the groups of people without even looking at them, his blindfold likely blocking a lot of the expression he held, walking down and into a cave, the boots on his feet lightly clanking against the stone floor, spotting a large tunnel with rooms and signs with names, he’d stops as soon as he sees his own room that he shares with his significant other. Instead, a thousand thoughts begin to fill his mind, beginning to walk over to his right, near the wall of the cave, hands moving to the pieces of armor he wore, unravelling the cape over his shoulder then detaching the plates of armor that he wore along his arm and chest, dropping them onto the ground, a loud cling echoing through the cave.as his form moves against the wall, along with pulling his shirt over his head, back slowly sliding down against the rigid, pointed stone, likely scratching and cutting his skin, although he’d pay no mind to it. The ‘ker moves his hand up to his blindfold, instead he’d pull it off of his head, allowing it to fall to his side, purple irises now staring into a black abyss as a plague of thoughts began to fill his corrupted mind. The wave of thoughts would make him question his life, his happiness, the first thought came like a bubble moving to the top of the water, quick and without hesitation he’d think inside of his head “Is it real, Or is it feigned..?” He could only be talking about who he is bound to, the one who he loves, unsure if its actually real, if the feelings are returned instead of simply using him, leading him on, the three minds inside him conflicting, all telling him different things, a constant battle in his head, hurt and confused if his feelings are returned fully, trying to trust his lover, but the things in his head tell him otherwise. The next thought would pop in his head, just as quick. “Do they.. actually care?” This thought would refer to his friends, not seeming to know if they really care about his existence, or if they are just using him for whatever means they have, are they really his friends, are they there for him? His blind gaze moves to his left arm, completely bandaged, although underneath is what most usually would not expect, he’d take several moments to think on that, before stopping. The next thought would come quickly, a quiet breath coming from his person, on the verge of tears as he wonders. “Am I alone?” All thoughts and feelings would cease, the ‘ker almost letting out a whimper of sorts, remembering the two other minds in his body, one filled with evil and the other with curiosity, constantly battling as if they were people, stuck in a maze of minds, although, in this instant, they seemed to be the most noticeable. He’d begin to speak for the first time that day, in a quiet strained whisper to himself. “That's right... I’m never alone.” His hands move to his side to where the blindfold fell, picking it up to wrap back around his face, rising back to his feet to put his shirt back over him, slowly picking up the pieces of armor to slide them back on, securing them in spot, closing his ‘eyes’ to take a moment, inducing a fake feeling of happiness on him for the temporary time, one of the good things about holding one of these extra minds. He’d begin to walk forward, up the stone steps and out of the cave, the outside of him looking fine, the fake feeling of happiness washing over the utter despair that he faces inside him, but today, seemed the worst, but who would notice now?
  8. Star Wars Shadows of the Past ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a secluded world in the outer rim, far from the bloody Clone Wars, a local mining operation uncovers what at first is an unknown ‘temple’. Later investigation would fail to decipher the structure’s origin and purpose. Widespread interest in this world would grow, also known as Edichi (Ed-ich-kai). in 20 BBY a Clone army arrives to further investigate the artifact and keep it out of CIS hands. Later in the year CIS forces would follow the clones and conflict across Edichi would erupt. In 19 BBY the Confederacy of Independent Systems systematically collapsed in on itself and the Republic had been reformed into the Galactic Empire. Yet the fighting on the surface had not concluded. CIS forces on the planet remained operational, refusing orders, and Clone units had mysteriously failed to receive new directives since shortly after their initial deployment. Edichi had not been short on new arrivals either, crime syndicates had heard whispers of this ‘artifact’ and slowly rooted themselves within cities and urban areas. Even a group of Mandalorians have arrived on the planet, though little is known of their true intentions. By 18 BBY, widespread conflict on the planet had died down. Scattered clone and CIS forces still dotted the planet, but the arrival of Imperial forces on the planet greatly tipped the balance of powers. Soon after the arrival of the Empire onto the surface of Edichi it seemed the systematic extermination of all opposition was inevitable. The enormous amounts of man and material gave Imperial forces an apparent advantage. However, an Imperial expedition to the original structure produced inexplicable consequences. Though specific details are unknown, it seems the expedition found something inside the structure which led to it being completely or partially destroyed under the mountain. In addition to the mysterious destruction of the site, what observers called a ‘pulse’ echoed through the star system. All outer system communication vanished and a multitude of ship based systems, including hyperdrives were rendered completely or partially useless.. All in the system are now alone _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playable Factions All of the available factions have pros and cons as well as varying levels of equipment and supply. Please keep in mind, since the Edichi system is entirely isolated no help from the galaxy will arrive in any form. An extensive list of each factions equipment can be found here ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UpVniITG3dTJJY_RT2VvkmIjkJjfVte0Cgevr8cx44I/edit?usp=sharing ) Please note that these are not the official faction names, and only ways to identify each faction. In your application you will decide your groups name. Imperial Factions (1-4) Battlegroup 1, Battlegroup 2, Battle group 3, Battle group 4 Republic Remnants (8-10) Remnant 8, Remnant 9, Remnant 10 CIS Holdouts (11) Facility 11 Rebel Factions (5-7) Faction 5, Faction 6, Faction 7 Crime Syndicates (14) Syndicate 14 Mandalorians (12-13) Expedition 12, Expedition 13 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heroes Each faction will have a unique character or Hero. These characters do not have to be the leader of your chosen faction, but they can be if you desire. Heroes will play an important role on the field of battle and in the path your faction takes in the overarching story. You will decide what fields your Hero is proficient in as well as their origin and backstory. To design your character, you will have (10) points initially at your disposal to put into any of the following sections. Keep in mind, as the game progresses you will continue to gain points depending on your actions. Basic Skills (Levels cost 1 point a piece) Piloting (1-10) Commanding (1-10) Combat (1-10) Mechanical/Technical Proficiency (1-10) Knowledge (1-10) Diplomacy (1-10) Force Skills (To become force sensitive it costs 8 points) Force Sensitivity [Y/N] - Force Ability (1-10) - Force Combat (1-10) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord: Faction of Choice: Faction Name: Brief Faction History: Hero Name: Brief Hero backstory: Hero Point Acquisition: Any specific items/equipment request: Suggestions?:
  9. hfbdo


    The game t let won’t let me join it says the server is full but the game says there are only 124 people and the server capacity is 300! Someone please help me ASAP! I want to get back to roleplaying!
  10. MrMojoMordor

    Playing as a Bard/troubadour

    Hello! I am curious if and how would it be possible to play a bard/troubadour? I would be basically bringing over a dnd character i've been playing for awhile (with tweaks fitting for this world ofc.) and i've seen people "rolling" a d20 in game. So would the performance (aka how well I play) come from the roll? Any suggestions/questions are welcomed! -MMM
  11. [!] You find a sheet of paper floating in the wind, seemingly written for the Academic Union The Nature of History; Dialectical Musings ~A meeting between members of the Academic Union~ As my first action as a member of the Academic Union, I decided to ask a very broad and important question: What is it that drives on history?. Of course, there is no one answer to such a question, so I went about gathering others’ opinions on the matter. But first, let us form a scientific and philosophic definition of “History”. What does it mean to change history? What even is history? In my view, History is nothing more than a series of forces eternally in cooperation, conflict, or coexistence with each other. I shall call this conflict between forces the “Dialectic”, and to try and understand what exactly drives these forces is to be acting “Dialectical”. When two differing forces meet, discuss, fight, and try to settle things between them, they are acting in a manner which carries on this “Dialectic” and brings the past closer to the future. However, after having formed this theory on history, I realized that I have no way to determine exactly what is the most important of all the forces that create history and the Dialectic. To better understand people’s views on exactly what drives on history in their personal dialectical view, I gave them a simple question: “What do you consider to be more pivotal in the development of history: Race, Class, Nationality, or something else?” This question, while broad and meaningless on its own, can help us locate the forces of the dialectic and recognize them as they work. After I got 10 answers, I ended my little experiment and carried on with my normal life. The answers I got are... Race: II Class: IIII Nationality: III It’s all relative: I Think of this as you will. I am only here to gather information and guess. -Daisy Applefoot the halfling, Discipuli of the Academic Union.
  12. TheDragonsRoost

    Returning to the Bonfire

    Hello again! Now, before you lot go crazy with your replies, let me get a few things straight: 1. Yes, I DID leave LotC, but I have since overturned my decision to leave. 2. I did not post two farewell posts. One was me saying I was taking a break and the other was a farewell. 3. LotC is a boiling cauldron of toxicity and hatred towards people that they do not understand yet. So effin’ what? With that out of the way, let’s get to the point of this post: why I’ve decided to come back to Lord of the Craft. It wasn’t an easy choice to overturn my decision to leave the server and the community I got to enjoy being with, but it hit me. Something that a friend told me about my roleplay character that I felt was appropriate in this situation. “Even if your [character’s] overwheled with emotions, [his] friends come first.” -A friend. I’ve made a lot of friends on this server and they don’t need to be plastered over a re-introduction post just to have upvotes on their rep. My friends don’t need any naming, anyhow, because the only thing they need to know is that they are the primary reason why I came back to LotC. There is also the concern that people think I’m still toxic by leaving then coming back and applying for staff. Let me ask you lot why you people believe that I should be berated because of mistakes that occur off the server? For even matters on twitch streams that have already been dealt with by the GM team? In fact, why even bother berating me in the first place? It doesn’t make a lot of sense on why you insist on doing these immature acts of trolling and letting it spiral out of control to the point where the Game Mods are involved. Honestly, some of the problems on LotC do stem a lot from people making immature decisions and reacting to said immature decisions in a harsh manner (as I did in my twitch stream. So what?). Anyhow, -1 me all you want to be honest. The only thing that’s mature on LotC are the staff members on their various teams who try to make a pleasant community to be engaged in as well as promote a positive attitude. I’ll be playing my characters again and if you don’t like it, don’t bother leaving a reply or just ignore me. Time to get back to work, -TheDragonsRoost
  13. wolfbluewalker

    Snow. The graphics and lag.

    The lag from snow in the server at some points gets really annoying and hard to deal with. I want to know how others would react compared to my reaction in this situation. Sometimes the snow lag gets to a point where it even gets you killed and that can cause some rage, some rage that does not want to be unleashed. AKA the gamer rage. (If you want anything added to the poll please leave it in the comments or reply's or whatever and I will see to adding it as soon as possible!) See that pretty girl in the mirror there?
  14. wolfbluewalker

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Answer this poll telling the truth of what you would do without lying! Would you roleplay correct? Or would you cheat? You have committed crimes against Atlas and her people, what say you in your defense?
  15. Yeah, there’s nothing really much to say. I’m saying my final farewell from Lord of the Craft. No joke, I’m officially quitting LotC and PK’ing all of my characters on TheDragonsRoost and my alt account. After I stepped back, I realized that my style of writing and my style of roleplay didn’t fit LotC, which made a lot of people toxic towards me. I hold no grudges against everyone here and I’ve found something I enjoy. To my friends and people I’ve met on LotC, I’ll still be available to talk to over Discord, but I’ll be leaving the LotC discords that I’ve joined as I’ll be redirecting my focus towards my own projects. Time to Create. Time for Creation. It’s Time of Creation and the forging of new worlds. Thanks for everything! -TheDragonsRoost
  16. Username Porkour Discord Porkour#0123 Timezone GMT -7 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Orcs/Dwarves Staff History I was a forum moderator in 2012 for three months, sorting threads to be cast away. I served under Gemmylou at the time. I found a calling towards the Media Team where I served under the guidance of Acerbuddy (Haelphon) from the time I left FM to around early 2014. Ban History Yes, a month into my first time playing on LotC in 2011, I misunderstood the no-rp killing and killed a player orc after being provoked. I was warned by Robin Drake, whose warning point scars my profile to this day. Blacklist History: I have not been blacklisted from the server. What do you want to join the Event Team? From the day ex-admin shiftnative suggested the idea of me becoming and roleplaying a pigman. I knew that I wanted to create a form of dynamic yet within lore, different roleplay. Something that will make regular races question the existence of my being and learn to disfavor or favor the outsider. Through my years on the server, I have learned that everyone has a different take on what to make of the pigman. Some have chosen to befriend it, and welcome it into their community, others have chosen to cast it away usually in the form of consumption or by force. The Event team interests me much to entertain the server, and to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to why we are all here in LotC. I feel that the server could benefit from someone who has lurked among the shadows and patiently watched as time passed by without much interference. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I admire the Event Team because of their strong abilities to keep people engaged in rp. Every time I see an event go on, the community comes out of their holes and unites for a brief moment. I could be a good asset to the team and provide plenty of ideas for the group. I have a unique mind, one that has matured over my years here and have a friendly personality. I was short tempered before, but I have moved on from that time and realize that in order for everyone to be happy, I have to work as a part of the team and not against it. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: The events I aspire to create will mostly consist of high fantasy quests and challenges. The thrill of seeking treasure, casting a curse out from the realm, rescuing an notable icon in the hopes of wealth or recognition, or simply not becoming a lost soul. Quests that involve perilous journeys to a deep dark wood in search of a cure for a town struck with illness while battling plethoras of unworldly creatures, obtaining secret information from a group of bandits terrorizing the streets. One that I would dream of creating, is an ongoing event where characters can prove themselves worthy of being one of the best, if not the best. I want to create events that can be cherished by the community, those that don’t necessarily involve violence and engage everyone in it. What makes a good event? A good event requires time to plan scenarios. Scenarios that arent one-way, and have many paths that could go in case the original plan fails. A good event requires depth, descriptive sentences that paint a vivid scene in the readers mind, so they can picture the event in their own way. It will also require the community to make it a success. A good event may evoke a response from the affected community, it might strike fear in some, or bring rage or purpose to the roleplayers. A good event also requires a good team to help each other make it a good event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The Curse of Droc'Nalthor: Quest - Dynamic Fantasy Event A village has a deep dark secret buried deep underground. The villagers are NPCs that tell of an underground city that was once thriving with life, and is now a sanctuary for the dead. A curse they locked away for many generations has finally leaked itself out, due to seismic activity throughout the island. Those villagers (actors) would then occupy the local populi and bring them news of the impending danger. It is up to the community to decide how to go upon the situation. The villagers would go on about informing the people that this curse derived from the city their ancestors built and buried. Villagers will tell of their village, but not say where, except show them a map that points out the approximate location of their village. They can venture out solo, with a buddy, or a large group. When they arrive, they will see a desolate land that was once the village and encounter an onslaught of creatures that seem to pour out of a crevasse in the ground. After warding the creatures off, a storm will brew above casting bolts of fire down as the players seek shelter wherever they can find. Most houses will offer little to no protection against the elements, the other will lead down into the chasm where they'll find coffins and a river of blood encircling a massive city. This city is also riddled with creatures the players may fight or attempt to avoid. In the center of it all, is the source of the curse, where someone may have to sacrifice themselves to destroy it, or risk the lives of those he/she brought along. The event is concluded when a decision has been made. The chasms and ruined earth will seal itself back up, and the land restored as if nothing has happened, and the village that once buried the dead city, disappears with it. The players will move on and probably get a drink at the local tavern. The Dream Bed: Dungeon - Persistent Fantasy Realm Ever have those dreams where you end up waking up after 'dying'? What if you dont wake up at all? What if you actually die? A poverty stricken mother cries for her missing daughter after kissing her good night and waking up to her not being there. She claims she has never taken trouble for her liking and shown no motive for running away. Villagers(players) would learn that her missing daughter may be trapped in a different dimension where her bed is the portal between our world and her world. The purpose of this event is to rescue the mother's child knowing the risk of going to sleep in the mysterious bed. If a player dies in the dream world, they die in the real world. A mashup between Inception, A Link to the Past and The Matrix. Players will setup their own bed in the house, and event team will teleport the players into the dream realm. The dream realm can be set in the End, the Nether, or the Aether, each with their own fall hazards or realm creatures that may lead players to their untimely end. The event concludes when the mystery behind the disappearance has been solved. A Hall for Heroes: Arena - Dynamic/Persistent Low-Fantasy Realm A time of gathering has been announced from the heavens or via birds, of a city created for those who seek to prove themselves worthy. This may include gauntlets, a test of the mind, or a battle royale. Players will journey to this city where they can congregate amonst each other and participate in activities served by the event team. In this event, death may be a risk players have to take, and they are to come to the city emptyhanded for fear of loss items. This is at their own risk and may choose to bring items that do not give them the upper advantage. Events that happen here are merely for entertainment and bragging rights and include but not limited to; treasure hunts, master sculpting, horse races, spleef tournaments, Player vs Player (1v1, Team, Survival) etc. Victors will be crowded glorious in their event and remembered in the hall for heroes, a golden corridor where their achievements shine with the ascended. Participants who compete will be given free but not private housing for their friends and family should they choose to stay there.
  17. Hello there everyone! Recently I’ve been thinking about some ways that farming, mining, and other things can be made useful and/or profitable come 7.0. Now that Nexus is gone, a lot of its economic features were removed as well and now we must rebuild something different from scratch. So, without further ado, let’s get started with some ideas Ideas for Farming: -Make certain crops grow far better at different times in the year so that not every crop is profitable at once? This might encourage people to mix up what they are growing in their fields and could give some more variety to people’s diets. -Reduce the amount of wheat gained per plant down to 1 when using a hoe. This means that hoes only exist to be faster and easier than breaking crops by hand and do not improve production so much that everybody is sitting on massive stocks of hay all the time. Perhaps the increased wheat yield could be given back to players who take some kind of farming skill or profession (If skills/professions are to be added back in 7.0). -Caskets could be added back into the game when diamond hoes are used to farm crops. This would give people a reason to use diamond hoes, which improves the value of diamonds. -Silly little events could happen while farming just like how silly little events happened when chopping trees back in Nexus (Remember the Pomegrenades? That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about). If done correctly this will make farming more interersting and enjoyable. Ideas for Animal Breeding: -Remove the cap on how many animals you can breed per restart, and replace it with a 75% failure rate on animal breeding. This both allows dedicated players to produce more meat if they have the time and forces you have to use more crops in order to breed animals, which could make meat more costly (due to it taking more resources to make meat), and more plentiful (because people can make more meat over an extended period of time). -If a 75% failure rate seems to strange, perhaps a custom crafting recipe for “Animal Feed” could be added to the game. This “Animal Feed” has a 100% chance of producing a baby when two animals are bred with it, but costs a lot of farm produce to craft. (Carrots, potatoes, hay bales, etc. could all be crafted into this Animal Feed in whatever crafting recipe seems fitting). -Special items could be dropped by animals which could then be used in custom crafting recipes to create all sorts of fun things. -Eggs, Milk, Feathers, and Leather could be used in more recipes in order to give them more value (See: Cooking) Ideas for Cooking: -Custom crafting recipes galore, all of which unique in some way -Just like how food provides basic buffs in most MMOs, LOTC’s custom food recipes could provide speed, jump boost, haste, and night vision when used in certain permitted areas. This makes sure that bakers will have more to do and more to sell. (Note: Foods providing speed buffs and jump boost should only work on roads, Foods providing haste should only work in mines and the Resource Isles.) -Just like how Berserker axes are different from Iron Swords yet still more or less their equal, certain foods could have similar mechanics. For example, a certain custom food could give metric tons of hunger and saturation yet blind you for 20 seconds after eating it, or a certain potato could heal you up to full health yet remove all of your hunger and saturation so you are almost starving. @Treshure @Man of Respect it’s time to get to work fellas
  18. Lockezi

    The Sleetfells Darkens.

    The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  19. Krefarus

    Polis [OOC/APPS]

    Polis 389 CE (City of Polis 389 CE) (Political map of Aegos 389 CE) [Red = Vathacian States, Purple = Knyos, Orange = Myridios, Teal = Amidia, Green = ‘Barbarian' Kingdoms, Yellow = Nomadic peoples & tribes] The city of Polis, once the cultural, economic, and political center of the Vathacian League, later the Vathacian Empire. A city home to the greatest works of the civilized world. A city that once commanded armies across Aegos, and asserted its influence even farther now stands alone. It has been over 40 years since the last Hegemon was ousted by a coalition of Polisian factions and the Periochi were established by the signing of the Práxi Enótitas. After the reign of the Hegemons and the collapse of the Vathacian Empire, The power vacuum left in Polis led to a period of disaster. Foreign powers stripped Polis of control of most of its lands and territories. Hegemony over what remains of Vathacian territory is nothing more than symbolic. Many states flock to foreign powers, believing their fortunes will better there. In the wake of the collapse the Polisian factions waged war across the city, covering Polis in death, disease, and devastation. After over a year of conflict a victorious faction, Illerius, emerged and established the rank of Polemarch. The rise of the Polemarch ceased the city’s internal conflicts and secured peace with Polis’s various neighbors. Finally after almost a decade of instability, there was peace. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Factions Polis is divided into 10 Periochi, or districts. Every Periochi is governed by the Archon of one of Polis’s 10 factions. The Archons, though mostly independent, still bow to the Polemarch who maintains direct rule over key sections of Polis. Each Periochi has vague cultural traits that will serve as a guideline for you to expand upon. However it is to be noted that they all stem from original Polisian culture, a culture very heavily influenced by Vathacian Culture, which is based of that of Ancient Greece Rules [Any questions can be brought me or the discord] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amSgKuKybeVyMtVBY4S9xewOSJl0BW_K5qk1hgwWwGE/edit?usp=sharing The Periochi (The 10 playable factions are shown and numbered above) (Above is a map displaying the different Periochi & their accompanying Sectors 1. Argos - The second largest economic sector of Polis and a long standing and respected faction. The majority of Argos’s citizens lie in the upper middle class. Population: 310,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sector 4 & 5] 1x Market [Sector 4] 1x Lvl 3 Academy [Great Work | Sector 5] Resources: Scholars [Sector 5] 2. Decelea - The wealthiest Periochi in Polis. Originally head of the Vathacian fleets, this faction quickly secured control over Polis’s waterways and harbours. It is home to the largest marketplaces and wealthiest members of Polisian society. The people of Decelea practice a culture strongly influenced by trade and are widely regarded as the most alien of Polisian peoples. Population: 260,000 Improvements: 2x Development [Spread between Sectors 1 & 2] 2x Markets [Sector 1] 1x Lvl 1 Dockyard [Sector 1] Other: Great Library of Irae [Sector 1][Great Work][Under Polemarch Occupation] 3. Kleones - The most industrious of the inner Periochi. Kleonesians are an honest and hard working people. They take pride in the superb quality of their goods and the faction hosts the largest industrial base in Polis. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military foundry [Sector 16 , inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Academy [Sector 18] 4x Development [2 in Sector 16 & 2 in Sector 17] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder foundry [Sector 18, inactive due to lack of resources] Resources: Scholars 4. Apamea - Apamea is the poorest of the inner Periochi, apart from the main streets, the district is largely a confusing maze of slums and apartments. Despite supporting the last Hegemon, they managed to remain in control of their section of Polis through their peoples almost fanatic loyalty to the state. They are an opportunistic people, and unlike their southern counterpart, they are seldom considered honest. Population: 320,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 13, one is inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 15] 1x Development [Sector 14] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 13] 5. Phocis - Phocis is the most populous of the inner Periochi. Their control of the river gates and largely trained citizenry allowed them to control large sections of Polis. The people of Phocis are stalwart advocates for democracy and independence Population: 350,000 Improvements 1x Lvl 2 Academy [Sector 9] 3x Development [1 in Sector 12, 1 in Sector 11 & 1 in Sector 10] Resources: Scholars Others: Polemarch tax collection center 6. Ephesus - The most militaristic of the Polisian factions & a favorite of the Polemarch. Ephesus was originally formed during the collapse of the Vathacian Empire and was made up mostly of Hegemonic loyalists as well as the largest portion of the remaining Vathacian military. Ephesus is home to the greatest military minds of Polis. Their culture revolves around the good of the Faction and much of the population lives in large communal blocks. Population: 130,000 Improvements: 2x Barracks [Sector 7] 1x Lvl 1 Gunpowder Foundry [Inactive due to lack of resources & Polemarch occupation 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 6] 3x Development [2 to Sector 7 & 1 to Sector 8] 7. Iolcus - The most populous district in Polis. Iolcus is a largely unorganized mass of buildings, plazas, and miscellaneous buildings. The district possesses massive amounts of resources in comparison to the inner Periochi. Iolcusian culture is similar to that of Kleones, however the more rural region hosts more traditional values. Population: 550,000 Improvements: 1x Mine [Iron, Sector 23] 1x Barracks [Sector 21, inactive due to Polemarch occupation] Resources (known): 2x Lumber [Sector 20] 1x Iron [Sector 23] 3x Farmlands [1 in Sector 20, 2 in Sector 23] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 21] Polemarchy Tax collection center [Sector 21] 8. Sestos - Sestos is the largest agricultural Periochi. The finest crops of Polis hail from Sestosian fields and many of the inner districts rely heavily on the constant flow of food products from these regions. Up until recently, the people of Sestos have been largely neutral, during the Polisian civil wars Sestos remained the least affected of all Periochi. Population: 300,000 Improvements: 3x Farmlands [1 to Sector 25, 2 to Sector 27 Resources(known): 6x Farmlands [2 in Sector 25, 2 in Sector 27, 2 in Sector 28] 2x Lumber [Sector 27] Other: Polemarchy tax collection center [Sector 27] 9. Oreus - Oreus is the chief supplier of lumber and iron in Polis. Though not as resource rich as their Thespiaen counterparts. Massive destruction of Oreus during the Polisian civil wars forced the economically struggling district to accept mostly unfavorable trade deals with the Inner Periochi, particularly Decelea, in order to gain financial support. These trade agreements remain mostly intact, which has prompted widespread resentment from Oreusians. The culture of Oreus is similar in nature to their Sestosian neighbors, however it is significantly less pacifistic and more traditional in nature. Population: 440,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Mine [Sector 30, Iron] 1x Lvl 1 Lumber Yard [Sector 31] Resources(known): 3x Iron [Sector 30] 1x Lumber [Sector 31] Other: Polemarch Garrison [Sector 29] 10. Thespiae - The least populace of the outer Periochi, but largest in physical size. Thespiae boasts a massive amount of raw material. Of the outer Periochi, Thespiae is the most resentful to the other Archons. During the Polisian civil wars, Thespiaen controlled a large portion of what has become Argos. However they were eventually forced out from the city walls. In recent time Thespiae has become the main antagonizer towards the Inner Archons and the leader of the push to restrict the inner Periochi’s access to raw material. Population: 290,000 Improvements: 1x Lvl 1 Military Foundry [Sector 37] 1x Barracks [Sector 34 Inactive due to Polemarch occupation] 1x Stables [Sector 39] 1x Mine [Iron Sector 36] 1x Development [Sector 38] Resources: 1x Horses [Sector 39] 3x Iron [1 in Sector 36, 2 in Sector 37] 4x Farmlands [2 in Sector 39, 2 in Sector 35] 1x Lumber [1 in Sector 37] Other: 3x Polemarchy tax collection centers [2 in 39, 1 in 34] Polemarch garrison [Sector 34] Application 1. The District you are applying for 2. Your Archon's (leader) name and history 3. An explanation of your districts culture 4. Unique unit (military) 5. Discord 6. Suggestions
  20. Imperium

    Brotherhood of Saint Karl

    THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL VE OROENIR SANT KARLEO ________________________________________ His Majesty’s Host of the Czena From the frigid, rocky peaks of the snow clad Greyspine to the immense forests of the Wickwald lies the ancient Kingdom of Haense, the homeland of the highlander peoples. Ruled by the heirs of Sigismund, Haense stands the bastion of tradition and order in the landscape of chaos surrounding the lands of humanity, a bulwark of light in the dimming darkness. And even if all fires devolve to embers, the flames will to kindled anew, and in the waning years of the seventeenth century Haense sees its regrowth, led by the newly installed House of Bihar, and reformed to follow once more its customs and bring order to the unruly lands. It is by God’s own Will that Haense be protected, and even in the darkest of days, it will continue to stand stalwart from the forces which aim to destroy it. Enemies surround the nation, yet Haense will continue to growth, and by the golden crow’s wings it soars farther than it ever did before. This is the coming era of a golden age, and with the heralds come a need for a new shield to protect its fair maiden. Under the guidance of the Our nation’s patron saint and founder, the brave and pious Saint Karl, this new brotherhood will harken the days of old yet create a new legacy which will shape the world for years to come. This is the era of regrowth and retribution, to which Haense will yet again carve itself into the annals of history. Let every man of Saint Karl reach the heights of glory and fame, for their shall not falter in the wake, and let every man who faces them rue the day. As said in the prayer of Saint Karl, “For though we live in the world, We do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with Are not of this world. They have divine power To demolish the strongholds of man. We decimate arguments and every pretension That sets itself up against thee. As Saint Karl stood tall in the wake Of the sin and debauchery, Let us take captive every thought To make it obedient to Him. So say we all.” May Saint Karl guide the men forward to the dawn of the new age. RANKING [SENIOR COMMAND] GREAT CROWN MARSHAL | HAUCHMARSAL He who is leader of the brotherhood, the first brother of brothers, and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the brotherhood will dole it forward. Incumbent - Lord Rhys Ruthern, Herzen var Vidaus | Ave_Imperium FIELD MARSHAL | ZWEINMARSAL He who commands the men on the battlefield, to bring glory to his nation and defeat upon their wretched enemies. Woe to those who must face them upon the fields of toil and despair. Incumbent - Ser Godrik var Helmholtz | Ticklemonster MASTER OF THE CAMP | VALKHERZEN He who is lord of the camps, general of the quartermasters, and master of logistics. It is he who delivers the crushing blow on the enemy not through their own fisted iron, but supplying his brothers with the devilish kit. Incumbent -Andrei | Nectorist [HIGH COMMAND] MAJOR | OBERNIK He who leads his own true regiment of men, drilled in the art of war, sworn to protect the gracious lands of his homeland. It is he who is the backbone of the brotherhood’s bureaucracy. CAPTAIN | KOSSIN He who keeps diligent watch and fights as his brothers do, maintaining order and file in the thick of bloodshed and making sure no man falters. LIEUTENANT | LEYTNANT He who is second, yet not last, in the order of battle, supplying his wise wisdom and courage to his superiors. They are the hands of the Kossins and Obernik, their position unreplaceable. [ENLISTED] ARMIGER | BRUSTYA He who is the greatest of the veterans, wisened from years of battle and service to his fair nation. Any man to face the dreaded Brustyae would weep for their coming death. SERGEANT |SERZHANT He who leads from the front, his brothers behind him in rule, following his every example. While men look to the officers for orders, they truly look to the Serzhant for the prime example of a highlander warrior. CORPORAL | KOPRAL He who has survived their first battles and wars, showing leadership in the face of chaos, and impressing his elder enlisted. ARMSMAN | OXTZEN He who is the bulk of the brotherhood, though no less important, and fights for his nation and family. They bring glory to their name and their home-ridden wives sing songs of their victorious return. FOOTMAN | NAUSANGKRUV He who has only just joined the brotherhood, and is not himself a full brother. Their mettle requires testing, and must prove themselves in order to be considered a true man of Saint Karl. INITIATE | NAUMAAN He who has not even trained under the same roof as the men of Saint Karl, and barely can call himself even apart of the brotherhood, for they have only started their journey. THE OTHAMAN OATH The oath which is said as induction to the brotherhood, something which is never taken lightly, and will forever cement one as a man of Saint Karl, ‘To my left I see my fellow brothers, to the right I see the same. For all in the world, we fight for the peace of this land. Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm. Through stewardship, we gained the knowledge of diligence and prudence. Through diligence, we may conquer all without fault. And if I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above. If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore. For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path. And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat. Though in this valley, I find my Brothers; Now I am named Guardian of My Homeland. Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash; But I shall not falter.’ It is these words which bound the man to his home, to his family, and to his King. As Othaman swore to Siguine in the face of desolation upon the fields of Barrowyk, so too does everyman swear, so that even in the darkest of hours, no brother will ever falter. APPLICATION Below lies the written application for the brotherhood, in hopes for one to join its prestigious rank. Though remember, not all are accepted in its file, and only those with pure heart and mind are accepted, and even then fewer are truly accepted as a man of Saint Karl. NAME: NOBILITY (Y/N): if not, GENTRY (Y/N): AGE: DATE OF BIRTH (if known): PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): RACE: ETHNICITY (Haeseni, Adrian, etc.): PAST MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: PAST LABOUR EXPERIENCE: SIGNED NAME:
  21. Anumidium

    Who Can It Be Now?

    Not many posts from me anymore. Though if you recognize my account, I figure you're either feeling an immense amount of disdain or nostalgia when looking at this post. Just sit back and enjoy the read nonetheless. My name is Ryan, though I've also been known as a number of other usernames in my time- Like Akiriza, Iyzel, or so on. I joined LotC back in the fine year of 2014, when MCRP was finally reaching its 'climax'. Though, in the time that I've spent moving back and forth from those early days of high school, I feel I may have been unfair to some of the people I had met along the way. You see, Lord of the Craft has always been a place where I've gone whenever I've experienced a heavy transitional phase of my life, and to nobody's surprise I went through quite a number of those throughout my teen years. Its been a wild ride. I've met hundreds of people, been to countless servers, and memorized so many names... But like the moon at the end of its cycle, I always disappeared. And with it, all of the things that I've done were just wiped from record: which probably why my posts have such heavy inconsistency with their dates. Before I came here the first time, I was always a sort of wanderer. I never picked up any friends, and if I did it was never for very long. But, all those years ago in the map of Athera, I found my first group of friends- The Adherency of Immortui (Shoutout to those who are still around, you know who you are). Those were the real fun, edgy times. I got into the swing of playing an antagonist, which was always so odd as I never placed myself in that role until I met those people. And in the years that I played off and on, my characters and quality wavered and strengthened respectively. I murdered an Archdruid in revenge as one character, and became the first person to finish their druid dedicancy in a matter of a few days on another- Only to betray the order because of corruption in the Circle's upper ranks. Became a master of Telekinesis and Mental Magic, an experienced Cloud Temple Monk, and then simply dropped it away for nothing. I've done a lot of bad things, and a lot of good things. Though the last thing I would like is for my past to define me. I come back now, though it is finally after my life finally seems to have found a track for itself. I can't say that I've returned for the purpose of nostalgia, though. I'm afraid all of my closest friends left this place in the last few years. Rather, I just seek new opportunities, and a new pastime. That being said, I'm not here to dredge up any negativity from the past if there is any to be had, as I moved away from it a very, very long time ago (And yes, I know LotC isn't the best of places right now). In any case, if you knew me, don't be afraid to send me a Discord invitation. Otherwise, let the posts commence, and ask questions if you wish.
  22. AlbertoTC

    The Yù Dinasty

    The Yú family, perhaps one of the strongest families in the past, with a great influence on the Chi Council during the two Great Wars, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the fall of the Hou-Zi during the Jade Wars because of their greed... One of the many Yù relics Family Information The Yù clan highlighted in the past the greed of its members, who valued wealth more than life itself. Focused solely on their own benefit, they fought against other noble families, leading to the destruction of their beloved empire, which they had defended with passion during the great wars against the elves, even dying for him many of their members, which would leave an internal hatre against that race that still lasts until our day Suspected of starting the Jade Wars, they had no mercy in destroying other families that got in their way, becoming very feared because the rumors about the horrific tortures they committed behind the government's back. The few who survived the Jade wars, went to the forests and jungles of the whole world, leading an austere life for the first time in many years and learning a great lesson of life that they would transmit to their descendants. Many years later, the construction of the empire has begun again, the descendants of those who once ruined their beloved civilization are prepared to fight for it and bring it back to glory, having learned from the past they will not make the same mistakes again... or maybe yes? The Yù clan has always had a somewhat different structure, even though, as in any family, everyone must obey the head of the family, he is not elected in a hereditary way, on the contrary, it is chosen by voting among all the members of the family, with the possibility of voting for oneself. Under the head of the family is his/her wife or husband (if he/she has one) and his/her children. It is not strange that the head of the family has several brothers, who could not inherit their position, not like their children who can be elected from the age of 25 years, although only one (the actual one) was chosen so young. There is a way for an outsider to join the family, in the old times it was enough to provide a huge amount of valuables, but now this is replaced by a challenge, to win the head of the family in a gongfu match , a martial art from which all family members begin to take classes from a young age Wealth and power to achieve immortality OOC Information: The post we will be improved by the time we get more members Joining the family is very easy, you only have to send a private message by Discord and we will agree on your rank within the family, your family ties... Discord: AlbertoTC#2262
  23. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Gioia24 Ban Reason Powergaming Players Involved Gioia24, Caesar__Salad, MrSnowball_, LtBepis, Gms: _Lark_ , RideTheSky By your own understanding, why are you banned? In the past i was told I Powergamed, I also wanted to know exactly what I did, but they did not tell me anything. the ban was put into place because of the armor under my character's clothes (mainly on the chest, it was like bulletproof), i now understand that i couldn't do that because it wouldn't have been possible, but people have seen me more than once with this armor and they haven't told me anything, some have even allowed me to do it and so i thought it was fine. I'm sorry if I've created problems with the staff, I come on lotc not to quarrel or create arguements, but to have fun (in particular I wanted to apologize to Lark, for putting him in that situation) I'll avoid doing this from now on and instead ask the staff for information beforehand. Why should you be pardoned? As I said, I'm sorry if i have struggled with Lotc's staff and I'd like to go back to the server, to have fun again, and fix the mistakes I made. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will avoid doing rp with people with who I always Argue, and I will ask the staff first for information. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Because without rules there would be only chaos, without them there would be no fun, in my opinion they should not be exaggerated, making then be respected shouldn't just be a task just for the staff but also for all the players to improve and create a nice roleplay environment.