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Found 109 results

  1. LORRAINE-MULLER CONTRACT Signed the 8th of The Amber Cold, 1773 A contract between Friedrich Müller and the Burgh of Lorraine shall be ratified with immediate effect. The contract, mutually negotiated by both parties, entails the following stipulations; Friedrich Müller shall henceforth act as an advisor of military and cultural affairs in the Burgh of Lorraine. A sum of one-thousand Minae shall be consigned to Friedrich Müller’s person. Signed, Friedrich Müller The Rabbit, Dame Athri the Albatross of Darrowmere The Marshal of Darrowmere, Ser Jolfrey Elessar The Burgrave of Darrowmere, Lady Alli Ruse Onfroi
  2. I was exploring the forest by CT and I found a tower. I climbed up it and found these three signs. Anyone know what these mean?
  3. Faridir’s Last Victory Faridir, stood on the edge of the cliffside, her jet-black hair braided back into her helmet to securely hold it there. Her dark turquoise eyes peering over its edge to the towering figures underneath, her slips her leather and iron gloves on. Her own personal vengeance, that boiled in her heart since she was a wee beardling. The men and lass she swore she would never join. She stood on their ground. On their field. In their fight. Ready to defend. For all that its worth. Among her fellow Brothers and sisters that descend from Urguan. Her heart raced at the mere sound of the war cries from echoing against the mountain and rocks below. Swinging her spear in a narrow circle and tapping it on the exposed ground the used feathers from an old pet along some beads and bells. The silver bells ringing shrilly in the air as she was ready to fight desperately for her homeland. War was everything she constantly was allowed. Born through a Mynebor war; her life was shrouded in darkness for the first years. “Nae faridir, yer can nae leave.” “Nae Faridir yer can nae play with da ot’er Dweds” Her dull life was stuck in a remote, cold cave, with just a chicken for her only friend. If she has listened to her caretaker, maybe her life would be different, though, fate was a tricky mistress. The breeze itself was balmy, humid and with the rest of the fellow soldier. She looked the same and felt the same. Nothing was exceptional, another day in a different war standing with her people. “Faridir!” the hoarse shouts of her distraught father, as she was carried away by a golem. Her Hou-zi friend fighting for his life. “PAPA!” her cries ringing the area around the tavern. Magic and sparks flying as She tried her hardest to get out the arms of a golem. A small beardling and a houzi had somehow rallied the entire army. As her face scratched and her father being whisked away. It would be several years until she saw him again. A rage that day had boiled in her heart. In her eyes, there was no happiness. “Onward fer the Grand Crown.”A deafening shout was heard as the violent battle started up.Her eyes glazed over readying her spear, checking for her dagger and charging forth with her squadron. The Battlefield itself was an odd sight to behold towering bodies fighting much smaller ones. Blood soaking the ground, dirt kicked up and odd scraps of armour lying around dying bodies. Her spear parring with the figure above her. A red hulking figure, snarling horribly and gruesome in their own way. A Grimace on her own face, the same people she used to love she was currently fighting. “Do Yer t’ionk someday, somedwed may love me? Et does nae maet’er ef oi lioe fer me w’oleliofe. Oi just want ter known w’at luve may feel. Ef only fer aye Moment.”Eyes downturned as she fiddles her fingers, the figure before her cast in shadows. Tears glistening across her cheeks, though it was merely for a moment. Her face would gleam into an obviously grim grin, the tears still streaming even with the joyful toothy smile. “Et Oke, Anabella will look out for me!” The Red uruk merely picking her up by her armour, and hurling her like a puppet. Her spear splintering and coming up in defence. As her battered body flew into the sunken rocks and dirt mounds of the terrain. Spitting blood into the dirt, as the hulking tusk men and women came in their own fight. She couldn’t condemn them, for fighting for their own lives. A violent cough and second as the blood bubbled up in her sore throat. Dribbling out the corner of her mouth, turquoise eyes blazing in a dazed thought. Faridir witnessed this once before a far back memory of a dying bandit who died within in minutes . She had done it and had fought on her own side. She had provoked HER OWN battles. In Faridir’s mind, this war was already won. After 70 odd years, she had finally won back her own life. No one but herself owned it. This was the ultimate victory. 1703-1770
  4. Damerian Codex of Chivalry, The Knights Order The Rabbit of Darrowmere hereby places Darrowmere under the revised Knight’s codex of the Order with immediate effect. The peoples will follow the Nordish Law, and abide by the rules of the Red Faith, however within the walls of Darrowmere, these laws are now in place. If Nordish law overrides the decisions of the Damerian law, then the punishment of the crime is in the responsibility of the Red Faith to provide justice to those who wrong us. Laws of the Damerian Dominion Thou shall not harm children, women, or the elderly unless there is an extreme threat to the wellness of the Damerian public. Thou shall not draw one’s blade unless there is an extreme threat to the wellness of the Damerian public. Thou shall not be disorderly in public while drunk, or on recreational drugs within the walls of Darrowmere. Thou shall not physically assault unless necessary. Thou shalt also not sexually or verbally assault. Thou shall not wear masks within the walls of Darrowmere, unless said person is enforcing the Red Faith. Thou shall not commit blasphemy in front of a Noble, The Rabbit, or the Burgrave of Darrowmere. Entering the Keep of Darrowmere is permitted only for the Nobles of Darrowmere and their Knights. Invitations to the keep can come from Military requirements, invitations to a meeting which will be handed out via missive, or for squires sent by the men and women of Darrowmere to request an audience with the Nobility. Those who work in the keep such as servants, squires, and chefs, will have permits handed to them for access to the Noble household. If caught without your permit, and you have proof that you own one elseware, you will be fined a standard fine of 1,000 mina and avoid being exiled. This also applies to entering the Grand Hall during the proceedings of a court session, or right before. Affiliating with those who oppose the Highland Realm will be punishable by death. If those who venture to Darrowmere are known criminals, enemies, or have sworn hostile actions against the Realm shall be swiftly dealt with by the Knights of Darrowmere. Those who disobey the orders of the Guards, and resist with hostile action, shall be stricken down by the blades of the Damerian men. Those who try to run shall be given more extreme punishments once caught. All crimes will be punishable by a fine of 1,000 mina to the Knights Order, other than the trespassing of the Keep, which will be punishable by stripping of titles, exile, or execution depending on your actions within the Keep. The law does not care what your rank or status may be, all punishments shall be the same. The Knight’s Codex Thou shall refer to the Knights of Darrowmere as “Ser, or Dame”. The Rabbit shalt be referred to as “My Lady”, and the Burgrave shalt be referred to as “My Lady, or My Lord”. Those who wish to patrol, shall ask permission of Knight. Leaving the Fort for a patrol without permission a Knight of Darrowmere is punishable by stripping of thy titles. Taking horses from the stables will only be permitted to the Knights of Darrowmere and it’s Nobility. Those caught with horses without the permission to have one, will be stripped of titles and exiled from Darrowmere. Failure to follow standard procedure, failure to follow orders, and failing to perform as a member of the Order will be punishable situationally. The Order is a meritocracy, and shall be treated as such. Signed by Dame Athri Onfroi, The Rabbit of Darrowmere
  5. The House Gent Lottery is a non profit made to help us fund the Gent Family Orphanage, And the Gent Family Public clinic. The Powerball was created by Hannibal Gent on the 18th of the first seed, 1763 starting in the nation of Courland. The powerball works by randomly picking four numbered balls from a spinning cage that houses them. The lottery always starts with 1000 mina as a reward. The reward gets higher for every number bought; the numbers would cost 10 minas each. The goal of the Powerball is to create awareness for homeless and parentless children around the Courland region.
  6. Age; seventeen 17 Minecraft account name: 5107H Rules: read and agreed GMT: GMT + 0 (London, Lisbon, Casablanca) Referral: Planetminecraft.com Discord: NEB#6176 Metagaming definition in own words : meta-gaming is using knowledge learnt outside of the role play in the role play, giving them a (some seen) advantage compared to the other players in the role play. I dont know many examples as i tend to play strict lore games like this so im not sure if you'd know. However if i was role playing with a group of people and a mob boss came up, lets say i had read the wiki article on said mob boss, id be aware of all its weaknesses and could act on them all without ever playing against it before. powr gaming definition in own words: powergaming is personally an incredibly frustrating way of gaining elitism in game. by joining a high ranking guild or league as a new player and being taught what to do to avoid the storyline, interactions and such that everyone else had to go through to get to that level. such as if i joined a dungeon roleplay and a high rank dungeon master for some reason took pity on me and showed me how to defeat each dungeon mob and what to do without me figuring out by myself and experiencing the frustration and interactions with others that the rest of the non spoon fed players do. Character race: High Elf Character name: Enji Niadhoki Character gender: female Character age: 19 Physical description of character: Enji has pin straight platinum hair with violet eyes. Wearing a loose shoulder strap grey dress and often barefoot. at 5'9 (endomorphic) 50kg Personality traits/quirks: enji is often seen as emotionaly detatched but just doesnt know how to humble herself. she thinks god or religion is illogical. however she is very friendly Character biography: Enji was born in the Taliyna’maehr region to hardworking parents who dedicated themselves more to their path to a political office than to their own daughter. Brought up with high expectations as a result of her parents own hard work, Enji strives to succeed in every task she is set regardless of what it may take. She was home schooled from the age of five to sixteen, her parents taking it in turns to amass immense amounts of work to her, learning science and literature in order to ensure her following in their footsteps. Enji however yearned for fine arts and expression, at fifteen she began to explore poetry, art and craft which was heavily looked down upon by her prestigious elitist complex parents as they saw it as foolish. Often venturing down to the lower district out of curiosity she adopted a kindness that was not taught back home. While still thinking herself as better than the rest she is open and curious to the other races around her and is eager to learn and venture more. Often scolded and threatened with impurity from her Taharieae worshiping parents she grew to be cold and emotionally detached from others of her own race. Unfamiliar to love and the fear of rejection, stemming from the elite complex built around her, Enji refrains from relationships altogether, romantic or not. At nineteen, Enji wishes to become an artist and poet, articulating her caged feelings by media expression, eager to form bonds and learn Enji left her upper class district and hopes to explore and become wise. Roleplay scenario answer: *Stepping off the boat, she stretched her arms upwards and glanced around, straightening her dress out and sighing, the thought of a conversation straight after a long journey annoyed her a little but nonetheless she smiled gracefully at the small man. ’Thank you very much, wait?’ *she took a minute to think and then let out a soft laugh* ‘If my place in society could get any higher id be royalty, im from the upper district of the Taliyna’maehr region, wealth is with me at all times!’ *She spoke as though it was obvious, she looked him up and down and then smiled a little* ‘I see you also have a little wealth? something in common! say, how about you take me for a drink and we can talk.’ Character skin:
  7. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? My pricing is 1k+ mina or 5-10$ (paypal only) per skin it depends on how complex the skin will be ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  8. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- THE ROYAL SAVINIA BALL - The Grand Harvest, 1770 - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [!] A messenger sends out an invitation sealed with red wax, bearing the crest of Savinia, to all people of Arcas that wish Savinia and its peoples no harm. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Grande Salon of Veldin Palace, 1760 As the Royal Duchy of Savinia further develops, it is decided by the Court Lady, Johanna Roquetelet, that a ball is needed to celebrate the development of such a Duchy. We ask that all people who attend the ball wear an outfit representing Spring or Summer, or some other formal attire. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Events of the Ball The Grand Buffet: Hosted in the Drawing Room of Veldin Palace, will be a large buffet of pastries, baked goods, and Savninian traditional cuisine. The buffet will be the first portion of the ball, where guests can pick and choose what they would like to have for their luncheon. Guests may also converse with each other if they so choose. The Great Drinking Competition: Hosted at Savninia’s Tavern, Eagle’s Roost Tavern and Inn, the competition will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to do so should sign up before the competition begins, this way, we will be able to divide out the rum efficiently. During the competition, participants will see how many bottles of straight rum they will be able to drink in five Saint’s minutes. The first place winner of this competition will receive a free lifetime supply of drinks from the tavern and 300 Minae. Second place winner will receive ten drinks from the tavern for free, as well as 200 Minae. The Pie Eating Contest: Another event hosted in the Palace Drawing Room, the pie eating contest will follow after the Drinking Competition. In this contest, guests will eat as many pies as they can in three rounds given a certain time allotted. The first place winner, who eats the most pies total out of those three rounds, wins 300 Minae. The second place winner will win 50 Minae. OOC: Players should roll a die out of twenty. This will happen three times. The numbers that the players roll in those rounds will be tallied, and the player with the highest number total wins. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OOC: If there are any questions please contact any of the following. SteepledShip (SteepledShip#4617) Levicourpos (Crushems#4883) Time and Date: May 30th 2pm EST 7pm GMT. Hope to see you there! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  9. A small box with a slit in the top sits atop the donation box in the Red Rose Tavern. The lid is locked and the side is painted with the word “Suggestions.” Charcoal and parchment would lay beside it. The paper would have a few questions on it for one to answer if they wish. (link to the suggestion box questionnaire) https://forms.gle/RJ3ESDAZ21PJyooMA
  10. Red Rose Tavern Rules 1. Five drink MAX. No exceptions. 2. No fighting inside the bar. Take it outside. 3. No animals besides service animals and massager birds. 4. Drunken disorderly conduct will have you removed 5. Be courteous to other patrons 6. Owner reserves the right to refuse service 7. Owner reserves the right to change the rules at any time (For the original document click here) https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-SukrBX-rOAxW-tyFvP0vO-Psj4Vhei/view?usp=sharing
  11. Red Rose Tavern *Item prices are reflective of item rarity, alcohol content, and in some cases, age. Wine Wrapped Roseiere Red Circa 1693……………………………………. 8 mina Circa 1713…………………………………….5 mina Aledinic Red……………………………………………….7 mina Brandy Circa 1705………………………………………………..90 mina Circa 1706………………………………………………..20 mina Circa 1708……………………………………………….10 mina Whisky Circa 1705……………………………………………..30 mina Circa1709……………………………………………….8 mina Beer Faroean Baltic Porter……………………………5 mina Rare Alcohol Stock Cold Spiked Cider…………………………….…5 mina Revelry’s Apple Jack…………………………………………..5 mina Spruce Tip Mead ~1680……………………………………..7 mina Rosnian Sweet Mead………………………………………...7 mina Jar of Strawberry Wine…………………………………….18 mina Albion Amber Ale……………………………………………10 mina Non-Alcohol Mandarin Earl Grey………………………………………..5 mina Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea…………………….5 mina Water………………………………………………………………… Free Rare Non-Alcohol Stock Strawberry Rhubarb Tea………………………………10 mina Borage Honey-Mint Tea 1706…………………………………………....10 mina 1709……………………………………………10 mina Apple Juice………………………………………………….2 mina Dwarven Mystery Juice………………………………..2 mina Black Coffee……………………………………………….4 mina (for the formatted menu click the link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/15umgKbLaYqymvZNK2uInJSyk7MZOLbsW/view?usp=sharing
  12. Rabbit’s Rush - Seven mina a pint. A dark colored drink, consists of white rum and Carrion Black. -=- Maiden’s Blush - Six mina a glass. A fruity spirit, with a bit of spice. -=- Green (and spiked) Tea - Five mina a cup. Average green tea, with rum in it for a nice kick. -=- Peppermint Tea - Five mina a cup. A calming drink that soothes the stomach. -=- Grape Juice - Six mina a glass. Classic grape juice, good for kids to drink. -=- Water - Free. It’s water, that’s it. -=- Hot Chocolate – Four mina a cup Nice and warm, fit for the cold. -=- Darrowbeer – Seven mina a pint Golden in color, not too strong. The name’s a pun, of course. -=- Note! If you fail to pay the required amount, it is theft of an official Damerian establishment and you will be fined a thousand mina. -=- [!] Here sits a humurous painting of a rabbit sipping on a pint of alcohol. [!] Some things may be crossed out, it means they are no longer sold here!
  13. Today on this saints day in 1768, Clement Devonshire has officially died. He was found dead in the river under the Sinners Bridge in Haense. The cause of death was unknown. Although he ran in elections and lost, he always loved the city of New Reza and helping out the Royal Family and Nobility. His will and testament follows. - The Petyr’s Passage I house and its contents will be given to his brother, Lewis Devonshire - His position at the Maer’s council will be given to his first cousin, Johanna Roquetelet. - His balance in Minas: 1 Minas, will be given to Lewis Devonshire. The other 2000 Minas were spent on a lifetime supply of cooked chicken and taxpapers. 1730 – 1768.
  14. <----------><----------><----------> The Imperial Josephite Convention at the Northern Geographical Society Museum <----------><----------><----------> The Election of 1770 is fast upon us! Here, we declare the second Josephite Imperial Convention to be held at the Northern Geographical Institute in Reza, Haense! We shall gather at this location during Sun’s Smile to set the agenda for the upcoming election, as well as nominate our party members to the House of Commons! Sir’s Terrence May and Konrad Stafyr shall serve as the presiding officers over the convention as Party Leaders. THE AGENDA Introduction by Chairman Sir Terrence May A Diet in Review by Sir Konrad Stafyr Internal Announcements The Candidacy List & Remarks Policy & Agenda Campaign Strategy by Jonah Elendil Closing Remarks THE INVITEES Duke Joseph Clement Sir Terrence May, GCM Sir Konrad Stafyr, KM Sir Jahan Basrid, KM Godfrey Briarwood Joseph Adler Vivaca Rutledge Edward Napier Cyrus Basrid Charles Henry d’Arkent Siegmund Corbish Mary Philippa d’Arkent Edward Selm Cecil Halcourt Rennard Amador Oisin O’Rourke Padraig O’Rourke Donovan O’Rourke William O’Rourke Anseld Dunaidh Abram of Johnstown Franz Nikolai Clement Jonah Stahl-Elendil Angelika Bykov Reuven Engraen Vaerus Irongut Angelika Bykov Juan de Lyons Konstantin Wick Riordain MacDroch Peridot Carrington Alpha Carrington Siegfried Gallus Sam Lowe Vivian Lowe Gavin Fisher Adrian Leopold Green Carrington Edward Galbraith Grey Galbraith Armande de Falstaff & Co. Victor C. Halcourt Listed guests are allowed to sponsor unlisted guests/staffers for entry. ((Saturday 05/16/20 at 8:30PM EST))
  15. Clement Devonshire – Speech of Candidacy for Maer, 1767 Portrait of Clement Devonshire, 1765. Prevja people of Haense! I would like to first introduce myself as Clement Devonshire, and I am running to be the Maer of Haense! I write this message in great pleasure to tell everyone that, with your vote, we can make Haense the forever pride and joy of the Holy Orenian Empire. Currently, I am a subject living in the kingdom’s capital of New Reza. Although I am not a member of the nobility, it does not stop my determination of helping all the people in Haense. Over the past ten years, I have seen our nation and city fall into the depths of despair and rise up and shine with all of its great citizens. My intentions are to keep our great nation and city thriving in culture, class, and a strong sense of morality and community. Although my first campaign of becoming a Senator hadn’t succeeded as I had only lived in New Reza for only a couple of years, it should not dissuade you from helping my campaign now, with a more experienced and refined Clement Devonshire. I aim to integrate the arts and culture with progression. With this, it will make Haense more sophisticated and admiring. With the renovations of the city, I see that our city is currently in a progressive state with housing, this everyone, is what I intend to build upon, progression! I want to progress upon the education and the arts of all of our people and to have exposure to new ideas of thinking. However, jobs in the city are unfortunately limited, my goal is to create more jobs for people who have just moved to Haense and New Reza so that they can become dedicated, great citizens, and to create a unique lifestyle. Together, everyone, we can make Haense and New Reza a more beautiful place. I hope to have your vote for Maer! My goals: Refined and better education for any citizen. Job equality for all people. Cultural and artistic value. Mediaries who can help citizens looking to start a life in Haense. New jobs for people who are looking for work. City progression and renovation. Improved healthcare for our people. Urza! And have a very wonderful day in Haense. -Clement Devonshire. “Let us make our New Reza amazing!”
  16. A MISSIVE FOR FINE WINE ENTHUSIASTS ~ To I, and many others, wine is not simply a beverage or commodity, but rather an idea. I, Vaalyun Ludovic d’Beaumont, call for thee, o’ like-minded individuals, let us gather for a night of debate, discussion, and most certainly, wine; mayhaps even follow such with the establishment of a committee, or bureau for the raw appreciation of this art form. I look forward to thy response, o’ wine enthusiasts of Arcas. Send a bird if thee are interested. Signed,
  17. Haense, 1765. Earlier this year, I had been able to save up enough minas to be able to purchase my very first house in the city of Reza. The air had a mysterious haze and a sickly glow. The air was cool and the wind was dry. I had been touring the city, hearing news about the noble families, the government, and the new monarch. I had been staying in Helena on a forced notice. Unfortunately, my business with the Vanir family was put on halt, thus I had been set on another course of life. In my return I decided to visit the old Vanir house in the center of the city, as grand as a house it was, I found that it had been moved out of and put up for sale. Drats, the rumor had been that Lord Vanir was ill and could die any day. I had hoped to give my last parting blessings before my next adventure in Haense. I entered the dark house, and I observed its interior, every cobblestone and floorboard. There was an odd glowing from a trapdoor that was opened in the corner. I decided to take a look closer. Little had I known of the moisture in the air, I fell down the ladder on to a sticky grungy floor in a sub-basement. There were no windows, and I lay unconscious. For days I had been lying in the floor until suddenly, I woke up. The room was darker than before I entered, and the red-orange flames of the wall torches flickered with such flamboyant light as if it were trying to tell me something. The hatchway to the sub-basement had been sealed. I was stuck. More stuck than bees in molasses. I got up off the ground, my breeches covered in dirt, and my court jacket torn. I screamed for help. No answer. I tried again, no answer. I attempted to push on the cobblestone-lath mixture, it would not budge. I lay in the dungeon for days, and the days turned into a year. Suddenly, as my last cry for help had been heard, someone had come for my rescue. It was Madame Reza, with her great pickaxe. She had freed me from the dark dungeon. I asked her where the Vanir family had gone, and she mentioned a new keep across the great lake. That is where my next adventure awaits. -Clement.
  18. Pep Leparda looked around her surroundings, taking them all in for perhaps the last time. She wandered about Talons Grotto, the city she has called home for many years, and has worked for during most of her time there. She wandered aimlessly about the city taking everything in. The trees, the birds, the strong smell of the salt that lingered among the city air. She looked throughout the many houses, her eyes stopping on many of her friends' abodes. Many of them were just regulars at the tavern, or even just some of the workers. She stopped, debating if she truly wanted to leave everyone so soon. She shook her head, many other thoughts soon taking over, clouding her mind. She soon went back to her home, deciding her choice once and for all. She arrived, looking around the small room one last time, taking a deep breath. Pep grabbed up a paper and bit of charcoal, beginning to write a note. Once finished, she placed the note onto her desk, making sure to keep it neat, as the scene soon to be shown would be quite the opposite. Pep took out one of her knives, eyeing it closely, looking at the sharp, bright glisten it had in the light of the lanterns. She glanced at the note, knowing there was still time to drop her weapon, and rip up the note, just to go back to the way life was before. The thoughts came back, clouding her mind and judgement, and she shook it off, figuring this was the right thing to do. She sat down on the floor, attempting to get comfortable, yet couldn’t with the fur on the back stood up straight. She knew what she was doing was wrong, yet she couldn’t easily stop herself from doing it. She sat there, knife in hand, and put it up to her neck, taking in a sharp breath. She paused for one last second, fear and regret in her eyes, before she moved the knife, slitting her own throat. __________________________________________ The note she had left on her desk read as the following: “Friends, family, all this one may have ever talked to at all, she would like to say she is deeply sorry. She has regrets, many, and they have simply become too much. The details and memories cloud her mind. Muuna, this one is sorry for whatever she may have done to ruin their relationship. Xinan, this one cannot show how much she will miss you, and hopes you have a happy life with your Metz’al. Onyx, please do not be too upset, continue with your life as it was. Anybody else, please, do not be too upset. -Pep”
  19. [!] A flyer is posted across Arcas, showing details of a festive party far in the south. Talons Grotto would like to formerly invite all residents of Arcas to our third tavern night. (April 24th, 3pm EST) We will be holding many fun games and festivities, namely some being competitive darts, a tavern brawl, and our own game, Iblees coin. Competitve Darts: Participants shall take turns throwing three darts at the board, highest scoring individual of the night will win a free drink of their choice from the bar. Tavern Brawl: The name suggests a section of the tavern has been gated off. An alleged safe place to show just how great of a fighter that drink says you are. Bets can be placed or simply just a friendly event of slamming each other with chairs. Individuals with the most wins at the end of the event shall get 250 mina and free drinks for the following elven week. (mina reward is for pvp based fights not CRP but separate areas will be available for both) Iblees Coin: A deceitfully difficult game in which players will take turns trying to throw Mina across the table and land a coin in each of the opponents five shot glasses. Each coin made in your glass requires you to slam the shot. If party goers are interested a tournament may be organized but otherwise this will be done on a person to person basis. These are just a few of Talons Grotto’s events and attractions we offer. The only restriction imposed on attendance is the city will be strictly denying all weapons from entering the city. If you forget this and show up with one the town will gladly hold it for you till you leave. Else wise all are free to attend no matter race, nation, or creed. -=Welcome to the Party=- (OOC Directions- Please use the Queens Isles warp sign, and head south down the road to get to Talons Grotto.)
  20. Climb the rolling hills, I say. Claw at them, at the grass and soil clinging to the hard grounds, thoroughly through the howling pull of the wind. Let every fibre of your body shift it’s way up, flattening every little weed and flower blowing in the grass; see them die, with glee, because this is nature. Mother calls; and your journey comes to an end at once, but has it, really? And so you rushed down the rolling heights of nature, feeling your form push past the walls of wind, losing balance as you made your way through the little crags and creeks, and produce, and carrots, and leeks. Supper time; and yet you’re famished, you think, looking into the bowl of soup, which to the childlike imagination, could be a lake of sorts, one of fire, and fry, blowing at it to bring it to a fair and just temperature. You’ve never enjoyed sitting at dinner, although to say it was dinner was rather modest, considering Father and Brother had rarely made an appearance, what with them deciding to neigh stray away from the mundanity and boring customs and traditions of common society, and deciding that waking up before the children had awoken, and arriving hours after they’d gone to bed was a way of life. But you remain silent, nonetheless. You rush up the creaking stairway, dragging your naive hands across the age old tapestries as Mother barked at you to come back and wash the plates, but you abstain. The bedroom seemed to have lost it’s charm, ever since Brother started working with Father back in the infirmary, but you can barely remember yourself having any memories with him around either. Something seems strange... “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, but dinner already happened. What’s going on? “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, Why, though? Father returns, but it is bright out, and Brother is not with him; Mother has perished. Why has this ensued? What is the meaning of all this? But soon, none of that will matter becausee ”Haven’t I told you to take three pills, and not two on multiple occasions?” You hear a lady ask you.
  21. Are you interested in earning some extra mina, or interested in fighting? Join the Ivory Elk Mercenary Company. We offer pay, free living quarters, and clothing to those with us. Please send a bird to Flora Ascher for more information. You’ll get to work with a group with good ideals, doing odd jobs. (OOC- Message ThaNeoWoman/neo#0657)
  22. Yule Onfroi, a noble under the Highland Realm, has been found dead in her home. The banner next to the door of her home was ripped to shreds, barely recognizable, and the door was wide open, the lock broken. Once entering, the house would hold quite the scene. Small amounts of blood was on the floor, and there was an obvious sign of struggle based on the disheveled surroundings. Blood stained the ground, and a dark ferrum dagger lay nearby, only a small amount of blood on it. A fire was still alight in the fireplace, showing it can’t have been too long since any of this occured. If one were to go downstairs, they would see the body of Yule Onfroi, slumped against the wall, blood pooled around her. It seems the woman has finally died, with many she shall be leaving behind.
  23. The words “On Surgery” would be etched in golden ink gainst this book’s leathery cover, it’s pages would be slightly tainted into a yellow hue and the caligraphy would be elegant and steady, the dark green ink would seem to been applied to the paper with a certain level of force. On surgery This book contains several methods that I wished were written down while I received my medical training. With that in mind, new methods may appear and this book may become outdated, with that, please expect several updated versions of said book. Punctured Lungs Firstly, you shall drain the blood out of the damaged lung, this can be executed by making an incision on the side of the patient’s torso and placing a hollow needle to allow the blood and fluids to flow out. After that, you should open up their thorax and find the place where the puncture was made. once that is handled, align the tissue and place amberiddle sap to seal it shut. After that is made, sew the incisions shut and apply Blissfoil to prevent any further discomfort. On broken ribs/sternums In such situations, you should make an incision on the patient’s skin, after such you should align the bone the best way possible and seal it together with amberiddle sap if needed if the bone is shattered, you should align the pieces together too. after that, you may seal the patient’s torso back together and apply Blissfoil to prevent further discomfort. On amputations Amputation is the process to remove a limb to prevent further pain or illness. With that in mind, you should amputate the limb in a place that would be safe and efficient for the patient’s well being. Avoid damaging arteries at all costs, but if you do, use cloths to reduce the bleeding as much as possible, DO NOT cauterize it shut in any circumstances unless it is a complete and utter emergency. Use the bone saw to safely cut out the limb through the bone if needed, it is best to not saw through the bone unless needed. After that, you should align the muscle tissue around the bone to prevent any further injury. After such task, you should sew the skin back up, be careful not to stitch it in a way that blood or tissue could leak or be stuck in-between the sutures. On Eye Removal Eye removal is always a tricky procedure, first of all, you should knock the patient out using night sap, after such, you should use clamps and retractors to maintain the eyelids open during the procedure, after that, you should scoop the eye out, severing the optic nerves and stitching them in the most comfortable way possible, after that, hand the patient Atheros and Javens for pain management. On broken knees/ankles/elbows/wrists On that situation, you should firstly deal with the swelling that should be around the broken area, for that, you shall apply FrostVine across the area, once the swelling is dealt with, you should align the broken bones in their original places, if the bone is shattered, and beyond repair, you should use a prosthetic to use in place of the bone, for that, you should firstly remove the remaining pieces of bone that are around, and place the substitute at the bone’s original position. On destroyed noses/ears If the nose is beyond repairment, you should scrape the dead tissue away from the area, after that, you should align the skin in the best and most comfortable way, without covering the initial cavities.
  24. [!] A missive has been posted all about Arcas, detailing events of new games Talons Grotto shall be holding. It reads as the following: Talons Grotto shall be holding, what we like to call, a Bard Fight! A quick explanation: However many bards show up and attend shall play music off against each other, and see who is the best bard. Said bards shall compete and whoever wins shall be rewarded with free drinks for the next Saints Week! We will welcome anyone to attend and participate, and the crowd shall vote on who wins! Secondly, we shall be having a new game, called Flyting. This is a game where two or more poets shall send insulting verses to one another, and the crowd chooses who wins! The reward shall be similar to that of the Bard Fight, free drinks for a Saints Week. We once again will welcome anyone to come watch or participate! The first time we shall be having of both of these will be on The First Seed, 1764. Again, we invite all to attend, with special invites to our allies. (OOC Directions and Time- 6pm EST, use the queens isle warp sign and head south from there! If you need help, just message ThaNeoWoman ingame and I’ll direct you!)
  25. KAYAH’S TAILORY Signs and posters have been spread across Alego, Al Faiz, Reza, and Helena! They portray a beautiful tailory shop within the Duchy of Savinia and a number of dresses of striking design. Are you in need of a new dress? A hat, perhaps? Then look no further than Kayah’s Tailory! We take great pride in our quality of design and seek to provide fine attire to women across the human realms of Arcas. While based in Alego, we are available to take requests from abroad and can ship our products to Helena, Reza, Owynsburg, Al Faiz, and Courland as per the needs of our customers. Showcased below are some of the finest examples of our attire. Although we specialize in the production of female clothing, we may occasionally service male customers if the request serves to interest Miss Kayah herself. Here are some examples of our work: The Duchess of Savinia, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin The Owner, Kayah Hatathli And now some that are currently on the market. These, specifically, are to be sold, and possibly auctioned at the upcoming Festival in Alego, Savinia. Hats & Headwear ((+ Heads)): 200 Mina Full Outfits: 1000 Mina Advanced Outfits ((Full Outfit + Heads)): 2000 Mina Requests are done on a first come, first serve basis! So please, do keep this in mind as we endeavour to work out the orders that are placed so we are not overloaded at any given time. If you would like to request a piece, please feel free to comment down below as such, or, PM me at IcedLatte#9269 Name (IGN): Discord: Request Information:
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