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Found 62 results

  1. Lights, camera, action! The Songbirds are making their way to Thyra’s theater for a special play. Everyone is invited! Bring something cool to wear, and feel free to stop by Thyra’s tavern for a drink during the intermission. It’s a show that you don’t want to miss! Time: 7:00 PM EST Date: 7-15-19 Monday
  2. A vast flock of doves flies over the Silver State, dropping an abundance of letters to those below... Dear Citizens, it is I, your former Okarir’akaln Rosilya Lae’rinsyr I’m going to start by apologising to you. See, I lied. And I lied many times. I was never truly a woman, though on one occasion I did rewrite the fabric of my existence using ‘Soul Weaving’ to manipulate my body into that of a female. You could say, at heart, I’ve always been a woman. Whether that’s impure or not, I digress. Beyond my gender situation, I am also what is known as a Naztherak. I have tamed demons and truly never had them attack anyone, actually. It is considered a dark magic, and my entire family has been aware of it for what must be a decade. We conspired with Llyria on several occasions and Rinaedith was nothing short of a wonderful actor, Rhaelanthur visits Llyria frequently in disguise. Rin took up the role of my daughter and played her part excellently. She was a shield to protect me and my gender from scrutiny and was very openly endorsing of my lifestyle because she too is a tad impure. I say this because I’ve suspected for a while now that she has been into women. Namely, a young human girl she spends so much time with, named Victoria. My other child, Rhaelanthur, is bisexual, leaning toward liking men. He has confessed this to me on several occasions and I shan’t be idle any longer. These truths must come out, and I would be damned if they were to remain stagnant in the face of diligence. Caestella does not practice dark magic, but she is in league with someone who does. I would assume this person to be Nerithil Valarieth, as I’ve heard on several occasions that Caestella lusts for dark magic, and she could not have obtained what is known as an Inferis (a Demon) to study without proper help from a Naztherak and close ally both. That said, it may be another close to her who assists in these endeavors. Nerithil was always a good man, even if he wasn’t great at organising the Lae’rinsyr Book Donation. My critique to him is “Just get it over with”. I placed myself in Haelun’or… To see its destruction idealistically, as in to change and better its atmosphere to be a little more accepting and a little more loving. Rinaedith and Rhaelanthur, I’m sure, sport somewhat similar ideals with their respective ‘ata identities. That said, I could care less, but I’ll care just enough to write this. And so you know I actually mean this – “**** you, Caestella, suck my ****,” – a phrase I would like her to remember. My mission, as I see it, is done. And so, I leave Haelun’or in the capable hands of you all. Keep in mind that the Silver Purity is what makes Haelun’or. Sharing is caring, and you would be nothing without your fellow ‘aheral in this life. Loneliness has long been the burden of immortals, and we are no different. Cherish yourselves and those with you. My children, I love you, but you have broken my heart far too many times now. It has to end. Citizens, there are many dark magics in Haelun’or, living among you. Whether you choose to be ignorant of this stain on your silver platter, is your choice. But the Sohaer would have you remain ignorant, I’m sure. Maheral Iaria Elervathar was set once to wed Crumena Izalith, and visited him frequently for tea in Llyria. She agrees that Dimaethor is tyrannical and that his ideals are nonsensical. This probably will not be addressed, and I imagine none of it ever will. Why would the former Okarir’akaln make this up? The truth is, I’m not. I’ve lived a long and interesting life, truly a marvel, yet the truth of the world often escapes most. This letter is not intent to change your minds or have you rebel. This letter serves as a reminder to keep your eye out for impurity, and to keep your eyes open, first and foremost. Most of you have been very kind, and I wish I could have returned the very same kindness unto you. Alas, I am leaving. I find it fitting not to stain any silver seat with my fine bottom. I do however leave you with this gift of knowledge. For me, I will continue to live my best life, helping out, making my way through the world as I’ve attempted to help you all now. Unfortunately due to my rather hasty kick-out, there’s not much I can leave you in the way of wealth. But the Trade District remains, and so does my and my family’s contributions to the Silver State. Also keep in mind that I have served for years, and years, and years, and years, to your benefit. If this is dismissed by the Maheral or Sohaer as ‘ata trash, then you might wonder what other ‘ata trash lurks upon the council. Not Ikur Seregon, though, he’s one of the good ones. And Iaria is fairly attractive so I’ll give her a win. The rest, though... Eyes open. Signed (Former) Okarir’akaln Rosilya Lae’rinsyr Also, you’re a gem, whoever reads this last bit Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  3. 🎀 The Diary of Amalie Landes 🎀 This post will contain her diary entries as they are written. Amalie’s diary is an in-character item which she keeps privately hidden. The purpose of sharing her entries on the forums is solely to keep anyone up to date on her life (oocly) should they be interested. Also, this is a better way for me to document the progress she makes as her character develops over time.
  4. Mactroth! Cresonian Ducal Theatre Mactroth - A man and his wife work together to take over a throne that doesn’t belong to them, but what will be their end all fates in this tragic production? Audition to join the cast now! ((Co-ords to Cresonia: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529)) Lady Jasmin Nasrid, governess of the Ducal Cresonian Theatre, has currently opened auditions, taking place on [[Saturday, 6th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]] Sign up below Roles to audition for: Mactroth (Human) Lady Mactroth (Human) King Duncard (Human) Banqaul (Human) Fishmongerer (Any) Fleana (Human Child) Three Witches (Any race)
  5. Defy

    Forum Signatures

    It’s been a long time since we’ve had any community graphics released. So, rather than throwing away my rough drafts for the new forum badges, I’ve decided to offer these banners up to the community for you all to use however you see fit. I’ll add a link to the source file as well, in case anyone would like to modify it for their own purposes. Similar banners have been created before, however, at the time of writing this post the thread that had previously contained them has been redacted. However, credit to @Korvic for the original idea. To download a set of banners, simply click on the image.
  6. The Athalian people are modest individuals who have flourished throughout the years with their teachings based on naturalism and preservation of the natural balance within the ecosystem. They represent not as much strength but instead presenting to others the creative and gentle way of life they have refined upon the tidal cliffs for themselves. As such most of Athalia’s buildings and structures are created with the usage of plants and other natural materials, causing the citizens to carefully maintain the vegetation to further allow the growth of the city and flora itself. The process of conserving such a unique culture is not something easily obtained, the people of Athalia are known to avoid conflict at any cost, as an alternative, they bring new citizens to their safe harbor with their innovations for peace. History The Athalian people have a deep-rooted history alongside with other cultures and religions, unlike many settlements, the cultural dispersion of Athalia is a rather leveled out one with a majority of elves and humans dwelling within the settlement but also a fair amount of orcs and other races having influenced the lifestyle within the kingdom. There have been many unique laws set into effect which prevent racism between the races and individuals inside the settlement, as such the relaxed ambiance of the city attracts more people to its wondrous existence. Granting all of this, the people of Athalian have been around for many realms though only now they have decided to become familiar with their neighboring settlements, while the objective of nonaggression that they strived to acquire would only be something they obtained presently. During the beginning of these ancient realms, various geographical environments allowed civilizations to form and utilize the area, one being a militarized group made mostly of humans and the other being an advanced architectural group of elven ancestors. These two settlements gathered their strong hatred for each other due to a dispute between borders and natural materials that became scarce in certain areas of the lands. After some time of conflict and bloodshed, the elven settlement presented a treaty that would allow them to share the given land and all peace may be restored. The humans had a different approach when attempting to deal with the situation; sneaking into the elven settlement and slaughtering few members. While this would have provoked the elven people, they only continued to show kindness and peace until a formal treaty was given and looked over once more. After the conflict had passed and the treaty was agreed upon, only then did both settlements and cultures unite and completed the balance they both sought out. Peace is more than the absence of war, people learned that after the troubles had ended that to live with love is the only way to achieve true peace. When they began these teachings of guiding your actions by a love that is not tainted with self-serving motives and does not cause harm to the balance, you will find the paradise your soul craves. These words enlightened the people of both settlements as the unity showed true tolerance to people unlike them. This idea of neutrality is what brought peace to Athalia, currently allowing them to form alliances with their neighboring settlers and different cultures, religion, and race. The current period of Arcas is one of pure conflict and war between the races, something that would be known throughout the rest of history as did the other wars. The mainlands of Arcas continued to pose more dangerous each moment, bandits taking their chances to ransack people moving along the road, armies of each nation attacking anyone who seems to be an enemy, natural disasters, and so much more. With the Isles of Korvassa growing and becoming much more advanced, people began to seek safety and somewhere of peace away from the wartorn mainlands. Those people formed the new city of Athalia, hailing near the coastal lining of the isles and surrounded by its magnificent vegetation. Religion Originating from their druidic and elvish influence the state religion of Athalia is Aspectism, yet, most other religious forms are accepted within the kingdom. As such people can freely worship most religions and be part of the kingdom without having any trouble with the laws of Athalia or other citizens. Excluded from such rules are religions which are overly aggressive towards other forms of beliefs or which break the balance itself, such as Necromantic beliefs in demonology and worshipping of dark beings. Due to the strong influence of Aspectism many rituals, often those tied to nature and the seasons, are practiced within the walls of Athalia, often resulting in colorful and rather entertaining festivals. Military and Warfare Known as the Silverwood Guards the military force of Athalia is known to be lead by a singular leader, which is often being assisted by a council of other fighters. The leader and council members can be of any gender, as all members of the guard force can be, allowing both men and women to partake in the defense of Athalia. Often wearing silver-colored armor each individual is also known to hold a leather-version of their armor to act within the deserted lands to the north without being cooked alive. Normally guards are being trained in swordsmanship, yet, over the years the focus changed to a more refined usage of spears and tridents to carry out their work, which is often said to originate from their location near the sea and the easier usage of such in their daily work near the waters. Often said weaponry is made out of Ferrum, yet, Aurum weapons are also known to be used by the guard force. However, while Athalia may hold a guard force of their own they are barely found in battles against other kingdoms and nations, due to their alliances with said nations. Most commonly their alliances are created to maintain peace and order on the Isles of Korvassa, allowing the settlements on the isles to flourish and grow. Politics Currently, the kingdom of Athalia is ruled by a monarchy and a formed council of ministers that conduct different aspects of the settlement. Each of the Ministers directs their own Ministry which work on their assignments. The function of the Athalian government is based on trust and agreement, while meetings are held almost every few elven weeks. The Ministry Of Magical Affairs often is in charge of the documentation and granting of permits for casting legal magic. They have been trained in various ways to be able to counter and capture any criminal and or rogue mages that wish to bring harm down to the kingdom. They are to accept only trusted individuals that do not have any criminal record or other foreign issues that could cause problems for the ministry. The Ministry Of Internal Affairs is in charge of the stewartry and enforcing taxes upon the citizens and owners of homes, shops, et cetera. They are usually seen helping newcomers gain citizenship and homes within the kingdom, while they collect taxes and make sure that no one avoids paying. The Ministry Of Militaristic and Defensive Affairs documents new recruits for the Silverwood Guards and keeps the kingdom's defenses intact. The Minster tends to do more paperwork as the lower ranks conduct more training regiments, et cetera. The ministry was formed at the beginning of the formation of the settlement as it was to protect the monarch and citizens from harm's way and or any conflict that was presented to Athalia. The Ministry Of Diplomatic Affairs is one of the most important aspects of the kingdom, used to form alliances between different nations and settlements while keeping good ties with them. The recruitment of different diplomats with good foreign affairs and skills when staying within different kingdoms to bring Athalia’s necessities first. The Ministry Of Healthcare and Welfare has been created to keep good health conditions throughout the kingdom and to give out legal medical permits to whoever wishes to use their medical knowledge for assisting the kingdom in times of needs. The Ministry Of Educational Affairs was created to allow young citizens to study and learn about the world outside of Athalia, as such the Ministry is holding school classes for interested people, teaching them about religions, magic, history and even different languages. Marriage and Divorce Unlike most nations or states, marriages and divorces are a lot easier to get through, mostly due to the simple fact that any minister is allowed to divorce a couple. Yet, marriages still need to be approved by the spiritual leader of Athalia, while any priest is allowed to perform them, making it fairly easy to get married or divorced. At the same time, same-sex-relationships and poly-relationships are also allowed within Athalia, meaning that a person can have multiple partners, living in a form of family. They aren’t allowed to marry, yet, are seen equally to married couples, creating the feeling of safety within everyone. Infrastructure Athalia’s architecture is mostly influenced by the naturalism and elven aspects of their culture, as most buildings maintain the thick vegetation of flora that spreads throughout the kingdom. Most of the buildings don’t cause harm to the natural terrain and geography of Athalia but actually utilizes it in order to create a unique ecosystem between the citizens and nature itself. They have refined and formed various designs for the structures of the city, while also being adaptable enough to construct their city upon the tidal cliffs of the northern end of Korvassa. Vines and leaves often intertwine with the stone patterns of their roads and foundations of the buildings, natural streams of water flowing down the hillsides as to aid the watering of the nearby land, allowing new flora to grow and to bloom. While the city is closely tied to nature, ancient forests of thick and old trees are scattered across the lands outside of the walls, allowing the natural ecosystem to flourish as intended. Economy The economy of Athalia is based around numerous trade agreements with other nations and settlements which reside within neighboring lands. The kingdom of Athalia usually trades natural materials such as spices, herbs, and medicines of varying rarity. Athalian merchants are often found within nations and settlements which are allied to Athalia and don’t pose a threat to the individuals, such as Sutica, Urugan, and a few others. While Athalia is known for these herbal and natural based materials and products for trade, there was often insufficient earnings to be made, causing the people of Athalia to adapt. Through the creation of new wares and new products to sell, thanks to the integration of new cultures and citizens into Athalia itself, the economy is flourishing once again. Magic Magic is well-known within Athalia and is most often seen as something respectable and something one needs to work for to obtain it. As such, most forms of magic are legalized and allowed to be used within the walls of Athalia, including voidal forms, deific forms, and forms which don’t fall under the Dark Arts. While this is the case, Druidism is the most prominent one and is often seen as the most liked and preferred form of magic within the lands of Athalia, either due to the fact that nature is constantly surrounding a person, as it is part of the city itself, or due to the fertile soil that the citizens walk upon. However, while magic is popular and mostly legalized, the Dark Arts are still seen as dangerous and impure, forbidding such mages the entry to the city as a whole.
  7. Hello role players of LoTC! I am thinking about creating a world on my realm for players of LoTC. My discord is Emery#3032, send me a dm or join https://discord.gg/VVb7g9A if you would like to join! I am hoping this will be a fun SMP experience. Have a wonderful day! -Emery
  8. (Listen to this as you read, please. :D) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ioGQbFQtBs Bernadette Wilson-Galvus of Belvitz ”ONLY THE DEAD HAVE SEEN THE END OF WAR” 1696-1719 “My body rests upon a surgery table rather than a grave. My organs are to be cut out and studied. I lifted the palm of my hand for a final salute before venturing into the unknown. After years of conflict and pain, I am at peace. Even if my body my lay in Thyra, my soul is going home.”-Bernadette As the sun sets over the grand city of Thyra, a foreigner cried the name “TAK!” upon being summoned by a bird. Moments later, the clashing of steel echoed throughout the deserted streets. A battle between two past allies. A battle from which only one would return alive. Bernadette had her fair share of ups and down throughout her short life. At her prime, she was a decorated Lieutenant of Ves and a proud mother. At her lowest, she was beaten and enslaved, left with no roof over her head and nobody to turn to. In her life, she felt little other than pain and regret. Years have been wasted for a cause that turned out to be false. Hateful words have been spoken to people she loved, people she cared for. Her last years have been spent without a home or food. Years of military service and hardship have gone unrewarded in her eyes- used before being tossed onto the cobble once she was no longer needed. This is when she realized she’s been fighting for the wrong side. Her career may have been cut short, just as her life, though she died wearing her wedding ring. The same ring that was slipped on her finger five years prior to her death, the same ring that showed her love and loyalty, even if this marriage was a bumpy one. As her children were born, she has come to realize that they are the one thing worth protecting. Not her countrymen nor freedom. She carelessly entered battle, without knowing she’d never return “Home”. She didn’t know it’d be the last time she kissed the foreheads of her children or wrap her arms around her husband, whom she had missed for years. She was struck with a bolt of earth, then a sword. Before she could realize it, she was down, laying there on these foreign streets in agony. She eyed her opponent- the man who she considered an enemy, but an enemy who brought her so much joy when he put those girls under her care, an enemy who took care of her children when she could not, an enemy she was grateful for. She yielded and begged for mercy before her own blade slashed through her old, rusty chainmail, cutting through her chest. The last thing she’d remember was the sight of Erik and Allison, peeking from behind a corner in shock and fear. “I love you.” she hummed, “Be brave”. She didn’t realize it, but her words couldn’t be heard by anyone but herself. She drifted off peacefully, though in agonizing pain. She thought she entered a fight without nothing to lose, only to lose more than she could’ve ever hoped for. In her last moments, a million images rushed through her head. That sweet first kiss under the apple tree near Ves and the wedding that took place barely a year after. The first time she saw her heart outside of her body as little Erik was born, or the second time -just as magical- when Allison came next. Her first house. Her first promotion. The pride that filled her heart as medals were pinned over it. Only then she realized that her life was filled with so much joy. She found herself standing over her body, humming an unheard apology to Tak before fading away. That ring still on her finger and her medals pinned onto her chest. Home at last. She only rues not being able to see Blair, Therius and Mikaela for a final time.
  9. SayaMinatsuki


    Why Are You Here?
  10. ((This post contains reference to content that others might find triggering or emotionally upsetting. Read at your own desire.)) Daichia Jusmia, was truly no one. His father, Gusiam Jusmia openly denounced the ancestors. Claiming that older Ker used it has a ploy, to brain wash the young into false beliefs and a fear of death. Daichia was born in 1561, his mother was but a simple servant that happen to get caught upon the roads by a bandit. This bandit would come to be his father. A murderer, thief, and heretic. He had a nasty habit of forcing himself on women. His mother was no different, but she took seed. And soon, was with child. But soon after his birth, his mother met an ill fate. Smothered in her sleep, the bab Daichia stolen away into the night by his father. Gusiam held no desire to stay where he was. And soon boarded ship, heading outward towards Atlas. Taking the growing Mali’ker with him. They would come to make a home deep in the southern part of Atlas, where Daichia knew little of his fathers past. He lived a simple life growing up. Maintaining their home, adding in securing food. Truly it was a simple life. And Daichia was raised, blissfully ignorant to his father’s crimes. There was little talk of religion between them. As it was only when Daichia started to venture forth on his own did he discover that his people had a faith. This sparked many debates between the two, as father and son bickered over the matter. In the end, Daichia would move onward before becoming of age. His father would fall ill soon after. His body was never found, and it was generally agreed that wolves had broken in and dragged the corpse out of the cabin. From here, he spent his days hunting game. And living off of the land, offering his service as a sell sword to those with coin. Truly, he was content with being no one. But, fate never leaves anyone out. And it sunk its claws into Daichia. The Mali’ker would come across a town called Belvitz in which he met a human whom he’d never truly forget. His name was Pandir, a charming lad, spastic. But a good heart. Truly, the elf felt at home, as they humans had welcome him with open arms. This lasted for a few years. The Imperial change in attitude towards elves looked dire to him, and Belvitz’s jolly mayor had stepped down. A Marshall took control of the town. And the ker promptly left. He would come across Fenn next in his journey through life. Taking up the title of banner men once more beneath them. Even cut off the tail of a horrid undead wyvern during his stay. Daichia respected the Mali’fenn, but he was hardly personally close to any. It was when their prince declared that all citizens and snow elves must come to worship their deity, did he leave. He would come to take up arms with a small group called the Wyvern Fang company. Hired blades, but the group lasted for a few years. Before the majority of them had been hunted down by Darius Ault. Daichia survived, by simply leaving at the right time. From here, Daichia had herd word of a group of ‘ker gathering. He would make their way to their encampment, and witness the wedding of Xavis Ashwood, and Wren Ashwood. He did little to get involved with their matters, and spent his last days on Atlas hunting game in the woods. It was upon Arcas, that Daichia would invest himself into Vira’ker. From staying within Aegorthond. To their small fort where he took oath beneath Avurak Syllar, where he would see the coronation of Avurak. Daichia would come to make close personal connections with several that also called Vira’ker their home. And he would watch Vas Vincrute make a choice one hardly ever returns from. But nothing last forever, Vira’ker was raided, and Avurak killed by the hands of Renatus. He would see Vira’ker join Fenn and Aegrothond in an Elven Union. And was starting to gain mantels and titles. Ones which he knew little what to do with. He would live to see the Orcs betray their promise to the elves. Watching Valen Syllar take the throne after Avurak’s death. But in his last years, he would live to see the re-birth of the Oren empire. And rode with Vira’ker and Fenn. to rally with Oren and meet Renatus upon the field of battle. He would live to see the birth of Vaelor Syllar, and he would come to enter a throne room. Forsaken by his royalty, the crown left upon the throne. And for the first time in a long time, Daichia fell to his knees and wept. A document declare himself, Dak’ir Des’Nox, and Necor Illaka upon a regency council. Daichia would come to meet the Oren Emperor, something he’d never expect in his life. After all, he was no one. To secure Vira’ker ties with Oren He would live to see Lucius Daemyr lay claim to the Vira’ker throne, and lived to see Lucius crowned upon the throne of Vira’ker. In this time, he had taken but two lovers. The first, he believed to be dead, a Ker by the name of Sanvi. They would have a daughter. a daughter that would no longer have a father. The second, was Kelia, the daughter of the Shade Lockezi. Who was with child, who also will never know the sight of their father. Daichia would meet his death not far outside Vira’ker. At the hands of Vinir Orothell, where the two engaged in combat. In an emotionally heated fight, words were exchanged, and blows were traded. But Daichia would fall to the younger ker. Dying silently, with no words. Death was silent History would not remember dead men And Daichia would lay lifeless on the ground. In his final moments, he was joyful. For truly, he believed he’d prove his father wrong and end the debate that was never settled.
  11. Dear Lord Of The Craft, and It’s inhabitants. I’ve had a nice run since last year, July I think? I remember Halsworthy, Adria, Marna, my first death in Haense. . ah it was a time, along with those nice events that I occasionally got to participate in, congruent with Aesopians antagonist participation, the friends and new faces i’ve got to skim, the clashing and mixing of races, all the new people I got to meet. . Regardless. . I’ve regret to inform that as of today i’ve to set my prioritizes straight, and as expected Lotc cannot be fit into the slim amount of space i’ve left, despite this – I’m happy to inform that i’m not departing permanently, when the moment arises in the future when i’ve more time on my hands I shall return, to home. But, right now i’ve to set myself straight, I wish thee farewell for the time being, try not to change too much without me, alright? Sincerely, Jdesarno
  12. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  13. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  14. Hello there, skinners of LotC! So I’ve found myself in need of some skinning services, as even after seven years of doing so, I’m still absolutely terrible when it comes to finding and creating male skins... That being said, my needs are twofold, and are as follows: ========================================================================================== Request #1 (Human Male, Full-Skin [750 – 1000 Minas] ) (Reference Picture) To start with, I need a full, high-quality skin for a human medical doctor that shall be residing in the Empire of Man. I’d prefer that the hair be of a lighter brown hue, the eyes blue, and that a white medical jacket / lab coat of some sort to be incorporated onto the skin. I’d prefer that the hair be somewhat wavy, with the hat layer being utilized in order to illustrate such. Clothing should be compatible with the typical garb of the Empire of Man. A vest, trousers, and some boots would be nice to incorporate into the skin, in addition to the previously mentioned medical coat. The reference picture provided above is meant to serve as an accurate example of what I’m looking for, but needn’t be 100% copied in order to fit with LotC styling. ========================================================================================== Request #2 (Human Male, Face [100 – 150 Minas]) For this second request, I really don’t have much of anything in mind. I’d just like the face of a skin on hand that I could use to merge with some armor or clothing in the future. This one is also meant to be for an Empire of Man human, and either a mustache or a neatly, well-kept beard would be preferred with black colored, wavy hair. The color of the eyes I can edit later if need be, so feel free to use a color that you think would fit well. This is a rather simple request, but is still much needed. ========================================================================================== If interested in taking either of these requests, please reply to this thread with a sample of your previous work. I am searching for high-quality skinners to take these requests, and will only pay respondents who provide samples before beginning on one of the project(s). Assuming that I’m interested in granting you the commission, I will reply back to you in this thread and DM my Discord username to you in order to discuss further details. Selected skinners will be paid upon completion of the project that they’ve chosen to take on. In any case, thank you for your time in reading this post community skinners, and have a great day!
  15. Namaste, Worldly Beings of Arcas. A city of peace and prosperity has risen. Thyra of 1714 [!] Entering the city the smell of spices hits your nose. [!] The sound of bustling trade and citizens laughing can be heard quietly throughout the streets. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the palace sits the Raja on a throne made by his adorning people. Benevolent, wise, elegant. Words used to describe Thyra’s ruler. Men, women, and children cheer in the streets of the beautiful city, honoring him. The Raja of Thyra comes to speak with his people, who wish simply for leave and comfort. Standing next to him is the Noble Emir and the Graceful Asha. His most excellent majesty raises his hand, waving away any fear that the people had. The city got quiet waiting for him to speak. The suspense was riveting as his emerald green eyes gazed over the crowd. Then he spoke. “People of Thyra. We have been granted by the great Gods, Land farther than your eyes can simply see. We shall build from the ground. Using our ambitions and the Trinity to guide us, We will build the greatest city in Arcas!” The citizens clapped and cheered their hearts out, excited for change. No longer were they a victim of the war and hatred of the world. Instead they would live their life in comfort and tranquility. OOC Information: We are accepting help and new citizens to join our new land and ranks. DM me for Discord
  16. Hello!!! I have been wrongly done@!! Dewper the epic gamer had a really coolt hign for me. He said he’d giveme a horen no cap and like i was like yeaaa! Ima play a horen and serve the empire sweat tears and other fluids and **** and I was so excited. OnceI was invited to horen chat we were chilling. But then big BAD Aiim banned me from the server. This is an injustice and i DESERVE MY hroen. Please sign this petition to help Aiim understand the wrong he’s done. Thanks, Alex. https://chng.it/BZwSsCWz6f
  17. The Yú family, perhaps one of the strongest families in the past, with a great influence on the Chi Council during the two Great Wars, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the fall of the Hou-Zi during the Jade Wars because of their greed... One of the many Yù relics A bit of Family History The Yù clan highlighted in the past the greed of its members, who valued wealth more than life itself. Focused solely on their own benefit, they fought against other noble families, leading to the destruction of their beloved empire, which they had defended with passion during the great wars against the elves, even dying for him many of their members, which would leave an internal hatre against that race that still lasts until our day. Suspected of starting the Jade Wars, they had no mercy in destroying other families that got in their way, becoming very feared because the rumors about the horrific tortures they committed behind the government's back. The few who survived the Jade wars, went to the forests and jungles of the whole world, leading an austere life for the first time in many years and learning a great lesson of life that they would transmit to their descendants. __________________________________________ From the time of the first expansion of the HouZi and its consequent golden age, the Yù family was within the Council of Chi dominating a considerable part of the territory of the jungle of Asul. During the two Great Wars, some of its members played a very active role, leading squads and fighting with great fervor. Guided always by an insatiable ambition, even in the interlude that took place between those two battles his ambition did not stop, forming groups of HouZis that still felt inside his militant spirit organized small groups in which to try to rise again, failing miserably Nothing remarkable happened during the rest of the reign of Hou-Shen for this family, or at least, until a few years after the defeat in the Second Great War. Accustomed to living between luxuries and riches, which were valued more than life itself, and blinded by their insatiable ambition the family could not stand to live in a space as small and poor as was the jungle of Asul. For these reasons they began to steal to other families and confront them. The gossips talk that the Jade Wars were started by them, who increased their riots and conflicts after the disappearance of Hou-Shen. After the fall of Jing-Taiyun, little more was heard from this family, some crazy people tell that they were hiding, treasuring riches and waiting for the right moment, others say that the authentic lineage was lost, mixing races inside this and provoking dishonor However, everyone agrees that he never heard from them again ... until today Yù Traditions and rituals The Yù clan has always had a somewhat different structure, even though, as in any family, everyone must obey the head of the family, he is not elected in a hereditary way, on the contrary, it is chosen by voting among all the members of the family, with the possibility of voting for oneself. Under the head of the family is his/her wife or husband (if he/she has one) and his/her children. It is not strange that the head of the family has several brothers, who could not inherit their position, not like their children who can be elected from the age of 25 years, although only one was chosen so young. Great devotees of martial arts, their lineage was always characterized by showing special interest in these, taking them to another level, fighting whenever there was any reward to obtain. Initiation Ritual Any member who wants to enter the family will have to pass three trials, unknown to anyone who has not overcome them before, these will consist of obtaining a large sum of wealth or valuable objects that will be donated to the family, showing this way the ambition of the candidate. The second is to survive a month in nature, demonstrating the strength and being necessary to obtain for this moment 1 elf bone, 1 wolf head and humming bird wings. The third and final test is to defeat a member of the family, chosen by the head of the family, in a duel of traditional martial arts, showing their skill in the fight, something highly valued within the dynasty Weeding Weddings in this family are something exceptional, the union between a Yù and someone from another family does not usually go beyond the carnal. A wedding requires the insertion of a new member into the family, something that is impossible unless it passes the initiation ritual. Even so, the times that this celebration takes place is not repaired in expenses, a great banquet with musical and martial shows, accompanied by luxurious drinks and gifts for the guests is the tradition. During the union of the two married, they will give as fiance the object of greatest value they have, showing their love and appreciation for the other with this simple gesture. This act will be accompanied by a speech by the head of the family, or in its absence, by the next available person with the highest rank. Hunts Despite not being a family focused on this, hunting is a recreational activity usually carried out by the dynasty to provide its members with food and resources that can only be obtained from animals. These hunts are the least peculiar, carried out with the naked torso and without any weapon, the Yù always look for the biggest prey in the area, study it and hunt it down. This process can last for days and even weeks, focusing hunting not only on animals but also on other species. Wealth and power to achieve immortality Many years later, the construction of the empire has begun again, the descendants of those who once ruined their beloved civilization are prepared to fight for it and bring it back to glory, having learned from the past they will not make the same mistakes again... or maybe yes? OOC Information: The post we will be improved by the time we get more members Joining the family is very easy, you only have to send a private message by Discord and we will agree on your rank within the family, your family ties... Discord: AlbertoTC#2262
  18. This thread is fairly self-explanatory. If you have any screenshots of your adventures in LoTC that you’d like to share with people, just put them all in this thread (along with a short description if you wish). I’ll start by putting some screenshots of the Festival of the Applefoots held in Dunshire on December 16th. Gathering in the Tavern to drink some free booze Playing the Halfling sport of Shogging (Harold Applefoot won the tournament, I think) Hunting for edible Truffles in the No-Booze Forest. Sadly, Hearth Underson brought some booze into No-Booze Forest, causing the Sky-Gods to get angry and spite us all with heavy rain and thunder. Trying to wait out the rain in the Applefoot Burrow (It didn’t work, the roof was too leaky and we ended up leaving and braving the rain regardless) Drinking in the Rosenyr Tavern after fleeing the rain in Dunshire. (We were supposed to be having a feast, but the rain put an end to our ability to gather supplies, so we just went elsewhere) Here’s some other unrelated Screenshots to help kick this off: The Belvitz Technology Expo in celebration of the Belvitz-Holm railway
  19. Delaselva Vientos Age: 17 Aliases: “Squirt” -given by his adopted great-grandfather Race: Human Titles: N/A Class: N/A Personality; Delaselva has shown to be a strong-willed, noble youth who’s built the tendency of being drawn to any and all extraordinary entities which linger amidst the realm, whereas he is also noted to be quite calm even in most arduous of circumstances. Delaselva is very eloquent whenever he is holding a conversation with someone though is prone to Improvise a lot at the spot, omitting his pacific characteristics where he could be found recklessly diving into helping others with their needs without much caution to his own well-being. Appearance: Delaselva is a young man of average height with an almost silver-”Mali’fenn” esque like hair though is considered to be having more of a “lighter blonde” texture which is shared with his sister; Shiera Vientos (Dovely)_. Delaselva is also noted to have a clean-cut, robust musculature and an Isomorphic physique accompanied with his exterior appearance leaning more towards of a pale-ish like color. Biography: Delaselva was born and raised in an distant continent of Aeldin and originates from a region known as Venerra, which was ruled by a Princely House known as Grimm, and growing up as their neighbouring cousin where he would receive proper education in terms of mathematics, cultural history and even politics until up to the point where they couldn’t afford to house him and his two sisters, which would ultimately result into them being transferred into the care of their great-grandmother, Victoria Vientos. (JoelTheGinger) Family: [!] Great-grandmother: Victoria Vientos (JoelTheGinger) Adopted- Great grandfather: Rickard Vientos (GildedDuke) Twin-Sister: Shiera Vientos (Dovely_) Father: Eirik Vientos (Deceased) Mother: Aelora Raven (Deceased) Cousin: Talia Sophia Vientos (Dasdi) Voice-Claim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZug7Ela4VQ Personality Traits: Ambitious Eloquent Bookworm Enduring Ingenious ( Be sure to contact in regards to any concerns or other technical Issues!)
  20. Since the vasallizacion under the orcs, all citizens of the state of Quin are governed by the rules of these in their land, however, in the territory of the HouZi these rules undergo slight variations, respecting at all times the rules of the orcs. The Laws of the State of Qin are separated by three parts: The Laws of the State, of the People, and of the Huángdì. The Laws of the State and the People are those made to govern the day to day lives of the Hou-zi people, orchestrated by the official military of the State. The Laws of the Huángdì are those of serious offense against the State of Qin, and require the ruling of the monarchy. Punishment Category A- Fine of up to 200 minas, temporary jail time, 10 lashings. Category B- Minor maiming, 20 lashings, fine of up to 500 minas, any punishment stated in Category A Category C- 50 lashings, banishment, death, fine of up to 2000 minas, any punishment stated in Category A and B Repeat crimes up the Category of Punishment The Huángdì has the right to personally override official punishments of any Citizen or Ally of the State as he sees fit, no matter the law broken. By this, the Huángdì can remove a punishment or declare one of more fitting degree. Laws of the State Simple laws for the handling of the militia. Punishments for breaking the laws are set and not to be altered unless by the command of the Huángdì or Generals. Theft Minor - Category A, return of goods Major - Category B, return of goods Slander against the State or allies of the State Slander against State - Category C Slander against Allies - Category B Violence against the People and Allies Armed Robbery - Category C Assault - Category B Murder - Category C Laws of the People Simple laws created to protect the culture of the Hou-zi people, also to be handled by the military. Blasphemy against Hou-Shen and his Children Blasphemy - Category C The praising of false Gods as a denizen of the State This law does not apply to Allies. Visitors may not openly praise their Gods in the land of the State of Qin Praising Metzli - Category C Praising Iblees or other Dark creatures - Category C Praising the Aspects - Category B Other Gods not listed - Category B Destruction of shrines and altars Minor Destruction - Category A, return of lost goods Major Destruction - Category C, return of lost goods Use of Magic of the Void, or any Magic granted by false Gods, as it was said before, this law does not apply to allies to ask for permissions Voidal Magic - Category A Dark Magic - Category C Deity Magic - Category B Laws of the Huángdì Laws to be handled by the head of the Hou-zi people. Generally higher cases and punishments. Punishments are chosen by the Huángdì for each case Treason against State and People Theft of State property Murder of State officials Military action without the support of military leaders Military action taken on Allies of the State The enslavement of a member of any race without consent of the Huangdi
  21. Governing of the Yù State Here follows the Governing of the Hou-zi people within the New State of Qin. The State of Qin is formed by three governing bodies, the first and most important formed by Huángdí followed by his Buzhang (ministers), responsible of making decisions, guiding and unifying the race, administering the activity of the State. The second governmental body is formed by the head of the family and the members of the Chi council, those people of great relevance within the society who by their own merits acquire relevance in the government or who direct small groups within the society. They must actively participate in the direction of the state, advise, propose and elaborate laws, as well as help the Buzhangs. The Huángdì The head of the State. Official monarch of the state of Qin, the word of Huángdì is law. The Monarchy will be replaced by the eldest son or the daughter of the Dynasty, but if the Clan line is over, a new Clan will take its place, selected by vote in the Chi Council: Yù-Zhúdhíng (AlbertoTC) The Zongtong The members of this rank have all the same power, their word is semi-absolute, only below the Huangdi, being in turn chosen by it. If any member of the government opposes his election, a vote will be held. The Quántóu (Buzhang of Military) - The Head of Military and General of the Hou-zi Army. Responsible for delegating officers and tasks, leading the military strikes and defense, and managing the affairs of the State by upholding the laws of the State and People. Current title holder: The Shenjiao ( Buzhang of Religion) - The Head of Religion, responsible for guiding the Hou-zi fate. Though the Huángdì can make proclamations against the Gods of other people, the Buzhang can as well, and is given the ability to uphold the Shenjiao religion by force- so long as doing so does not disrupt the laws of the land. Current title holder: Hsieh-Xin(SaltyOlog) The Xuézhě (Buzhang of Culture) - The Head of all Cultural affairs, responsible of expanding and publicizing the culture of the Hous to all other races, as well as preserving it, writing about it and studying ancient traditions that are lost. This individual is also responsible for controlling who makes use of the magic that Hou-Shen gave us, the Chi. Current title holder: Liao-Chen (Evonpire) The Council of Chi The Council of Chi was once a ruling sect of lords and clan leaders elected to govern the district of the Hou-zi Empire. Now, the Council is divided to manage the daily events of the State, as well as to advise and help in all that the Zongtong requires. This group is divided into two: The Family Heads - leaders of families or dynasties, important people in society because they lead a group of Hous and share their blood mostly. There can only be one per family, having among them all the same importance. Council Members - people who are recognized for their individual merits by The Zongtong and therefore acquire a position of importance. In addition, these members go on to take responsibility in daily life, some are in charge of trade with other nations, others of the treasury of the state... ((OOC: Once the number of active Hous increases, the charges of The council of Chi will be defined according to the needs that these present. To be a Family Head, a forum post must be written about your family and approved by two Zontong members)) Official Yù Flag
  22. Here is Proof it wasn’t Flame was not involved in the discord raid It’s pretty pathetic how even though all the evidence is against flame being one of the two discord raiders the admins still refuse to look at the proof and unban him. Flamboyants “proof” he stated he had was Ghaz messaging him saying it was Flame. To believe that someone would go to the trouble of making an alt to raid a discord to then reveal who they really are, you must be pretty low IQ to be honest. Flame is the voice crying about being banned, Ghaz is the one who speaks second and saying how he doesn’t care, the third person is Inferno and the fourth deeper voice who cuts in a few times is Cakefool. Also when he says he's on the wrong account he was referring to his whitelisted alt account, that's him playing minecraft kit maps with Inferno, you can hear potions splashing in the background later on in the video and them saying how they died. https://gyazo.com/d7f3ffe391fd25177a5501f9283c00ec Here you can see Horton who was banned for the chat bombing admitting Flame was not a part of the raid. https://gyazo.com/691ffc57e6c6c58d546b60880966a150 Here you can see Rin who was also involved in the chat bombing saying Flame did not participate. If you close this topic without replying you are not only proving that you are in the wrong but showing just how corrupt and **** the Admin team is and confirming that you want him banned for some reason and used this as an excuse. @FlamboyantTyrant @TarreBear @SeventhCircle @Fireheart https://namemc.com/profile/urcuteowo.1 ← Whitelisted Alt
  23. Death of the Duchess of Kvasz “We Come as Crows” A bell can be heard within the city of Reza notifying the people of a noble’s passing of the Duchess of Kvasz, Lady Kattarina of House Ludovar who had passed away due to a severe case of what is known as the flu. The Duchess was known for being a Steward in Haense, born into the Stafyr family, and as well as being a loving mother of two. The Funeral of Lady Kattarina was held in private with the Ludovar and Stafyr family of her passing. May GOD bless her. Lady Kattarina of House Ludovar, Duchess of Kvasz 1669-1712 aged 43
  24. ((OOC: Sorry for posting this in a doc, but I wanted to use footnotes. My favourite passage I have posted here : ) )) ’Assembled brethren, let us make this our maxim: that whilst the STRONG do what they will, the WEAK suffer what they must. And them that are righteous are weak men. We should have it that we do our share of willing, and that others do the ‘suffering’ part - for a strong man is greater than a wise man, and it is workers of iniquity that are exalted on Earth. Therefore, let us kill this Guy, who in his righteousness is weak, just as we are in our ruthlessness strong. And so shall we rape Savoy of its laws and people, vanquish its customs and traditions, and say, in short, that whatsoever should prevail upon the Earth: Savoy must be destroyed.’-Chronici Sapaudia, 2.7 FRIENDS, let it be known that I have published the great work of my father, a most excellent historian of the highest quality, and have translated it into the Common language in order that it might be for the benefit of the whole Commonwealth. I urge you to read this most valuable and excellent work, which I have, with God’s help, faithfully and diligently translated. Erwin von Manstein. FULL Chronicle here enclosed. ((https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oq--XHhFluH4mDD8pWIz7C00K2T-KCJa4KxHx_dvTKw/edit))
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