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  1. To Our BELOVED LOTCERS, Happy Last Ten Nights! As you all know, we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, a time when the Muslim community of LOTC has stepped aside from the distractions of daily life to focus on their faith and connection with Allah. It is a time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and increased acts of worship. As we enter the last ten nights of Ramadan, we are presented with a golden opportunity to seek the Night of Decree, Laylat al-Qadr! Now you mineman goober who like many has either too busy of a life to research what it is or your entire life is on that mineman server as rp and cringe yourway to political power, xoxo SO FEAR NOT! I shall tell you! Laylat al-Qadr is a night that is better than a thousand months. It is a time of immense blessings, forgiveness, and mercy from Allah. These nights are a chance for us to increase our worship, seek forgiveness for our sins, and draw closer to our Creator. It begins from sunset until sunrise, for us muslims from Mughrib to Fajr. The Night of Decree, as described in the Quran, is a night of peace and tranquility, during which angels descend to earth. The rewards for worship on this night are multiplied manifold, and it is a time when our prayers are more likely to be answered. It is a night that holds great significance in the life of a believer, and one that should be sought with sincerity and devotion. During these last ten nights, we strive to increase our acts of worship, such as praying extra prayers such as Qiyam al-Layl or Tahajjud, reciting the Quran, making sincere supplications/ Duas, and engaging in remembrance of Allah like Zikr. We should also strive to seek forgiveness for our sins and ask Allah for His mercy and blessings. It is important to remember that the Night of Decree could fall on any one of the odd-numbered nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan. Therefore, it is recommended to increase our worship and devotion during all of these nights, so that we may not miss out on this blessed opportunity. Now those aren't muslims you may also be asking, “well Adam what does this have to do with me?” Well, I'll tell you! Many believe this night is not exclusive to only muslims! We believe that any prayers that were not answered by Allah will give you something far much worth to you then you may perceive it! For example! You may ask to be rich in life, and while you may not actually become rich with money you could become rich in knowledge, family things that have far greater worth, or blessed with a great opportunity for both! As we strive to make the most of these last ten nights, let us also remember the less fortunate and those in need around the world. Ramadan is a time of generosity and giving, and we should strive to help those in need to the best of our ability. By doing so, we not only fulfill our duty of charity/zakat but also spread kindness and compassion in the world. So please keep in your prayers for the less fortunate and places who struggle in times of hardship such as places inflicted with famine, war, poverty, and diseases. Best way to help them is to ask Allah/GOD the most powerful and indeed the most merciful and generous for he is the best of helpers. Soon after the last ten nights of Ramadan, we will be celebrating Eid, a joyous occasion that marks the end of Ramadan. It is a time of celebration, gratitude, and unity for the Muslim community. In the coming weeks, you will see an Eid post so stay tuned you goobers!. In conclusion, let us make the most of these last ten nights of Ramadan, seeking the Night of Decree with sincerity and devotion. May Allah accept our worship, forgive our sins, and shower His blessings and mercy upon us all. Heh you thought you could get away did ya? NAW AW! RAMADAN LAST TEN DAYS CHALLENGE! Your challenger today ladies and gentlemen! Drumroll pleaaase…. You whether irl or in game compliment a homie, smile or emote smiling and brighten someone day up! Lot of people think that someone can get a lot of compliments but let me tell you something! No we don't ;-; So go out there! Make someone's day! And for EXTRA EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS! Donate to charity, donate to something you believe to be in a good cause. To donate in charity is as we say “giving a loan to GOD, and he will multiply it for you tens, hundreds or thousands folds!” remember that even giving a smile or helping someone is an act of charity! Ehem, love you all and stay true to yourselves and be one that helps humanity one step at a time! Ramadan Mubarak everyone!
  2. “The Ways to Learn Magic and Possible Changes to Seeking Masters.” By: Eldorain (sethsj) The Summarized Lore Behind Hoktmat Politics and Magic from my Point-of view: The sorcerous hierarchy in Hohkmat provides an intricate roadmap for individuals navigating the magical society. The journey begins with the determination of one's sorcerous path, emphasizing the significance of a powerful retinue in achieving a position of influence. The retinue, composed of attendants such as Sanfi, Familiars & Exotics, and Aspirants, plays a crucial role in showcasing one's power and authority. Attendants serve diverse functions, from mercenaries to exotic creatures, contributing to a mage's overall influence. The progression through sorcerer ranks, including Novice, Journeyman, and Adept, reflects an individual's proficiency in magical arts. Apprenticeship is highlighted as a pivotal step, where aspirants align themselves with a mage to eventually become heirs to a magical lineage. The system of magical true lineage underscores the importance of the apprentice-Master bond, akin to a blood relation in other societies. The text also introduces the Masters of the Arcane, including Masters and Sages, overseen by the Council of Masters, which adds a layer of recognition for those who have reached the pinnacle of magical mastery. The forum delves into special orders, introducing Viziers and Lord/Lady Magisters as mages with exceptional magical prowess and political influence. The highest authority, the Grand Magister, leads Hohkmat and is judged not only by individual magical power but also by their ability to unify magi, promote talent, and handle magical threats to society. The text concludes by emphasizing the importance of retinues, political acumen, and magical proficiency for those aspiring to challenge existing leaders or claim significant positions within the magical hierarchy. Overall, the guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of magical progression and political dynamics in Hohkmat. The Summary of the Great Paradox, Political Power, and Aristocracy. The City-States of Hohkmat emerge as a fascinating realm with a rich magical tapestry and a distinct societal structure. Guided by the Three Mysteries—The Great Paradox, The Eternal Pursuit, and The Sorcerer's Path—Hohkmat's sorcerers navigate a complex world where magic, power, and the pursuit of knowledge intertwine. The Great Paradox encapsulates the dual nature of sorcery, emphasizing the balance between chaos and control, while The Eternal Pursuit delves into the acquisition and acknowledgment of power, shaping a society where the meek may rise and the content may fall. The Sorcerous Path, the mystery of the future, empowers individuals to ascend from slaves to kings through magical mastery. In the governance of the City-States, a Feudal Mageocratic Oligarchy takes shape. Lord-Magisters, the most powerful sorcerers, lead noble Mage-Lords in fealty to the Grand Magister, who wields absolute authority over the realm. The Ziggurats, majestic structures housing the central government, symbolize the core of power. The Grand Magister, titled Sorcerer-King, holds sway over the Chamber of Stars, a bureaucratic force executing the nation's will. The dynamic Lord-Magisters, with their power bases and magical prowess, constitute the Chamber of Lord-Magisters. In this aristocracy, apprenticeship and magical lineage play a pivotal role, distinguishing noble houses and shaping succession. The autonomy granted to Lord-Magisters is balanced by their allegiance to the Grand Magister, whose charisma and coordination skills are crucial for effective governance. The intricate dance between power, politics, and magical mastery defines the unique and captivating world of the City-States of Hohkmat. The New Added Idea to Learn Magic: The City-States of Hohkmat unfold as a captivating realm where sorcery, societal hierarchies, and magical mysteries shape the landscape. The Three Mysteries—The Great Paradox, The Eternal Pursuit, and The Sorcerer's Path—guide sorcerers in navigating the delicate balance of chaos and control, pursuit of power, and the empowering journey from apprentice to mastery. A Feudal Mageocratic Oligarchy, led by the Grand Magister and the Chamber of Stars, governs the City-States, with Lord-Magisters holding significant autonomy. For aspiring mages, the path to magical mastery is intricate and challenging. Masters, the seasoned sorcerers, are selective in accepting apprentices, and those seeking to learn magic often find themselves struggling to secure a mentor. The tradition of apprenticeship, viewed as a sacred bond akin to blood relations, creates a barrier for newcomers. Self-taught individuals can only progress to a certain rank without formal acceptance into a magical house. To prove their worth, aspiring mages must independently master magical arts and showcase their skills during yearly exams, a crucial event where they demonstrate their learning to potential Masters. The struggle for acceptance into a magical house is marked by the need for self-motivation and rigorous training. Those who manage to reach a certain proficiency independently face the challenge of convincing a Master of their capabilities. The yearly exams become a make-or-break moment, where aspirants lay bare their magical prowess and understanding of the Three Mysteries. Only by impressing a Master can they hope to be accepted into a noble house, joining the ranks of Lord-Magisters in the City-States of Hohkmat. This rigorous system ensures that only the most dedicated and skilled individuals ascend the ranks of magical society, contributing to the dynamic and competitive nature of Hohkmat's magical hierarchy. “I serviet, I erit officii.” (OOC) In Hohkmat, if you're itching to be a magic whiz, you grab these cool elemental magic books from the library or cough up some coin at the city "tax" place, where a city shop could be setup. Now, the tricky part is deciding which magic house you want to roll with. To impress these magical folks, you've gotta take exams every week(OOC) or a whole year (IRP). Showcasing your fire, air, earth, and water magic chops is the deal. But hold up—getting into a cool magic house isn't just about flexing your magical muscles. Nope, it's all in the hands of the big shots, the Masters. They're the ones who decide if you're in or out. It's not just about being a magical hotshot; you've gotta prove you get the whole void thing and how Hohkmat and everything around it works. So, buckle up, grab your magic books, and get ready for a wild ride into the mystical world of Hohkmat! Book examples: 1. Book of Flames - A Guide to Pyromancy - Learn the art of Fire Evocation, the most common and accessible elemental magic. This comprehensive guide introduces the basics of controlling and summoning flames. From lighting torches to wielding destructive fireballs, this book is a must-read for budding sorcerers seeking to harness the power of Pyromancy. Master the flames and ignite your magical journey! 2. Whispers of the Winds - The Secrets of Aeromancy - Explore the mysteries of Air Evocation with this guide to Aeromancy. Delve into the realm of wind manipulation, levitation, and the subtle art of controlling the air around you. While the difficulty level is uncertain, the book provides insights into the potential and challenges of mastering this element. Unleash the power of the winds and soar to new heights! 3. Earth's Embrace - A Geomancer's Handbook - Geomancy, the art of Earth Evocation, is a rare and challenging discipline. In this handbook, discover the secrets of shaping and manipulating the very ground beneath your feet. Unearth the complexities of Geomancy, from creating barriers to manipulating terrain. Aspiring Geomancers, prepare to delve into the depths of earth magic! 4. Aquatic Whispers - Journey into Hydromancy - Dive into the depths of Water Evocation with this guide to Hydromancy. While the risk of drowning looms, this book explores the delicate art of controlling water. From summoning rain to shaping water currents, the mysteries of Hydromancy are revealed. Approach with caution, but master this art, and you'll hold the power of the oceans in your hands!
  3. thesaintjaleel


    Hey guys its Southeron - also known as Licorish. Not sure if this is allowed but here goes. Wanted to introduce to you guys this project I was working on, music of about 5-6 genres I'm sure you guys would love! Be sure to like and comment your thoughts.My influences are Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Lauryn Hill, Isaiah Rashad, Outkast, and Sabrina Claudio.
  4. The New Orthodox Guide for the Fair Lady’s Dress Penned by the hand of Emma Monparnasse Rhodon de Rosius, as commissioned by her Grace, the Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere Ladies of Petra, 1906 Foreword: "A lady is never so well dressed as when you cannot remember what she wears." For decades, the reign of long veils and curled plaits have formed the stature of many women across our lands, and it is this guide that one can use to define the character of the new era, a new age to express themselves in a timely and elegant manner. Women have always been considered a pinnacle of refinement and grace. Dear, Reader, this guide will comprise of the new conforms that will uphold such refinement. Underpinnings: The new set of underpinnings, which can be purchased for a small and lasting price, is necessary to build the form of today’s woman. Now, to start from the skin, a simple and form fitting suit of thin cotton or silk is permitted, but it must not pass one’s knees. On top of this is the most indubitably needed garment: the corset. Such garments were not permitted with the long and formless gowns. The new corset, which has a straight front, and curved back, provides a proud and elegant shape to the wearer. Petticoats are much needed, and can be made of cotton. Each petticoat must have at least two flounces, and a woman mustn’t ever leave her home without wearing two petticoats. These petticoats must be shorter than the skirt to prevent such scandalous appearances. Over these petticoats, a silk taffeta underskirt may be worn by the upper-class or the well to do common woman with a beautiful flounce, and this, readers, can and is encouraged to be shown while walking, but never show this underskirt over five inches from the hem. Stockings, and their material, are up to the discretion of the wearer. These stockings can be clipped into optional suspenders at the lower hem of the corset. A note on corsets: It is unladylike to tight-lace one’s corset as such would spoil the figure. Gowns: Gone are the days of heavy skirts and pagoda sleeves of yore. Respectable ladies fashion their gowns based on the sun’s position in the sky. To begin, we must look at morning and day outfits. Fashionable ladies of the upper-class may opt for a two piece outer ensemble: a silk shirtwaist made of the finest silken weave, and a woolen or taffeta skirt in a circular-cut that barely reaches the ground, which shall be back pleated to disguise the closure, which is only two hooks at the waistband with a placket. The shirtwaist shall have a bouffant front, which may have ruffles sewn inside the front, and billowing yet soft sleeves. Let it be known that the collar of such blouses reach the nape, and never show lower than the collarbone, as to prevent wanton eyes. For the common woman, a cotton shirtwaist will do, as well as a woolen, even cotton, skirt. Each of these skirts, cotton or silk, should be lined and faced in a sturdy fabric to keep the shape of these skirts wide at the hem. The skirt should be worn over the shirtwaist and a silken belt should be worn at the waist to hide the overlap of the garments. Bodices that are not shirtwaists should match the fabric of the skirts and must be form fitting. These bodices can resemble jackets or fashionable plates from catalogs. Although, the shirtwaist is much more popular for day ensembles. Gowns for the later afternoon (past three o'clock) and evening are permitted to have a lower neckline. Nevertheless, these bodices shall be fitted, and sleeveless unless these sleeves are made of a sheer and form-fitting fabric. Over collarbone straps are permitted and up to the discretion of the wearer. Skirts must always match the material of the bodice, which shall and must be of silk. Any form of silk is suitable, but satin is of the most expensive and formidable weave. Decoration is highly encouraged. Many notable socialites adorn their bodices with layers of tulle, draped and pinned fabric, flowers, feathers, and even jewels. Skirts must be in a matching fabric and must reach the floor with a light or long train. To prevent soiling, ask your dressmaker to baste cotton ruffles into the hems of these skirts. These ruffles are known as a duster and can be easily removed for laundering. It should be noted that no lady on any occasion let her placket opening be loosely open, as such is unladylike and allows passerby to see her petticoats! An Elegant Stroll, 1899 Shoes: Shoes, depending on the terrain of the wearer’s path, must be of a material suited for the environment. For many day outfits, among the upper and common class, may be of a kid-leather, with a sturdy cotton spat that can reach from the upper ankle to the knee. The closure must be of buttons. These ‘boots’ are permitted and encouraged to have heels. For the evening, shoes must be of matching silk material or white kid-leather pumps. Black is acceptable and modest. Coiffure and Cosmetics: Never is it acceptable to paint one’s face. Such behavior has always and is associated with the lowly and scandalous. Instead, use a light powder matching of the skin tone, or even a pearly-translucent powder to hide blemishes that could be unsightly. Never cake these powders. A puff may be used to apply such powders. Rouge in the form of liquid can be applied with a small wad of cotton or brush. It is encouraged to have a slight pinkish-hue to the cheeks as well as the lips. Never overdue your rouge, such behavior is that of the unmodish. Rouge of cinnabar can only cause disgrace as it causes horrible-smelling breath. Never use such made of cinnabar. Eyebrows may be darkened and sharpened up with a small stick of charcoal. However, as aforementioned, never overdue such to make the brows completely black. Hair of the modish and stylish may be loosely piled onto the head and held in place with laitons as well as hat pins. It is smart to keep one’s hair in a loose bun as to place a straw and hard-brimmed hat as a pin shall go through to keep the hat on. Hats are reserved for the well to do and upper class-woman. These hats may be of a thick straw that have a grosgrain band of ribbon. Hats of sheer fabric with elegant plumes, flowers, and several sashes of chiffon are fashionable to keep a soft and airy grace. These hats may be worn for afternoon events, but never to evening events unless traveling. Accessories: Gloves shant be soiled, and short ones must be worn for day ensembles while longer ones must be worn with evening gowns. Parasols are commonly used to keep the fair complexion of reputable women untainted. A small reticule handbag is permitted to be used for evening and day events. Hand fans are recommended for evening events. Signed, Her Grace, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Emma Monparnasse Rhodon de Rosius, Laetitia Henrietta Rhodon de Rosius et Abbassia, Mistress of the Wardrobes in the Court of Renilde I
  5. Felyx F. Colborn, a Voice for Reform! Simple contemporary oil painting of Felyx F Colborn Introduction Felyx, born in the Second age 64, did not come into the world in a noble household. He worked for everything he has gotten so far, and will continue to serve his Kongzem to the best of his ability. The combined efforts of House Colborn now mean that Felyx is granted a unique position to let his voice be heard. As a child, he worked to start the St. Carolus University which still exists today, has participated in medic lectures, climbed to the rank of Armsman and Officer Cadet by now in the BSK Haeseni Army, and is an avid Adventurer and Poet to the Royal Family. Felyx made many friends during his time, be it commonfolk and nobility alike, and has expanded his horizons by carefully listening to minorities such as Orcs and Elves in Hanseti-Ruska. This has given Felyx the confidence he needs to run for Alderman on this day. Aspirations and Pledges I, Felyx Francys Colborn, do so pledge to honour our community of evolving peoples in-tune with their conservative roots by working with the Duma to issue reforms that benefit the Kongzem in the long-term. I will be your elected dreamer of a brighter future for Haense and, with the know-how and tools I have amassed so far, vow to work hard to listen carefully to anyone who would give me feedback or advice, and implement reforms that I deem necessary for the prosperity of Haense to Krusae Zwy Kongzem! More specifically, I, Felyx will pledge to work on Seven primary points: Promote Crown-endorsed reforms to stimulate political interest of the People of Hanseti-Ruska. Introduce non-politically aligned Commonfolk Societies for greater multi-social representation in our Motherland. Stand for greater Diplomatic cooperation, including a Worker’s Exchange Programme between allied nations to foster more open-minded generations who are willing to accept the diversity of Hanseti-Ruska and Almaris as a whole. Promote theological debates led by the Church across various beliefs, using a novel, proposed technique, coined: “Deep Listening”. Work to integrate the aforementioned “Deep Listening” into the Duma, which will hopefully bridge divides between opposite opinions to reach compromises. Introduce a Koeng or Koenas Royal Jubilee, in coordination with the BSK, every 5 years to celebrate the efforts of the Crown. Introduce a “World Pilgrimage” with the consent of the Church, in order to become aware of different and opposing cultures and beliefs, to reinforce Godan’s virtues and learn to live harmoniously with others despite opposing views. These are just a chunk of ideas I have deemed worthy to put to paper. Being a soldier of the BSK, I find it important that we can avoid War as much as possible. However, peacetime is never a reason to stop training and drilling diligently. I will take my discipline and dedication from the Army when pursuing my goals within the Duma. With great Passion Felyx Francys Colborn stands by his values, and hopes to work alongside Duma members with his Aspirations, by the pleasure of the Electorates of Hanseti-Ruska!
  6. B.S.K NOTICE & ALL YE HAESENI CITIZENS ________________________________________________ (OOC: Such Noticeboard maye be found pinned across the streets of Haense) DEARE Citizens of Haense and Members of the Crown's Proud Brotherhood of St. Karl, It gives me great pleasure to announce a Joint-B.S.K and Colborn organised Beer Night and Brawl at the Old Stout Crowe Tavern. This is a chance to Drink and converse with Friends and Strangers, lift your mood, and partake in a jolly good fistfight supervised by the B.S.K. For the right honourable individuals less interested in a round of fisticuffs, ye shall have time to tell and listen to stories from many an individual, playe tavern games, and p'rhaps trade and make connections with people! There's plenty to go around! So do not forget to attend, and bring your friends for a spiffing time! (OOC: Event will take place in the Old Stout Crow Tavern in Haense at 3pm EST on Wednesday 29th of June, 2022 - Hopefully to be repeated :)) Signed Cordially,
  7. FOUNDING OF ST. CAROLUS UNIVERSITY Haense during the Golden Age of the Old Academy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO ALL CITIZENS OF HAENSE, The Academy of Haense has seen stagnation and little use in recent decades. As I am writing this missive, to be distributed among Haense itself, I - Felyx Francys Colborn - am working to re-establish the Haense Academy to rival and perhaps surpass the Elysium University. With this goal in mind, and with the Justiciar, the Patriarch of House Colborn, and the Crown Prince himself to aid in reconstruction, we heartily invite anyone interested to attend orientation and the upcoming book club events(https://discord.gg/F3HuaCT2qR)! Those of the Child-Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska have already been invited, although there truly are NO enforced age gaps to be a student! There will be small, intimate events to promote learning and discussion at the Eve of reconstruction, with the final aim being a fleshed-out curriculum and graduation possibility with diplomas hopefully someday be recognised by the Holy Crown of Haense itself! I hope to see you around. The first events are already being drafted. Drop by the Old Academy on event-times if you are interested! Est. 423 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. * 15-18 Locked away in my symbolic room strapped to the bars of this comfortable prison I’ve known all my life. Confined to do what people expect of me, /confined/ to the role I am placed in on this chessboard. Locked away by the lump in my throat only wishing to speak but the air becomes still as the eyes stare, stare to me for I am different? Or stare to me because I am brave. Eyes that should be a doorway open and welcoming a door that is shut instead. Doors that keep the social “standard” to its quo, why, father, why are these eyes of winter so compelling to the soul? Mother, why is it when they glance with their winter eyes my feet freeze in place? No answer as I have neither to go to when I am sad nor to call for my achievements; it is only me.
  9. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? 5USD for Head 10USD per Outfit 15USD for full skin (Head and outfit) PAYPAL ONLEH ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  10. Introduction I was digging through old forum posts about the staff destruction of Goodborough back in 2015, when I realized something. The idea of a settlement being directly destroyed by staff was not as common back in those days, yet is a much more frequent occurrence in modern LOTC. Since I’ve experienced the post-Goodborough destruction halfling race, and the final recovery from the instability caused by Goodborough’s destruction, I thought I’d make a thread talking about what happens when a community has to revive itself from scratch after being destroyed by staff. (The following information comes from the forums and not personal experience, so I apologize for any inaccuracies) Back in 2015, Athera transitioned to Vailor. Land at the start of the map was to be given out to nations, which were determined by activity. Halflings, who had traditionally been given land at the beginning of every map despite being far less active than the average nation, were given a 100x100 plot under the conditions that they became more active under it. This led to the creation of Goodborough, the first halfling village of Vailor. Some time passes. Goodborough becomes an established village. However, the staff weren’t happy with the activity of the village. The halflings were still less active than what was required for a nation. They tell them to get more active or they’ll destroy the region. The halflings try and get more active, but it’s still not enough. The staff give the halflings a new ultimatum: either become a vassal of Oren or High Elves and keep the current Goodborough region, or have Goodborough be destroyed. The halflings choose to become a vassal of Oren. There was a lot of miscommunication between the staff and halflings over this. There were some angry skype calls between the two groups. It’s been theorized that the staff weren’t even communicating properly between themselves at the time. Whatever the case may be, despite many staff promising to leave the Goodborough region alone, the final staff decision is to destroy Goodborough and leave the halflings to figure out the rest. So, what happens when a community is destroyed? A lot of things. Let me run through what might happen. A: The community is destroyed. There’s nobody who wants to revive it. There’s not enough interest in the community’s roleplay niche for there to be people who want to revive it sometime later. The community is gone forever. or B: A few players band together to revive the community. Through a lot of effort, they manage to scrape something together. Their first attempt might not work, but they’ve probably managed to gather up enough interest in the community for a second attempt to be possible. Leadership changes much more quickly than usual. There’s likely to be several settlements per map. Ambitious players might seize the opportunity to declare themselves leader of a community and gobble up its players and roleplay niche so that they might rule it for themselves. Eventually, after a long time has passed, the community achieves stability again. Leadership becomes more long-term. The community is more stable and has higher player retention. People rest assured knowing that the effort they put into the community won’t be thrown to the wind all of a sudden. The period of relative tranquility might not last forever, but the community is no longer afraid of not existing in the near future. Option B is what happened to the Halflings. It’s happened to other groups as well, I think. Why do staff destroy communities? Because they want option A or B to happen to the community. They might look at the community and think “Wow, there really is nothing of value to the server going on here. This should stop existing.” and then destroy it with that exact intention. This is what happened to a lot of less active charters during the Charter Reform. The staff just didn’t want there to be that many communities in existence, and thus they trimmed them down by destroying the ones they deemed unworthy of existence. The staff might also look at a community, think “Hmm... this community isn’t very active, but I’m sure that there’s enough interest in the niche it provides for it to exist no matter what we do to them. I think it would be wise to destroy what they have currently so that in the process of rebuilding they will achieve greater strength”. This is what happened to the halflings of Goodborough. The mentality was to destroy the village so that the halflings might live. (This reply to one of the drama threads surrounding Goodborough getting destroyed sums up the opinion of the staff who wanted Goodborough gone pretty neatly. It was phrased as though the staff were doing the halflings a favor by letting them rebuild and become active elsewhere. Also shows the tension between the staff and halflings at the time. It got real nasty. Harsh words were exchanged.) Destroying the settlement so that the community might live But does that actually work? Does wrecking a settlement hold the potential to revive the community who lived there? Let’s look at what happened to the halflings after Goodborough was destroyed. The first attempt to create a new halfling village was Petyrborough. It lasted for a little while, but eventually some dwarves terrorized the halflings of Goodborough enough for them to move elsewhere. So far, not so good. The destruction of Goodborough hadn’t done any good to the halflings yet. The second village fared much better. It was right next to the Wood Elf city, and it was called Willow Hollow. There, the halflings finally started to get active again. Halfling culture came back in full force, with Shogging Tournaments and festivals being held, halfling families reestablishing themselves, and other such good things. This boom of halfling activity lasted into the next map too. When Vailor turned into Axios, the Willow Hollow halflings created the village of Reedsborough, which shared Willow Hollow’s prosperity and had many festivals of its own. So, that’s that, right? Halflings were destroyed by staff in Goodborough, but came back to activity in a new village. The destruction of Goodborough had done its intended purpose. Halflings went from a quaint 100x100 plot begrudgingly created by staff due to the precedent of giving halflings land every map to a bustling village next to the Wood Elf city suitable for shaders videos with Concerning Hobbits playing in the background. Mission successful? Not quite. Halflings had activity, sure. They did not, however, have much stability as a community. They had recently reimagined themselves under new leadership, so what’s to say that someone else couldn’t try and do the same? What’s to say that their vision of the halfling race wouldn’t be as valid as what had already been created? Bahbou123456, the richest player in early Axios, created a charter on an island above the deserts of Tahn. There he created a village called Mellsburry. He was a good leader, at least OOCly. He also had a lot of friends, and he had all of them play halflings. Suddenly, there was more than one halfling village in Axios. Mellsburry kept growing and growing and growing as bahbou had more people create halfling characters. Soon, Reedsborough was less active than the new village of Mellsburry. Bahbou would literally go burrow to burrow in Reedsborough, /realname’ing the inhabitant of every dwelling, finding some way to contact them, and then beg them to leave Reedsborough to join Mellsburry. At first it was just annoying, and it led to a lot of tension between him and Reedsborough’s leadership, but as Mellsburry grew and grew, the halflings of Reedsborough became more and more inclined to move to the new village. This was the first halfling village I’ve ever played in, so I remember quite a lot about it. Mellsburry became a very thriving village. Bahbou even tried to turn it into a proper nation instead of just a charter, and he almost succeeded in doing so. Then he had to go on hiatus for a month or so, which was the beginning of the end for Mellsburry. I was chosen to lead the halflings of Mellsburry in bahbou’s stead, but I wasn’t fir for the job at the time. I eventually left Mellsburry ought of boredom, seeing that yet another village, Rivershire, was being created. With its leadership either on hiatus or fully abandoning the village, Mellsburry quietly fell into inactivity, never to see a halfling soul walk in it ever again (except for when persona creation got bugged and automatically put new personas inside of Mellsburry, which got fixed after a while). At that point, halflings were dead. There were no active villages. Reedsborough was a ghost town, Mellsburry was slowly dying. There were more halflings wandering around human cities than there were in any village. It was a dark time for the halfling race. It lasted for a few weeks or so, though I don’t remember it well. I mostly played other games during that time, since I had nothing to do on LOTC besides wander aimlessly. Halflings becoming relevant again was a slow crawl. It started with the creation of Pendlemere, a new village designed to bring the halflings back together again. Pendlemere succeeded in doing so, yet started to fall into inactivity as well after a while. It took yet another village, Mapleshire, being created in order to bring life back to the halflings. The inhabitants of Pendlemere wanted to end the map with a bang instead of a whimper, so decided to purposely abandon the village in favor of something they could get Limited Creative on. From there, the halflings moved into Atlas. Early on in Atlas, the halflings were going to live within the walls of Sutica. That plan did not work out, however, and a second village was created in freebuild in hopes of living outside of city walls. The drama was ended prematurely when one of the halflings asked the Admins for a region inside of the Cloud Temple and was given the ability to do so. Thus, Dunshire was created, and halflings finally, after years of constantly moving villages, sudden periods of incredible activity followed by near complete death, and general confusion, were able to become a slow-burning, stable race once more. Conclusion So, did the destruction of Goodborough work? Can destroying a community make them rebuild back into activity? Potentially. The path that a community must take to revive itself is full of drama, stress, anxiety, and instability, yet it does indeed hold the potential to generate more activity. The question, of course, is whether or not it would be better to find an alternative method to make a community more active. I personally don’t think it’s the best option. If the staff want to destroy a community for being inactive somewhere with the hopes they’ll be more active someplace else, it’s probably a better idea to just worldedit them to the new location. If the staff want to make leadership of a community active again, it’s probably better to hand over the region to the community’s current active players instead of destroying everything and hoping that strong and resourceful leaders will arise from the ashes to rebuild everything. If the staff want to make the community work harder to improve itself, it could provide a positive incentive for doing so within the current settlement instead of forcing them to spend the effort making a brand new place to live and roleplay in. Making a community rebuild itself does indeed make them more active after the dust has settled. Heck, my community has even done that to itself purposely by moving to a new village to generate more enthusiasm. It is very crude, and not for everyone. Even if it does technically work a lot of the time, it’s probably not the best way to make a community more active. It’s much easier to go wrong in starting fresh than it is in reinvigorating something old. Thank you for reading my thread. I shall now go back to sitting in Brandybrook waiting for chickens to lay eggs. Other stuff: This thread isn’t a feedback thread. Also I’m not dissing staff. The whole thing with Goodborough happened years ago and halflings are on much, much better terms with staff now. I’d like to hear from other communities that were destroyed by staff for being inactive yet managed to rebuild themselves. I’m sure they’d have some interesting stories as well.
  11. Are you interested in earning some extra mina, or interested in fighting? Join the Ivory Elk Mercenary Company. We offer pay, free living quarters, and clothing to those with us. Please send a bird to Flora Ascher for more information. You’ll get to work with a group with good ideals, doing odd jobs. (OOC- Message ThaNeoWoman/neo#0657)
  12. The Ivory Elk Mercenary Co. has begun taking jobs! Please visit stall X in Haense and purchase a job slip if you wish to have a job set up. We can do things such as escort, guard, or anything else someone may need done for a good price. Down payment is 100 mina, full price will depend on what said job may be. Please contact Flora Ascher (ThaNeoWoman/neo#0657) if more information is needed.
  13. The Library An institution of scholars, scientists, and warriors alike, all marching forward in the name of the preservation and expansion of knowledge. The Grand Library of Dragur has existed for nearly two centuries, having been formalized in the land of Vailor by our founder, Orithur. Although the Library has gone through a number of transformations during its long lifetime, in the modern day, in the land of Arcas, the Library is located inside the Cloud Temple ring, just past the marketplace, which is at the base of the stairs from the central temple. If you’re having trouble, just look for the golden statue of Orithur standing amidst a small sandstone fountain (236, 52, -508). Design This iteration of the Library follows the previous division of literature into three wings. However, unlike past Libraries, the wings aren’t labeled by number or direction, but rather they are named categorically by the general theme of the contents within. Additionally, instead of having a large and central museum, the Library has two hallways adjacent to the lobby in which are displayed some of our greatest artifacts, divided into those archaic, and those modern. Beyond the threshold of our gate, you will find yourself in a cozy room offering numerous seats, free coffee and pastries, and a central desk at which you can speak to one of our Librarians or Scholars. To the left and right are the relic hallways, displaying some of our more intriguing and powerful artifacts as illusions (we wouldn’t want something getting stolen!). To the left and right of the central desk are short connection hallways bringing you into our central wing, the ‘Academic Wing’. The literature here is that which focuses on scholarly pursuits, such as: theories, studies, guilds & orders, religions, and works of poetry and fiction. To the left is the ‘Historical Wing’, in which is contained all cultural and racial history and literature. Finally, to the right is the ‘Thaumaturgical Wing’, in which is contained all magic, alchemical, and creature literature. In addition to the above, this iteration of the Library has a centrally located lecture and event room, behind the Academic Wing, free for use upon request by any guild or organization. You are free to request to have the room redesigned to fit the theme of your event, festival, or educational session. To the further left of the ‘Historical Wing’ is a private hall in which are placed the dormitories of the Library staff. And to the further right of the ‘Thaumaturgical Wing’ is the Restricted Section, a private wing of the Library for dangerous and misunderstood literature and relics. Access to this area can only be granted by the Caretaker. Services This Library offers a number of services to the general public, a few of which are free, and a few of which come at a small cost. Although in the past our services have been rather limited, we strive to grow and change with the times to better assist the general public wherever we can. Book Copying An age old service in which the dying art of bookbinding is put into place to share the vast swathes of knowledge we have within our walls. Any book on public display may be requested, and we offer two means by which to complete this exchange. You may have books copied at a cost of one thousand mina, per book, or you can offer a book for trade, per book, that we do not already have within our walls. Transcribing The art of the written word, the taking down of notes, stories, and any other orally shared information. Any Librarian or Scholar can be approached to take down a tale you have to share if you yourself lack the skill, or resources, to produce a book. After some minor revision and restructuring, your shared information will be publicized, less it is considered to be dangerous, in which case it will be put into the restricted section. Archiving A newer service brought about in this iteration of the Library, archiving is the storage of literature, temporarily, and at a cost. In the event that you are concerned about theft, war, or any circumstance in which your valuable books may be put at risk, you are welcome to come to use for their temporary storage! The cost of this service is one thousand mina, per IRL week, per five books. If you fail to make a payment, you will be given a three IRL day grace period before your books will be seized, and made our property. Guidance The giving of information about the world. Our Scholars and Librarians are very learned people, familiar with the land of Arcas and the nations within it. In the event that you are unfamiliar, or perhaps just looking for a refresher, you are free to approach any Library employee for an explanation about politics, nation leaders, wars, rivalries, alliances, locations, guilds, and most anything else! Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific piece of literature, or a relic, ask a Librarian or Scholar for help, and they will help you locate the item. Public Index For your benefit, to skip the line at the Librarian’s desk, read ahead and survey our public index to find what you’re looking for! Index. Employment The cogs that turn the machine of the Library are those most refined and studious, individuals with the highest degree of intellect and ethics. Our Scholars and Librarians are recruited from all walks of life, never a day have we discriminated against applicants, for we operate on a strict meritocracy. Those who fail, are removed, those who succeed, are promoted, regardless of race, age, gender, and health. With this in mind, there is only one position within the Library that can be directly applied for. Scholars Firstly, the prospective scholar must make way to the Library, and request to speak with a Librarian that is present. Once one arrives, they should pose their interest to that Librarian, and express why they believe they are a fit for the position. Secondly, they will be asked to provide one or two pieces of original work, in the form of literature, for quality and content inspection. If the work is adequate, the prospective Scholar will enter the third, and final, stage of applying. At this point, they will undergo an oral interview, during which they will be questioned about their past, affiliations, interests, magics, political opinions, and so on. The specific questions are different, and entirely up to the interviewing Librarian. Alternatively, you may send a letter (in the form of a response to this post), addressed to the Caretaker of Dragur Library, to arrange a meeting with a Librarian. In this letter you should discuss why you believe you are a fitting candidate for the position. When you arrive for your meeting, bring your original literature with you. Staff Hierarchy Caretaker - Darcassan Auceps Librarians - Slots - Argus Evaeros - Lockezi - Bastien - Celia Scholars - Airebys Sylric - Solirynir Ilmoriel Library Discord Although primarily used as a place to organize Dragur’s player and community-team staff members, the Discord is also open for non-staff who are friends with existing staff, and for guild leaders/members who wish to use our space for their events. If you would like to join, contact me at Lukariatias#7126.
  14. [!] Posted around the lands of Arcas, whether it be outside a tavern or on a roadside tree, would be flyers advertising the Brothers of Virtue. By briefly skimming over the flyer’s contents, one could quickly notice that the Brotherhood offers good work, great pay, and even greater drinking buddies. C A L L T O A R M S Brothers of Virtue Est. 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1782 Take up arms, Brothers! May a common purpose guide our travels, leave us walking a path undivided. Rekindle the embers of long forgotten companionship amidst a world racked with grief, tainted by violence. Offer your hand to your fellow descendant as we bleed out upon the same soil. May our bounds to one another remain everlasting, eternal! The Brotherhood shall prevail! The Brothers of Virtue Purpose Brothers’ Creed Contracts Ranking OOC The Brothers of Virtue To forfeit ourselves to our fellow descendants and to bleed for their needs - The Brotherhood offers ourselves to your needs. For coin, of course. Clad in their pennants of yellow and white, the Brothers extend a hand to those in need of them. The Brotherhood is built upon a code that all its members serve upon. Honor, security, unity, justice, and virtue. Such principles are applied when Brothers are tasked with a contract - the system that the organization operates on. The Brotherhood hears out the needs of all, and to aid them, a contract will be written. In most cases, a group of three to five Brothers will be assigned to any given contract. It will be this group’s duty to uphold the Brotherhood’s end of the contract, and upon properly completing it, the group will be compensated nicely. Purpose When a system fails to protect those it was made to serve, it is in the hands of the people to serve themselves. Take the hand of Virtue, we offer you our service. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is quite simple, holding no beginning and no end. It is not built upon any primary goal or objective, instead created to aid those who can not do so for themselves. Our purpose is to take on contracts in exchange for a monetary payment. The Brothers of Virtue will take up arms, blade in hand, just as easily as they will oversee a diplomatic conference. Our work is not solely limited to sellswords, as Brothers serve for more esteemed, honorable causes. While we are willing to serve by blade, the Brotherhood does hold the right to deny contracts. The Brothers of Virtue are not assassins. Brothers’ Creed To serve for a cause greater than oneself is honorable, but to serve alongside those one trusts is memorable. The Brotherhood can be defined by five words, each representative of its core principles. Honor Security Unity Justice Virtue Article I - Honor Simply put, to remain honorable is to provide a hallowed respect to the contextualized subject. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is one of deep respect, not only towards those we serve, but towards those we serve alongside. Respect is to be offered and recognized, and to be a Brother is to embrace Honor. Article II - Security The assurance of peace is a blessing, a rare fortune possessed by few. To be a Brother is to offer security to a stranger, willing to extend your aid to any in need of protection. The virtuous nature of a Brother undoubtedly compels them to offer guardianship to the defeated and damaged. Extending a hand to the unfortunate is always necessary, and to be a Brother is to embrace Security Article III - Unity Bound by our values and goals, we stand as one. Our exteriors may vary, but we fly the same banner - that of the Brotherhood! Unified as a redeemed tribe, to be a Brother is to embrace Unity. Article IV - Justice Justice is a fickle topic considering its many interpretations and subjectivity. However, Brothers mutually understand the principles of retributive justice - eye for an eye. The actions of anybody are deserving of justice, but wretched, immoral decisions are to be acted upon. Embracing the consequences of one’s actions is understanding the principles of justice, as to be a Brother is to embrace Justice. Article V - Virtue To define a guild by a particular word only emphasizes its importance in the group. Virtue is no exception, as the characteristic is a principle the Brotherhood embraces. To be virtuous is to live by your morals and to allow a well-ordered mind to direct you. Brothers understand their cause and do their work in an esteemed manner. We are not crooks or mercenaries, but instead, common folk dedicated to a cause of virtue. To be a Brother is to embrace Virtue. Contracts Unlike the common word, the price of a man is not determined by the quantity of mina he might accept. It is through the use of contracts that the Brotherhood aids those in need of their services. The Brothers of Virtue can serve a wide range of jobs (excluding murder, tortue, or excessive violence). Nearly any job will be accepted by the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood still possesses the right to decline any contract they deem unfit. To employ the Brotherhood, a client must seek out a Brotherhood contractor or visit one of their locations. Upon finding one, they are to formally make a Contract Request with the following format. Client Name Allegiance Occupation Contract Brief Description Particular Information Other Information Following the submission of a Contract Request, a Justiciar will be arranged to meet with the client. They will convene and will discuss the contract’s details, including specific information, reason for needing the Brotherhood, and the payment for the job. If the contract is accepted... The Brotherhood will require the client to pay half of the fee upfront and pay the rest once the job is completed. The contract will be posted to the Brotherhood. There are two options in how the contract may be accepted - Either a group within the Brotherhood will convene to directly accept the contract or the contract will be assigned to a predetermined group. Following the contract’s acceptance, the group will complete the needs of the client. Upon completion, a brief meeting will be called between the client and the Justiciar to finalize the payment and provide assurance of the contract’s completion. In the event a group fails to complete the contract, it will be reassigned to a new group. The Brotherhood reserves the right to deny or disband any contracts, even after its acceptance, but forfeit the payment, of course. If a contract is denied... The Justiciar will politely refuse and send the client on their way. It is possible to renegotiate the contract following its decline. The Brotherhood will immediately decline jobs that entail murder, tortue, or excessive violence. Nearly any other job would be accepted by the Brothers of Virtue. Ranks It is not a ranking that provides for authority, but instead, the trust and honor that has been displayed. Initiate An initiate is the entry level position into the guild. Despite being new, initiates are instantly welcomed. Initiates are to accompany Brothers and Justiciars on contracts, and with enough experience, will be granted the title of Brother. Initiates are granted a gray tatter, recognizing their hazy, grayed future regarding the Brotherhood. Brother When their achievements and dedication have been recognized, an initiate will be welcomed as a Brother amongst the guild. Alongside the recognition of being a Brother, the opportunity to live in Brotherhood guildhalls is available, as well as the chance to aid in guildhall management, if so desired. To be a Brother is accepting the Brothers’ Creed and taking up arms alongside their companions. Brothers wear a yellow tatter upon receiving membership, reflective of their position as a Brother of Virtue. In the guild’s terms, yellow perfectly resembles their cause. Just, noble, and virtuous, yellow carries the properties that are instilled in each Brother’s morality. Grand Brother Grand Brothers, although holding the same status as a Brother, receive a greater title for their noble service and sacrifice for the guild. Grand Brothers are not to be held above their fellow Brothers. However, the title is used to properly recognize them for their achievements. Grand Brothers wear a bronze tatter, which still resembles their previous yellow tatter. The new shade of their tatter is simply to recognize their commitment. Justiciar Justiciars act as the leaders of the Brotherhood, being a collective group with assigned roles for managing the guild’s affairs. The roles assigned to each Justiciar may vary depending on how their fellow Justiciars see fit. The job of a Justiciar, within the Brothers of Virtue, is to aid in the management of the guild, alongside directing and leading their fellow Brothers. Although they hold a title recognizing their power within the group, Justiciars remains Brothers at heart. They are not to order their Brothers around unless leading a contract or settling a violent dispute. Justiciars may be appointed by the Grand Justiciar and the other Justiciars, but can be removed from the title as well. The politics of the Brotherhood’s leadership will not be described here, but it is important to note that new Justiciars are welcomed with a consensus from the existing Justiciars. Justiciars carry a tatter of red to discern their position from their fellow Brothers, despite being of the same code. Red, in particular, is representative of the blood a Justiciar is willing to spill for their Brothers and the cause. Grand Justiciar While formally carrying the title of the Brotherhood’s guildmaster, the Grand Justiciar is not to uphold their authority with an overbearing presence. After all, they remain as a Brother, just as their fellow companions do. The Grand Justiciar acts as the head of all Justiciars, offering guidance and direction to the guild as a whole, rather than a particular aspect of it. The Grand Justiciar may aid the Justiciars in their assigned aspects while possessing the role of guildmaster. The Grand Justiciar does not hold an absolute, undeniable word on guild affairs. Alongside Justiciars, Brothers may raise objections to decisions the Grand Justiciar might make. Regardless of the title, we all remain Brothers, each with an equal voice. The Grand Justiciar is granted the tatter of amber, a callback to their humble beginnings as a Brother of yellow. Within the deep color of amber lies the principles the guild was founded upon. OOC Thank you for taking the time to read through this post regarding the Brothers of Virtue! I will keep the OOC section brief, considering how long the other sections were. The Brothers of Virtue is meant to be a welcoming group on LotC that can create adventurous, enjoyable roleplay encounters for those looking to be involved in them! We use our contracts to initiate role play situations with other players, as well as creating private events of our own. These event-based contracts usually take form in investigations and monster hunting. To apply for enlistment in the Brothers of Virtue, reply with the following format: Username - Character Name - Proficiencies/specialities (i.e. lockpicking, swordsmanship, persuasion) -
  15. A bit of backstory, I meant to post this into the Darrowmere discord, though I was kicked/banned for no reason. Some may not know anything about this, ignore it if you’d like. With that settled, let us begin. As you all know, there's probably been a few questions about stuff with me leaving Darrow and such. I'll keep this short, and brief, if you have any questions you can just ask me in DM's, I rather not flood this chat with questions about that stuff knowing I'll eventually miss something. Darrowmere, as you know used to be run by Swifty_Sam. He left for Korvic Craft, Lost Fables after 6 or so months of inactivity and only really doing PVPing. I took over not long after that, I ran the bar, and did other things. Me, and I'm not going to say I did this alone cause I didn't and I couldn't of without the help of others, Jolfrey, Cats (Who totally hasn't shadow written anything I've made.), and Sophia. Along with so many others who helped me along the way. When Swifty came back, he expected to have everything just handed back over to him. He claimed he would stay away from Darrowmere, at least that was what I kept being told. When it wasn't (for I had refused priorly), he got angry and made jokes, insulted and hands down harassed me and my court. Norland more or less just shrugged this off, even despite my request, and the request of my friends multiple times over to cease. In the end, I chose to leave. Now there is a whole other thing regarding magic which, I think is a story for another post seeing as Athri never used her evocation in Darrowmere, simply argued for the rights of mages. Nor will I go indepth how they went over my head, making the decision (Swift and Sophia) to dissolve Darrowmere's government this map without allowing me to have a say or opinion on the matter. It took a plethora of rumors, and hints for me to learn this. Not long after I left, leaders got replaced, and the activity that once Darrowmere was known for faded out to other groups. Darrow is inactive again, good luck to those who would try to make it active again. I do not mean this in a snarky sort of way, I mean genuinely, I wish you well. My dm's will always be open if there are questions, or if you wish to talk. I am not a vindictive person. I will not be going out of my way to harrass others. Ever. That is not what I do. I would much rather be seen as a bad leader than a bad person. I don't mean to start anything by putting it out there, I simply would like to clear up what has happened over the period of a month or more. I will not poach players, or try to get them to be on my side. I won't force anyone to do anything. I swear I've said these things a million times, yet it doesn't seem to be heard. I hardly have anything against most of you, minus a few, which is an obvious given. I'd like to try and resolve everything, but that will most likely not happen. Have a good day. -Neo
  16. Tigers Outfit Auction 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Heyo, so I’ve recently been seeing a bunch of these on the forums and I thought why not? All of these skins are either brand new, never used, or used maybe once. The categories will go as followed: Elvish, human, bundles and Miscellaneous. Please excuse some of my older works their shading is a bit wacky. None of these skin have been uploaded to pmc. If you later down the road upload it after being bought please remember to credit me!! ❤️ ゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤RULES﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚ Once you post a comment, do not edit it! Please add a new comment to up the bid. You must be able to pay the full amount once the auction is over. Bidding starts at 500 minae, and the minimum it may increase by is 100. There are a few ones with recolours those come together and start at 800 mina Increase of bid by 100. Bidding will on end Saturday, August 8th. So you may bid properly it goes Spoiler, underneath it the name of the skin. BID FORMAT: Discord: Skin Name – Bid (List multiple separately please!) No editing your comments! 🙤 · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · 🙦 Elvish ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Mani Eagle Golden Beach Purple Party His sunlight Human ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Rouge Court Babushka’s Festival Watermelon Sugar Prince Edward Daisy Princess Navy Dream Morsgrad Child Ruska Violet Helena Magenta Magic Student Miscellaneous ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Desponnia Autumm Wedding Peach Hanbok Forest Gladiator Bundles (skin with recolours) ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Gothic & BabyBreath Druid Houzi Hanboks Dusk & Midnight To the dudes im sorry there are like 3 male outfits in here. sorry boys
  17. Hello! I have tons of skins and am willing to auction them off so they are being used and not just taking up my space on my computer and so you can enjoy them just as I did! Here are the rules. Once you post your bid, do not edit it! Please only comment to up the bid and no spam. You must be able to pay the full amount once the auction is done. Bidding starts at 800 minas, and the minimum it may increase by is 100. The auction will last until 8/9/2020. Skins Format Skin Name: Bid: Previous Bidder:
  18. You wake up wearing a messily folded paper hat, you open it to a new buck news.
  19. Hello! I was playing around with MPM and realized I forgot how to change my skins for each selection! After a little playing around, I found a way to easily change it! (would still recommend changing it and reloging through mineman though, as not all players have MPM.) First step! Press F12 (or E then the head!) then at the bottom click the + icon. Next! Name the new model what ever you want. Then! Select the new model! And after that! At the bottom click edit. Next! At top left click the options button! Then! Go to https://imgur.com/ and click new post at the top left corner! Then! Go into your files and drag and drop said skin you want! After! Right click the picture of said skin! Then! Left click the “Copy Image Address” After that! Go back to the model and paste the image link! Finally! Left click the X and bam! you have your skin! Hope you enjoyed, sorry for the low quality guide. To be honest, it was rushed. But enjoy MPM! ❤️ This is the link for MPM, even though it looks sketch, i Promise it works 😄 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/669169858549645323/731627733171568782/MorePlayerModels_1.15.2-11Jul20snapshot.jar To get overlay to work you need to click “solid headlayer” in config to say no. Some other useful links are (for size modifications!) (How to download mods in general!)
  20. Original song by: john denver Parody by: Limo_man, Cheezzy_Garlik Haensetti Mothman: Almost to Reza gates, ruben bridge, hangmen river, helena our neighbor Life is german there, older than the Dwarves Younger than the buck, happy like Amelot Haensetti mothman, take me home To the gates, where I belong Back to reza, mothman noises Take me home, Haensetti moth All my memories gather 'round ‘em Mini’s single, though he’s married, To saint karl, wait that is homo, Dead volik children, painted on the field Sweet taste of carrion ,we all die at the siege Haensetti mothman, take me home To the gates where I belong, Back to reza, mothman noises, Take me home, haensetti moth I hear it’s noise in the mornin' hour it chirps, the late nights with lick remind me of my horrible life (IRL) walkin’ down the road, I get a feelin' That it was watchin’ me yesterday, yesterday Haensetti mothman, take me home To the gates, where I belong Back to reza, mothman noises Take me home, Haensetti moth Haensetti mothman, take me home To the gates, where I belong Back to reza, mothman noises Take me home, Haensetti moth Take me home, mothman noises Take me home, mothman noises
  21. You wake up this morning, no buck news in sight. With a sigh of relief you slip your shoes on. There’s an odd crinkle coming from underneath your feet. And one of your shoelaces are missing.
  22. _Adzy


    Not 1... but 2 videos!
  23. Now that it's always night, buck doesn't quite know when to sneak into your house anymore. It gets slingshotted at you in a crumpled ball from the roofs.
  24. Buck news has been nailed to the ceiling over your head, so you can read it as soon as you open your eyes in the morning! How convenient(?)
  25. This buck news has been just tossed at your doorstep. Buck just doesn’t seem to be in the mood tonight.
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