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Found 84 results

  1. Korna-Lin Tree Reference Minecraft Korna-Lin Tree (VERY MUCH WIP) Material Name and Description (Raw form) The Korna-Lin tree unlike most natural flora contains a unique, illuminescent sap that often forms bubbles upon its branches. Once a Konra-Lin tree reaches full maturity these excess bubbles of sap will fall gently to the forest floor as new bubbles will slowly begin to grow. These illuminescent bubbles of sap are often buoyant, and if not harvested may simply float away. Though its wood may be useless in harvest, due to the large veins of sap within, the tree has another purpose for its Wonk inhabitants. These tree’s would appear rather tall, with a twisted trunk. The leaves grow upon many layers, with vines slowly descending upon its branches the older it becomes. In some settlements Traditional wonks, and on occasion reformed wonks have also long since incorporated the Korna-Lin within the construction of their everyday homes. Upon the creation of a Tuma-Tuma (A mud hut) Wonks will often plant a Korna-Lin upon its peak. Over time and with great care the tree will eventually overgrow the Tuma-Tuma itself. Within the center of a Tuma-Tuma or at least somewhere notable within the home can be found a large pool of water that the wonk’s themselves work actively to maintain. This pool of water feeds the Korna-Lin, and in return the Korna-Lin purifies this water in order for the Wonk’s to scatter their eggs. This pool also works as an easy to access place for the wonks to hydrate themselves. This symbiotic relationship between Wonk’s and Korna-Lin Tree’s benefits both species, and has become a stable of wonk life. Applications (Raw Form) These tree’s somehow produce a purifying effect upon the waters that surround them. Scholars believe this has something to do with the Konra-Lins unique sap, that may work as an organic filter, that quality controls the waters upon which the unharvested sap floats upon. Because of this unique trait, Wonks often scatter their eggs around the Korna-Lins tree’s base. Red Lines (Raw Form) The Illuminescent sap even when processed will not glow any brighter than a flickering candle. In its raw farm this sap will glow slightly brighter than a simple camp fire, however by no means can this be used to blind, or negatively effect someone. The Sap cannot be suddenly placed on an ocean to purify its waters, these tree’s only purify the direct space around them due to the sheer amount of sap being naturally released by the tree. The tree may not be any larger than your typical oak. usually these tree’s stand anywhere between 20-30 feet before maturing, after the maturing process begins they will reach a typical height of 60-70 feet. These tree’s can grow no taller than 140 feet. If these tree’s grow too tall due the veins of sap flowing through the wood the tree would simply fall apart due to sheer mass. Harvesting Method When harvesting the sap you must wait till the tree is ripe, and the excess bubbles of sap simply float to the ground. These hardened and well ages bubbles of sap may then be taken to a smith, melted down at a low temperature, before being cast into sheets. The tree will drop these naturally but only once or twice a year. Attempting to remove the bubbles prematurely will cause them to burst, and in doing so will released a poisonous gas from within the bubble. This gas will often leave the victim struggling for air, induce vomiting, disorientation, and make the victim extremely light headed. The gas is not fatal, but attempting this too many times may result in a lower form of brain damage. The item in MC that represents these sap bubbles is a honey bottles, and glowstone powder which both come from the tree. Cooked Sap (Honey bottles) will to add to a tea, or brew. This sap can be melted fully into sheets. These sheets can create sap windows (honey blocks). When dealing with raw unrefined sap (Glowstone Dust) represents the Illuminescent sap that hasn’t been melted into sheets. Once the sap has been cast into sheets it looses its glow. (Glowstone powder) represents jewelry made from this raw sap. This unrefined sap still retains its glow. Harvesting Red Lines The sap bubbles that falls naturally from the tree is what may be harvested. This is in the form of honey bottles, and glowstone dust. There are rules in order to using this sap. For a starter the tree’s will only produce this excess sap every so often, maybe even once or twice a year. Taking the sap directly from the tree would render it to shatter and be useless. Only the hardened, dropped excess sap is study enough for harvesting. Material Name and Description (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap Desc: “This harvested sap from a Korna-Lin Tree has a rather pleasant smell. Upon adding it to a warm brew, the consumer will find their mind at ease as the relaxing texture takes over.” Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets Desc: “These sheets of hardened Korna-Lin Sap are quite brittle, as if silver glass they must be handled with care. Upon inspecting the sheets one would find that they are rather transparent, and make a perfect window.” Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap Desc: “This unrefined sap may be used in order to create jewelry, It is highly sought after, and glows dimly in the darkness.” Applications (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) Traditional Wonks often gather this excess sap, melting it into long, often flat sheets. The now dried sheets of sap are then used to create windows. My carving into the raw, harvested sap one can easily create jewelry, and a whole assortment of decorative items, used by both traditional and reformed Wonks for the aforementioned beauty purposes. If one was to heat the gathered sap at a mildly warm temperature they will be left with a runny, gooey substance that can easily be added to a tea, or warm brew. This sap is extremely relaxing once consumed, and has no negative effects. Red Lines (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) This sap when hardened into sheets cannot create a blade. At the most at the very far extreme it could be used for arrows. The sap is just too brittle and would easily shatter under and meaningful impact. The sap if raw and carved into jewelry will not glow any brighter than a flickering candle. It must be handled with extreme care, forging the raw sap will cause it to lose its signature glow. When it comes to consumption the sap will not hide the taste of a poison. It simply relaxed the mind, and in taste is just a little sweet. Refining Technique (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap: It is commonly known that stirring Korna-Lin sap in a pot of boiling water will cause it to slowly liquefy into a creamy substance. If over heated, or heated to quickly the sap will quickly turn into a pure liquid and cannot be consumed. Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets: If Korna-Lin sap is heated quickly in a forge, upon fully liquefying it may be poured into a cast. Once cooled the Sheets of Korna-Lin Sap may be used for windows, or in the creation of art. This sap has no other practical use. Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap: With a steady hand, and great patience this glowing raw sap may be used to create jewelry. This sap may not be forged into ingots, and cannot endure extreme heat otherwise it will simply turn into a Sheet. Once heated this raw sap will quickly begin to lose its nutral glow if left unchecked. Refining Red Lines (OPTIONAL) When making jewelry the sap is often quite delicate, and cannot be forged into any form of ingot. It can however be carved, but only if great care is taken. The tree may also not be used to make houses. It’s wood is too brittle for construction, and its sap will never be hard enough to create an effective blade. This sap is about as hard as untreated, thin glass once processed Repeat (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap Desc: “This harvested sap from a Korna-Lin Tree has a rather pleasant smell. Upon adding it to a warm brew, the consumer will find their mind at ease as the relaxing texture takes over.” Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets Desc: “These sheets of hardened Korna-Lin Sap are quite brittle, as if silver glass they must be handled with care. Upon inspecting the sheets one would find that they are rather transparent, and make a perfect window.” Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap Desc: “This unrefined sap may be used in order to create jewelry, It is highly sought after, and glows dimly in the darkness.” Purpose (OOC) My intent is simple. With wonks starting to create their own buildings, cities, and culture I wish to simply provide a meaningful, good spirited flora that will create positive RP, and may encourage wonks to start using this to help with their professions, and traditional building. I think it would be rather interesting if the wonks villages and cities had such a signature item within them, and would be a great way for the community to have more unique interactions with the wonks. Currently wonks do the following few things. 1: Go to water and moisturize. 2: Screetch at people. 3: Do basically what anyone else does. In my eyes there aren’t many tools in which wonks can use to sell their own natural resources, or create their own cultural RP. They basically do what any other average joe would do with the exception of skreetching and sitting in hot springs all day. Some have even gone into drug dealing because they is literally nothing else unique they can do. My goal with this tree is to incorporate it into an already being built settlement and upon the map itself. I want to full heatedly give the wonks unique things to do. They are such an amazing race, written by such talented writers. They are a blank slate, with only a few fundamental rules to help guide them. With the creation of this species of tree it may very well increase the positive roleplay. I have already been told by a good portion of the wonk player base that there isn’t much to do. They often just walk to different water pools, and wait for RP to happen. They want something unique. This will at least provide that without being a determent the already established wonk culture. After all I think it would be extremely fun if wonks had their own special jewelry that hey they could teach a jewelry to know! Anyone can use this tree, and in hindsight it might very well help establish in character relationships. After all the purpose of the world itself it to help create roleplay. If lore team wishes to make any changes I am more than open to that. This is my first time suggesting lore for the server, and I am bound to have made mistakes.
  2. Can any person check my application the person who was doing it left it on open since yesterday and its the only one from Saturday that is still not pending or accepted or denied. Im afraid that maybe it was overlooked since they have been accepting ones from today and yesterday, could somoene please look at it. Sorry if Im being impatient. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/apply/new/zytta-r8671/
  3. Climb the rolling hills, I say. Claw at them, at the grass and soil clinging to the hard grounds, thoroughly through the howling pull of the wind. Let every fibre of your body shift it’s way up, flattening every little weed and flower blowing in the grass; see them die, with glee, because this is nature. Mother calls; and your journey comes to an end at once, but has it, really? And so you rushed down the rolling heights of nature, feeling your form push past the walls of wind, losing balance as you made your way through the little crags and creeks, and produce, and carrots, and leeks. Supper time; and yet you’re famished, you think, looking into the bowl of soup, which to the childlike imagination, could be a lake of sorts, one of fire, and fry, blowing at it to bring it to a fair and just temperature. You’ve never enjoyed sitting at dinner, although to say it was dinner was rather modest, considering Father and Brother had rarely made an appearance, what with them deciding to neigh stray away from the mundanity and boring customs and traditions of common society, and deciding that waking up before the children had awoken, and arriving hours after they’d gone to bed was a way of life. But you remain silent, nonetheless. You rush up the creaking stairway, dragging your naive hands across the age old tapestries as Mother barked at you to come back and wash the plates, but you abstain. The bedroom seemed to have lost it’s charm, ever since Brother started working with Father back in the infirmary, but you can barely remember yourself having any memories with him around either. Something seems strange... “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, but dinner already happened. What’s going on? “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, Why, though? Father returns, but it is bright out, and Brother is not with him; Mother has perished. Why has this ensued? What is the meaning of all this? But soon, none of that will matter becausee ”Haven’t I told you to take three pills, and not two on multiple occasions?” You hear a lady ask you.
  4. Greetings Travelers! Today I have created but a modest piece of humorous content in hopes to encourage the new found flippered friends! https://streamable.com/1qzg6 If forum staff wish for me to remove this post I gladly will, I tried to keep it tame while making it also pretty spicy. Enjoy!
  5. -The Shikari- Hunters, Bastions Against The Wilds ((This lore is meant to scarcely be known and has to be learned only through roleplay)) [!] It was a cold night when the young boy was taken to the deepest chamber of the keep. “Sir, is it truly my turn?” the boy asked, worry in his voice. The man simply turned and grimaced down at the child. It was at that moment the young one knew his fate was sealed. Entering the darkroom at the end of the corridor, the boy's nose began to burn upon witnessing the smell of strong chemicals. Sitting in the center of the room was a large table, surrounded by the child's future peers. The boy took one look to his mentor standing nearby, before accepting his fate and laying himself down on the table.” What is a Shikari The Shikari are mutants, undergoing a violent transformation to become one of the most effective hunters on the continent, increasing their base senses such as sight, hearing, and taste. While sacrificing their humanity and the chance of creating offspring. Origin Process & Transformation (The process and recipe can only be discovered IRP) OOC mechanics for brewing Each step takes 1-2 emotes, if during the brewing a day is skipped the serum will be ruined and the process has to be repeated, throwing away what’s left. The mutagens are stored in crimson red-colored bottles, it can only be injected and if drank the body will simply reject it out. The bottle gives off a light gleam in roleplay. The Ritual Appearance: Mentality: Abilities: Those who survive this transformation are granted some immense powers; OOC consent must be given to turn someone into a Shikari Vision Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Muscle and bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Increase (Combat / Non-combat ability) Reflex Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Sense Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Heart Rate (Combat / Non-combat ability) Minor Regeneration (Non-combat ability) General redlines: PK Clause: OOC Purpose The Shikari make a wonderful addition to lore, they bring to the table multiple new enhancements to general roleplay in the world of LoTC. With enhanced abilities, and being made as monster hunters, a race like this could bring back rise and popularity in beast hunting, and guilds within the world. While given specific enhancements, the Shikari are not meant to be a CRP combat mechanism. And instead of a tool to enhance the general roleplay combat experience. There's often not much racial conflict outside of a few very loud minorities, and with a very seemingly political race, it could also add to the mechanics and relationships of the world. The Shikari brings a lot to offer to RP in general, with beast combat roleplay, social roleplay, bringing guilds back into popularity and. Credits IGN - Forum Name Ztrog- @Ztrog Boarbarian- @Boarbarian Vitalian - @NikoNiko Atrex- @AtrexPieren
  6. I'm here to congratulate two special people, or I thought I was anyway. When I heard the news that my good friend Mystery, the man of the hour was engaged, I got so excited I rushed to my computer and started typing a frantic congrats. A DM later and a short trip to my local notepad and I was starting off on a good foot but wanted more. Not gonna lie I'm known to overdo it, so I started writing a nice little post to show the world how much joy the news brought me, how much we should all celebrate the gift of love that so few find in this life. That's how my day started. That isn't how my day ended. Ending the day out actually I learned I was decieved! Man that hurt, too. To think that people would go on the internet and LIE? Everyone knows people don't lie on the internet! Man should be ashamed. Don't be confused though, this kind of thing happens sometimes and we all must move on. Openly I must confess I hope this is a stepping stone to a happier lifetime for both parties! Contrary to my frustration, they really are still amazing people who we should cherish and appreciate. I don't think we should frown at them and bring negativity out but instead appreciate how much they must be seeking affection and attention to make a false engagement. Again, they're wonderful people and going forward I hope for them only the best. May they both find true love and joy in these trying times. Sutican's know what I'm talking about. Or perhaps everyone. Really it doesn't matter, all that matters is that we give them our thoughts and prayers, they deserve them truly. Rightfully, this post may not be long lived, but it still belongs in the world so I can show my friendship to certain parties. Yet as the post winds down I still wish to type and tell you all a few things. Righteous indignation turned into proper musings from a tired old man. Insanely enough I just wanted to show my love and appreciation to a good friend of mine wherever he is in the world, I hope the life-partner of Rhiannon is doing well and feeling companionship. People come and go, we lose loved ones and companions, but the memories and feelings we have don't. Lest this drags on too long I'm going to go now. I hope you all have a beautiful night, if you made it this far. Long as it was I'd be surprised anyone read more than the first part. Yeet a little appreciation to my best friend (that isn't the love of my life) in the comments incase he's watching, he'll need it maybe.
  7. Hello, I have made a LOTC character already. Played the server for a while and then i got really inactive as i had many personal issues. I have no idea what i did with the email i used, i forgot about my name of the character or the username for the forums. So i made a new one. I will be more active this time. And i was wandering if it was possible to make a new character? And if so, what would I do with my old one? or with my old account?
  8. VOTE SIGUINE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW INTRO People of Haense, I’d first like to thank Aedan Capulei for his endorsement. Haense is a proud nation of Highlanders, one which has persisted through its harshest times. Only to come out stronger in the end. It is this fighting spirit that lives within all of us. One that I fear has been forgotten in recent years. I’ve seen division begin to grow within Haense itself, Houses fighting not with swords and men, but with words and intrigue. The growing disconnect between those who claim to rule for the people, and the people they rule has been made obvious. Now is the time to push for change and call for unity among the people. With elections drawing near, I will outline my stance on issues and policies that I shall push through the Senate. I claim to be the voice of the people, and I do not speak honeyed words. I spoke to several leading members of the populists to plan and establish policies that shall benefit Haense if I am elected to office. PLATFORM HIGHLANDER SPIRIT I. If elected to the Imperial Senate, I will strive to keep Haense as it is; a Highlander state that administers its own affairs, protected in the warm embrace of the Empire. II. In order to protect Hansetic Sovereignty we must also strengthen our own military. We cannot rely Imperials to defend Haense, instead we should be promoting growth within our ranks. Something we haven’t seen since Lord Barclay was removed as Marshal. I swear to resist any attempt to centralize into an Imperial army, sons of Haense Promote growth, and ensure resources are given to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl III. Restoration of Nobility within Haense. In recent years, many of the noble houses within Haense have gone overlooked. Those who have worked to earn their positions and help Haense are ignored. While those who simply have the friends are granted positions and lands denied to others. Promote growth of Nobility within Haense. Ensure those who have earned their titles through merit and hardwork are not overlooked. Prevent corrupt and unfair advantages given to a select few who are favored simply because of their name or friends rather than merit. THE CANAL DEBATE: I. If elected to the Imperial Senate I shall finally end the bureaucratic gridlock blocking the completion of the canal. I will endorse a bill with a simple plan to fix the issue: Have experts reevaluate the usefulness of the Canal and the possibility of our enemies using it against us. Based on the conclusions, the Canal will either be finished or filled in with Imperial aid. LAW REFORMS I. Under current Orenian law, guilty by association gets the same punishment as guilty. I would put forth a bill to reform this law. Those who are associates of a crime can not be charged on the same level of those who committed the crime. Prevent those with only minor offenses, from being punished by the full wait of the law. II. Under current Orenian law, any crime committed within a vassal state can be claimed by Imperial courts. This is a violation of Haense’s sovereignty, which must be protected. Any crime committed within a vassals borders will be dealt with by said vassals courts. Imperial Courts are denied the ability to make a ruling on the case. Imperials can only claim cases that cross vassal borders, and involve two or more parties from different vassals.. By Bones and Barrows, Siguine var Ruthern
  9. [!] The Free State of Sutica’s citizens would wake up one morning to a sight most peculiar. Copies of the same missive had been spread around the streets of the city, so much so that the ground beneath these piles were barely visible; parchments were still raining down from the skies fluttering peacefully onto the streets. If one were to examine a missive, it would read: My fellow Sutican citizens, this time around I come to you in the form of a missive. Most of you know my name well. I am Dael’ran Morgaine, and I am a citizen of Sutica just like you. Time and time again, I am reminded by the people of Arcas for one thing- the fact that our city is a laughing stock. But why? Is it our neutrality, our lack of guards, or perhaps the wildness of our city? The problem, in my point of view, is the government and- yes, our very own Codex. I walk the streets in your shoes, and you walk in mine. We walk the very same streets, and we see the very same sights. I see our brothers and sisters arguing with each other over petty matters and scrambling to see who is the first one to make their eyes glow as they prepare to fight with their respective magics. I see our very own guards abusing the vagueness of the Sutican Codex to get away with what they want. I see people being harassed by raiders, our people hiding underground as our neighbors are put through traumatic experiences.. and what has our government done to fix this problem? Certainly nothing that produces any lasting Change. That, my friends, is the problem with Sutica. It changes, but it does not really change. The current condition of our ‘Free’ State is an unfair ruling dealt by those of a higher power. I mainly point to the Trade Princess. If you have not seen me before, know that I am very open about my view on our city. I usually stand upon a high point and speak to you all below and share to you my speeches, and my words, not my fists. I have conducted non-violent protests, or ‘riots’ as some may call them, however the people that were hurt were not by my hand or intentions. I have once even had my life endangered by the few guards of our city, given the royal grant by our very own Trade Princess to do so, when all I was doing was simply stating one of my speeches. I have had many items thrown at me, and have been knocked down from my stand multiple times, but have never once decided to not get back up. That is because I believe Sutica is better than this, and I would like to help take it there. Citizens of Sutica, help me become your new Trade Prince, and I promise to promote something that Sutica fails to apply: Change. I implore all of you to ponder something; just how has Sutica changed over the past few years? We are still the laughing stock of other nations, and one could easily presume there are still horrid dark mages in our midst, and our number of guardsman have only increased slightly. Yet, do they even do anything? Perhaps, but do they cause more problems than fix them? The answer is yes. I previously mentioned how I conducted a peaceful protest. It was against our very own Captain of the guard- Hearth, and his horrible tendencies to abuse the Codex. He only persecutes who he sees fit- that is, assuming he persecutes anyone at all. He only takes action when he feels like it, when it is amusing to him and only him. An example of this would be when a certain mage came to me and immediately began to cast his magic onto me, choking me until I was about to pass out in order to push a message to me, rather than talk things out. This being because I accused of his student of being a dark mage. Hearth refused to persecute this man because he was not in any of his concern. He did not have anything to gain from it. Should someone of this stature be in our government? Help me become Trade Prince, and I will make sure that only the responsible and utmost professional persons are allowed into our councils. After all, these are people who promote Change. If I were to become Trade Prince, I would also make it so that we would have a proper guard system- and bring along with it the competence to keep our brothers and sisters safe- not leave them in fear of everything around them. If Sutica continues the way it is, we will always be under fear of opening our gates, waiting for the next hungry bandit to steal our valuables. Our government claims for us to be a ‘Free’ State, as you may have heard, but I believe that to be false. After all, I still am unable to be granted an audience with the Trade Princess for a simple conversation. Make me your Trade Prince, and Sutica will no longer be a dread-ridden state that switches leadership, yet fails to provide any real profit from the actions of their government. Make me your Trade Prince, and I will swear to you that Sutica can be the nation I know it can be. And when people speak about us, it will no longer be of how we are a blemish that should be wiped off the Arcas map, but they will be speaking of our greatness. Fair judgement shall fall onto those who deserve it, rather than the passing glance be gifted to a dark mage and an outrageous punishment be dealt upon the practically innocent. I shall rewrite the Sutican Codex, making it so the vagueness of it can no longer be abused by those who look upon the rest of us like inconveniences, rather than people they should be protecting. I’m certainly aware of the doubts some of you may have to me, thinking that something like this is not possible. But if you would like to inspire change, know that others will stand by you, as will I. Therefore I tell you, make me your Trade Prince, and Sutica shall finally Change.
  10. So for the past few days my twitter feed has been getting spammed with these Groyper frog-posters or whatever they’re called and they’ve sworn allegiance to a kid named Nick Fuentes and now Ben Shapiro insulted him or something After some research I didn’t find much on the guy and don’t understand why people like him, can someone help me? Why are these groypers saying he’s starting a movement? It can’t be a movement I’ve never heard of it until yesterday
  11. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who want to pay their respects, far from any other places in the wildlands. It is said that the gifts put there disappear, this could be a thief or the mad poet back from the dead. The coordinates of his memorial are -2312 / 41 / -388. What does the memorial service, one might ask? Well, The Mad Poet is said to have a long history, once a soldier, a jester, a spy, and many other things, countless deeds, most bad of course.
  12. loseraaron

    boleyns skins!

    HEY. This is kind-of an IC shop functioning as an OOC way for me to earn Minae! To make things easier for me, I’ll send you to this link! If you’re interested, fill it out! Here’s my PMC. And, here are my skins. Prices are listed below the skins. 1 - the red duchess (or peasant) 2 - dusana jastrow, the artist and tailor. (personal skin!) PRICES! and other stuff ! Full Skin – 200 mina Outfit – 100 mina Head – 50 mina Skins/Races I will do. Human Elfs (all) Orcs (all(?)) Dwarves (all) pls dont repost my skins/steal them/give them away without telling me first! if you dont get it within one week after your skin should be finished/your wait, dm me on discord! (☾ ᴀᴀʀᴏɴ ⋆#6524) depending on the waitlist, you may not get your skin for some time (sorry!) current wait list! TrendE Vermy Sarissaa n/a n/a
  13. Hello. I have not played this server in a very long time, and have therefor become extremely inactive on both the Minecraft server and the forums. Because of this I am going to create a new forums account and therefor a new character; because I wish to become more active but also want a fresh start. My Minecraft username is Bubbleeeee so you can take away my white list or whatever you need to do until I have submitted a new role play character application. Thank You for your time, and if possible my new forums account will be mentioned on the comments of this post! 🙂
  14. Hello And Welcome! After countless hours of building, I bring you, this masterpiece! -+- Who are you? Great question! I am a designer and new build squad member to lord of the craft. I have been building for almost 6 years now and still manage to keep motivation to chug forward. Having built only a few things on the server, chances are you haven't gotten a chance to see my work. Nevertheless that is changing and hopefully you’ll be seeing more and more of it. -+---+---+---+- What are you selling? I am selling a Castle design that fits in a 50x50 Tier 1 Charter claim. Some features notable to the design: -Extra large 3 ½ floor main living quarters for the primary residents -Guard barracks (can suit other needs like a guest house or multiple housing units) -An underground area suited for multiple possibilities Additions that are less notable: -Horse stable -Water well -Multiple castle wall walkways -Military training dummies -Two watchtowers -Two terraces -Three oak trees -+---+---+- Pricing I’m asking 75$ via PayPal or another service if need be. After the payment I can deliver the world save file to you. After you can build the product in you’re charter plot. I’d recommend using some form of automatic structure creation mod to complete the build. I can give the exact blocks needed per level if need be. -+---+---+- Picture Link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m_yIAKLxAxd-t8a6MSIgbn9Xpt1eco5wKq5ZZGZv6oc/edit?usp=sharing Please Message me on my discord for any inquiries
  15. The Big Dogs are Back “A slaughter of fools…” comments Ralf Brawm to his father Geordie as he witnesses the carnage. The roads were devoid of life; the fear of death overpowering the Orenians’ duty to protect their land. The men of Ruswick were to blame for this, as they had been slaughtering the Orenian thralls in an operation, dubbed “Eland”, keeping the roads safe for their citizens. Hadrian Labdacus, the young son of Austin Labdacus, had noticed much activity within the capital of Helena, and had taken notice of the large amount of soldiers gathering. Under his father’s absence, he had began a ruthless campaign into the Imperial Heartlands. He quickly notified the men of Ruswick, and so the houses convened: Brawm, Labdacus, and Ruk. As the men gathered at the end of the bridge leading into Helena, a lone Ruk approached the rabid Orenians and began taunting them, japing of wingless dragons writhing in the dirt beneath his boots. For the great Ruk man knew that the underdeveloped Orenians would grow angry from the relentless insults and charge out to meet the Rusmen in combat. As expected, the Orenians sallied out in rage and surrounded the young Ruk. Geordie and Bron called upon their men and charged the serfs who had been harassing the young Ruk man under the guise of an empire. The great Rusmen under the command of Geordie Brawm and his son Ralf, confronting the Orenian dogs The men of Ruswick were outnumbered over two to one. They clashed arms in a stalemate on the bridge of Helena, taking potshots at each other. Amidst the fierce engagement, the wingless Emperor was knocked into the surrounding water by a squire of House Labdacus, drowning in the moat meant to protect his city. The squire buried his sword into a soldier’s neck, after he cut another’s hand off and split a third’s skull open. Geordie roared his orders across the bridge and roads, his colossal build standing out in the crowds of Rusmen. During a tactical retreat, Bron and Hadrian Labdacus were cut off from Geordie’s retinue as a result of an Orenian flank. In their escape, they led several foolish Orenians toward the moat, and they suffered the same fate as their Emperor: being brutally cut down in the murky waters of the unkempt Orenian moat. With some room to breathe, Geordie’s forces managed to push the Orenian thralls back towards their capital, claiming several lives in the process. The boy Emperor drowned in his moat. With time to spare, Bron and Hadrian made their way back. In a previous skirmish with Oren, Geordie and Bron had marked down the location of a bridge to be used as a choke point to funnel the crowds of Orenians. This was the time to use it, they decided. Seeing the Orenians getting anxious and overzealous, the men of Ruswick led them towards the bridge, slowly allowing them to gain ground. To any other foe this might seem quite obvious, but as mentioned before, the brain of the average Orenian thrall is not fully developed - around the 10th percentile of all Descendants, including Orcs and Ologs. Once at the bridge, the Rusmen set up a strong line of defence across the bridge and the Orenians charged it in futility, over and over, only to be swiftly pushed back and defeated - first by Geordie’s ferocious charge who, with his steel, cruelly cut down numerous Orenians, followed by volleys of arrows by Bron and his men. Soon to be followed by a swift slaughter by the Ruswick reserves, Bron charged in, finishing off many wounded Orenian dogs. Carnage ensued, and the weak Orenian retinue, their Emperor and all, was quickly dissolved by the company of Rhusmen. A hundred or so corpses sat on the Red King’s Road, decomposing. A lone Orenian survived the slaughter, allowed to leave by the Rusmen to spread tales of their bravery and to recruit others in their fight against the Orenian “men”. Bron Labdacus, the Red King, post-victory.
  16. Hail Andrik III Long live this valiant king This fourfold devil Of three talents: Of drinking, fighting And womanising. Of drinking, fighting And womanising. To hell with wars, Grudges and partisanship! Like our fathers Let us sing as true friends, Clink the glasses, The roses and the lilies. Clink the glasses, The roses and the lilies Let us sing the refrain That we will sing in a thousand years: May God maintain His descendants in peace Until we take the moon With our teeth. Until we take the moon With our teeth. Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! To Reza we dance Singing as they sing to the east Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! Long live Haense! Long live king Andrik! Charle de Valence
  17. One of our first meetings, back when the ship was called the Salty Salmon instead of the Spicy Shrimp! Fighting the Kraken with the Salty Salmon crew! The Swamp Coalition rallying on the Spicy Shrimp ship! The Spicy Shrimp crew at the battle with the swamp creatures! Setting sail! The declaration of the Spicy Empire! A very important meeting about the fate of the crew! Finding ghosts! Discussing the “Fountain of Eternal Elderness” Arriving at Korvassa! Feel free to put any screenshots of yours in the comments below!
  18. Tale of Tongues Tamriel, a land plagued by strife and war since the fall of the Septim dynasty. The Empire forged by Tiber Septim, which ruled all of Tamriel now lay weakened and divided. The Mede dynasty had risen to power roughly 200 years ago after the death of Martin Septim during the oblivion crisis. They maintained order within the Empire for decades until the Aldmeri Dominion invaded starting the Great War. While both sides suffered greatly in the war, with the Dominions whole army in Cyrodil wiped out and the Empires legions nearly drained. Emperor Titus Mede II agreed to peace, and signed the controversial white gold concordat. Outlawing the worship of Talos in the Empire and ceding parts of Hammerfell to the Dominion. Hammerfell refused to accept the terms effectively breaking off from the Empire and driving out the Dominion on their own. Now Ulfric Stormcloak has risen in rebellion against the Empire in Skyrim. He challenged the High King to a duel and used the power of the voice to kill the High King. Now half of Skyrim calls Ulfric a murderer and traitor. Early in the rebellion Ulfirc was captured and brought to Helgen for execution but a dragon quickly interfered saving the Jarls life. With the reemergence of dragons and rumors of another Dragonborn walking Tamriel, the world lay open for opportunity. Playable factions: The Empire(taken) Kingdom of DaggerFall Kingdom of Wayrest Kingdom of Orsinium (Includes strongholds) (Taken) Morrowind Great House of Dres Great House of Redoran Great House of Telvanni Stormcloak Rebellion Tribes of Black Marsh Hammerfell Clan of the Forebears (Taken) Clan of the Crowned (Taken) Aldmeri Dominion Kingdom of Valenwood (taken) Elsweyr Kingdom of Pelletine Kingdom of Anequina Rules This will be a freeform Forum Roleplay. Which means you’ll be free to do as you wish without having to worry about AP. However is must be within the realm of reason the Mods will moderate what you are doing if its seen as unfair or unrealistic. Also, while you can change the events and decisions of the factions you play as you can’t do something that goes against their beliefs. For example the Stormcloaks teaming up with the Elves to fight the Empire. Emperor of the Empire will be playable, the Empire itself is divided and in the middle of a rebellion it won’t be overpowered. But the Aldmeri Dominion itself will be off limits, however the Kingdom of Valenwood and its allies in Elsweyr are playable. Overall when in doubt speak to a mod. APPLICATION Factions name: Discord: Brief history of your faction:
  19. The Mho Moth people Where did these things even come from? One day you’re fine the next you’re having to beat moth people off of street lights with a bloody broom. Racial abilities Pretty Lights: Your small brain can not grasp the concept of lights being a thing. The radioactive energy sends you into a daze, infatuated with bright objects. You are unable to stop coming closer to them unless the light damages you in some way. Wings...I guess: You have wings! Be even better if they worked. These mutated creatures wings lack the strength needed to lift them off the ground. And feel like a soft slap to the face should one find themselves getting smacked by a wing. Antennae: A Mho’s antennae is a feathery structure, made up of fine hairs. The hairs are smell receptors that detect molecules arriving from meters away. As in ten meters from you. You have slightly better smell than a human. Do you feel proud? Docile: Your brain lacks the reptilian instinct required to act clearly in violent situations. And will only attack creatures when attacked back. Due to the nature of your brain, you fight like a fish flopping about. Like a child throwing a tantrum. Yup. You’re a moth. Four arms: You have four arms. That’s cool. These arms move like most arms with bones move. Good for work. Culture Mho worship light. As in light sources, camp fires. Balls of energy, lighting storms. Any source of light is seen as a diety by the Mho. Who find themselves unable to resist coming towards bright lights and offering worship. Mho can only reproduce with other Mho. Mho can be FTB’d. If you do, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Written by both LoreApprovedTrap and Archipelego
  20. As of late, my friend and I have been scouting for someone to play her character's child; a half elf born to Aleksandra (High Elf) and Faust (Human). The child, Lucina Ruze Oxenstierna, is eight years old with a speech problem from the mother's side, and a fear of birds caused by the sudden arrival of a letter whilst her grandmother, Nenar Terin, took care of her. Certain things that will be trouble to pronounce include the following: 1. Letters she can’t pronounce: V, N, H, T, Z 2. Sounds she can’t pronounce K, Z, , -er, -ir, (This doesnt have to be followed in uniform manner, but must be kept into consideration throughout the character's early years) Extra details include: °The character has an extensive liking to water °She has been educated to read and write °And is aware of how to utilize sign language. Lastly, there is no need to worry about a skin - as one has already been created. ! If you wish to make any changes to the skin please discuss it with Gamma Rose#0258 ! For further information, or if you have an interest for the character, please contact either me (Blue Budgie#9655). Or my friend, the mother of the character (Gamma Rose#0258) Thank you!
  21. Revenants, the Assassins of Ichor Lore A newly discovered ritual using the forbidden Dark Arts of Blood Magic, Mysticism, Naztherak, and/or Dark Shamanism has awoken a new breed of creatures; a new form of rebirth. By using Blood Magic and various runes to symbolize life and to create a new physical husk, Mysticism to handle and anchor a Ghost into this mortal coil, and Dark Shamanism and Naztherak for their work with the spirit Kor and power of corrupted souls they can place a Ghost back into a physical form. Revenants are a twisted and demented recreation of their former selves. Although they hold great resemblance to their old selves and retain the memories of their lives before, they are twisted and horrific. These creatures are brought back with a vengeance and are weapons to the sorcerers that made them. These creatures, although possessing a sense of freewill, are brought back with a purpose - the haunting image of a feared figure or a loved one returning to physical form with the purpose of bloodshed. These creatures have a blackish and grey muted corpse like appearance with various cracks covering their skins that glow red with genus, specifically in the places that they suffered physical harm in their living time. Their hair is always black and wisp like with its movements like plumes of smoke and their voices appear like shattered and distorted mirrors of their old sound - changing in tones and oftentimes speaking entirely in Al’ahrn-Durngo. When these creatures are inflicted with physical damage they will simply have their grey skin flaking away into the air with a soft red mist following into seemingly nothing. Due to the nature of their creation, a haunting image of the dead, these creatures find themselves unable to hide their face either due to vanity or the means to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare go against them. Physiology Revenants are beings, forged from blood and bound to the soul. Their bodies are forged from pure blood magic and their souls bound by a mystic. While there is a connection between their bodies and soul, it is much more loose than one would be with a normal descendant. This allows them to have a higher pain tolerance, so while they still feel some pain, they do not feel as much and they are able to continue performing their action without much hindrance. They can lose limbs, ligaments, and legs and will not stop until their objective is completed unless they receive a fatal blow to the head, their heart is destroyed, or they are decapitated. While a revenant can lose limbs and arms without caring much, this still affects their ability to fight or move effectively. Say they lost a leg, they would continue to do their work, but would probably stumble and could only move on one leg, severely hindering their speed and effectiveness in combat. Along with this, Revenants possess the strength of a human male at peak physical condition, allowing them to wield a majority of weapons fairly well. REDLINES Revenants may lose limbs and ligaments without much care and can take a hit much better than most descendants can, as they are essentially a ghost within a forced husk. While Revenants can wield most weapons without much care, this does not mean they are masters in using that weapon, they are only able to lift and wield their weaponry at the level they had prior to life or if taught. Any form of headshot or heart shot would be a kill for the Revenant, meaning they can take damage to most of their bodies with little to no drawbacks besides the obvious ones like losing a limb. Abilities Revenants, although suffering the loss of their abilities they had in life, are no walk in the park for those who may encounter them. Much like a Rogue Blood Mage, these creatures have increased agility, dexterity, balance, and reflexes. Alongside this these creatures are granted with a form of “immortality” in the sense that they will never again parish from old age or disease. Marrow: Iron Revenants have the ability similar to Beserker Blood Mages which allows them to forge weapons from genus. However, unlike a Beserker, a Revenant has the ability to simply forge these weapons within their hands from the genus already flowing within them, the genus used to create them. The weapons can vary depending on the Revenant, but can be anything from a simple sword to an arrow which may be launched. The difference from the Iron Marrow to its original is that these creatures cannot forge large masses such as shields or armor with their genus. The only requirement is that the craft must have a sharp point or edge. REDLINES: A Revenant may not create shields, walls, or any physical obstacle using this ability, only edged weapons and projectiles. Launches projectiles may not fly further than five blocks without the assistance of other magic. Projectiles and weapons varying in size may cost different amounts of genus. For example; forming a simple projectile or arrow from genus would take half a unit while creating a sword or axe would take up a full one. Projectiles cannot be formed larger than one foot in length and six inches in diameter. Weapons can be up to three feet in length maximum. All projectiles take up to three emotes, one to draw genus, one to form, and one to fire. Projectiles may rotate around the player for up to two extra emotes before requiring them to fire or disintegrate. They cannot deflect attacks when they are being held onto and disintegrate once they fire past five blocks or pierce their target successfully. All weapons take up three as well, one to draw genus, two to form and have the same hardness as ferrum. They disintegrate once they are dropped or are no longer within the hands of the Revenant. Marrow: Sanguine Sigh The Sanguine Sigh is a taxing and costly ability used often times in desperate measures by the Revenants to finish off their opponents. The Sanguine Sigh allows for the Revenant to create a red haze of genus in the air out from their form in all directions which causes anyone inside this mist have a red glaze causing them only to see in shades of red, but the fog itself is not impenetrable. When inside the fog anyone who is not the Revenant that cast the spell will begin to hear their heart beating violently and loudly in their chest - causing them to lose the sense of sound to anything else around them, but of course leaving the mist would stop this illusion and return those affected back to their normal hearing. REDLINES: The mist may be breathed three blocks away from the Revenant, and having a radius of five blocks. Anyone who enters the fog would hear the sound of their heart pumping in their ear and the only way to deafen it is to either leave the fog or anyone with a rune of silence. Anyone in the mist also gets an anxious feeling and can put them on edge, as well as give a slight boost of adrenaline. The mist may be blown away with enough time and effort. When inside the fog, your vision is glazed over with a sort of red tint. This ability requires three units of genus to perform. REDLINES There must be one of each mage type in the ritual, one person cannot count for two of the four required Dark Arts. There must be a Blood Mage, a Mystic who knows both Handling and Anchoring, a Naztherak, and/or a Dark Shaman. Revenants can ONLY be made from Poltergeists with accepted CAs. Revenants cannot veil their faces in any fashion. Revenants do not need to carry totems to use their Rogue-like enhanced abilities, but must have the necessary amount of genus required. Revenants cannot learn any other forms of magic but may wield enchanted weapons as long as it is not holy. Revenants are able to be bound by any methods from the four Dark Arts used to create them, allowing for Revenants to be stolen (this does not require consent from the Revenant nor the original creators) The ritual to create Revenants must be taught specifically in roleplay. Revenants are affected by any magic or weaponry that are meant to harm undead or unnatural creatures. Revenants lose all abilities they had prior to becoming a Revenant, including those of being a Ghost and any magics they had prior to death (if any). Revenant Marrows cannot be learned by normal Blood Mages. Revenant cannot be recreated after death, it is one and done. Revenants get six units of genus to perform abilities with, but cannot have their genus collected after death. Upon death the Revenants would flake away into the air in a torrent of flakes of grey and faint red mist, only their soul remaining unless destroyed by holy magic or a shaman. Every 48 hours they can regenerate back to the six units of genus they usually have. Final Notes The purpose of this Blood Magic addition is to bring together different communities for the sake of ritualistic RP that Blood Magic was commonly known for, but however seems to be lacking in as of late. This also offers fun storylines for Ghosts and those who knew the Ghost characters in life, but does not give the same feel as a Lich or other undead creature as these would not be the types of creatures you would play on a day to day basis, similar to inferis or other Dart Art CAs, and would simply be brought back for storyline purposes - the haunting image of your loved one coming back with a vengeance. Please try your best to leave some sort of constructive criticism so that I may use it as feedback to see how the community feels about this specific lore piece and how I should take it moving forward. All opinions and comments are valid and I appreciate all feedback. -Luv Lore and Concept by: Luv Co-Author: pundimonium Suggestions by: Deer__, Jlyoko, HeeroZero, and Starfelt
  22. The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  23. Welcome to Jelly’s Skin Shop! DISCORD: kris#4102 Guide for Commissioning me Give me very specific details for your character so I may properly put them into a skin. If you have reference pictures/past skins/drawings, that’s even better! Send me as much media as you can get. If your character is a creature that has lore, please find that lore for me and link it to me. It serves more purpose than you think. Your skin will be completed in the span of 1 week-3 weeks. Please be patient. If it seems like I have forgotten your commission then please message me if I have not updated you. If your skin has alot of add-ons, after you describe what you are wanting, I will tell you negotiable price, if you think it is too high, let me know. Each skin will cost around the range of 800-1500 minas but will rarely get very high. The skins will be linked for you in Discord. I will not post them on PMC due to the fact that the content I created for you, you now own. And posting it will give people the opportunity to steal the skin I have made for you. Examples
  24. “Deep in the earth my love is lying, and I must weep alone.” Edgar Allen Poe Of all ways Jane thought her life would go, this was the last outcome she expected. Pregnant with a child. Though she swore to never tell another soul whom the father of this child was, she wouldn’t have to worry about who knew and who didn’t, all she cared about was the fact that she could start over now. Jane had lived a short, albeit exciting life. In her early years, Jane grew up with her father and her older brother Gawain. Abused for most of her childhood, Jane ran away from home after the disappearance of her brother. She stole to survive for a few years until a kind woman took her in and gave her a place to call home. She called this woman “Auntie” though her real name was Elaine Morley. Jane later took on the moniker “Catelyn” to further divide herself from her biological father. After Elaine fell sick, Jane became a thief once more to pay for her “auntie”’s treatment. She was chased out of her home by Elaine’s children who had come to sweet talk their mother into giving them inheritance when she passed away from her illness. After losing her only real home, she went back to thieving and took the one item her aunt ever gave her, a grey and black circlet that represented the House Morley colors. After having it stolen, she ransacked the people who took it from her, escaping into the wilderness until she heard the news of the group’s disband. She came out of her hiding to go to Helena, where she met the woman who gave her a second chance at life, Nicoletta Varoche, and the man who she had loved until her last dying breath. Nicoletta took “Catelyn” in as her handmaiden and gave her a place to stay in exchange for her help. Catelyn was eventually reunited with her brother, Gawain, after hearing news of a Barony called Frosthold ruled by a Gawain Harkness. Thrilled to see her brother again, she went to Frosthold and finally found her long-lost siblings. Things were going spectacularly well, until Cat’s dear friend, Nicoletta passed away, causing her to become angry at the world. Though, when things settled. Catelyn couldn’t find fault with the world for quite some time before reality struck her, she was pregnant with a child and swore to never tell another soul who the father was. Catelyn was distraught, not only pregnant with a bastard, but also losing all chances of anything ever blooming between her and the man she loved. As her pregnancy progressed, she began to feel at peace. The idea of starting anew was one that she welcomed. She’d be able to provide the child in her womb with a life she was never fortunate enough to experience. She would tell the child stories of her adventures and how much she adored them and how no matter what lead up to the birth of that child, she regretted none of it. However, she would only have the opportunity to say a few words to her daughter. 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1727 Elaine Emma Harkness was born, hours before the dawn of the next day. At the age of 22, Jane Catelyn Isabella Harkness died after complications with childbirth. Though the doctors had originally believed her injuries to be non-lethal, she passed after a few hours with her daughter. Knowing within her heart of hearts that she was passing away, she kissed her daughter’s forehead in the privacy of her hospital bed, and told her how much she wished she could’ve given her a better life than she had. How she was sorry she wouldn’t be around to watch her grow up, and how she wished that one day she could meet her father and be accepted by him, no matter how long it would take for that day to come. “Elaine, you were a surprise I never saw coming, but you were the best mistake I have ever made. Even as I lay here, knowing I will fade, I can just look at you and I know everything will be ok. I don’t want to leave you in this world all alone, without a mother or a father to raise you, but I’m afraid I can’t stay for much longer.” Catelyn said to her newborn. She kissed her forehead once more, before the nurses came and took Elaine away. “I love you, Elaine, I hope you can find your father and tell him that I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around either. Tell him that I love him too.” Those were the last words that Jane had ever spoken, before the internal bleeding had taken her life. Though Catelyn had passed, she knew that she’d finally find peace in the seven skies, with her dearest friend, Nicoletta Varoche Alstion.
  25. The Wild Man as he first appeared to the Descendants on Axios, during the early 1600s. The Wild Man let out a puff of the stale subterranean air. All to be felt by him were the little gusts from his breathing, and the thrum of his own heart. He rumbled and rose to pace the width of the cavern. Its space was painted, decorated even, but empty. Only himself and his child remained to make use of these rocky chambers. Thrum. There would be another hunt tonight. His burdens he left at the mouth of the cave: The skull of his daughter; The club carved with stories; The necklace to lost kin. Thrum. He would have no more need for these encumbering things. Into the jungles, the forests, the plains, and the deserts he would go. Surely he would find a creature capable of besting him. Surely he would be struck down. He would reunite with his lost people, and need no longer to paint the stories of his kinsmen dying, time and time again. Thrum. Before the Wild Man, the path laid open. He spilled the last volumes of Wildling history onto the bonfire’s fading flames, and trudged onwards. Thrum. When the sun climbed out from beneath the horizon, there was nothing more to be seen of the patriarch. Into the wilderness he’d gone once more, and there he’d meet his long-sought fate. Thrum.
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