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  1. Well, what’s your name? Dennis Crow Aye. And from whence do you hail? Renatus Helena Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived ThirtyThree years sir. Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. Human. Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? I have read some books. Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? No. They call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? No. You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s a sleepy cardinal, about to hit his centennial. Give him a few days.
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    I was born in Kingdome of Heanse my father was a blacksmith and my mother was a farmers daughter. My father used to tell me about my grandfather things like he was a soldier and how he fought in the second battle of the rosthwald and that sort of thing. My father always wanted me to be a blacksmith or a soldier but I've wanted to do something more exciting and one day I've met a man who told me he is a brother of my mother and he needs to tell her something when he was with us he taught me how to read and write and he told me he can learn me more but then he disappears. And I didn't meet him ever again. when I was 17 I've decided to learn more but I didn't know how and then my father found outs and kicked me out of the house he wanted something different. And from that moment I'm traveling through the world by my self. A year later I've met a man named Nick we become friends and from that moment we are traveling together. I always wanted to visit the Grand Library of Dragur to gain more knowledge.
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