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  1. mesmith00


    She’s looking for her long lost sister after her dastardly father had an affair with a snow elf (which resulted in her birth) and left both families in ruin. Because of such dishonor, she often hides her origins from her peers and companions. Hailing from Fenn she seeks along the roads to Haelun’or. With a feisty spirit, she is hot-tempered and almost always looking for a fight. She is often angered when her age in mentioned that makes her belittled or offends her tactics in battle. Wandering around, her dream is to become a sort of royal guard or general. She is terribly afraid of chickens after hunting for Amber Wolves in the night and got ambushed by a roaming herd of chickens. This occurred after trying to prove her worth to The Vigil. She deeply wants to learn evocation magic yet has no teacher and it is one of her desires to do so before she meets her sister. Her preferred weapon is a Warhammer yet she uses anything that does massive amounts of damage.
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    Are there any changes I should make?
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    I changed the backstory a bit so it makes more sense so here it is! After her high elven mother died in childbirth in 1629, her elven father casted the infant out due to being a girl and to a lowly scholar whom traveled all over from elven citadels to elven citadels in hopes of finding different purposes of combining Shadeleaf, Blissfoil, Mandragora, and Cactus Green for interrogating people and used as an incense for the opposing side to lose. After the scholar’s death at her age of 29, she spent the next years wandering around and selling concoctions to improve the scholar’s works and ideology. During that time, she developed the scholar’s combination and brought the mixture to Fenn, in which the idea was shut down and never to be used. After the big fail, she headed back to Haelun’or in looks for a medic or botanist apprenticeship in which she was able to find one with an impure elven at the age of 51. Unfortunately, she suffered from sever head trauma and had to wear Blissfoil flowers on her head to deal with the side effects of the raging headaches, making it hard for her to think or work. Over the years, she had become colder and harsher when staying in Haelun’or and quickly renounced her apprenticeship with the impure elf breed. Now, with head trauma and no job, she studies Wyrssa, Sirens (even with the risk of death), and other creatures she may encounter in hopes of providing better knowledge to the city and to the scholar’s research. She can often be found in the city helping with research and medical improvements.
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