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    M’ull Ogedai hails from the warmongering nation of Krugmar. As a child, he was always considered inferior to the rest of his peers; what his peers could easily accomplish, took him multiple attempts and struggles before reaching a mediocre result. It finally reached a breaking point after 19 years – constant comparisons to his peers, humiliation – that he thought: “If there is no one in the clan, no one can compete.”. These dangerous line of thoughts led to him to act on an impulse: poisoning the clan’s water supply with the poison of a desert scorpion. His plan worked – his brethren succumbed to the poison, leaving them struggling in pain, paralyzed before M’ull. He appeared before them smirking at them as he bashed them in with a stone, one by one. With nowhere left to go, he realized the consequences: there was no companion, no brotherhood to belong to. “Did it matter? They never considered me useful.”. His heart left in confusion, M’ull walked away from the camp, venturing off to the Cloud Temple of Aegis to sort himself out.
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