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    Ala was born to loving parents in the city of Khel’seth, the second child of the pair. Her elder brother, Merex, was nearly 60 years older than her. At a young age, she learned to play instruments and sing, her talents lying in song and painting, as opposed to combat. She had a charming wit to her, sweet and teasing to many. She was rambunctious and happy, though a bit rebellious due to her father’s being a warrior. She was commonly thought of with those who knew her as an overall gentle, kind artist, always willing to lend a hand. When she was fifty, however, she was severely injured. Her mother began to wear a tight anklet around her ankle, to show what pain her family was going through, and made her daughter a matching bracelet. She fell from atop the horse she rode, and her leg was permanently disfigured. She already was not very combative, but this incident cemented her passivity. However, the 3 years of constant pain, bedridden, warped the small woman’s mind, and she fell deeply into depression and anxiety. She now wanders the land of Arcas, looking for a home and safety.
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