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    Should be correct now...
  2. Hello! I just joined lotc. I cant wait for my whitelist to be reviewed an i hope this will be a fun adventure.
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    Vultog was abandoned in the wilderness of Atlas by his parents after he was born and was raised by a man who called himself Blacktusk. Blacktusk trained Vultog to be a fearsome warrior and a skillful craftsman. They often went on business trips to the War nation of Krugmar to trade weapons and armor. One day Vultog came home from a hunting trip and found Blacktusk dead. He swore that he would hunt down the one responsible of his death. Vultog now lives alone in the wilderness and avoids forming relationships as Blacktusk who told him to do. “Love is a weakness” Blacktusk had told Vultog. But if joining a clan would get him closer to the one who killed Blacktusk he wouldn’t hesitate for a second.
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