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    No problem, i have edited the post. Let me know if still there’s something wrong.
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    I changed what was asked to do. In case there’s something to add, let me know ^^ oof why is nobody answering ;-;
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    Dreiaskel was born into a modest family of the Norlanders people, a subgroup of the Highlanders who saw, throughout history, rebellions linked to a feeling of freedom and equality. As soon as he was born, he had to leave both parents to whom they gave him to a convent. During his stay in the church he was induced to convert to the Canon church. Because of the iron condition of religious life, he decided to run away with his brother Ariel. Outside the convent walls, they found refuge in an ancient village that bordered a large forest. So it was that Dreiaskel began to take an interest in hunting at the age of ten: but it is precisely in this context that his life will be further revolutionized. One day, in fact, while the two brothers were returning from the forest, an unexpected Olog intervenes on their way. Ariel, of a courageous nature, therefore decides to save his younger brother, although he is aware that he is at a distinct disadvantage. Dreiaskel was instead induced to run away from the forest. Thus it was that he no longer saw his older brother. From that day on, Dreiaskel decided to devote himself to war in order to be able to claim Ariel and protect the rest of his family, so at the age of six he learned to use the bow, with the aim of being able to become an archer. To do this he decided to form a group together with four other adventurers in order to improve their skills. Then one day they decided to venture into a cave. It was here, unfortunately, that the four adventurers were lost: the interior of the ruin consisted of a labyrinth. But the misfortunes did not cease: they were subsequently attacked by a group of spiders. The four young men, who could not cope with this danger, began to defend themselves; but soon they began to run away, scattering. The four were miraculously saved by an unknown hero, armed with a spear who, having appeared from nowhere, had managed to kill the spiders with skill.
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