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  1. Alexander de Joannes smiles to the other Goats of Sedan, "A tyrant gets what he deserves."
  2. what the **** happened to follower counts as well

    1. Emery


      people just dont like you anymore sorry bro

  3. what the **** is with the forum update

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    2. Orlesian


      wake up samurai, this fourm is fucked up.

    3. Burnsider


      Forum has never looked better. Change my mind.

    4. Mio_


      Forum machine broke

  4. Sir Fredrick Ludovar gives a thumbs up!
  5. James de Ravensbourg looks at the missive with confusion. “A Kingdom with three villagers and one guard?”
  6. Ludovar Bannermen salute the fallen soldier!
  7. Name: Fredrick Ludovar OOC USERNAME: Doggedwasupxxx Allegience: Ludovar Bannermen Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  8. Fredrick places a hand around his cousin, Henrik. “Good work.”
  9. Audemar tuts, “The de Savin family never had a great name!” He tears up the letter throwing it into the flames of the furnace.
  10. Audemar would scratch his head, “He seems like that one man, we killed.”
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