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  1. add me king, definitely haense side
  2. Prince Joseph is proud of his son!
  3. Branimar signed the document proudly and began fixing the gifts that will be presented at the coronation of King Georg I.
  4. Prince Joseph basks in the suns of Aeldin awaiting to meet his mother within the Seven Skies.
  5. Biology and Genealogy of a Forgotten Knight and Peer; Frederick Ludovar Written by Branimar Kvazyev Published by Kvazyev Khronical Portrait by Chef Davìd de Poussey @Blake0205 House Ludovar Genealogy Line of Barbanov Karl, Herzen wir Haenz m. Aleksandrya Stafyr │ └──> Sigmar, Herzen wir Haenz, Herzen van Adriya m. Kamila Vladov │ └──> I Koeng | Petyr I, Koeng van Haenz m. Elizaveta Ruthern │ └──> II Koeng | Andrik II, Koeng van Haenz m. Reza Kovachev │ └──> III Koeng | Marus I, Koeng van Haenz m. Adelajde Ruthern │ └──> IV Koeng | Petyr II, Koeng van Haenz │ └──> V Koeng | Stefan I, Koeng van Haenz Line of Barbanov-Ludovar Bas. Jakob Barbanov m. Adriana Ruthern │ └──>Jakob Ludovar │ └──>III Herzen | Henrik-Otto Ludovar, Herzen van Kvaz m. Kattarina Stafyr │ └──> Petyr Karl Ludovar m. Julie Ashford de Falstaff │ └──> IV Herzen | Aleksandr Ludovar, Herzen van Kvaz m. Sofya Baruch │ └──> I Komit | Frederick Ludovar, Komit van Otistadt m. Adele Barlcay Early Life Frederik Aleksandr Ludovar, known through his life as Fredrick, was the eldest son of the eloped union of Aleksandr Ludovar, Duke of Kvaz, and his wife Sofiya Baruch. Born in 1748, the young Fredrick found himself in a family apathetic to his arrival. The Ludovar clan in recent years had suffered huge losses to its power and prestige- its former patriarch, Prince Jakob of Ulgaard, was castrated and shamed in a kangaroo trial orchestrated by rival families, paramount amongst them being the rising Baruch tribe. The trial hinged on the support of a traitorous kinsman: Fredrick’s grandfather, Petyr, reportedly born with a mental handicap and an intense hatred for his senior cousin. For his role in the downfall and death of Prince Jakob, Petyr’s father Henrik-Otto, the newly raised 3rd Duke of Kvaz, banished him from the family estates and disinherited him from the family fortune. However, the Duke took his young grandson, Aleksandr, as his heir and successor. Aleksandr grew to become a rash and romantic youth, swayed and controlled purely by his emotions; large mood-swings and passionate outbursts were a common occurrence, and he came frequently under scrutiny for his careless attention to contemporary moral and courtly standards. During his 16th year, Aleksandr vanished, only to reappear some four years later with deep debts and a pregnant wife. His grandfather was furious, though it unknown whether he took more offense to the mindless spending habits of his son or that he took a gentry wench named Sofiya Baruch, distant cousin of the mainline Ayr branch, as wife and future duchess. While never fully disenfranchised, Aleksandr spent most of his time away in pseudo-exile within his paltry southern townhouse, located in the lower middle-class district of the imperial capital. Born in 1748, the young Fredrik spent much of his early life in the streets of Helena and New Reza, as well as frequently visiting his cousins in the County of Ayr. But, once his father took ill, he took his position of head of house at age ten. He quickly was rushed through his schooling and took over completely after the regency ended when he turned fourteen, whereupon he summoned all the Ludovar cadets and branches and organized the dissolution of Ludovyk and pledged to restore the status of nobility to the family in the mainland [Editors Note: Ludovar had their titles stripped shortly after Duke Aleksandr’s death.] Frederick Ludovar with the Princess of Rubern before her death, Sir Mio Mackensen @Mio Frederick Ludovar with the dead corpse of the Rubern Princess as illustrated by Sir Mio Mackensen. @Mio King Sigismund, Count Frederick, and Palatine Deputy Otto the Tarcharman after the execution of the Princess of Rubern, illustrated by Isabelle Pickles @niya Career List of Battles and Events (Excluding all Scyfling Battles) 316 ES (1763 IST) - Operation Carnatia (Assassination of the Cardinal Ves) 7 Wzuvar-Byvca 317 ES (1764 IST) - First Raid of Nottingham [100 vs 100] 13 Joma-Umud 318 ES (1765 IST) - Skirmish at Rubern [150 vs 100] 22 Joma-Umund 318 ES (1765 IST) - Second Raid of Nottingham [150 vs 200] 12 Wzuvar-Byvca 319 ES (1766 IST) - Skirmish at Curon [200 vs 120] 1 Gronna-Droba 321 ES (1768 IST) - Third Raid of Nottingham [100 vs 110] 3-17 Jula-Piov 322 ES (1769 IST) - Operation Ulgaard (Kidnapping of the Princess of Rubern) Alongside the seasoned warriors of his kin, Isaak Ludovar, Reimar Ludovar and Heinrik Ludovar, he pledged his loyalty to King Sigismund II offering him many gifts. King Sigismund II in return hired the men underneath himself [Editors Note: They were allowed the only levy in the Kingdom at the time] and famously ruled the [Ludovar Trial], a mistrial. A noteworthy accomplishment of House Ludovar. Frederick named the company, the ‘Fredrik Irregulars’ or the ‘Northland Hussars’. It mainly operated as a cavalry group, similar to the Kovachev Hussars. [Editor's Note: The calvary group was used historically by Kings to be the first engagement in skirmishes and to process the Prince of Kusoraev into his coronation.] The Fredrik Irregular’s most famous mission for King Sigismund II was named the [Ulgaard Operation] and was set out to assassinate the Princess of Rubern. Without much effort, Frederick, Heinrik and Isaak infiltrated the Rubern Palace, capturing the Princess and taking her back to New Reza. It was a marvelous feat and Frederick was given the honors of killing her himself. After winning many battles and skirmishes alongside the likes of the Hounds of Johnstown, Haense Royal Army (Also called “Brotherhood of Saint Karl”) and the Imperial State Army, Frederick was given a County directly from Emperor Peter III and a sizeable fief which contained the lands of Johnstown. Frederick was also bestowed knighthood by the Emperor. Sir Frederick Ludovar accepting his lands and titles in Helena from Peter III, illustrated by Sir Mio Mackensen. @Mio This act grew tensions between the two nations and ultimately led to the Haeseni Independence. Sir Frederick Ludovar was the last Haense Lord to sign their independence from Haense because of his status within the empire. He negotiated a deal with the Emperor and the King and was able to retain his new land and his peerage and knighthood were transferred to the Kingdom of Haense. Famous dinner of the Crows, Sir Frederick and King Josef I as depicted by Sir Ionanian Mackensen @Lickspittle Johnstown Evening at Johnstown, depicted by Sir Ionian Mackensen @Lickspittle Johnstown was a fief within the Northern parts of Haense, consisting of devout zealots and farmers alike. It was the bastion of the Northland Hussars which guarded Haense famously from the Scyfling Invasions. The other Haense lords were critical of the land and rewards Frederick received and pressured King Josef to strip the Ludovars of their military company and forcilly mandate them into the Haense Royal Army. This angered the lords of Johnstown and resparked the Baruch and Ludovar feud. Legacy Ludovar Irregulars before an important patrol, depicted by Joren Mackensen @Millite Sir Frederick was inducted to the Order of the Rose and Lily for his military prowess and achievements. He with the likes of Ser Demetrius Ruthern, transformed the training of the Haense Royal Army and made Haense the superior fighting force of the Empire. Ludovar Irregulars rally for Haense Royal Court, depicted by Joren Mackensen @Millite No warriors or companies in the Kingdom’s history come close to the prestige or impression on generations to come than the Ludovar Hussars. Children Kazimar Ludovar 3rd Count of Otistadt @HogoBojo (Living) Petrysa Oliviya Ludovar @GrowingIvy (Died in a hunting accident, aged 34) Stanimar Heinrik Ludovar @Mio (Died from falling lumber, aged 28) Father Jakob Karl Luvoar @erictafoya(Died in sleep from pneumonia, aged 28) Sofiya Egberta Kvazyev @Branchio (Died from natural causes, aged 89) Henrietta Isaaka de Joannes 2nd Princess-Consort of Sedan @Maeday0 (Murdered by Orenians in Haverlock, aged 69) Sketched by Amlenth 'Stonehands’ Barrow @yopplwasupxxx Sir Frederick Ludovar 1748-1800 301-353 ES
  6. Branimar Kvazyev mourns the death of his favorite monarch.
  7. 1. What's your favorite part about being an NL/SL? Having a community to always come online to and hangout with. 2. What's your least favorite part about being an NL/SL? The ooc part of settlement and nation building 3. What's your most prominent memory as an NL/SL? Building Sedan as a whole. 4. If you led your Nation/Settlement into a war, do you regret it and did it turn out to be fun? If yes/no, why? Never regret any of the wars I participated in because it all worked out in the end. 5. Did you inherit your Nation/Settlements most of the time or build them from scratch? Or was it different each time? Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! Build! (Best way to build a small community and friend group.)
  8. i miss running around and rp'ing w u fwied but do what you want
  9. Branimar Kvazyev swiftly writes a letter to his Koeng of Haense reminding him of his Karovic Descent and wishes to be invited to the Dumapalooza.
  10. Issue Two 11th of Jula & Piov Volume One The Kvaz Khronicle 2: Crime in our Streets Stories of the day: Breaking: Bishop Boys Attacking Barclay Cows? Court held! Updates here! Exclusive interview with Weiss peer! Page 1 House Bishop starts- and ends- cow competition? The Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska has announced a new competition for its noble houses: the Leather Leaderboards. The competition, which has been put forth by House Bishop, challenges other houses to engage in a leather donation competition to fill the stocks of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl armory. The quartermasters of the BSK have reported a lack of leather pelts for the crafting of arms and equipment. The competition has received praise from many quarters, with House Bishop's enthusiasm for serving the kingdom being particularly noteworthy. However, not all houses are happy about the competition. Confirmed reports are circulating that some members, likely boys or teens, of House Bishop have been killing cows belonging to House Barclay, with witnesses, one requesting to go by the name of B.L., reportedly coming forward to report and confirm the crime. B.L. was able to get the attention of one of our reporters and trek down to Reinmar, and report the crime to Ser Karl, a guard of the Duchy. The Duke of Reinmar has been made aware of the issue, but has yet to make an official statement on the matter. Despite these tensions, the competition is set to go ahead. The winner will receive a prize of 1500 Mina, with the second place house receiving 500 Mina. House Bishop will not be participating in the competition itself, but will watch on with interest. May the best house win! Page 2 Court Appointments and Announcements Prince Marius, the second-youngest son of King Karll III of the Kingdom of Haense, has been appointed as the new Lord Palatine by his parents. The appointment was announced in a ceremony at the Royal Palace in the capital city of Arvandor, attended by dignitaries and members of the royal family. Prince Marius, who is known for his charisma and leadership skills, is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the role of Lord Palatine, which is responsible for overseeing the administration of justice and the maintenance of public order in the kingdom. In addition to the appointment of Prince Marius as Lord Palatine, Overall, the appointment of Prince Marius as Lord Palatine are welcome news for the people of Haense. The prince is highly respected and well-liked, and his appointment is seen as a positive step forward for the kingdom. Page 3 Exclusive Interview With Young Ennobled Weiss! The Kvaz Khronicle was able to catch Audo Weiss before he was to engage in pagely duty. The following is a transcript of the interview! “Hi there! What’s your name, place in the family, and occupation?” “Uh, Uh- Uh! Da, well- Eam Audo Weiss, of the Weiss house. Eam the oldest of mea borsas, ag, ah, the heir. Ag, well, ea actual job is cupbearer of His Majesty, but eam also a page to Ser Hothand here, ag, uh, uhm- a student of the Haucprinzen.” “Mhm! Ea see! What has your family contributed to the kingdom that has lead to their peerage, and how have you personally served our kingdom young man?” “Well, uh, uh, papej was brought into the brotherhood by His Majesty ag has served ag now is royal captain! He’s been fighting the inferi war ag lead the Hussars to victory! We’ve even had the Koeng come over, he graffitied our wall, vy know. Teehee! But, ah, uh, eam only just starting. But ea helped to hold the eastern front during the siege! Ea hope with ea education ea’ll be able to do much, much more, yuh, uh, politically.” “Ea see! So would vy describe vyrself as an ambitious young boy?” “Uh… nie. Niet really. Ea just think it’s ea duty. Everyone should work as they can for the Kongzem, should they niet?” We wish Audo and the Weiss family the best of luck, and are glad to show to all the strong patriotism the young Audo shows! He will be a true asset to Haense as he grows. Page 4 Your ad could be here! Bird Kasimir Kvazyev to purchase a cheap space! Potato Plights? A farmer has reported a disastrous potato harvest, with small and misshapen potatoes, a low yield, and pests and rot plaguing the crops. The farmer expressed devastation and heartbreak over the failure, and hope for a more successful harvest in the future. The news has sparked concern among members of the village, who rely on the farmer for their food supply. As a farmer, I have been tasked with the important job of growing and harvesting potatoes for my village. This year, however, my potato harvest has gone disastrously wrong. The potatoes that I have so carefully tended and nurtured have failed to grow to their full potential. They are small and misshapen, lacking the plumpness and firmness that is desired in a good potato. Furthermore, the yield of my potato harvest has been much lower than expected. My fields are filled with empty patches where the potatoes should have grown, and I fear that I will not have enough to feed my family and my village. To make matters worse, the potatoes that I have managed to harvest are plagued with pests and rot. No matter how carefully I store them, they are beginning to spoil and decay. I fear that I will not be able to sell them at market, and will be left with nothing to show for my hard work and effort. Overall, my potato harvest has been a complete and utter disaster. I am devastated and heartbroken, knowing that I have failed in my duty to provide for my village. I can only hope that next year's harvest will be more successful, and that I will be able to make amends for this year's failure. Page 5 The Kvazyev Company The Kvazyev Company is a trading company specializing in reporting, weaponry, banking, trading, and meals for the hungry. Seek out Branimar (Doggedwasupxxx) or Kasimir Kvazyev (Lickspittle) for a job. (Dogged#8148, Lickspittle#5373) Want an advertisement in this newspaper? Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to give us a story? Is there something that must be said? Bird Kasimir Kvazyev!
  11. *The landscape of Southern Haense, depicted by Jakub MacDonough* In the time of the great Karl, king of Haense, The House of Kvazyev did swear its loyalty, With hearts full of devotion and love, We pledge to serve you, our lord above. With sword and shield, we will defend Your kingdom and your royal name, Against all foes, until the end, We will fight for your eternal fame. We pledge to be faithful and true, To follow your commands without fail, To honor and protect, in all we do, The House of Kvazyev, your loyal vassal. Our fealty is unshakeable and strong, Our love for you will never die, We will stand by you, all the day long, Our king, our liege, our reason to live and die. So let it be written, so let it be done, The House of Kvazyev is yours, oh great one, We swear our allegiance, forevermore, To Karl, the king of Haense, and to your royal house. Your Faithful Servant, Branimar Kvazyev
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