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    sounds like you're in favor of metagaming
  2. Congregation of Sedanians in front of the Basilica of Saint Alexander of Furnestock Following the announcement of the assasination and death of Prince Fredrick I, a funeral is planned to celebrate his life. Prince Fredrick gave his life for Sedan and to protect her religious shepherd, pontiff Pontian IV. The royal family encourages all to come and have sent these people a private invitation. All are to remain relevant and wear dark colors. King Karl III, King of Haense @GMRO King Bakir, Grand King of Urguan @Elite Snipes King John I, King of Balian @Imperium Arch-Prince Illarion, Prince of Celia’nor @VoxyNoir Prince Charlie, Prince of Alstion @seannie Count Paul Temesh, Count of Temesh @bickando Count Leon Barclay, Der Graf Minitz @GoodGuyMatt Countess Adele, Countess of Otistadt @CopOwl All Sedan Peerage and Citizens All Haense Peerage and Citizens All Balian Peerage and Citizens Thursday, September 22 6pm EST
  3. “I do believe House Joannes to be the rightful owner cousin.” Joseph chimes in as they share a drink at the tavern in Minitz
  4. Joseph prepared his heir by arming him with a dagger and a newly born pet goat.
  5. "Where's Alstion?" Wondered the young Prince Joseph.
  6. Joseph endorses this event spreading it amongst the nobles at the Sedanian courts.
  7. Sedan always has cool little passive rp, whether it be duels, drinking competitions, random monster attacks, etc. Hate posts like this because they demonize the server for having no roleplay when roleplay is all over and you’re not willing to look under a rock to find it. Maybe adding fast travels might help settlements and nations generate rp :P
  8. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY HIS SERENE HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF SEDAN, THE 15th OF PETER’S GLORY, 1887 ATTENTION: All citizens of the city of Joannesport! With our closing election and the votes counted up. We’ve determined our victor. Helwig von Bardenwig @Zqppy Upon this decree, Helwig shall take up his office effective immediately and come seek out the Crown about the future of the Principality. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I Prince of Sedan, etcetera His Excellency, Joseph Caius de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg
  9. this guy would be a good nl ngl
  10. don’t tell me im ‘who let the dogs out’
  11. "Sedan needs clergy." Pleads the Prince of Sedan after all of his clergy disappeared.
  12. Name of Settlement: Principality of Sedan, City of Joannesport Peak Times: Peak times are usually more towards the Eastern standard time periods. Usually from 3pm EST to 11pm EST Sedan always has someone to roleplay with. Population: Majority of Sedan’s population are all human with a few musins and elfs scattered around. Description: Sedan is a fairly new concept mainly focused on traditional human feudalism and cannonism, specifically Owynism. List of Players willing to help: Prince - Hogobojo - Frederick I @HogoBojo Crown Prince - Doggedwasupxxx - Joseph de Joannes @Dogged Chancellor - Yopplwasupxxx - Calmest de Ravensburg @yopplwasupxxx Vice-Chancellor - Ghostshtr - Caius de Ravensburg @GhostSHTR Knight-Commander- Optmius420 - Owyn de Ravensburg @Optimus420 High Steward - outcook -Ser Donwald @outcook Steward - Raijenstars - Peter de Joannes @Raijen Stars Directions: Need Help? If you have any questions or concerns join our discord and ping us! https://discord.gg/Xq7jYwruq5
  13. hi blago

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      Hey dude, hope life has been good for you and Nate

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      good man wbu?

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