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  1. I like Dill Pickles, Sweet Pickles are disgusting.

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      same here

  2. "Two duchesses?" Leopold ordered his troops to rally and sack the city!
  3. Leopold marks the date.
  4. you wrote good lore, we beefed a bit, hope life treats you well <3
  5. Settlement PRO MC Name: Doggedwasupxxx Settlement Name: The Principality of Sedan Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 72, Tile 63, Tile 62 (we prefer tile_72, starred below) Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): With over two years of in-game history spanning over two consecutive maps, Sedan is one of the most successful and dynamic groups to exist on the server. I - Early History Over the centuries, Sedan has served as both the home of the Horen cadet House de Joannes and the infamous Chapter of Saint Alexander (or “Goats of Sedan”). The family has a link to the ancient Marnantine cause- they professed to have inherited the Marnan claim upon the death of Joseph I, leading to the election of short-lived, sickly Alexander II. The coup of warlord Adrian de Sarkozy sent the family fortunes in shambles, with one of Alexander’s brothers being executed and another exiled. The remaining de Joannes, Robert, lived in exile for his entire life, serving as a mercenary and fighting for or against Oren depending how fortunes swayed. He maintained a loyal following of companymen, which would one day become the background of modern Sedan. The Sedan Company of Prince Robert at the conclusion of the Skirmish of Al-Sootikya The company of Prince Robert served in numerous conflicts, including the NAFTA Crisis and AIS War under the employ of the Kingdom of Haense, as well as numerous minor conflicts between smaller independent states. II - Sedanian Rebellion After his fathers death, Louis returned to Oren with children of his own and began building up the Sedan fortune as seen today. Louis advocated for vassal-rights and levies to be afforded to any and all lords. An early Sedanian patrol led by Louis de Joannes Despite the chargin of the Imperial State, the family retained their sizable mercenary force. One particular event which struck considerable tensions between both parties was the Goats’ successful rescue of John Hartcold, the former Orenian King-of-Arms. Thereafter, the Hartcold family pledged their loyalty and service to the de Joannes clan, though such a move was greatly lambasted by the Orenian government. Operation Hartcold, led by Louis and Alexander de Joannes Another important event came in a makeshift alliance between the Goats and the Rangers of Southbridge against the then-High Pontiff Owyn III. Though the operation was ultimately unsuccessful, the event quickened the downfall of the pontiff and his eventual condemnation by a council called by the King of Haense, Heinrik II. The Orenian government heavily condemned both the Goats and the Rangers, leading to worsening ties between the former and the Imperial Crown. Operation Draetard, together with the Rangers of Southbridge The Emperor, Joseph II struck down any notion of vassal-rights and the youngest son of Louis was arrested by Imperial soldiers. The Goats of Sedan, enraged by the arrest of a child, marched on Providence and began a bloodless shootout with the ISA troopers. This engagement gave Emperor Joseph the justification he needed to evict the Sedanians from their manor, citing the supposed refusal to pay taxes, the owning of a private army, and a handful of other criminal charges. Alongside being evicted, the de Joannes family were labeled criminals and the Imperial State Army was ordered to arrest any family members on sight. Battle of Southbridge Louis and his sons immediately gathered up an army and marched against the Orenians, sparking the Battle of Southbridge. Despite the battle being an Orenian victory, Louis declared independence from Oren, and declared the creation of the Principality of Sedan. Louis and his support boosted, with the Goats of Sedan receiving several new additions to their ranks. Importantly, two noble families known as the House of Hartcold and the House of Bishop joined the ranks of the Principality, and were each given a Barony as a result as their family members rushed to join the Sedanian army. Several skirmishes between Sedan and Oren continued from 1811 to 1813, with the outcome of these small-scale engagements swapping hands multiple times. Eventually, Louis came to the realization that Sedan would not be able to rally enough men to hold against an Orenian siege army, and as a result declared the Spring Contingency. The Spring Contingency, which ordered the burning of the Sedan Castle and the retreat from Oren, caused the de Joannes family, the Hartcold family, the Castile family, and the Bishop family to go into exile in the Kingdom of Haense. Joannes Family while in exile in Haense III - The Exile and South Sedan Haense, bound by their own agreements with Oren, denounced the Sedanians. So they quickly moved to a new station. The Grand King of Urguan granted the refugees land and Prince Alexander of Sedan revealed that the Orenians told them to build on top of Dwarven Ruins. King Nooblius, enraged by this, denounced Oren and displayed their wrong doing in an open-letter for all of Almaris to see. At the same time, the Church of Cannon recognized the Sedanian people offering them a diocese again. Execution of an alleged Orenian spy in South Sedan However there were talks of an excommunication after a Ferrymen Slave auction was held in Sedan against the will of the Sedanian people. The Ferrymen threatened everyone present in the Sedan castle until they got their way, which led to more patrols led by the Sedanians after the incident. At the time, Sedan was not ready to defend itself from the Ferrymen, and as a result caved on their demands. The entire incident caused Urguan to bring Leopold, the new Prince, to trial in the capital. Urguan accused Leopold of allowing the Ferrymen to do the auction in the first place, however the Sedanians denied this. While there were some light tensions, cooler heads prevailed and the Sedanians were let off with a fine. This caused the Sedanians to be even more cautious in their actions going forward. View of Louisville and Carsura (South Castle) IV - Conflicts Against the Rustlers During a routine patrol led by Peter de Joannes, the Goats encountered armed mercenaries, known as Rustlers, within the vicinity of Sedan. After engaging and interrogating the Rustler band, a fight broke out between both parties. The Goats quickly gained the upper hand and resoundingly defeated the Rustlers with no survivors. While the details of the event are murky, with both sides blaming each other of banditing, one fact was certain: bloody ordeal awaited both hosts of soldiery. A rustler being put on trial in Sedan’s Court The war was quick- the Goats under the young Leopold dominated the field in every skirmish, bringing the Rustlers to heel under the ferocity of Sedanian steel. Countless Rustler commandos and under-bosses were executed, with many more slain in lightning raids. Rustler Boss being held captive by the Sedanians After a continuous string of victories, the Rustler Boss - a malicious elf by the name of Elsil’Ceru - was captured alive and brought before the Court of Sedan. Their cause all but lost, the boss delivered his submission to Prince Leopold. While many called for the boss’ execution, the Prince’s council instead found it wise to extract reparations and tribute instead from the motley band of raiders. Humiliated and debased before the citizenry of Louisville, Elsil’Ceru was released, ending the conflict in a resounding Sedanian victory. VI - Oisin’s Rebellion The fame of the mercenary Goats only grew following the submission of the Rustler bosses. Now seeking new engagement, the young Prince and his council was approached by a would-be claimant: Oisin Roza, a bastard child of a pagan fiefdom towards the west of Sedan. He promised the Goats riches, glory, and (most importantly) his family’s conversion to Canonism. After a brief deliberation in-house and with Sedan’s newest ally Savoy, the Prince agreed to Oisin’s proposal. Quickly, Leopold ordered the Goats to march and bivouac close to Rozania. Sedan’s forces fought in all major engagements of the Rebellion, especially the First Battle of Louisville, the Second Battle of Louisville, and the Sacking of Roza. All three of these battles were Sedanian victories, and flooded Sedanian treasuries with war loot that would last them the rest of the war. It is because of their victories that Sedan boomed in population and manpower, leading to increased popularity not seen since the days of the Sedan Rebellion. Execution of a Rozanian Buckfortite during the Oisin’s Rebellion Prince Leopold de Joannes personally led the Sedanian soldiers in the three major engagements, earning himself valuable combat experience and cemented him as a capable battlefield commander. Links: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184912-imperial-letters-for-the-barony-of-sedan-1728/?tab=comments#comment-1726905 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199862-goats-of-sedan/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199952-admin-decision-re-sedan/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199886-the-proclamation-of-1811/?tab=comments#comment-1827819 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199996-independence-of-sedan/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200285-the-spring-contingency/?tab=comments#comment-1830616 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199493-open-letter-to-prince-robert/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200106-the-court-of-sedan/ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wVpP41C7y-68tUCCahZ1RBlYJYhBXbm2hkSw6UyOR1A/edit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199905-the-boy-in-chains/ https://youtu.be/cgp7q7KUfww https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbWYxrmedPE https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184912-imperial-letters-for-the-barony-of-sedan-1728/?tab=comments#comment-1726905 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/201366-refuting-slander/?tab=comments#comment-1838713 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/203852-decima-aurea-bulla-providentia/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/203975-the-rosemoor-auction-south-sedan/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205271-contract-of-louisville https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205283-massacre-of-innocents-40-sa/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/199886-the-proclamation-of-1811/ Settlement Government Structure Explanation: The Government of Sedan is an Absolute Monarchy, following a strict Agnatic Primogeniture succession law. The realm is ruled by the Prince, Leopold de Joannes and his Government, with the main branch being the Privy Council. Also underneath the Prince are his loyal vassals. They are tasked with ensuring order within his realm, as well as serving it in any way they can, in exchange peers and their kin receive special privileges. Some aspects of Sedan’s peerage are very similar to the ones of Oren and Haense. This is because of the cultural and roleplay influences that the two nations had on its formation. The Privy Council of Sedan is made up of six positions, not including the Prince. They are as follows: The Chancellor: The head of the Privy Council and the Sovereign's Representative. The Vice Chancellor: The second in command of the Privy Council, and representative of the Chancellor in their time of absence. The Lord Treasurer: The Financial Counsellor of the Principality. They are put in-charge of all the economic affairs of the realm. The High Steward: The Chief Housing Councillor of the Principality. They are put in-charge of all the city management affairs within the Royal Capital. The Lord Marshal: The Chief Military Councillor of the Principality. They head the Goats of Sedan, as well as the military as a whole. The Lord Justicar: The Legal Counsellor of the Principality. They preside over Sedan’s Legal court. You can find additional information on the Government structure, including Privy Council duties in the Sedan Law Codex below, although it is still in progress. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NERYABKLvGvuX59Y9jWP6h1Yl-4nH8ru2iaAo3B48yc/edit?usp=sharing Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: Despite the rise of bureaucratic kingdoms of the humanlands, Sedan uniquely has maintained the practice of a strong tradition of martial culture and a focus on military excellence. In following the classical mannerbundic practices and systems (such as, the ancient Teutonic Order, White Rose, OSL, Decterum, Akovian Brigade, Gold Corps, etc.), Sedan may be acutely defined as a “military with a state” rather than a “state with a military”. Martial excellence is crucial to Sedanian society- every boy starting at the age of 10 is given military training and expected to serve within the ranks of the Goats. Sedan Lore Post (Unfinished) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uurFyVHb-VzEg6kC8ePuWFtg5kIR2-5kvbGsGRMK_p0/edit How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Sedan has been providing quality roleplay for the whole server since its rebellion in March of 2021. We have strived to be an active community and provide good quality roleplay for everyone. With our new settlement, we’d promote our materialistic roleplay and it’d continue the narrative of the Sedan rebellion and set up for some interesting roleplay. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I have run many settlements, starting from freebuild communities dating back to 2018. My first charter (settlement) rolled around in 2019 when I led a small town called Ravensburg with a few friends .The next group I led was Ludovar in 2020 during quarantine where I learned lots of lessons about leading and being a roleplay leader.. Ludovar ended up running the hamlet of Johnstown towards the end of the map. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap?: Yes SEDAN IS TILE_86
  6. how does it feel to be a nation leader on Minecraft?

  7. House de Joannes & House of Castille Prince Leopold de Joannes and Lady Julia Vespira Castile would like to announce their marriage. The Prince invites you to witness the ceremony of their wedding and to partake in merriment in celebration of their union which will take place on the 16th of Tov & Yermey 1840. The wedding will be held in the chapel of Saint Otto within Louisville. Later, a feast accompanied by a ball will take place. To finish the evening we’ll be hosting a tourney. Invites would be sent out to the following people and groups: House of Ashford de Savoie and Savoy HSH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy [ @Lionbileti ] HH, Olivier Laurene Ashford de Savoie, Hereditary Prince of Savoy [ @Milenkhov] HSH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie, Princess of Savoy [ @Spicii ] And their pedigree. House of Vasovic Mister Andrik Vasovic, Mayor of Sava [ @Quantumatics ] And their pedigree. Lords of Sedan TRH, Lukas Castile, Count of Castile [ @aiden0023] TH, John, Viscount of Fauconberg [ @TJBMinecraft ] HL, Hogo Bojo II, Baron of Huvaardia [ @HogoBojo ] HL, Edmond Ashford de Rouen, Baron of Blackwald [ @Emery ] And their pedigree. Kingdom of Haense His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III , King of Haensti-Ruska [ @Xarkly] Her Royal Majesty, Emma , Queen of Haensti-Ruska [ @livrose] His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck [ @Sarmadonn] His Grace, Ailred Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus [ @LouisGY] The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay , Count of Reinmar [ @Frymark] The Right Honorable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz [ @marb] The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt [ @Pureimp10] His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt [ @erictafoya ] His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg [ @Limo_man] His Highness, Franz Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald [ @Gusano] And their pedigree. Duchy of Elysium His Grace, Eugeo De Astrea, Duke of Elysium [ @Suicidium] Her Grace, Delilah De Astrea, Duchess of Elysium [ @satyrdays] Her Ladyship, Aylin De Astrea, Head Diplomat and Heir Regent [ @teawithcharbi] Her Ladyship, Azrael De Astrea [@Phoenixshot3] Her Ladyship, Ellanore Crane-Nria [@RinIsSalty] And their pedigree. All the Citizens of Savoy All the Citizens of Vasyieva All the Citizens of Sedan All the Citizens of Haense All the Citizens of Elysium Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Leopold I, By the Grace of God, Prince of Sedan, Duke of Ravensberg, Count of Louisville, Count of Döbern, Baron of Avoria, Lord Ponce and Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, Destroyer of Rozanian HER LADYSHIP, Julia Castile THE RIGHT HONERABLE, Sir Lukas Castile, Count of Castile
  8. Leopold angerly sends off assassins as he wasn't invited to the Imperial Wedding.
  9. i miss the good old days of johnstown and the war 

  10. The Destroyer of Rozanians smiles as he reads the missive!
  11. Contract of Louisville 10th of Tov & Yermey 389 ES Preface: For too long the incompetent rule of William Buckfort has plagued the lands of Rozania for one too many years. Oisin O’Breathnach hereby calls upon the infamous Goats of Sedan by mercenary contract and it will be stated as followed: I. The Goats of Sedan will assist the rebellion of Oisin O’Breathnach Roza for the duration of the war. Once the war has been ended, victorious or defeated, Oisin O’Breathnach will pay a fee of fifty mina to the Principality of Sedan per saints week. II. The Goats of Sedan are given full authority by Oisin O’Breathnach to raid and capture any and all authority figures who support and condone the actions of the King of Rozania. III. Oisin O’Breathnach will enter a state of non-aggression towards and with the Principality of South Sedan. Any breach of this will result in the nulling of this contract. IV. Any and all Canonists captured will receive the last right if deemed to be sentenced to death. V. The killing of innocent civilians is hereby declared a criminal act, any forces of Sedan or Oisin found doing so will be punished. (NULLIFIED ON BOTH PARTY AGREEMENT) Signed, His Serene Highness, Luitbald I, By the Grace of God, Prince of Sedan, Duke of Ravensberg, Count of Louisville, Count of Dӧbern, Baron of Avoria, Lord Ponce and Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier Oisin O’Breathnach Roza, Prince of Rozania
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