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  1. Sir Fredrick Ludovar gives a thumbs up!
  2. Fredrick reads this and approves.
  3. “Didn’t I kill her?” Fredrick asks Isaak as he picks his nose.
  4. James de Ravensbourg looks at the missive with confusion. “A Kingdom with three villagers and one guard?”
  5. Ludovar Bannermen salute the fallen soldier!
  6. At night, the winds howled on the Ruberni plains, and within Fredrick’s helment, it sounded like horrid, metallic cries. But he paid it no mind, as he led his half-brother Isaak, a bastard of a merchant’s daughter, and his cousin Henrik, a relative of his through the Ludovyk line, up along the wall of Rubern. They scaled the walls with crossbows shouldered and swords sheathed, quietly entering the rebel territory with caution. Squatting low, they searched for their target. Fredrick had done this countless times before, and this time was no different. Though only in his mid-twenties, he has fought in wars since his twelfth nameday, grizzled in combat of the Ruberni War and more recent Nordling raids. He had a few cousins die in the war, a great uncle at Hangman’s Bridge, and so the feelings of these people he now infiltrated were mostly low. After no luck within the rural area proper, they continued on towards the palatial proper. He carefully stepped along the edge of the wall, following it up towards the Ruberni fortress. They came across her rather quickly, alone within the gardens, and in ease they apprehended her. He removed a picture from his coat pocket, eyeing it sharply, showing it then to Isaak, “This her?” Issak spat some tobacco from his mouth, “Ai, that’s her.” Henrik bounded her with rope, carrying her upon his back. She cried out some, and a few guards began to awake. Quickly, however, the three took back to their place of entrance, objective in tow. Jumping down from the walls and passing the bounded rebel back and forth, they took her upon their horses and made off towards Reza in a hurry. Others of his levy, led by Arthur Ford, Milesi ‘Milo’, and his other cousin Henrietta of the Ludovyk line, met with them as they departed the thick Ruberni fortress. As commanded by their King, they took her to the palace, where the young monarch was flanked by the Archchancellor Basrid, agent of the Empire and age-old councillor. Wigged and adorned in imperial splendor, he commanded ultimatum: surrender or die. She refused to surrender. He looked down and clenched his fist. “Haense will be united once more.” Fredrick spoke lowly. .
  7. Name: Fredrick Ludovar OOC USERNAME: Doggedwasupxxx Allegience: Ludovar Bannermen Skill (low, medium, high): Medium
  8. Jakob Ludovar rolls in his grave!
  9. Fredrick grins looking to his bannermen, “This is where it begins.”
  10. Fredrick places a hand around his cousin, Henrik. “Good work.”
  11. Audemar tuts, “The de Savin family never had a great name!” He tears up the letter throwing it into the flames of the furnace.
  12. Audemar would scratch his head, “He seems like that one man, we killed.”
  13. Fredrick Ludovar approves this message!
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