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  1. i can get high in minecraft again, nice.
  2. Dogged, why are you in my head.

    1. satinkira


      You're wrong. I am.

    2. Dogged


      who? im in no ones head

  3. "I wanted a war where I could get money!" Bellowed Jakob Castile looking to his older brother Elric. "Where are we off to next?"
  4. ty for introducing me to one of my best online friends, not a question just thank u edit: i thought of a question. What place or city was your favorite to rp in and why?
  5. Young Prince Joseph weeps and lays a flower on top of the late counts casket. “I will see him again, right?” He peered up to his mother. @DearConnorMurphy
  6. "It doesn't rhyme!" Chime in an old butler named Alfred.
  7. what was your opinion on the whole sedan rebellion? (how players handled it and staff)
  8. "What will?" Inquired Alfred the Butler
  9. Leopold sadly welcomes his daughter into the seven skies, "I didn't think you'd die before your mother." He jested as they watched the new goats make Sedan their home.
  10. Jakob MacDonough-Carrington the Elf remembers of the days of Mylas of when these types of scandals used to be handled with company funds.
  11. Sedan war was 100% worse.
  12. Alfred the butler consoles the Empress by bringing her tea and muffins. "Life is hard, majesty."
  13. "I thought he was only the King of Oren?" Remarked a young Colborn scholar as he notes down the 'Victory' for his notes.
  14. Leopold welcomes the monarchs into the seven skies and forgives them for his death.
  15. Lord Alfred prepares his finest suit for his dance with any potential suitors.
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