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    Alright made some edits to include proper lore, but I can’t find the interesting facts section for some reason so Ill do it here Interesting Facts: James is a great swordsman when it comes to two handed swords such as a longsword or a greatsword He can outdrink anyone in the tavern James is prone to extreme fits of rage when people ask him questions without a purpose.
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    James was born in the year of 1705. He had a father that was a retired soldier and a mother who was a tailor. When James became of age he left home to go explore the world. He went to many places on this world. He would roam the roads in relative peace until he made his way to Helena and found his calling. The Helena Constabulary was recruiting and he always looked up to his father since he was a soldier when he was a young man. He now awaits a response from the Constabulary captain to see if he would be accepted into the Constabulary.
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