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    I Have updated the application. Are there any additional changes required?
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    Shaah is a Rassid born in the Kadarsi Caliphate, in the city of Al-Damashq, and grew among merchants and craftsmen, learning their trade. He had many uncles and siblings, growing to be social among his peers, though this was tempered by the many guests which his home favored. He grew up comfortable, and never sought out conflict in his teenage years. When he passed the age of 20, he decided to set out into the world in search of knowledge and potential business opportunities. He traveled through the realm, hiring guards and treasure hunters on his journeys, managing to maintain enough gold to continue his quest. During these travels he interacted with most of the civilized races, and some of the not so civilized as well, and though several close calls were had, he always managed to come out never to worse for wear. As such, he has become used to various quirks among the races. However, during his dealings with elves, he has never once come out of it for the better, be it through treachery or simple bad luck, any deal he made with them never worked out. As such, any agreements he makes with the fair folk are held in suspicion in his mind, always looking for any way they might cheat him of a fair deal. One such deal cost him his hand, when a high elf refused rescue him from a predicament in a tomb, using the terms agreed too for his hire to get out of risking himself when Shaah became stuck inside a trap. His exploration continued after, but once he lost his hand he had to be more careful with where he went, so he eventually decided to explore Sutica, but grew bored of the city in time. He went back to his life of danger, though he found his time spent living as a merchant has removed his physical prowess, and decided to retire once more in the face of his own body’s age. After a life of travels, he has finally decided to bring his time of adventure to an end, and travels to the isle of Arcas, seeking to open his own business and share his wares.
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