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    some 27 years ago i was born in brandybrook, they were improper halfling, wearing shoes, and locking doors trading with mina within the community. soon after my parents moved to sutica, more specifically the under water distirct. bringing me up there. From the age of 9 i’d go to the library every single day. learning as much as i could. try maybe someday be accepted into the druidic order. though that dream was soon forgotten when she was around 20 after a group of uruks attacked the city. her parents were killed infront of her, leaving her to sob in their blood. from that day forward she decided that she would commit her life to training for the next time she’d come across a group of orcs. and she did. one day she came across a little orchish boy. she raised her blade up high above her head, getting ready to strike. but couldn’t bring herself to do it. she dropped the sword instead, and fell down unto her knees. and started to cry. she thereafter decided to go to the could temple in search of a new future. here the monks helped her get back into the world again, supplying her with food and water, and a little backpack for travel. and so she set forth on her jurney out into the world. traveling where ever she could get. visiting haelun’or and fenn, irrinor and haense. and the small town inbetween that. now she has returned to the cloud temple, to once again step out into the world.
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