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    In a village in the wilds, Shadow had been born on the 18th day in the month. The two decided to name their child Shadow as a way for people to fear and shun due to her dark name. As a baby, she was often when in public, Shadow was often avoided. As she began to grow older, she was given less attention from her two parents and was only ever seen in her village a few days in a month. Around the age of three, Shadow’s mother died of an accident. After this day, her father had turned to alcohol and went down a path of abuse to Shadow. As Shadow grew older, the violence still had not stopped. She was never let out from her home, but there was much to read. As the house became stockpiled with books, she read all day, even throughout some nights. She learned a lot of things in the science and medicine field, but it was only a minimum. Around the age of 16, Shadow began to grow more anxious around the house, she began to feel trapped and was ready to leave. Now at the age of 19, she attempted another escape from her dreaded home. She had fled in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep, atlas she was free. She then found her way to a small tribe in the forests. Though still new to her surroundings, she quickly adjusted to life and gained a position to be an apprentice of a doctor there. Her story did not have a bad ending, after all. Her passion for medicine has grown so much that she continued to study. Shadow wanted to learn how to become a doctor. Thus, she had gained the knowledge of basic herbology and first aid and magic herbs such as Frostvine and Tippensroot. Every day she continued to write in a small book of all the information she had learned. Finally, at the age of 20, Shadow had finished all of her training the doctor had given her. Shadow was ready to see what was in the world, though anxious, she knew she wanted to move forward. So only with a few items, she has traveled around until her new home is found.
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