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    James Norse was born to a small Highlandic town owned by the Norlanders called Norfolk. In this town he was raised as many young boys are, to work and be hardy in doing so. James was much taller than the other boys and far stronger. He worked the hardest, and when it came time to serve in the militia he shocked everyone. He went in as a medic. He worked as a doctor in the militia for a time before being relieved of duty after Norfolk was pillaged. He grieved before moving on. He worked as a mercenary for a time. He settled down with a nice man named Alvarez. Though as things go, bandits raided the village. His husband killed and his rage ignited he took the survivors and slaughtered them. His education is much better than that of most humans. He has skills in horticulture, animal husbandry, astronomy, medicine, and many other fields of knowledge. He doesn’t do much nowadays.
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