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    Azdrek Grew up like many dark elves in the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn, Born under a family of Silkworm farmers. Not wanting to live the Life of a Silk worm farmer like the rest of his family, He left his family while still in his youth Taking only the Silk robe on his back, fending for himself at any means necessary, often turning to a life of Crime to make by. While not close to his family Azdrek still wears the robes that he had made while with them, Even if looking a bit Torn these days. Unable to return to His family due to the shame brought by his life of crime, he now looks to atone for his wrongdoings and seeks to help others were possible. Azdrek never paid much attention to the events of the outside world as his struggle to survive took president over all else. Always living in the moment to moment, with little regard for the future or repercussions of his actions
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