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    Walgeon was born on a cold winter night to a heartland human family in the city of Oren. His mother was killed by dralazar when he was only 1 year old so he was brought up by his father. During his childhood Walgeon became became interested composing music which he was thought by his father. This passion led the family to get funding from other nobles so the family could travel around the world to perform Walgeons music. During his travels Walgeon learned many languages and culture which helped inspire Walgeons passion in culture. However Walgeons travelling also caused him to stress out so to cope with the stress Walgeon started to drink and gamble. Because of the addiction Walgeon started to lose money however he still has funding from other nobles. This allows Walgeon to continue travelling to new places to play his music and to learn more about the cultures, arts, and people of the places he travels to. Currently he is trying to withdraw from his addiction but that has been unsuccessful. Walgeon is currently unmarried because he’s afraid of what his addiction will do. Walgeons relegion is Canonism.
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