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    Wayne Bradly was born and raise in Helena with a small poor family in a barn. Wayne mostly to make money was to steal from other farms and take items such as Eggs, Wheat, Sugar and, milk even. Though when Wayne turned 14 his dad opened up a bakery with what money they had “this will get us some dough” his father said while laughing at his joke. When the place first open it was Packet people came all over to have some of my dads bread and baked goods. When Wayne turned 18 he knew a lot from cooking from his father, his cooking was so good he eventually got hired as a cook for a Cooking Company for the called the “Salty Waters” where he was a common chef for the riches People in all the land. Though he was fired from the company due to some rumors of him Poisoning his food and giving it to big spending Families later for them dying from unknown causes before the Soldiers can catch him he packed everything and ran into the forest and went into hiding. Four years Later in his life he started to work in the Market trade, he realized he needs money and cannot just survive of the woods for his survival. From time to time Wayne worked jobs mostly Alone sometimes at most with one or more People. Eventually had enough money and Respect not to be mess with to buy a small Cabin in the Deep woods, Sometimes he come into town sometime he did not but always did something to Attract attention. Though one Fall day Wayne took a path where he realizes he used to live, so he figured he would have enough time to visit his father and mother, As he walks down the path he sees some older trees burn markings or scorched leaves left by something massive, When Wayne reaches the farm he realized his home was no more but a scorched cottage with burned bodies everywhere. Realizing what of happen to his family and knowing the death he runs away from is all, making his way to Ruswick where he mostly drowns his sorrows away until death or something else brings him part
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