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    Born in Haense, DIO was born the son of Dario Brando. Hatred and an utter repulsion to his father, given his alcoholic and abusive matter. – In part due to his part in causing pain to his mother. It influenced DIO to covertly plan a murder aimed at Wang Chan, after learning from his father that a family friend. – George Twiceborn has owned a debt onto him, he would later use this ambition in the attempts of seizing the Twiceborn fortune. Once in the mansion, DIO spent no time assuming a facade. – One of a model gentleman while a devil onto his new adoptive brother, Quavinir, in various ways to break his spirit and allow him to assume the role. However, this plan fails when he forcefully attempted to tear off his gem to shame him . He was broken, beaten onto a pulp by Quavinir until George intervened. His spirit now changed, a lust and ambition for more now showing. – He travels Arcas to better his ways, strengthen himself and re-duel Quavinir Twiceborn and take his gem.
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