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    I was born, to a single mother. She loved me so much, and took great care of me, as a child. As soon as I aged 18, I went to elf college and gained some extra education. This helped me gain a well-paid job. I used the majority of my salary for the first 10 years, to give to my mother, so she could retire. I live in a small wooden cottage on the edge of woods. I love animals, especially dogs, horses, and foxes. I have now retired and am looking for some adventures. I am traveling around the land, trying to explore anywhere. I brought my pet fox and horse with me on my travels. My horse’s name is Bill and my fox’s name is Hunter. I am friends with many animals and many other elves, even High elves. I am pretty down to earth and love deep conversations with my friends. I’m not very political, yet I love the Forest Realm of Irrinor. I am part of the Council of Roots within the government, yet I try not to be biased against anything.
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