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  1. Cloudiwolf


    Caltrix is the daughter of a baker. She was born in the halfling city Brandybrook, and much to her chagrin hasn’t made it very far outside of it. She grew up underfoot of her mother and aunts, constantly being shooed out of the small bakery shop. She loved to eavesdrop on the costumers, some of which were fartravelled and had interesting tails. When she was inevitably kicked out of the shop she terrorized the streets with a small band of youngsters around her age. They called themselves the Rainbow Rouges, and were notorious in Caltrix’s neighborhood for being up to no good. Caltrix was the youngest of her siblings, and given the five year gap between her and her older sister, the Rainbow Rouge members were more her brothers and sisters than anyone. Growing up the baby, Caltrix didn’t have a lot of pressure put on her by her parents. Though it was assumed she would continue working in the family business – and she no doubt always had a place there – her eldest brother was slated to truly take over when her parents retired. Caltrix had other ideas though. She spent her teenage years longing to experience more of the world than the city she had grown up in. As soon as she was old enough to slip by she was prowling taverns and docks, ears perked for wild tales. She longed to meet a Kha, or see the magnificent trees of Irrinor. She didn’t know what kind of adventurer she wanted to be, maybe a sailor or a cartographer, but she knew she desperately wanted to travel far and wide. One day, she promised herself, she’d stand in the halls of Urguan. She gets a job waiting tables in a tavern, collecting every little coin in a satchel she hides under her bed. One day she’ll use the money to make her own tales of adventure, but until then she bides her time listening to those of her patrons.
  2. Cloudiwolf


    When Misy’s munna began to have contractions under the light of the harvest moon she was petrified. It was the night of the lunar eclipse. She was unsure of what she had done to displease her goddess but she was very ashamed and very contrite. She sought out the volcano. To her it was a symbol of Metztli’s power. In a single wrathful moment she could end the lives of her children so much easier than she had brought them into the world. At the summit of the volcano, as the moon disappeared behind the shadow of the world, Misy’s munna gave birth to twins – a stillborn kitten and Misy, a tiny thing with the most brilliant white coat. Her mother was torn apart. Despite her errors Metztli had, it seemed, deemed her worthy of both punishment and forgiveness. The new mother held one child close to her while she gave the other back to the moon mother, unable to take her eyes off of the price of her wrongdoings until it disappeared into the molten depths, and despite the great heat this close to the maw of the mountain she shivered. With the newborn kitten held tightly to her she descended, feeling as if the moon had drawn closer, wrapping her in a cool balm of its light. And so she named her maut Misyats Navodi, for the reflection of moonlight on a still lake. The elders and priests of Karakatua were not sure how to feel about the kitten when introduced. Cursed by the lunar eclipse but blessed with white fur she was an anomaly who narrowly survived her first night in the world. Misy’s munna tried very hard to protect her maut, to give her a life free of scorn, but Misyats was different and the circumstances of her birth were uncertain. She was teased mercilessly by those her own age, and many of the adult Kha on the island viewed her with at least a tadbit of mistrust. She spent much of her kittenhood trying to avoid all of her kin except her dear munna. Her life was as normal as she could make it until she turned fifteen. It was meant to be a day of excitement, a day of growing up. Misyats was unsure of her standing though, with so much scorn for her could she hope to pass her trial? And even then could she ever hope to have a normal life. She stuck out like a sore thumb with her brilliant white floof. Even though it had silvered a lot with age, most of the other inhabitants were shades of golden brown. Working herself into a frenzy she devised a crackpot plan to stow away on a boat and run from the failure she felt was inevitable. How could she ever face her munna again without passing her trial? And so she ran away, miraculously stowing onto the ship without being seen. Ironically enough the journey was it’s own trial, probably much more difficult than her coming of age trial would have been. She managed to bring a decent amount of water with her, but the food didn’t last past the first day, and Misyats was incredibly sea sick for the first half of the journey. She was pretty sure she would be tossed into the ocean if she was caught, and so Misy suffered as quietly as she could in her barrel of filth, spending much of the time feeling incredibly sorry for herself and crying as quietly as she could more than she would ever care to admit. When at last she heard the crew talking of land she was feeling and smelling pretty wretched. It was unimaginably difficult to wait for the right moment to slip away but somehow the young Kha found the patience to wait for nightfall and silence and through a little stealth and a lot of luck, she found herself on the mainland. Immediately she went for a swim, and as much as she hated the cold water her bath was incredible, like a rebirth in the bay. She had the foresight to store her clothes elsewhere on the ship so thankfully they weren’t ruined, and so she shook herself as dry as she could, dressed, and sauntered into her new life. If the Kha thought she stuck out like a sore thumb among her own kind she would find no respite in the cities of furless men and women. The first month was one brutal ordeal after another, as she basically found herself living the life a street urchin. If she hadn’t have met Mr. Wonder when she did she would have no doubt died soon after, starved or frozen, unnoticed and forgotten. Luck has a way of intertwining with Misy’s lifestream though. Mr. Wonder found the desperate creature curled up in alleyway – a treasure in the rough. He took her in and showed her his family of circus performers. Mr. Wonder was the ringleader of a travelling circus, and he saw a lot of potential in the young Kha. She could do mundane things and make them seem out of the norm, so he was delighted to teach her the ways of sword eating, fire breathing, flying through the canopy of the circus tent and whatever other wonders he could imagine. Misy spent many many years traveling with her mismatched family. She wouldn’t say she felt right at home, but she couldn’t imagine going home, and the troupe was a decent substitute. She traveled the mainland, learning the ways of the apes, learning the ways of this new land, and learning whatever tricks Mr. Wonder wanted her to perform next. In return she was fed and kept mostly sheltered from the weather. For years she even came to truly enjoy her new life and all the wild places and people she had seen, but eventually the lifestyle had a way of leaving you wanting more, and though she had no idea what that more was or where she could ever feel at home, she left the circus troupe to follow her own path. Ambitions: Misy is kind of lost in the world, and the only thing she truly wants is to find where she fits in the world. Strengths/Talents: Many years in the circus has left Misyats Navodi with an interesting array of talents. She’s incredibly athletic and has immaculate balance. She has experience caring for and handling lots of different animals. She can do more than a dozen magic parlor tricks. She’s very open minded and nonjudgmental given the wide variety of life she’s come in contact with over the last several years. Combat-wise Misy has retractable claws and is wicked accurate with a throwing knife. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Misyats Navodi doesn’t have great people skills. She’s never really fit in, is generally a different species, has hung out with abnormal people the last several years, and doesn’t have much practice socializing in any kind of respectable setting so in short – she herself can be rather peculiar. She’s lost faith in Metzli and as such doesn’t have faith in much of anything else either. She’s rash and she can be known to make terrible decisions that end up having long term consequences. She’s never confronted the shame and fear of her coming of age trial so she carries a lot of baggage from that time of her life. She doesn’t believe in herself. Appearance: Misy’s kha’leparda pattern is that of a snow leopard. She is lean in shape, about 5’6 in height, and fades from a white on her paws and belly up into a darker silver along her back. Her long thick fur is marked with charcoal colored rosettes. Misy’s tail is her trademark feature, it’s fluffy, round, and almost as long as she is tall. Her eyes are a bright electric blue, with grey around the pupil and a dark grey outer ring. Misy’s skin, in the few places it can be seen, is mostly white with the occasional black spot. She has one black dot on her tongue, and one on the roof of her mouth located directly over the one on her tongue. Her broad paws hold most of her scars, many of them small and hidden behind her thick coat. A few can be noticed on her paw pads, as well as a rather distinct one across the bridge of her nose, but her many other scars are pretty much undetectable without shaving her. Her small round ears are pierced numerous times, and filled with studs and hoops. She can generally be found wearing bright colored, light weight clothing. Skin: (please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin; if you need help, see our screenshot guide here.)
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