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  1. It's wooden swords and leather armour now. The reason we won't include bows is because of the amount of DMG they do, especially in leather armour.
  2. I feel like you'd have to speak to me even 3 times and talk about Capture he Flag to me for that. 🤔 As mentioned, if the lag becomes an issue it will be cancelled. It isn't until February 1st and there was supposed talk of 'fixing the issue's by the end of Jan. Here's to hoping for the best.
  3. I'm trying to go to sleep so as much as I hate wooden swords cause they break after two seconds and are literal garbage, sure. This is a thing now. 👍
  4. Small warning in regards to the current status of the server (constant crashing, lag, etc.). This event may need to be postponed if the lag continues to be an issue. This being said, unless explicitly stated the following forum post provides everything needed for this event: Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: Capture the Flag Greetings wonderful people of LotC! The Community Team is beyond excited to announce our very own Capture-the-flag competition! This event is scheduled for February 1st and will be open to the entire player-base. Upon victory in this competition, you will be able to pick from numerous custom prizes picked by the CT themselves.. these prizes are 800 mina + a monk relic OR SOW item + red or blue banner/trophy depending on which team wins (with a custom description). We hope those who participate enjoy this event and collect enough mineman pixels to feed themselves! The Community Team will be conducting the whole event so, be sure to follow the rules that will be listed below and remember to have fun! - Theme - The Capture-the-flag competition will represent a traditional, Red and Blue concept with beautifully built castles for both teams. Additionally, please give a big thanks to the World Team for their help in creating the bases that will be featured in the event. - Criteria - Both teams will be represented by Red vs Blue with leather armor. You will be fighting with iron swords and a bow with arrows. A Flag (banner) will be located in the opposing teams chest found under a noticeable flag that will be built. Once someone dies, they will be able to enter a spectator section upon the arena. There will be chests before hand for everyone to store their items. Rules ONLY use the provided gear No using ALT accounts If you get knocked down, you may not join back First to capture the flag or take down the other team wins Flag must be taken AND returned to its original base (this means the person with the flag can be downed and have the flag taken away from them) If you have the flag you MUST wear it on your head by holding it in your hand and shift + right clicking No autoclickers (though this is obvious) Anyone caught breaking any of these rules they will not only disqualify their entire team, but they will be banned from partaking in ANY further events. Sign-Up Form If you are interested in entering the Community Event, please fill out the questions on the provided Google Form link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9YKATL30MGGpPqg9W3sg8TTiCCzxiE2iZoG1xz_0UL_KmPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link MCName Discord or Forum Name Is there anyone you would like to have on your team? Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project! If you have any questions regarding this event feel free to reach out to TwistedFries, Armajesty, chaosgamer_, or fie_.
  5. Voting took a lot longer than we expected. 😓
  6. Results! Greetings wonderful players of Lord of the Craft. The Community Events Focus Group is pleased to announce the end of the fifth Battle of the Arts contest! As the title suggests, this is a competition where you -- our creative community members -- can enter your creations to earn prizes. The categories include artwork, creative writing/poetry, music, skinning and building. A winner will be selected by the Community Staff from each of the categories, making a total of 4 winners. We hope those who participated had fun in the events, we will be back for the March Battle of The Arts competition with a Spring theme! With this, we are extending the gap between these competitions in order to give everyone a longer break. The December Battle of the Arts had a great turnout. It was great seeing all of the creative works that each member of the community had to offer. We would like to thank everyone who partook in the contests and wish to see more from everyone in the future contests. With that being said, we are pleased to announce the winners of the December Battle of the Arts Contest! Artwork Winner: @Kimika Music Winner: @HazelWazel Skinning Winner: @fieselena Building Winner: @Pyrias Congratulations to all of the winners! Along with the prizes, the winners of the competition will be featured on the official Lord of the Craft Twitter Page. Make sure to shoot @LotsOfMuffins a message if you have not received your prizes within the next couple of days. We hope for more members of the community to partake in the competition in March. If you need any ideas or assistance don’t hesitate to contact a member of Community Staff. - Theme - The Battle of The Arts for March theme is Spring! This can include anything that reminds you of the colourful, cheerful season that follows winter. Whether it be flowers, spring showers, or any holidays that fall in these months! Get creative and let your mind wander. We hope to see you all there! - Prize - The prizes are still up for discussion and come to the official March post announcing when the contest is revealed, though you can guarantee prizes from the Shop of Wonders and maybe from the crowns store! - Criteria - All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month. We are not accepting submissions just yet! This is just to announce the previous winners and give a sneak preview to the next theme! Creative Writing is limited to around 1500 words. Creative Writing is limited to 1500 words and must have the google document linked to ensure the criteria have been followed (you can still paste the document in the post for all to read easily). You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per each category. Special thanks to Armajesty, TwistedFries, fieselena, and Meteordragon9000 for their work on this project! Credit to TarreBear for the original post. Credit to Reko for the Battle of the Arts art.
  7. The monks collectively like to throw a good party every once and a while. Parties don’t always have an occasion, they just happen!
  8. Welcome to the next dazzling event put on by the Community Team, our: New Year’s Celebration! As the current year draws to a close, a new one is about to begin - and this time around we’re striding into a brilliant new decade. We hope you’ve all had an amazing time this past year, both on LotC and in your personal lives. So, to celebrate New Year’s, the Community Team will be holding an event. We hope you enjoy! - ❤️ - This event will be running from December 31st until January 2nd. All you lovely players are invited to run temporary stalls located at the Cloud Temple to show off and sell your products! These stalls will be up for the same duration as the rest of the event and, depending on sign-up numbers, these stalls may rotate daily. Alongside this, ONLY on January 1st, we’ll be running small mini games at booths (for example, boat racing), along with some neat little prizes to accompany them. We’d be more than happy to set up a couple NPCs if Skinner’s would like to run booths as well! If you have any questions, do feel free to contact one of our brilliant CT Event organizers : Armajesty, fieselena, Twistedfries, MeteorDragon9000, or puffables! To run a stall at CT, just fill out the info below as a reply to this thread! IGN: Days Available [Dec 31st - Jan 2nd]: Discord: Items being sold: Rules for shop owners: Don’t sell anything inappropriate! Do not grief the land you are given. A huge thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!
  9. Get back to work 😠 No celebration for you. Everyone else though.. have an amazing winter break and a happy holidays!
  10. [!] Another chest appears in Arcas… below the sands of us wee folk, you will find me. Edit: Today’s chest has been found!
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    Welcome to Lord of the Craft and congratulations on completing your application! As you have been accepted via your application, your Minecraft account should have automatically been white-listed on the server. Should you have any problems with this please contact me through discord or private messages. If you believe that you are in need of in-game assistance feel free to run the command /creq [insert whatever it is you are in need of] which will contact me or any of my fellow Community Staff Members who can offer our assistance! I also recommend you ask for help from a Wilven Monk as they would be more than happy to show you around the server and help you get situated. We highly encourage that you read our New Player Guide in order to clarify any potential questions you may have. As a human character, we recommend you take a look at our Nation & Major Charters Guide which will introduce you to the main locations you are able to find characters the same race as yourself. Finally, take a look at these Human Settlement Guides which will expand upon the other various settlements you are welcome to live in. Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future! Here is the link to the New Player Discord., it is highly recommended that you join in order to meet other players and ask questions! If you require any further assistance, feel free to contact me through forum private messages or on discord at armajesty#5043.
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