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    Changed Status to Denied
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    Your application has been denied as you have already been whitelisted. If you are in need of any assistance or would like to further discuss your denial, feel free to contact me on discord at armajesty#9473. You are also welcome to join the New Player Discord and ask for help from other members of my team.
  3. Varian scanned through the laws, a grin on his face. “I could definitely get away with a few of these.” He nodded to himself from the confines of his bedroom.
  4. Goodluck to everyone who enters!
  5. The New Player Guide Welcome to the Lord of the Craft! This is the New Player Guide written by a focus group of the Community Team. This guide will include important information regarding commands, staff, roleplay, and anything that you may need to know in order to get yourself started on the server! Updated as of May 2020. Introduction Welcome! If you are reading this guide, it either means that A: You have been accepted into the wonderful world of LotC, B: You’re reading up on how the server works to see if you want to apply, and help with your application. Or you’re just reading this because of how incredible this guide is. Either way; Welcome to LotC. This guide is designed to help new players understand how the server works, what to do, and generally make sure that you don’t end up confused and scared when you first log in. It may look like A LOT- but trust us- it’s a heck of a lot easier than it first seems. Helpful Links LotC Discord: https://discord.gg/cdbbeJ4 Wikipedia: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Main_Page Skin Archive: https://sites.google.com/view/skinarchive/home Application Page: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/apply/new/ What is LotC? By now, you’re probably wondering what LotC actually is, what’s it about and what makes it so special. LotC stands for Lord Of the Craft, the server itself being a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or MMORPG for short. In Lotc, players are able to assume the role of a character within the strange and fantastical world of LotC, playing diverse characters from Orcs to High Elves, each player being able to craft their own stories and give their characters depth as they grow and develop over time. LotC is filled with unique and magical creatures, secret lores and powerful artifacts, with a deep and magnificent history of rich lore made by the players over the course of the last 10 years the server has been running, incorporating both medieval and fantasy elements into its Role Play! Rules In order to maintain our server and make sure we don’t end up in complete anarchy. If we didn’t have rules, everyone would be the son of the demon lord with one red eye, or the secret daughter of the queen of darkness who doesn’t want to be the queen but can’t control the darkness inside of her. If you have any questions about the rules; feel free to contact any member of the community team or the Moderation team. The core three: Server Rules Forum Rules Community Guidelines Raids: Heist Rules Raid Rules War: Cassius Beli Rules Siege Equipment Rules Roleplay One of the most important things to know before ANYTHING else in the server is- Roleplay! LotC is a Minecraft ‘Roleplay’ server, so it’d be pretty bad if you continued on without knowing how to roleplay or what roleplay is! So first here’s what you need to know about roleplay! Roleplay is where players take the roles of their own characters in a fictional world! Persona Creation A Fresh Start To begin with the creation of your new persona, there are a few things to know about the commands that go with creating a new persona. There are different commands that are for the creation of new personas, and also teach you how to add things to your persona card. /menu - To begin your persona creation, you do this command to open up your menu. In your bottom right corner, there will be a set of heads. These will be the options to create your new personas! These are the instructions on creating your new persona. You left click to select your persona, you SHIFT + Left Click to create a new persona, and you SHIFT + Right Click to permakill a persona. Once you click to create your new persona in an empty persona slot, it will pull open a tab in chat where you begin to create your persona. Type in your new Persona name, and follow the steps in creating your new persona. They have the choices of all races, and genders, and then you’re ready to take off with your new persona. You’re not done yet! Once your persona is made, when you do /card it will show you your character’s name, race, and gender after creation. Though there are more commands you can do with your persona card, that are for the cosmetic effect. Whenever your character is made, do /persona and a list of options will appear. All of these will help you add more to your persona card, and make your character look amazing! Chat Channels and Commands A Summary of Chat Channels To kick things off, I think it is important to note that there are many, many different chat channels within LotC. You have roleplay channels, local out-of-character channels - commonly referred to as ooc channels and then global ooc channels. I’m sure you are all familiar with the WS channel which is the one you lingered in before your application was (or needs to be) reviewed! The way to switch channels is simple, unlike many other servers we do not use backslashes (/) for chat commands but instead use the pound symbol (#). I’ll start off by listing each and every channel that there is for roleplay and follow up with useful chat channels for out-of-character banter as well. Roleplay Channels #rp - The main channel you will be doing most of your roleplaying in, the radius is 20 blocks #q - The second-most important rp channel, this is used for speaking in crowded settings or if indoors and may not be heard through blocks by other players, radius is 8 blocks #w - Basically the same thing as quiet but only audible from 2 blocks away; use this if you don’t want another player nearby overhearing what you are stating #s - Basically use this if communicating from a distance or shouting for help in a city. You can also use this to shout a farewell at someone if they’re already running off; the radius is 50 blocks. Out-Of-Character Channels #ooc - This is a global out-of-character channel that is just used for general conversation. #debate - Pretty straightforward, this channel is used to debate anything at all. #ws - The wandering soul channel, where all people who have yet to be accepted hangout! #help - This channel is used to ask any questions related to plugins, locations or anything else! #looc, #qooc, #sooc and #wooc - these are the local out-of-character channels, you can type in these by either doing the pound symbol (#) and typing away or by simply typing (( and then inputting a message afterwards, useful to ask any questions/talk to people nearby out-of-character! Chat Commands Those are all the general commands listed above, however it can get rather confusing when it comes to how to do actions as well as dialogue. I’ll talk a little more about this below! Emoting Emoting is generally described as being an action that involves speech or without it! There are two types of emotes. Character emotes and environmental emotes! Character emotes are done by simply adding an asterisk (*) at the end of any of your typing and your character’s roleplay name will always be included without you having to type it. For example if I typed out - looks around in bewilderment at all the different colours of the bazaar.* - it would appear in chat as this: Monk Glur looks around in bewilderment at all the different colours of the bazaar. If you wish to add any sort of chat into an emote, you can do so by simply surrounding your text that you wish to be speech with quotations. If I typed out - looks around in bewilderment at all the different colours of the bazaar. “Wow, this place sure does look exotic!” - would appear as being this: Monk Glur looks around in bewilderment at all the different colours of the bazaar. “Wow, this place sure does look exotic!” It’s important to note that you do not need to use an asterisk if you have speech involved in your emote. To speak without any emoting all you have to do is type what you wish to say! Playable Races There are many different races that you can play as on the server, although some of them you may have to apply for through a Creature Application after you get accepted. There are five races that you are allowed to apply for upon joining, each with their own unique subraces. Elves It’s important to know that each Elven subrace has their own unique physical appearance compared to other races of Elves. For example, Wood Elves have darker hair colours and tend to be darker in complexion compared to other Elven races. There are 4 Elven subraces in total, the High Elves (Mali’aheral), the Wood Elves (Mali’ame), the Dark Elves (Mali’ker) and the Snow Elves (Mali’fenn). Elves in general are the wisest of the race’s as they live far longer than any other, some of the Elven races also tend to hold the other races as being inferior to their own. Physical characteristics across the board are that Elves can live to be upwards of 1000 years old, are typically anywhere between 5 and 7 feet in height and typically weigh between 100 and 250 pounds. They also have pointed ears, which is a fairly common trait across all sorts of fantasy universes. Dwarves They’re typically very short and have a few subraces such as Cave Dwarves, Mountain Dwarves and Forest Dwarves. Dwarves are typically 3 to 5 feet in height and weigh anywhere between 70 and 200 pounds. They’re known to be greedy creatures and mostly live in the dark places of the realm with the exception of Forest Dwarves who live close to their kin but on the surface. Mountain Dwarves tend to have grand cities in the depths of the mountain and Cave Dwarves. Dwarves can live to be up to 600 years old, although it’s rare that a Dwarf ever reaches that age. Orcs There are three subspecies of Orcs: Uruks, Goblins and Ologs. Goblins tend to be shorter than an Uruk in size but have an intellect much higher than that of the common Uruk. They tend to be the engineers within the Orcish realm. Ologs are a huge subspecies of Orcs, although you may not apply to the server as one. They tend to be 10 to 12 feet in height and are very unintelligent creatures. Uruks are the main subspecies of Orcs and tend to be the most common as well. They can be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in height and are very muscular creatures. Their skin tones can range anywhere from green to red and their hair colour is almost always dark brown or black. They possess an intellect similar to that of humans but are known to be very blunt and brash. Humans Humans are the most plentiful race on the server. They have established mighty Empires and Kingdoms but are one of the only races on that server that consistently squabble amongst themselves. Most of the last major wars were started by Humans and usually pull other races into the fray as well. Humans are intelligent beings, growing to be anywhere between 4 feet and 6 feet 4 inches tall. They weigh anywhere from 100 to 250 pounds. They have a few subraces as well, such as Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk. Their cultures are vastly different depending on which city you visit and they often have different dialects of speaking. Heartlanders are typically found within large cities, whereas Highlanders are often found living in the rural settlements of the realms of man. Farfolk is simply a descriptive word used to describe any other race that cannot fall into the first two categories above. Farfolk typically have a darker skin tone similar to that of the climate in the lands from which they came from. Humans only live to be at very most 150 years old. Halflings Halflings are very small people and are very peaceful in nature. They are 30 to 100 lbs in weight and only reach a height of 2 feet 4 inches to 3 feet. They typically reside in a small village in which they live out their lives undisturbed. However some Halflings have left their small village to reside in the larger cities of the realm. Halflings typically live to be 150 years old and usually have the same hair and eye colour as humans would be seen having. Conflict in Roleplay Conflict is an event in roleplay that you’re eventually bound to encounter. Here on LotC we have rules created by the Moderation team that will govern what’s acceptable and what isn’t in combat, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Generally what the most likely conflict scenario you’re going to see are raids, these are usually a group of 3 (( This can change depending on if War was declared and rules made decided by the leaders of the warring nations, these rules will be made public and vary from conflict to conflict, example here)) players from another nation or player group who wish take hostile action against the opposing player groups. The procedure for raids usually goes along these lines; the defensive side rings their bell, to ring the bell one must do 3 emotes ringing the bell, after that you may use the bell to rally for their defense. It will then show a message in the settlement's discord like so. After this, they’re free to ping @everyone and rally. Failure to follow these steps is metarallying and against the rules. Following the defensive side being rallied, should the situation be under 10 people, the defenders can choose CRP or PvP. CRP is a lengthier process of where the combat is done through emotes rather than fought via Minecraft’s combat system, which is commonly referred to as ‘pvp default’. After the method of combat is chosen, there is no concrete step after, as in the common case the two sides must say that they’re ready for pvp, if it was chosen. When the two sides are ready, a countdown will commence that looks like this Countdowns are done via /countdown, these are also used for if PvP is called in other non-raid circumstances such as banditry, or just random fights. It should be known that like raids, in banditry and villainy in general both sides must agree to being ready. When in group pvp, you’ll often be told status. Statuses are used to get the people into their respective player groups, and will also stop a group of people from accidentally killing each other in the large moshpit-esque fight. Status can be put on via /status, and will put a symbol on your name based on what status you put after /status. The example below is of /status crippled. There’s many statues such as; frozen, mounted, and affectionate. So you don’t have to worry about running out. Statuses are also used to distinguish teams in the warclaims, which is our next topic about conflict in roleplay. Warclaims are usually large scale battles that can range from 50 vs 50 to over 200 vs 200. Most commonly a warclaim will be a field battle, meaning it will be a large battle that takes place in well… a field, in a fort or even in a city. These warclaims are usually done with a goal in mind, most of the time they’re done as a way to attempt to end a war, or simply weaken their enemy. Other Info A bell is represented by a beacon which a Moderator places in a settlement! Warclaims are always made in a forum post by a settlement or playergroups leader. A while forum post may contain fluff but will always contain the format in it, this format explains their Casus Belli, their goal to achieve in the war, where, and when. In a conflict situation, if the two sides cannot agree or one is being troublesome and a modreq has been made, a GM may call pvp default and a countdown at any time. You can look at a list of all statuses via /status list. Character Death Eventually you will die, in roleplay that is! On LotC, we have a few rules and policies surrounding death. These are done to ensure that people don’t just continually return to the same spot after death, and avoid retaining rp memories of someone’s actions of killing them. As you may know, when you die in Minecraft you respawn, on LotC the same thing will happen! ((Unless you choose to permanently kill [or PK] your character)). However upon being “revived” at the Cloud Temple, you must forget the last 30 OOC minutes of rp, and any memory surrounding your death, acknowledging it will result in a forceful PK by a GM. PKing, short for permanent killing, is the term used for when a persona will die, for good. Note; you will never be forced to PK a persona unless you break the 30 minute memory rule regarding respawning. However, PKing can also be a powerful tool for advancing a narrative, perhaps a long-time warrior with many friends can finally get their rest? Or maybe a powerful villain was defeated after a long fought battle! Or perhaps just a humble community-servant who’s beloved, or perhaps even the most importantly a leader being killed in battle by their nemesis, crippling their nation. Or perhaps, none of this happens, as PKing is always optional, unless you break a rule. Resources, Building, & Soulstones Gathering Resources By taking the closest right just as you walk down the stairs of Cloud Temple, you will be led to the resource pits. Most resources in forms of blocks can be found when in the resource pits. However, if you are unable to find the resources you seek for in the pit, they most likely would be sold in the shop just to the left of the temple. If the resource pits were to ever run out of resources, you may call in a mod to help by creating a ticket, using the command “/modreq”. Iron and gold are resources that can be found in the mine, located on the very right of the resource pits once you walk inside. A farm is also just down the stairs of the temple, and you will be able to collect wheat there after purchasing a ‘Wilven Hoe’ in the shop located next to the farm. Building Building on the server is allowed, but only to areas named the ‘Wildlands’, which is far outside the cloud temple and can be found using the server’s map. All buildings in the Wildlands are allowed, as long as they are reasonable and follow the freebuild rules. In cases of charters and nations, you would need to be added to the region by the PRO/RO to modify your character’s house. Any other modification outside of that would require further PRO/RO permissions. Soulstones The soulstones are one of the most important aspects of LotC when it comes to travelling, as it practically allows us to warp between settlements. Your soulstones will have a limited amount of slots which you can increase by voting. Here are the commands and actions that you can do to help you properly use the soulstone: /ss claim Spawns a soulstone in your inventory /ss bind [slot #] When facing a pillar, this command binds it to a slot /ss release [slot #] Releases a slot that is bound to a pillar, freeing a space up /ss block This command is used to block others from accessing their soulstones. In no circumstances should you ever use this, unless a player attempts to OOCly escape due to a dispute. /ss study Gives you a list of members bound to the pillar you are facing /ss banish [IGN] Banishes the player from a pillar you own /ss revoke Removes the soulstone from your inventory. You may also revoke it by simply throwing it out of your inventory. To gain it back, simply type /ss claim. Time Progression Time is enhanced on LotC for purposes of aging in roleplay. One IRL day is equivalent to one in-roleplay month. One week IRL is equal to one in-roleplay year. There are seven months to each roleplay year and each roleplay month has a name, those being: Wednesday - Snow’s Maiden Thursday - Malin’s Welcome Friday - The First Seed Saturday - The Grand Harvest Sunday - The Sun’s Smile Monday - The Amber Cold Tuesday - The Deep Cold Some examples you will see when people in-roleplay specify IRL time passing are players who play elves using the terms “Elven Day”, or “Elven week” while players who play humans refer to IRL time passing as “Saint’s Day”, or “Saint’s Week”. Staff Teams LotC staff is condensed into five well organized teams. Each team has their own responsibilities and Core Duties. Each team is broken into its own sub-section, who handle their own specific duties. However, this does not mean a team member is not incapable to help you just because it is not their direct role. You are free to ask any member of staff for help if needed, because if they cannot help you correctly, they will pass you along to a fellow staff member who can. For more information, head here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189472-staff-team-guide/. LotC’s staff teams are as follows: ADMINISTRATION The Administration Team is the topmost staff on LotC. They can be identified by their bolded red prefixes before their names. The Admins ensure everything runs smoothly on the server and leads their own respective staff team. An Admin should not be a player’s go-to staff contact, they should first reach out by filing a request to the respective team the issue falls under. COMMUNITY TEAM The Community Team is dedicated to the community. They can be identified by their bolded pink prefixes before their names.The team has a wide range of responsibilities and duties. These responsibilities include applications, new player guidance, representing and advocating for the LotC community, maintaining and managing the LotC Discord, and focus groups. MODERATION The Moderation Team is in charge of many day-to-day tasks and duties on the server like moderating the forums and LotC Discord. They can be identified by their bolded blue prefixes before their names. Primary responsibilities of the Moderation Team include conflict resolution (including wars) and basic in-game server moderation. Their secondary responsibilities are to keep the rules up to date. STORY TEAM The Story Team is in charge of and dedicated to making content in the forms of events and lore. They can be identified by their bolded green prefixes before their names. Their duties include: hosting events for the playerbase, creating and updating lore, reviewing lore submissions, and helping players with tools on how to make their own lore and events. TECH TEAM In charge of day to day maintenance of the server, keeping track and fixing bugs, and certain features on LotC. They can be identified by their bolded orange prefix before their names. At times they will also be in charge of troubleshooting server-side issues as well. WORLD TEAM The World Team is in charge of world-building/map development. They can be identified by their bolded cyan prefixes before their names. Their responsibilities include: organizing CT shops, nation allocation, land management, resource nodes, helping organize builds for the map, and handling player requests. Voting Voting is a helpful way to contribute to LotC’s growth and public image. It is also a great way to benefit yourself in-game. Every time you vote, you gain twenty (20) mina (LotC’s in-game currency). In addition to this, the first vote each day gives you free Monk Bread to help you on those long journeys from city to city. As you vote consecutively, you will start to earn voting milestones, which give you more mina per day. Issue ‘/vote’ and ‘/vote milestones’ to help out LotC and yourself! Credits Project Overseer: @armajesty Editor: @LotsOfMuffins Introduction: @Ttsim Roleplay: @Dinochann Persona Creation: @Epistile Chat Channels and Commands: @Shmeepicus Playable Races: @Shmeepicus Conflict in Roleplay: @Evonpire Resources, Building, & Soulstones: @DigestiveSeed Time Progression: @LotsOfFish Staff Teams: @LotsOfFish Voting: @LotsOfFish
  6. Get well soon! ❣️
  7. armajesty

    Alchemist's Guild

    MC Name: Armajesty Discord: armajesty#9473 Character Name: Varian Krasnoff Age: 14 Race: Human Reason For Joining: I have an extreme desire to discover and create! There are so many things out there in the world that I wish to learn more about, and it’s best to start while you’re young. ((Plus.. I have SO many ideas for different potions and lore submissions)). Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): None.
  8. In my opinion firearms hardly make sense with the server. It’s not a medieval server where we are advancing with time as if it was present day, it’s a fantasy role play server. Imagine Gandalf with flintlock.
  9. [Credit to Beordan for the skin] Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team: The Hunt The Wilven Monks need your help! Recently, a group of thieves dressed as pink bunnies have stolen the monk’s precious gilded eggs, having snuck through Cloud Temple’s defenses and stolen the eggs right from under their noses. The Wilven Monks are calling on all wanderers across Arcas to participate in what they call ‘The Hunt’ and find these horrendous thieves and take back the eggs before it is too late. The monks ask that you not kill these atrocious thieves, merely bring them to their knees and take back the precious gilded eggs. In return, the Monks are willing to part with some of their other artifacts and relics hidden within the Cloud Temple Vaults. Here are some of the Monks cries for help: Monk Tigremus: "It's bloody unbelievable! It's like we were on cactus green because the situation was so ridiculous. Bunch of bunny men swooped in through some hole and stole our Gilded eggs! One of those were mine!" Monk Glur runs frantically around the Cloud Temple, as the Head Monk Cecelia and Monk Pippin try to calm him. "Mi eggz! Mi eggz!" The orc cries out. "Dey stole mi eggz!" Monk Glur cups his cheeks with his hands, shaking his head side to side viciously. "Lat! Latz must git mi eggz." He says, looking at the wanderer. "Pweeze!" Monk Glur begs, collapsing to his knees and placing his hands together. "Pweese git mi eggz!" Monk Tonk would be doing his daily leg exercise regimen “I don’t understand how they got through, moreso, what they even ARE. It seemed like they were wearing bunny suits but their heads weren’t strapped on correctly, and i’m not too sure that those suits were really suits…” Monk Tonk would slap his thigh “I would’ve been able to outrun them if my thighs hadn’t been sore from my previous exercise.” The Hunt: Mechanics/Rules The Hunt will take place right after Easter, starting on April 14th, and ending April 24th, giving the player base 10 days to hunt down and collect all the Gilded Eggs. It’s important to NOT break the eggs, as if you do- you will be unable to exchange the egg in your possession for the rewards given out at the end of the event. Each “Rabbit” will give out a single egg once they have been downed, it is important to not kill the rabbit, as if you do- you will forfeit your reward and not be given a gilded egg. The Rabbits will only spawn/run around populated areas such as large charters or nations, so fret not about having to look in every nook and cranny of the map. The Rabbit's arrival will be announced via broadcast, alongside a hint/riddle that will allude to where the rabbit currently is, giving everyone a chance to participate. You can only collect ONE gilded egg per day, so that other players may be given the chance to collect more eggs. Any other eggs collected during the same day will be considered null. Happy Hunting! Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!
  10. If you’d like to recommend certain standards to set then that would be great. We’re looking for suggestions into what we can do in order to begin planning.
  11. Pots n’ Pandits Pots n’ Pandits was a program that used to be run by the community team to introduce players both old and new to combat on LotC. This included combat role-play (usually abbreviated as CRP), PvP, and combat roll-play (combat roleplay but with rolling to determine hits.. think DnD). It aimed at improving the roleplay during combat and helping players understand what was and wasn’t allowed, and its specific goals were to try and reduce the number of powergaming incidents that occurred, inform people of the rules surrounding combat (countdowns, status, running before countdown ends, etc.) and make the combat experience a more enjoyable experience for all. Moving forward, the Community Team’s Broom Crew focus group will be working on restructuring and bringing back this Pots n’ Pandits group, but we need your feedback! Original Forum Post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/183145-the-pots-n%E2%80%99-pandits-project/?tab=comments#comment-1714534 Guiding Questions: If you were a part of Pots n Pandits previously how did it work? Did it function properly? How should it be changed? Why was it disbanded? How should a group dedicated to teaching players CRP work? Should players be allowed to join this group as well as ct members? How should the selection process go if they’re allowed to join? Should we host lessons or should players request them? What should these training sessions look like? If you would like to still provide feedback but don’t wish to post a comment and have your name attached, feel free to give us some anonymous feedback using the guiding questions in this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QHmEFD2sL7jpkROTpwCO02ixaHvucYl6Rsb5bQWPoUQ/edit.
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