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    He was born in Hertenxeg a small village of elves. He trained under eyes of many masters. He was the best in the village. He was too full of himself so he was banished from his home. He was wandering around the land for a few years and came by many cities and towns. while he was visiting the cities he came acros many tasks. People were asking him to bring them something but some wanted him to kill someone. He was getting money that way and he decided he wanted to do this permamently. He is a assasin and a mercenary. He travels a lot but he may change this as time passes.
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    When he was born his parents didn’t know what he would be great at. He disliked the sword and as proceeding in archery trainer met a scout he instantly wanted to be one. At age of 30 he joined the scouts and started his career. Now he is on long holiday.
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