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    Young Blaze was born by two high elves in the city of Sutica. Having an older brother that he could look up to and be inspired to become like him, making him too the person he is today. Getting trained in strategy, strength and to improve his social skills. But one day, he found his mom and dad killed by the one he trusted the most. Having his bother leave him to die alone with the weapon that killed his parents, young Blaze didn’t give up and searched for shelter of the people he ha befriended. He eventually found shelter with his father’s best friend that lived in Tahu’lareh. He lived with the man in over 4 years. There the man taught Blaze how prideful his farther was. Blaze also found out that the knife that was used to kill his perents, was the knife the man gave to his father as an friendship gift. Blaze aksed if he wanted it back and the man was really pleased. After that day, Blaze went off alone, wondering where he would end up next.
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