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  1. Name: Jack Greenholm What’s yer suggestion?: Devil Springs Vodka Promise that you’re not a Demon in disguise?: Sure Did you lie on the previous question?: Why would I? Favorite type of Booze?: Brandy
  2. The Ballot ((MC name: Chaltastic)) Name: Heryetta Farise Orndorff Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( ) Silvos Sythaerin (XX) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ) Elathion Dagre'sae (XX) Aiera Sullas
  3. When Heryetta Farise Orndorff heard the news, unease crawled up her back. She thanked the person bringing the news and quickly walked back home, not wanting to be confronted by anyone. Arriving at her house, she closed the door behind her, brew herself a cup of tea and sat down at the table. Thoughts came and went, but none were appealing. Surely this was done for a reason? Something good can come out of this, it must. Azorella was trialed, found guilty. Unfit to resume her position. What else could they have done? … Steam blew onto her face. The tea was still hot. What sort of council do we have that snuffs out the life of a councilor like that? Was there really nothing else to be done? Will we greet every inconvenience with death from now on, as an uncivilized people? Is that who we are? No, no... it was for the best... … was it? In her mind she went back and forth like this, her opinion of the assassination uncertain. She remained still in her chair, waiting for her beverage to cool down. Just as she wished this situation would.
  4. Chaltastic


    Heryetta Farise Orndroff was born in the realm Atlas. Due to their parents wealth, she and her brother and sister grew up in a relatively luxurious household. Heryetta was rather emotionless back then. As she got older, she started feeling an emptiness, a void of meaning. This feeling grew as she got into more debates with other High Elves. After a while she decided to go on a “quest” to find some meaning to her life. Trying to go out of her comfort zone, she wanted to do things she normally wouldn’t have done. These varied from doing charity work to skipping classes and hanging around dangerous areas. Whenever someone asked her about her absence or her behaviour, she’d come up with a lie. She thought that her actions would be frowned upon and she didn’t feel obligated to tell the truth in general. Her quest raised more questions than it gave answers however and Heryetta became frustrated. She tried going back to her old lifestyle, thinking it would get rid of the frustration and confusion, but new ideas arose on ways to test value. Mostly aggressive ways. Despite her growing aggression towards others, she wasn’t aware in her own lie by thinking this lifestyle was healthier for her. Soon her behaviour was so bad that her parents and friends confronted her about it. During the talk with her friends, it turned out one of Heryetta’s friends, Myrin, had been feeling down for a while, but hadn’t said anything because of Heryetta’s situation. Both talks (with her parents and her friends) were eye-openers for her and put things on the right track, but it was a slow process. As Heryetta talked with another friend about the situation and Myrin, she got so angry that she broke out into a physical fight. The friend with whom she was arguing refused to fight back, resulting in Heryetta delivering some big punches. When she realised she’d done, she backed out from the fight immedately. She couldn’t believe she let her emotions control her that way, not only because it never happened before, but especially as a High Elf. This was a big moment for her. Things weren’t going great with Myrin either. They were injured during an accident. Heryetta came as quickly as possible, trying to be there for her friend for once. Not knowing what she should do, she tried cheering them up by saying things such as “You’re going to be fine!” and other positive things. It helped lift Myrin’s spirits, and soon after Heryetta started incorporating positive sentences into conversations. This greatly improved her social image and people seemed to generally like it. Heryetta gained satisfaction. She finally found the meaning she was looking for (or so she thought). Despite now wanting to be more positive, she still wasn’t a very cheerful person by nature. She wanted to change that and find something she was passionate about. Alongside many others, she migrated from Atlas to Arcas in 1705. She saw this as an opportunity to leave the past behind and reinvent herself. During her time in Arcas her positive attitude became a habit, but now she doesn’t allow herself to feel negatively anymore. Her positivity became dismissive positivity and she puts herself under a lot of pressure trying to be positive all the time. She has trouble putting herself first. Heryetta likes working and has had many jobs, preferably something that has to do with performing or where she gets to talk a lot. Narrating stories to others is one of her favourite occupations. She has made a living for herself in Haelun’or and has become quite wealthy. She is currently looking for a new residence.
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